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Gen 2: Stories, Unwanted Visitors and Disasters

Holding my New Grandson I realized...Della is about to Leave (I know she Is across the Street) I promised her A birthday in 2 Weeks and That was up Tomorrow, She would Be a Young Adult.

I put Little Travis to Bed and Figured that If The Party is tomorrow then I should Clean up the Kitchen, I was Kinda Scared at What Might Happen Because After This Update...You will all be in the Hands Of Della Eve

She Started Today off by Helping with All the Chores, She Had to Learn how to Do Them If She was about to Move out on her Own, I don't Know But I think that she Enjoyed Doing The Laundry

She Took Care Of Travis, And Fed him Dinner...I think that I'm Forgetting that I'm The Grandma Now...Not the Mother

She Rocked him Back to Sleep and Whispered to Me In the Hallway "Last Day of School!

"Disgusting! Lil Jay Spit at Della "You disgust me and I don't want to Be your Twin, Della Eve Just Ignored him and Walked away

When The Kids got Home Later that Day, Me and Jay Decided to Finally Go See Kyle...We Did Backround Checks and Diddy doddy Like that to Make sure He was Kyle and Not Trent
"You Ready? Jay asked me
"As Ready as I'll Ever Be...I told him
"Lets Get this Done! He Popped his Fingers and Headed to the Car

We Pulled up to The House, He was Standing outside...If This Was Kyle Then He Defiantly Is Trent's Twin

"Oh Gosh! Is This Something About Trent? Kyle Looked at Jay Like He was Crazy "I SWEAR I'M HIS TWIN!!
"Hey Don't Worry! My Name is Jay Wriner, This Is My Wife, Della

"Oh I Know you!!! Yes What Can I help you with?
"We have Something to Tell you.

~The Next Morning~

We Finally Got all the Things Set Up for Jay and Della's Birthday...

She Was More Excited then We thought She would Be! We Enjoyed watching her Be a Dork

She Aged into a BEAUTIFUL Young adult, She Looked almost Exactly the Same as when She was a Teenager but thats Really Good News!

Jay Finally Grew Into his Legs! But What I was Shocked at...Was How much he Looked like Jay!!

"Did you Know Its You're Birthday too? Little Man? Della Eve Talked to Travis "You will be a Tot today Sweetheart!

She sat him Down on the Ground and Let him Age up

He Looked just Like Maverick...Except he has Della Eve's Eyes! He Will Deffo Grow up and Be a DASHING young Man

"Hi Travis! She said as She was Sitting In front of him "I'm Your Mommy!!

We had One More Birthday That Day, Noel Was a Child today. She Grew Up Looking almost Exactly Like Della Eve Did, She Will Be a Beauty!

~Hope's POV~

I have always Wondered...Why...Why Am I different then Della, Why Don't I have Freckles, But Most of All...Why Do I have Brown Eyes when My Mom Has Blue and My Dad Has Green...

This Is going to Be a Hard thing to Ask Mom But I just Have to Know...

"Mom? Will You help me Out with something? I asked her Almost Feeling Confident "What is It Hope Sweetie? Is Something Wrong? That Look of Concern Spread across her Face "Mom I want to Know...Why Am I different? Why Do I have Brown Eyes?

She Looked almost As she Knew that This Day Was Coming when She Sighed and Said "Let Me Start From The Beginning..."

~A hour Later~

I was Shocked...I Never Knew That...That...Jay Isn't My Dad? And That Monster that Hurt Mom Is? How Could I never Know This? Why Did She Never Tell me?

Della-Sweetheart, I Kept it away from You to Keep you From Getting Hurt!
Hope-I understand mom, But Would I Even Be Born If this Didn't Happen?
Della-Honey, If Things Like This Didn't Happen then Then We Would Never Have Precious Gifts like you!
Hope-That makes me Feel Better Mom, I hope That My eyes Don't Remind you of Everything...

~Lil Jay's POV~

She Is Teaching Him How to Talk..He is So Sweet...She is So Confused, I wonder If I could Make a Deal With her....

"Della..I need to Talk to you! I Requested her Ear to Hear me out, "What is It Jay? She asked Me, She Looked as though I was About to Chew her Out..."Mommy Is Gonna Talk to Uncle Jay! Kay Travis? She Was a Good Mother, But I still Didn't Understand.

"What Is It Jay? I'm Ready to Be Yelled at again so Let Lose! She Was Being Sarcastic
"I want to Share My Idea With you! I told her "I'm Going to Be in A Bunch of Mom's Friends 100 Baby challenges To Try to Help myself understand you...I Want to Bond With you! I want to Be Your Best Friend If I can! I want to Understand WHY you want to Do This and When I hold My First Baby Maybe That will tell me!

