Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gen 2. To Bridgeport we go-Babies 46 and 47

“GRACIE! JANE! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” I caught the girls violently fighting, this absolutely astounded me because these are the two that never fought a day in their life! Now they’re at each others throats!

“I’M SOOOO sorry that I can’t get ONE problem as done as fast as you can! But at least I’M NORMAL! YOU’RE INSANE! YOU FREAK” Jane yelled into Gracie’s face

That hit Gracie hard, she jumped onto Jane’s back and started pulling her hair and hitting her, trying to get her to the ground

I watched the whole fight, they brought each other to the floor, screaming, kicking and throwing things

Gracie got Jane to the floor in a moment of triumph but they both lost at the end, neither of them realized that I was watching the whole thing

“WHAT IS GOING ON AND MAKE IT FAST” I found myself yelling at the twins with unintended mom in my voice, I felt like I was getting old, Gracie explained the whole thing, when she got a question right on her homework and tried to help Jane, Jane blew up because she thinks that Gracie thinks she’s smarter then Jane.

Both the girls ended up grounded on their birthdays, I apologized to Nessa about their bad behavior, she said she was used to it, her kids pitch fits all the time

Nessa decided to help me age up the kids before she had to go, she has an appointment today

Derrick surprised me! He is an adorable little chap! A cutie beyond words, a little green haired vampire boy!

Peeta was next, his resemblance to his father was unexpected as a tot, but his child features started coming out and now he looks just like the dark handsome man I met not long ago

Katniss has that same look about her, even though she looks like me, her dad certainly had a influence on her looks

Prim is the most like me out of the triplets, even though she does look a lot like her sister, she acts like me and wants to be near me 24/7

Gracie and Jane’s recent fight only damaged her and her sisters bond a little bit, she no longer wants to look exactly like her sister but she still loves her with all her heart!

Jane thought, when Gracie got a perm to look different, that Gracie hated her, but they talked it out and Gracie explained, Jane agreed with her idea to look different.

Now Gale, he’s quite the kid, he is looking very Chinese right now but I know that his father had a bit in him so it doesn’t worry me much, what DOES worry me a bit is that Gale likes to shave his legs….

After all the kids aged up, Nessa told me she had to go. It’s not a big surprise but I hated her leaving me, its like when Elmo leaves Cookie monster without a cookie, but she has kids too and I have to respect that

I got settled down to a book after the twins left, before the doorbell rang and a bunch of colorful Lady Gaga impersonators pushed me into my house and started to turn me pink

Okay so I knew that I was covered in my not so favorite color but my best friends decided to take me out…they said we’d have a BLAST

Just to clear it up a bit, Green is Violet Newbie, Purple is Ashley Brooks, Blue is the retard who thought of this, Vanessa Wood, and Yellow is Amber Lights, they plunked me right in the middle and started complaining about where Orange is.

Pretty soon Ava showed up saying “I’m not sure about this guys…” And biting her nails

I looked Nessa square in the eyes and said “Where are we going?” and she said “We’re taking a road trip to Bridgeport, we’re the opening act at the Grind tonight” That actually made me excited! I haven’t been to my hometown in a few years!

When we got to Bridgeport it was still daytime so we hung out in our penthouse hotel, just chilling like friends do on road trips, what confused me is why we dressed up so early, Vi said it was so no one would know who we were.

The one thing I found odd was when I walked into our room from the hall, there was a half dressed, green haired young woman, she looked no older then Jane or Gracie, it made me hope that they don’t dress like this…she looked at me like I was crazy….and never looked away.

I told the girls about this weird young woman and they seemed the think that she might be a Gaga fan, I hoped so, if she was like a undercover FBI agent and I was in trouble then it was a bad idea to even come to Bridgeport

Violet told me later that when she went to go get snacks, she saw this young woman playing guitar in the lobby of the hotel, she said that she had glanced up and looked at her with a smile but went right back to her playing.

Most of the girls later, piled into a car and ran down to the mall while some of us stayed at the hotel to make a few things for tonight.

But me and Nessa just ended up goofing off XD

“Della, Vanessa, this is Eb Jones, will you buzz me in please, I want to talk to you two for a moment” the call box said, I went ahead and opened the door, the man was tall dark and handsome…how he know who we were didn’t make sense to me but who cares, he needed to talk to us

“Della, is that you under all that pink?” he giggled as he asked, this guy was cute…He then turned to Nessa and said “And did a monster puke all over you Nessa?” he was acting if he’s known us for years

He saw our confused looks and said “Girls! Its me Jones! Della, we graduated together!” he explained “I went to collage for all sorts of stuff, video design is my favorite and I was actually coming to ask if I could record your performance tonight?”

Nessa looked over at me and nodded, I did the same at about the exact time she did. “Eb? What do you plan to do with the video?” Nessa asked. “Well..” He started “I just wanted some first hand experience. Please girls! It would mean so much to me??” We both agreed and sent Mr. Jones on his way, I wondered what exactly we’d be doing tonight that he’d be so eager to get on tape.

When all the girls got back we shared stories of what happened after they left, I told them about Eb and Violet shared a cute story about a lost little girl in the supermarket, Ashley was particularly concerned with something she saw earlier…

She said that there was a young woman being assaulted by a man at least two times bigger that she was, that he was kissing her and touching her breast while holding both her hands behind her waist.

