Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gen 2. One Year-Baby 16

"Hello?" I answered the Phone, Violet came on and I was worried that something Was wrong "HI Dells! Its Violet Newbie, I wanted to Know if I can swing by real quick And ask you something?" I had hardly Ever talked to Violet, This made me Curious "Sure Thing! Come on over!"

Nessa and I decided to Age up Avril when Vi Gets here then She can tell me what she wants to say..Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nessa Point to the door saying "Vi is here Dells!"

"Hey Vi! I thought maybe we could have a Birthday real Quick for my kids then we can sit and talk" She smiled real big and Said "GREAT! I have my older kids watching the younger ones so I can stay for awhile"

I set all the cakes out and gathered everyone around, Of course all the girls wanted to stay in the house, But Eessennet didn't want to stay without her brother so She volunteered To move with Aksarben and Awoi and Laura were staying for just a little longer

I'm glad that we waited for Violet! She seems like she's having fun!

Of course all my Kids are Dorks, Mostly when they are aging up, They want to exit Teenagehood In fun ;)

Eessennet Is a BEAUTY! She got Mike's look all the way and She is UNIQUE! Her tender heart guided her to want to Be a Foster Mom, I'm so proud of her!

Aksarben is the Exact Copy of his sister, Other then his green eyes, they are Identical! He decided to help her in her Journey with kids, Until she gets married of course!

Aksarben Kissed his Second sister on the cheek (In a brotherly way of course) And said Good bye to the only home he had ever known, Eessennet hugged her siblings and both of them went on their merry way!

Vanessa Loves my house! she Played the Guitar for awhile but soon she had to go, She was Missed at home!

Me-So Vi? What is it you wanted to talk about?
Vi-Well I was thinking You and I could have a girls day out! Just me and you! At the spa tomorrow morning!

Me-That sounds Great Vi! Just a day out! But it is pretty late! Do you want to spend the night?
Vi-Thanks Dells! That would be Nice
I showed Vi to the Guest room and We both Went to Bed, For a first thing in the morning Spa day!

And first thing the Next Morning we set out! For a Day of Relaxation! With only ourselves and The Spa workers

"MORNING GIRLS! Welcome to Melody's Spa and Salon!" Melody Allison Greeted us (She's a Fellow Challenge mom) "What can I do for ya?"

Me and Vi disused the Package we are gonna get in the car so we knew exactly what to say "two triple Deluxe package's With the Hot tub Included" She showed us to a Room With 3 Dressing Rooms and Robes, We got changed.

"Okay! Dells! Vi! You guys can head on in there and Aaron will take care of your every need! ENJOY" We followed a Husky red-headed man that Must be Aaron, He is cute, But I was in SHOCK When I walked into the next room...

and Saw Brett...He was hugging a woman...She had a ring on her finger, He had a ring on his, I didn't care...

Then My sister, Noel, swung around and with her Huge pregnant Belly and Hugged me, I saw the Look of Terror on Brett's face appear...He didn't know I was her sister!

"Della! Sissypoo! Have you met Brett?" A evil smile Formed on my lips, Noel couldn't see...Brett could...
"Noel! Sweetie! I don't think I have met your lovely..Husband? Brett"

She Turned back to Brett and Says "The baby is Being a Rat! I'm headed home, Have a Nice day at work! Treat my Big sister Well!" She kissed him on the cheek and Smiled at me while making her way out the Door....I'm in Hell.

Brett and Aaron chose who they would be working with, Aaron did it the Hard but EXTREMELY cute way, He says "Okay, You are both 100 Baby challenge moms right??
"Right" We said together He looked at us in the Eyes and said "What one of you need Dad for Challenge?"

Violet Didn't jump at the Offer...So I did "Well...I guess I do" I said, Aaron kissed my hand and said "May I have that Honor?" What can I say...I melted "Of course Aaron"

And that's how Baby 16 Was Conceived...

Kyle Grode stood before me and Violet Trying to figure out what To do to make us feel relaxed

But he finally Left us alone when We told him we paid for the Hot tub package, This is me and Violet's time to Get to know each other a LITTLE bit better!

Me-So...You and my mom Are pretty good friends? I've seen Pictures of Adventures In Egypt!
Violet-Me and your mom Have Been Great Friends for a LONG time! I thought it was Time to get to know her Special Daughter! That would be you Sweets!

Me-Vi, There is nothing Special about me! I'm a regular Girl trying to Make it Through this life With a Few more Kids then Some people
Violet-Let me tell you something right now, You, Me, Your mom, Vanessa, Maci and All the Other Moms Are special! A regular girl could Never do what we're doing, What you're Doing and You need to realize ALL the mom's Love you! And so Do I! You can't Feel Left out because You're NOT!

Violet's Words made me Feel at Ease, I'm Hoping that What she says is True because for the first time I believe them! For the First time...I feel Accepted.

"Okay Della, We are Going to Change up your Look A little bit, I hope you don't mind? Do you have any hairstyle Requests?" I handed him a Picture and Let him get to Work on my Hair...

When I was done my hair finally looked normal! And he added a Aaron touch to it ;)

Kyle and Aaron were getting ready to give Us back massages and Mani-Pedi's, When My phone Blew up with the Kid's Ringtone..."Be right back!" I told Violet. "Hello? Laura whats Wrong?" A panicked Voice came on the Phone "MOM COME HOME!!! ITS AWOI!!! HURRY" The next thing I heard...Was a Dial tone

My eyes Got Huge as What happened Just Sunk in...My Kids are in trouble. "Violet, I'm SO sorry! I have to Go, Awoi Is in trouble, I Don't know what's Going on but Its bad!" Violet's Expression Changed to Worry "Go ahead Della! I'll call you later!" I hurried out the Door

I Rushed into my house and the first thing I saw Shocked me out of my shoes, Both my Daughters Were standing In the front room, Awoi Was Crying, Laura was Comforting herI was so confused at what was going on...