"Jay You don't Have to Do this..We Can Bond, You Don't Have To Have Kids to Try And Be My Best friend! She Said this In a Sweet Way but I Did Disagree with her "I'm Going to Do This, Period the End.

~Della's POV~

"They are Finally Bonding! I Told Jay, I thought that they would Never Get along!

Later that Night Jay and Della Eve Sat to The Table and Ate Some Cake, They Where Talking about Her New House and Her Challenge And He was Telling her How Much He would Miss her When She Left.

After all the Struggle and Strife of Our Married Life...I think Its Getting Better! I told Jay when We where Talking "Our Kids are Finally Getting along! We Haven't Even Heard a Thing About Trent or Winny Since There Last "Visit" I think That Things are Going well...Or So We thought.

I had a Question Welled up in my Brain forever, I needed to Ask Jay, I needed to Know To Ever Feel Completely 100% His Wife

"Jay, We need to Talk! I Looked at him With Curiosity In My Eyes to Know what Really Happened "What is It Dells? He Asked me Wondering what I wanted to Know So Eagerly "I want to Know What Happened In-between High school and Now, He Sighed and Said "Its a Long Story..I'll Start from You're Accident...

As a Teen you where A Free Spirit Who Didn't Care How much Trouble you got into, You and Maci..Yes Maci! Where Best Friends, Winny Was Still the Bitch she Is Today, Yes Winny was there too and You Knew Both Macin and Winny, Well It was Thursday September 2 And You and Maci where Hanging out...

Maci Was a Dork! She was Smart And Beautiful But Not Quite out of that Awkward stage yet

and Winny was...Well...Winny, The Same As She Is Today And I perfectly Remember it like it was Yesterday.

Winny Had her "EYE" On me Since you Met me and We both knew That, She was There that Day and So Was I, You and Maci where talking and I was Chatting with Winny, I still don't Know what Was Going though My Head when We Walked into the Bathroom...

So When Winny Came Onto Me I wasn't thinking much Because Being a Awkward Teenager I didn't Get Much Attention from the Girls, I Went with it...

But When You Heard Something From The Bathroom You Got Kinda Worried, You Walked In and Saw Us Kissing and Didn't Think That Maybe it was Her Doing this...Even If You Did There Was Nothing Any of Us Could Do About What Winny Was Planing,

After you and Maci Drove Off Winny Hopped in her Car and Swerved you Into a Tree on Purpose, She Made it look like Her Car Crashed Too So She Wouldn't Get In trouble...
When We Found You Both you and Maci Where out and Cut Up Bad, When You Hit The Tree Maci Was Thrown out of the Windshield

and You Jumped out Out of the Car, It Looked like You Both Where Trying to Escape Because You Saw Winny Trying to Kill you and You where Both Banged up Pretty Bad

After That You And Maci where In The Hospital for Weeks Unconscious, Maci Was Bleeding from the Brain and Your Head Was Cracked,

Somehow Maci's Eyesight Got Better During her Time in the Hospital, She Also Had a Few Secret Friends Visit...

I never Thought At all that Something Like this Would Happen And I figured That you would Be better Off without me...

So I left, I took the Bracelet That I gave you So You wouldn't REMEMBER me, We Never Spoke again...

I spoke Up "All this Happened on Liz's Birthday? "Yes We Where at you're House Having the Party" He Said to Me, His Face Looked Sorry About What Happened that Night and Without Words I forgave him, He Continued

"After You where Back On Your Feet You and Maci Went Back to School, You Where Both Insanely Popular and Maci was Head Cheerleader and You Where her "Backup"

I was alone other then My Best Friend Carter, We Only Became Friends Because Of Bullies and Such,

You Still had a Bit of Trouble Remembering your Own Name, So I helped...I suggested That We Should Call you Della Because It Was Shorter then Andellia and Easier to Remember, By that Time Winny was Already a Young adult and You where soon to be one, Maci's Parents Decided to Move Not Long After that And You guys Lost Contact...And Of Course Both of You Where Still Suffering From anesthesia so You Forgot Each other...

You Ended up Being Our Senior Year Prom Queen With your Boyfriend Tim, You Found Out Later That Night that you where Pregnant, Do You Remember that? I was Jealous..I set him Up with Tia, He Got her Pregnant and You Decided Not to Talk to Him again, I was Satisfied with myself Other Then Making you Cry, But You Cried harder when Your Realized that You Lost the Baby Because of Tim, He Hit You And You Fell Hard, Do You remember at all?