Ashley had then stated that she was going to go help the girl but before she could get there, the girl ripped her hands out of his grasp and pushed him away, then ran off in a different direction.

Ava covered her mouth and gasped, “Did he follow her?” she asked. “I didn’t see, the cab I was trying to catch honked at me and I had to go” Ashley responded a little too quickly.

Around 10:30 we made our way down to the grind and tuned up our interments, I played the drums, Ava the keyboard, Violet, Vanessa and Amber played guitars and Ashley sang in Lady Gaga key.

Eb recorded the whole thing, it was very pumping, the music sounded great and I felt like a pop star!

At the end of the performance Eb pulled me aside and bought me a couple drinks to take the edge off.

At closing time, I left like they asked…but not before noticing how close Eb was keeping to me, he creeps me out a tiny bit but not enough for me to think anything bad of him.

All the girls went back to the hotel to start getting ready to go home, but Eb wanted to talk to me alone, I was fine with that, and we did talk for a minute…I asked him what was up and he practically begged me to give him the pleasure of being my next baby daddy.

I sighed and wondered if anyone wanted me for something other than that. He was quite forceful over this whole thing and I’m almost tired of it. But that’s how it goes. He all but shoved me into the elevator, unzipping my dress, and roughly getting me pregnant.

When I got back in my room, all the girls were already dressed normally and almost ready to go home. Ashley looked in distress though, I asked her what was wrong and her answer was “The guy you left with…He was the man I saw trying to rape that young girl…I was trying to warn you but you left so quickly…what happened?” I didn’t answer as quick as she would have liked and everyone kinda freaked.

Violet asked Ashley’s question again “Della, what happened? Are you alright?”
“He just wanted to talk guys, I went to high school with him, he’s fine.”

“Lets go home” Vanessa suggested calmly. “I didn’t get to go shopping!” Ava said, but she agreed after a few minutes of convincing her that we can come back whenever, we have a plane to catch.

I jumped in the shower before leaving, washing away all the make up and changing into my normal clothes, I wonder when this hair dye will wash out though.

By the time I got home, I was already showing a bit of a baby bump, I had made a hard decision on the ride home, today I’m going to become human again, I had enough of this vampire thing, and since this is the second time I’m a vampire…it got tiring fast.

And here I am…ready to phase back…to be me again, a unfeared young lady still in the middle of my life.

I did it just in time…I looked at my peach colored soft skin and rejoiced, I’m normal again! Nothing in the world can make me go back to being a bloodthirsty vampire.

When Peeta, Katniss and Prim got home from school they were so excited to see that their mama had pink hair, I don’t exactly like pink but it actually is flattering.

They were also very excited to see their ever-present grandmother, My mom was here today just to check up on how we were doing, I wonder if she does this for all my brothers and sisters…she does have a pretty free schedule to work with.

“You look just like I did when I was your age” she exclaimed, and me…always wanting to be just like her…my role model, was elated with this information.

We had just finished catching up about our lives…my mom’s new little girl is a toddler now and I’m planning to go visit her soon, big sister, little sister stuff, I want to be a part of her life. I told my mom that I had chores and lessons to teach, and she headed home with a sweet goodbye “I love you my darling daughter” she said “Stay safe and keep my grandkids plump” The last part made me laugh.

Me and Derrick had some one on one time, I taught him how to walk and talk and he learned very quickly, I promised him if he co-operated then he could have a nice long ride on the horsy.

Its always the boys that enjoy the horses the most, the girls would rather sit around and talk to their imaginary friends, Derrick is going to be a boy of the outdoors!

But that’s the problem, he NEVER wants to get off, like always.

That lip just melts my heart <3

“Mom, can you help me with my math?” Katniss fretted over the simple addition and subtraction of polynomials

“Here Katniss” I pointed out “before you do the problem, you should change all subtraction to addition and add a negative to the number, then regroup and add”

And here is my most recent investment, a new washer and dryer, I haven’t had one of my own since I lived in Bridgeport, so I decided to go all out and purchase a new pair.

“Come on chickie, its time for you to head to bed” I cooed to Prim. “But mama, I don’t want to go to bed”
“How about we make a deal?”
“What Kind of deal?”
“If you go to bed right now, I’ll read you a bedtime story AND wake you up early for a special breakfast tomorrow!”

What kid isn’t gonna agree to a bedtime story and special breakfast? Well I got Primrose into bed with a little coaxing, the others were just as easy.

“Goodnight sweetheart” I whispered into Katniss’s ear after she fell asleep, in a sleepy voice she said “Love you mommy”

After feeding Derrick at…what? 2 am! I sat down to rest a little, I have too little energy to be up so early today. I found myself trapped in a booby trap.

At six I started breakfast, I decided to make eggs, that’s the girls’ favorite food so why not? I wasn’t gonna eat until the frying eggs made me hungry.

We all ate together as my special little treat! Family time was important for me and my kids, I cherished every second I spent with my children!

And when they leave for school, I’m left to clean up the mess, the dishes and the beds, the laundry and the floors, it never ends.

Here is the sad excuse I have for a garden…it was on of my favorite hobbies…then I got busy. Darn.

I was going to play on the swings and sandbox with Derrick, but before I even reached the steps, I went into labor.

And out came baby 46, Alice Wriner, a cute pink blanket, my new little girl.

After putting her in her crib, I realized that I was still in labor, TWINS!

I’d like you to meet baby 47, Jasper Wriner.