Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Multi Gender Twins~Baby 8 and 9

Jasmine came over for The twins Birthday!
She gave each of them a car of there own! But so did there Dad! so they both have two cars! I had to expand the Garage to fit all four of them...

6 birthday Cakes! Twins, triplets and single!

The Twins as teens. Josh looks more like me and Blane is a carbon copy of Dragon.

Justin grew up with long hair, but I cut it all off to make him look like a boy again.

Melanie, with her chubby little cheeks!

Felicity, looks like her dad.

And Gracie the smallest of all three of them, she is also a loner.

today we all sat around and talked, hey mum can we get a globe? sure!
I think the baby is crying.

I want some cake from the fridge, Melanie said, When i grow up I want a good paying Job... like a actress or Lawyer! I want a camera..they all shared there wishes.

I got a hold of Coolbluperso today he agreed to come over to be a part of my challenge! I'm glad at how lucky I have been at finding fathers.

With a chat, a kiss, cuddle and a lullaby I conceived baby 8

we danced for a hour until he had to go home.

Making sure to give all of my kids the attention they need.

But Felicity and Gracie keep getting into fights,

Felicity always wins!

Mum i want to do what you are doing when I grow up! oh wow that's really great i told her.

Blane and Josh are always so helpful with Justin.

Josh Is always smiling...

while Blane always looks Angry!

Come on Mum lets dance, said Blane happy for the first time since being a teen!

And then the Nausea...I have become used to this after giving birth to 7 kids!

Then... it is time for baby 2 and 3 to grow up!

Yes young adulthood here we come!

Enjoying there last moments with the Wriners...

Felicity had a run in my Weight shifter when she thought I wasn't looking...

she looks slightly thinner.

WOOHOO!!! i said as my tummy got bigger!

so I invited over Blane (who recently became a doctor) to tell me the gender of my i can try out Harmonysims method for multi genderd twins or triplets! Ummm Mum your having a boy!!

So I went down to the store and bought 10 Watermelons, and I ate them all.

Check out my most recent creation

and Gracie was becoming a better dancer than me!

Meanwhile: Jasmine got Married to VJ Alvi! and is now Pregnant with her first child!

Another of my creations!

while the girls go to school I spend my time with Justin.

And playing the Guitar...

and Painting!

I was out playing for tips when...

A sharp pain hit me, I left for the hospital leaving screaming people in my wake.

I came out with A boy I named Him Ash and a girl I named her Elinha, Ash has Dark blue skin and eyes

and Elinha has light skin and dark color eyes! My first set of Multi Gender Twins!
And both Melly and Felicity got on the Honor role!! thank you to Harmonysims for the instructions on how to have Multi gender Twins!!


  1. Oh Thanks for call her Elinha I hope she did look like me :)

  2. hey! how you get the weight shifter

  3. The Weight Shifter is a Life time reward gift,

  4. I sure hope that they don't get ... *shudder* that NOSE!