I shook my Head No And Realized he Had Nothing to Apologize For, He Continued..After You Aged to a YA I was Scared that you would Choose something Stupid To Do with your Life...I figured you Wanted to Be a Actress Or Model Because Those are the Two things you always Talked about, I found out Later that You where on a Mission to Have 100 Kids with Different Men

I'd About Given Up By Then And I moved in with my Two Friends Carter and Asher, Things Where Fine for awhile Until George Remp Moved in, He was Stubborn and Wouldn't Ever Do Anything, After awhile Carter Decided to Leave and Do Something Different With His Life, I haven't Seen Him Since

I looked for You, I thought Maybe I could Stop you From Doing this Challenge, But I saw You though the Window, Playing with Baby Jasmine...I just Couldn't Tear you From that, I Left For France..I thought Maybe I could Meet someone and Fall in love again But All I saw was You, That's When Winny And I met again I Took her Out On a Date, We Went on a Few And I realized that She would Never Be You And No One could Ever Take your Place, She Wouldn't Let Me Go, I tried to Escape to Riverview But she Followed Me, Finally When I went on a Boat I Jumped off the Side of It and Pretended to Drown, She Bought it And Finally Left Me alone and Went Back to France. By the Time I shook her Off You where On Baby....Hmmm...53 I think, Well I Did Send a Few Of Those Characters to you so Maybe this Would Go Faster, I just Found Myself Getting Jealous So I had to Get away again,

I went Back to Asher's House and Stayed there for awhile, I didn't Do Much During the Day But At Night I worked at The Police Station, I didn't Get Very High up when George RemP Decided he Had to Have Everything that I have, So thats How He Became the Business Partner...I Quit At The Police Office and Got a Job at Doo Peas

I was A Wimp, Like Back In Highschool...But I wanted to Change that, I started to Work out and I got Stronger...But George Could Still beat me up, I Thought we where Just Playing around

I almost Couldn't Bear Every second Living in the Same Town that We Fell In love In, It Was Heartbreak going On While Watching Men Walk out of your House Satisfied.

When I finally Forgot About Everything that Happened, This Turned up, Jay Showed me a Clipping from A news paper that Read

Women Has 90 Kids!

I sat Down To My Desk and Thought VERY hard about the Letter I sent you, I knew you Wouldn't Remember me so I Made myself Anonymous...

After he Was Finished I Just Stood there, Speechless! He Pulled me into a Loving Embrace and Said "All that is in the Past and Now All we have is the Future, Lets Look forward to that! He Just HAD to Continue with "We Go Great together Like Thunder and Lightning...I cut him short and Said "Ya But We are about as Opposite as Ice Cream and Liver

~Della Eve's POV~

A new Hairstyle Always Helps Me Feel A Tiny bit Better about myself, Its Also Hard to Keep my Hair Short all the Time, I would Be Constantly Cutting it!

I Invited a Friend Over today, She Is a New Mom and About my Age, I figured...Maybe We Could Hang In With Each other During This Challenge...My Mom Invited some People over too!

While I waited for her to Get Here I fed Travis, He Just Ate that Baby food up! I was Really Wondering at this Time If Baby Travis Was a Vampire, If He is I sure Hope I can Give him the Extra Attention That he needs

The First To Come Over was Christy Quinn...She Got Talking to Noel and Pretty soon

They Started Playing Tag!

The Blue Haired girl Walked up to The Door...I knew Who She Was, Do You Have Any Ideas?

"Hi Della! I'm Aqua Braveheart! She Exclaimed while Waving "So Your about My Age? She Asked me "This Will be Fun!

I Looked at her Pregnant Belly and Said "Wow Aqua! Really Getting Into the Grove Of Things? We Started talking For awhile, I Realized how Many things About Us that Where Similar...

~Della A. POV~

I was Talking with Jay Jr when I Heard Laughing, It was Della, Her and Aqua Get along Pretty Well, A few More Of my Friends Should Be Coming Over Soon...

Right As I finished That Thought Amber Walked in the Door and Said "HEY GIRLS I'M HERE TO CRASH THE PARTY!!! I knew She Was Joking, She Brought Leiah Misttofleeas, Violet Newbie, Vanessa Wood, Dawn Turner And Ashby Starr!

Della Eve and Ashby Just Started Jabbering away! I Could Hear Ashby Saying "Wow! Its gonna Be a Long Ride Dells, You Gotta Stick With it though And It will all Be worth something in the End" Ashby Is VERY wise

Vi Seemed a Little Lost, I understood Why, She Is Hurting, Joe Hurt her Badly and She Deserves Better then that...

Dawn Brought Kira, Dawn Looked a Bit Peeved But Its Okay After Everything thats Been Going on...

Elizabeth Stopped in town to See Her Big Bro For a Little While, She Joined the Party!

Nessa...Well She Is Nessa...Not Much To It! I Smile Everytime she Calls Me Her Pink Haired friend!

