Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gen 3-The slender man: Babies 30, 31, and 32

I laid my head back on the chair near where Condor, Cato, Ce Cee, and Canary stood. Each of them were adults and they were bickering about what kind of place they want to live. I sighed overly loud so they would stop talking for long enough so I could talk. "Guys, do you wanna move out so soon?" I asked, over the sound of Ellie's laughter. With all this noise, it was hard to focus on anything.
"Yeah mom," Condor said "We gotta hit the road sometime." I nodded and patted Eric's back so he would stop crying.
"Well, be safe. And call me as soon as you find a place." I smiled at them and they all rushed over for a quick kiss on the cheek and then they went single file out the door.

I pulled Eric up to eye level and said "Are you ready to be a toddler, big boy?" He stopped crying and stared at me. He looked me in the eyes and grabbed my face. I sat him down on the floor next to Ellie, and there, they aged up together into cute little toddlers...but with a little surprise...

Somehow, the children were born as supernaturals. They both had fairy wings and an intense love for getting into trouble. I picked up Ellie and she hugged my neck while those little wings fluttered on her back.
"Woah..." I looked at them close and scrached my brow. "Genetic flaw?" I questioned no one out loud.

Other than  Eric and Ellie, the children all grew up normal. They were all healthy and beautiful and had their own personalities along with a unique set of genes. I snapped a picture of them all together and put it up on the fridge before starting to fix dinner.

My head was pounding and I wasn't sure why...And it wasn't just your normal "Oh my head is killing me, pounding." But literal POUNDING. Like I had a headache but it was like drums....Like, huge drums and it just kept getting louder. I tried to push it out of my head as I attempted to pull something together for dinner. I thought I could hear them coming closer. Once again, I brushed it aside and continued dinner.

It was fine until a turned around and for a split second and saw a blank, white face in my window. As I saw it, the drumming went away and I screamed. I covered my eyes and when I opened them again, it was gone. Seeing things. Am I so messed up that I can't even see normal things?

I rubbed my eyes and realized how tired I was then, suddenly...The tiredness went away and I was once again, staring into a blank face. The faceless, tall man reached out and grabbed me and then I screamed and passed out.

I woke up mad at myself for passing out but that wasn't the worst. I was in a empty white room, wearing nothing but a bathrobe.
"So, finally awake?" A hissing voice asked. I jumped but I knew that voice wasn't a human belonged to a cat who jumped up a step and onto the level ground where I was sitting.
"You can talk?"
"Of course I can! I'm a cat. A smart cat too."
I scratched my head, puzzled. "But cats can't usually talk!"
"Oh we can in this world. We're a great species."
I huffed and turned away from the cat who slinked around my legs. "I like your skin, it's very warm." the cat purred.
"Alright, what are we doing here?"
"The slender man has taken you." He said simply with a hiss. "He's a most feared creature with no face and no soul."

"I don't understand...Why did he take me?"
"You're the mother of a million. He wants an experienced breeder. You're just the person to go to. He would have perferred your mother though. Because she wasn't afraid of creatures like the slender man. She laid with the grim reaper and horrible creatures all the same. Including the one that birthed her you."
"My dad isn't a horrible creature. He's a human, like me."
"Have you ever been in a situation that no one else has been in? Have you changed the course of history by yourself? Have you time traveled into situations that no one believes you about?"
"Your mother and father together are a match made in heaven. If they would have made one mistake in having you...You had no way to even survive the intese chromosome disorders that you would have had. It's a miracle that you're here now!"

I stared at the striped cat who was now purring and rubbing his back against my legs. "You're not dead." He purred, "You're just asleep. You're with your kids. No problems at all." At this word, the white room disappeared and I was standing right there in the kitchen. Dinner was sitting on the stove and I was stirring it without realizing.

"Mom!"  Destin yelled as she entered the kitchen. "Mom. Drema is trying to make me wear makeup again." She huffed before seeing the look of terror on my face.
"Mom? Are you okay?" She asked instead, dropping her whiny drawl.
"I'm fine. I just think that I burnt dinner...that's all." She narrowed her eyes at the perfectly cooked chicken sitting on the stove.
"You sure?"
"Yep. Tell Drema to leave you alone and please send your brothers and sisters down here...I need to talk to all of you."

She made a hasty trip upstairs and then all of the kids were sitting in front of me. "Guys, your mom isn't having the greatest time here in Lucky Palms." They all stared at each other nervously.
"What do you think about going to where Grandma and Grandpa live? Drema, Diamond, and Destin, you've all lived there before. You just don't remember."
As my sentence ended, the phone rang. I picked it up and the screen read unknown. It scared me a little but I answered anyway.

"Oh my god, Ande! Finally! I've been trying to get ahold of you for god knows how long!"
"Ummm..." I pulled the phone away from my face, the woman's voice was slightly familiar.
"Oh right, it's Aphrodite!"
"You scared the shit out of me, Aph. What's up?"
"I'm sorry Aph! It's been so freaking hectic...Eden told me that you were getting married."
"Well, get your ass back here before I have to have the wedding without my maid of honor."
"Wait...when is it?"
"Next Saturday. It'll be in your best interest to drag over as many of those kids of yours as you can and spend the week with this cranky, best friendless, bridezilla!"

