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Gen 1:
The honeymoon
Dinner guest
What just happened pt 1
What just happened pt 2
Della and Violet's adventure
Why do things change?
Time time time
For good?
Giving thanks
Finding the triplets
A new town and a little grandbaby
Della Eve's birth (A new us)
Jay's co-star
All those helping hands
Exploring bridgeport
What goes around comes around
Tricks lies and explosions
Nights and daze
Della has her secrets
A beautiful Christmas

Gen 2:
Twists and turns (Baby 1)
Stories, unwanted visitors and disasters 
Dirty flirty and thriving (Baby 2)
On my own (Babies 3, 4 and 5)
something with the King's (Baby 6)
Before the storm (Babies 7 and 8)
A date with death (Baby 9)
This can only be a dream (Babies 10, 11 and 12)
A miracle called Laura (Baby 13)
Bold, brave, beautiful girls (Baby 14)
My little flower (Baby 15)
One year (Babies 16 and 17)
Babies of the law (Babies 18 and 19)
Is that my writer? (Baby 20)
Bye bye babies (Babies 21 and 22)
An ugly situation (Babies 23 and 24)
Foggy sunsets (Babies 25 and 26)
Rock-a-bye baby (Baby 27)
Tootie frootie (Babies 28, 29 and 30)
Its a grape (Baby 31)
The party never ends (Babies 32 and 33)
Hot tub dance parties? (Baby 34)
You could have asked (Babies 35, 36 and 37)
Shouldn't be serious (Baby 38)
Things never work out (Babies 39 and 40)
Creature of the night (Baby 41)
Picnics and parties (Babies 42, 43 and 44)
Crazy mama's crazy friends (Baby 45)
To Bridgeport we go (Babies 46 and 47)
Happy Halloween (Baby 48)
Halfway there (Babies 49, 50 and 51)
Trapped (Baby 52)
Army of dads (Babies 53 and 54)
Defended (Baby 55)
This, that (Babies 56, 57 and 58)
Intervention (Babies 59 and 60)
Essence (Baby 61)
Oh no he didn't (Babies 62, 63 and 64)
The sex club (Baby 65)
Merry Christmas (Babies 66, 67 and 68)
Pranks on you (Baby 69)
They grow up fast (Babies 70 and 71)
Oh lord (Babies 72 and 73)
Two gay men (Babies 74 and 75)
Just another rata tat tat tat (Babies 76, 77, 78 and 79)
Let me off this ride (Baby 80)
Amber do you wanna? (Babies 81, 82 and 83)
The name's Aaron (Babies 84, 85 and 86)
First Date (Baby 87)
The Wedding (Baby 88)
Love is in the air (Babies 89, 90 and 91)
Didn't see that one coming (Babies 92, 93 and 94)
Just something random (Baby 95)
Adam's stores (Babies 96 and 97)
When all else fails (Baby 98)
The end of the beginning (Babies 99 and 100)

After Gen 2:

Learning to transition
The road is gonna be rough
Its all falling together
Till death do us part
C'est l'amour
Welcome to Langly island
Home is where the heart is
Baby, baby, ohhhh
Twice told, once lived
It was nice knowing you
Ugly, useless, stupid, corrupt
When life gives you lemons
Its my story to create
Not as easy as it seems, now is it?
What now?
Cookies, please?

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