Of Course one of the Things I have Always Wanted was a Group Picture, I only Had one Once, That was At my Wedding! Things Got Quite Crazy While Trying to Get Set up...But the Picture Turned out GREAT! I Went Above and Beyond for this Picture and I love It so Much!

Well That Night Was A Bit Of a Strange One...After Taking that Picture...There was A HUGE bang On the Door, So Huge that I Told Everyone To Go Upstairs Where It was Safe Just In case Something Happened...Jay Handed Travis To Liz and Told Her "Watch Over Everyone Up there! We Should Be able to Get Rid Of this Guy...

Some Of the Girls Looked Like they Wanted to Escape...Others Wanted to Help With The Maniac Trying to Brake Down the Door! But No one Disobeyed my Orders...Except a Young Rebel Girl Who Only Gets Herself Into trouble...

When Jay Opened the Door a Familiar Voice Said "Well Hello! Its Been Awhile" Trent Pushed His way Past Jay And Into the Dining Room, Following him Was Winny and They Just Passed Jay Like Nothing was New...

Well Well Well, Having a Party? Winny Asked Being Smug with a Look on her Face that Said "You Should Have Invited me" Trent Started Walking Towards Della Eve, He Looked Determined "You Leave Her Alone! I Shouted at him...

"Don't Tick Me Off Della Wriner, The Only Way I don't Hurt Her Is If You Jump on that Motorcycle And Come With me" I could Tell that That Ticked Winny Off But She Was Easily Revived...I just Now Noticed that He Had a Gun In his Hand, He was Here To Finish the Dirty work of Darla and Butch...

"Why are You Terrorizing Innocent People Again Trent? Kyle Was Standing Behind Me "I thought That Almost Getting the Electric Chair For Killing that Poor Women Would Knock some Sense Into you!

Something In Time or Space or Something Speed Everything Up for about 5 Minutes and Everything Happened So quickly...Trent Tried to Grab My Arm, That would Possibly Break my Arm But Della Eve Being the Lighting Quick Fast Girl that She Is Raced Over And Hit His Hand And She Treated him as Though he was a 5 Year Old Stealing Oreo's, This Was a Mistake, Not That I can Truly Blame Her For It...But Everything Usually Comes to A rest By then, Trent Is Gone, Winny Ran Away...Thats Not What I can Say at ALL for the Events That Happened, As Kyle Pulled out His Gun He Had a Look on his Face That Said "No More!

But Trent Still Ended With a Gun To Della Eves Head Saying "If You Come Closer I'll Shoot Her and You! Jay Said "Let him Go, Just Don't Hurt Her! His Knees where Shaking and I'm Guessing that He Felt as If He was a Teen again, Fearing For His Little Sisters Life, But This Wasn't His Sister...It was His Daughter and Every bit of him Wanted to Run Over and Strangle Trent...

Two Weapons Went Off, I could Hear Screams But Most Everything Was a Blur From then On, Until About 5 Seconds Later, There was Blood On the Floor and Two Bodies Laid Side By Side...No One Knew If Either Was Dead Or Alive.


  1. UMMMM AHHHHHH WOW that's one cliff hanger ending...


  3. OMG!! Della who always do this to get me all hyped up and then you throw me a cliffhanger! Anyways I loved it! :D You had me smiling at the end, not from what happened to Della Eve and Trent but from how awesome this chapter was. I also love how you answered every question someone could possibly ask about Jay's point of view and what happened to Della One and how she got started. This is my favorite chapter so far!!! :D Keep up the great work, you an awesome writer and you just keep getting better. :D (p.s. I SAW MEEEE! :D)

  4. OMG Della! Poor Della Eve! She better be Alive! WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!

    P.S. nice blood :)

  5. Alright, while it was a cliffhanger, I just have to say this: Della really wouldn't let little Della die, that would ruin the whole story XD

    I wouldn't worry too terribly much guys :)

  6. Just asking where do you get all the coustom hair i want to but some more on my game! and all the other stuff like cars and cribs! Thank you:)

    btw this is Brielle

  7. I have Lots of Different Places...I Get most of them From Here :D

  8. well we know Della Eve's alright don't we i mean this is her challenge now she has to be ... right?

    ~KatSims~(AKA Addy McKnight)

  9. I think that last line should be like in a song or something. Sorry that kinda breaks the tension a bit, but hey! In this case, breaking is good!

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  10. @Addy: of course Della is alright -_- why would she not be? I wouldn't kill my main character unless I wanted to be done with the challenge, you're stuck with me.

    @Frella: I should write a song now XD With that line in it or something, hah :P Thank you! I made it up on my own like I tend to do with some of my names XD