So that's when the repacking began. All the kids packed up all their toys into boxes and I stuffed a dresser full of clothes into my suitcase. I wasn't gonna tell my mom that we were moving back...It was just gonna happen and they'll all have to get over it. I was super afraid that the "I told you so." was coming  as soon as I stepped off that plane.

So when I did, instead of the small, remote island that I was used to, there was a hustling, bustling town full of people. My old house stood empty and deserted. So, instead, I rented an apartment high up in a building on the outside of town.
 I called Aph just as soon as I got settled and all the kids unpacked into the 5 rooms in the apartment.
"I'm home!" I shouted into the phone
"Oh my god, I'm coming over right now! Are you at your house?!"
"No, I rented an apartment. It's just outside of town. Roald way, apartment 5."
"I'm on my way."

I could hardly recognize my Aphrodite when she got here, her hair was longer than normal and she was so fit, it wasn't even fair to those of us who resemble sticks. She had a beautiful tan and her freckles shown on her beaming face.
It seemed that she didn't recognize me either, because she freaked out "God! You look so great!" I looked down at my skin and bone arms and flimsy hair. "Not really...You'll have to do a lot to get me ready for this shindig." She laughed and sat down on the couch.

Unbelievably, the cat was telling me the truth. I was pregnant and it was just now showing through my t-shirt. I sat next to Aph and she started talking right away. "Girl, we have to get right on these things. My wedding dress is at home and you have to have that baby before you even touch your bridesmaids dress. I can't wait for you to see it! It's so pretty! The wedding is gonna be simple, just in my backyard but still beautiful. I'm so glad that you're here!"

"Shit." She grumbled under her breath. "Chandler wanted to finish up some things today. You should go catch up with your  parents. Your mom is really depressed about Vanessa passing away...I'm not telling you what to do, just helping. I'll be over tomorrow to measure the parts of you that aren't overly bloated for your dress. Be excited!" She kissed me on the cheek and left just like that. A trail of fast talking dust behind her.

I hurried out of the house with Eric and Ellie soon after Aph left. I felt bad about not even knowing about aunt Ness....That hurt a lot thinking that someone couldn't even call and tell me that my favorite aunt died. I opened the door and ran into my mom crying into my dad's shoulder. He was rubbing her back and telling her that it would be okay. They didn't see me come in, so I creeped up behind them and joined in the hug. It didn't quite end the cute, family way I expected though. My mom screamed and I was nailed right in the nose which then started to bleed.

"Oh goodness...Ande, I didn't know it was you. When did you get here?!"
"Just a few seconds ago..." I moaned, holding my nose which was now spewing blood.
Mom handed me a paper towel and I pressed it to my nose. She whispered a quick apology and rubbed my back in just the right place. "Whats the occasion?" dad said, grabbing moms hand.
"Aphrodite's wedding. And I just needed out of that place really badly. That, and I heard about aunt Ness..."
"It's been hard on your mom...Tonight just made it worse." Dad bit back something I knew he wanted to tell me but he waited for my response first.
"What's going on?"

Dad grabbed my arms and directed me to the couch where mom was sitting. I stared at the both of them, wondering what on earth was going on.
"Grandma isn't doing so well..."
"Wait...what's going on?"
"We aren't sure yet...She's got constant headaches and it's really concerning her doctors."
"God..." I whispered. "Are they doing anything?"
"They're trying," Mom sniffled. "But there isn't anything but tests they can do right now."

Things went awkwardly silent for a few minutes before mom pulled me aside. "I'm sorry I'm being so somber...How was your trip up here?"
"It was the usual...a boring 3 hour ride on a plane that felt like forever." The baby kicked at my words and I pulled moms hand to the top of my stomach.
"Gosh, it's too early for you to already be at 30." She laughed and let go of my stomach and walked to the fridge.

"Want some cake? I guess I didn't really treat you as great as I should have when you got here. My baby girl is home!"
"You shouldn't make a big deal over it...I've actually been thinking about it since you left my house. I think I'm here to stay."
"No big deal? We thought you were gonna stay away forever!" I laughed and took the cobbler from her.
"I think I've been spending enough time away from the place I grew up."
I about threw up swallowing down my cobbler. Mom looked at me weird but I had no explanation besides pointing at my stomach with a pained look on my face.

I stood up and managed to say "Yeah, I just went into labor. I should probably get back...OWWW..."
"Nope. You have this baby here, just to be safe!"
Dad heard my scream and came running into the room. Oh, just labor. Basically was his reaction.
I had that baby in my parents living room, with only the help of my mom squeezing my hand too tight. Should be the other way around, if you ask me.

I brought home 3 baby boys....Peter, Stewie, and Brian. All three of them, thankfully, only inherited the Slender man's skin tone. I was thankful for my new baby boys...Happy that I got through another three...