Until Awoi Turned around, And I saw everything Clearly, I wasn't expecting This...

Above all things I had NEVER thought Awoi Would be Pregnant. "Awoi...Explain..Now"
Awoi Got a Shocked look on her face as I slightly Shouted but She started her story "Me and Laura were home alone with the Kids...We had just laid them all down for their naps when someone Knocked on the Door."


"I asked him what he needed and he said "Well Miss Wriner, I want to have a Baby with you" I was slightly confused until I realized he thought I was you"

When I told him I wasn't you He got Upset, He threatened to Kill All the Kids if I didn't have a Baby with him...So I did. I tried to Explain to him Many times that I Am your daughter. Not you, But he wouldn't Listen


Awoi Burst into tears that fell slowly to the ground until I took the poor girl in my Arms and hugged her, I wanted to hug all the sadness out of her and into myself...How could someone do this to her?

"On the bright side" I told her "I bet your baby Will be Gorgeous!" I said as I leaned down and Felt My little girl's Stomach, To feel kicking and I sure did Feel it! I was trying to make this Easier on her...

"You know, This means we can be pregnant together!" I smiled real big suggesting everything that It was supposed to..."Mom! You're pregnant! Thats great :) What Number is this?" I hold up 10 fingers then 6, Then Tell her Its my 16th

Laura and Avril are VERY similar, They both have My hair and Purple skin,I think this is neat because One is so much older then the other!

Abner is building up quite the laundry pile there...If he needs help cleaning it up, It would sure give Me something to do, Other then Teach Avril how to Walk (Which will happen sooner or later)

So here I am, Dead tired, Pregnant, Cleaning up laundry that could be Done tomorrow, But not Bored, Thats a Upside.

And finally, I let myself fall In my bed and Drift off To sleep...Before I was completely Asleep I got a Text Message

From Nessa
Hey Della, I figured you were heading off to bed so I just wanted to Say good night! Talk to you in the morning

I texted her back saying "Hey Love, I'm about asleep but I'll text you in the morning, We need to hang out again soon!" and That let me sleep Safe and Soundly.

Awoi and Laura Fell asleep 3 Hours after I did, Laura Stayed up to help Awoi with her sickness and Stomach pain, I got up around 1:30 and Got them both some Tylenol PM, They fell right to sleep

It felt like only a few minutes went by but pretty soon my Alarm was ringing with The sound of Morning, I text Nessa and Told her to get her But outta bed and Make breakfast, That's what I was doing ^_^

Awoi Almost threw a fit about having to go to school, She begged me to let her stay home But I didn't budge until she came up with a Great Idea "Mom, What if you home school me? I could get a Education and Not be Teased!" I told her she had 1 Day of Public left then I would start her out on a Homeschooling program.
I took her down to our hairstylist Later that day and We got Her hair Colored and Extensions put in, I'm looking at my gorgeous daughter thinking about how hard this must be for her, Then I remember how hard it was for me...

She differentiated herself from me and I Admire her For It!

Abner has Natural baking skills! I'm sure he got it from me but Who knows, I guess we could ask Noel.

Laura and Avril are 2 Peas in a Pod! Other then Me Avril is Glued to Laura's Side! That little girl loves her Big sister! And I can see why, Their personalities are So much the Same!

Me and the Girls went to Work RIGHT away On all of the things that needed to be done, I usually don't make the kids do Chores but I'm thinking of changing a Few things around here, Awoi Is now In charge of Laundry...Laura is In charge of Dishes, And I'm Mom, So I feed the kids and Take care of them. I also Check on the girl's work to make sure they didn't slack.

I spent most of today teaching my Little Avril to Walk and Talk, She is A fast learner but she has a Bad lisp That changes Truck to...Well maybe you don't want to know.

I walked up to Awoi, She looked so Different...I know she doesn't like this new look but its for her own Protection,"You do realize dear that Either tonight or tomorrow morning you WILL be having this baby, I want to warn you that it is VERY painful and..." She cut me off "You have to Stick with me through the Whole thing mom...Please"

"Mom, Happy mothers day...Grandma Sent a Card, She wants to See you, Something about A 1 year...Blah da da da da." Awoi said as she Rubbed my Almost bulging stomach, I actually Decided to pay a Visit this afternoon, Leaving Laura and Awoi In charge!

"Mom, Whats going on?" I asked as She appeared in the Doorway "Well Dellers, You know I did the Challenge first right? Well Today Is 1 YEAR from when I started it" She gave me a Weary smile That pretty much Let me Know My Siblings were being Pains.

I Returned the Smile And that little action made her ask what was wrong "Mom I'm Trying so Hard to be Strong...But its Awoi, I left her to babysit for awhile while I was out...and Someone Came over wanting to Be a Father in the Challenge and Thought She was me..."

My mom's Surprised look told me I Had said Enough, "Is there anything you Two Need? Anything that can help her until the Baby is born?" "I dont think there is anything to do at this Point mom, I have to head back home, I love you, I'll come back soon!"
My mom waved me off and I started home.

When I walked in the house I heard Screaming, Then felt a Wave of Terrible pain come over myself, Woah. Labor. I figured thats what must be happening in the other room so I follow the sound....I was right, Awoi Was In the kitchen in labor, I was almost brought to my Knees by the Same thing...Wheeeeen

I had Twin Girls, Caitlyn

and Karni...

and Awoi had a Baby Girl, She named Her Molly

Thanks Everyone For waiting so Long for this :) I'm SO sorry! I've been Busier then Ever