Friday, April 15, 2011

Gen 2:Foggy Sunsets-Babies 25 and 26

I aged up Mercy, Katie and Kevin right after I aged up my two newest additions to the family "Are you ready to be a child?" I asked Mercy "When you are a child you can go to school and Play with friends! When you are a child you get more freedom! Doesn't that sound Neat Princess?"

Mercy, She looks like me with a Bit of her dad, I can see that coming out more and more as she grows up! She will be VERY pretty when she gets older

Katie is a Pretty Child, Her face is full of uniqueness and her eyes are my beautiful pale blue! I can't wait for this child to grow up! She will most likely be gorgeous!

"After you grow up you MUST keep your grades up, I know that Not everyone can Have straight A's but You're not even trying Kevin..."

Kevin aged nicely, He took on a lot of his dads features, His skin is almost a mix between mine and Random's, All in all...He is cute!

"Sweetie?" I asked Ashley "Can you watch over the kids for awhile? Vanessa invited me to a Party" Ashely Nodded "Of course mom, You just had two Babies You need a Break! Go have some fun!"

I talked to Sorcha and gave both her and Ashely permission to grow up, And they could move out when I got home...

Of course Vanessa is on the Rich part of Bridgeport, The party doesn't look very busy but thats Nessa for you :)

I walked through this huge house trying to find my best friend who must be hiding somewhere...Or just in the Kitchen, She was setting out drinks with my Son Travis

"Hey Nessa, Thanks for the invite" She winked and said "Well...We all know it wouldn't be a party without Our Della Wriner" I smiled at her.

I Saw a few of my other friends, Including Violet Newbie, Charlie Evans, Melody Allison and My Aunt Elizabeth.

"Hey Charlie! Are you enjoying Yourself?" I asked her "Sure am! Vanessa knows how to throw a great Party!"

I didn't stay very long at all! I Had a Few drinks...And The next thing I know...I'm home...Saying goodbye to the girls, Emotions were getting the better of me, I started crying as the girls were leaving, This reminds me only of when I'm in the first stages of pregnacy...

Moving to Sunset valley Wasn't part of my Plan...I was going to remain in Bridgeport but There is this Sickness going around...Its horrible and Has 7 of my own Children fearing for their lives, I Begged them to let me stay and help but they Wanted me to take The little ones somewhere safe...Most of my kids moved out of Bridgeport as well as my Mom and Dad...All my brothers and Sisters stayed.

I didn't know why I was feeling so Sick, I'm not Pregnant Yet...I Haven't Eaten anything that would upset my stomach...I hoped I hadn't gotten sick in my time in Brideport...I can't risk that with the Kids...

"Weee! Violet? are you having fun?" I asked my little Mini Me "WEE MAMMA!" Violet exclaimed

"Wait...Why..." I felt a Kick...I was pregnant...And I don- Wait....Vanessa's Party..She got me Drunk...I woke up at home...Thats when it hit me


He was Tall, Dark and Handsome and He treated me right...I must have Given him permission to be in my challenge Under the spell of the drink.

He kissed me Sevreal times and I enjoyed it, He gave me what I needed and that's baby 25.


Katie is Always found playing with this Little Doll...I don't know where it came from..But She loves that thing..She says he's her Imaginary friend and his name is buddy! She always sings to him!

I put Violet and Vanessa to bed...and A little Doll just like Katie's Showed up...I hope these things are friendly....

I was going to head to bed And prepare for the next day of Pregnancy, Day 2!

I was side tracked by a Craving for Cake! It had a Jelly center that was just unforgettable...I couldn't help but Scarf it down!

Kevin Is a Lady Catcher, His sisters love him like Nothing else, he is always helping them with Homework and Reading them bedtime stories, He is a Great Big brother!

"Once upon a time" He read to Katie "There was a Beautiful Princess who thought she Had everything...Until a GIANT T-REX CAME AND ATE HER KINGDOM!" Then end" He kissed her on the forehead and went to bed

Mercy was thrilled with this story, the Next day she Dressed up as the Princess and Walked around Waving...

But Katie decided to join the fun and Be the T-rex "RARRRR"

Mercy Played the Princess Well "Disappear Dino!" She said while Waving her wand "Rarrr! NEVER!" I watched these two play, And I was happy, My kids love each other! This is Great :)

Katie got Tired of being the T-rex so She Changed into a Famous Astronaut! "I'm headed to the Moon!" She said

Katie and Mercy Together :) They are so Cute!

"Okay...Last day of Pregnancy!" I said to myself, I'll be at 100 in no time! Almost only 75 Babies Left! I made dinner for my Family, Its a Beautiful sunday afternoon and My family needs to spend time together.

We all gathered around out big new table and ate together for the first time in our new house!

After Dinner we Sat down and Watched a Movie together!

I finally made the Kids go to bed at 12:30 Am and Went upstairs to take a shower and Do a few chores before bed

I was completely I turned on my Work out Video, I want to Induce Labor and Exercise a Bit.

I worked myself until I was tired, I Kept going for a little while anyway, I can sleep while the kids are napping and at school tomorrow.

I got to bed around 2:30 am, But I didn't Sleep long, A little something woke me up an hour Later, The baby was coming, It sent me into Howls of Pain, Contractions where close together.....This baby wanted OUT!

I had Twin Boys, Cute little bundles of Joy, Flynn

and His twin Brother, Ryder! My family Just Grew By Two :) I have 26 Children!

Dear readers, I've had like TONS of problems with my computer lately and now I don't have internet at my house, So I won't be posting as often...Sorry