~Della Ones Rules~

1. Play the game how you normally would. If that means using cheats, then use cheats.You can not use cheats to the point that you are doing nothing. You have to earn your money and you have to care for your kids. This also means whatever life span YOU want, I play on epic.
2. You have to teach the toddlers to at least talk and walk.
3. Earn your money by painting and guitar or even by writing books. Jobs where you would have a lot of vacation.
4. You can speed up your kids aging, you don’t have to wait for them, birthday cakes are your best friends.
5. The kids have to go to school, education is good.
6. You can give birth at home or at the hospital.
7. You can use lifetime rewards. Such as "Fertility Treatment".
8. Try to have different fathers. Unless it doesn't go along with the story.
9. Teens can help you out with the toddlers by teaching them.
10. You can hire babysitters

~Della Two's Rules~

1. Mom is across the street for help whenever I need it
2. If I fall in love with one of the dads I can't get married untill the challenge is over
3. Find dads with AWESOME genes so the kids look different from each other
4. Vampire's are a must
5. Play by my own rules...That means, no rules


  1. Love you stuff Della! I'm actually doing the challenge based off your rules! The first episode is up, will you check it out?


  2. Love your stuff, Della! Can you check mine out? I got my first thing up and working on the second so I can have the third up ASAP!


  3. What website do you get the rules from?