Friday, December 24, 2010

A beautiful Christmas

"I'm Really Not In the Christmas Spirit...Della Told Me as she Sat in the Chair Next to Me, "I wish there was something That would Make it Feel Like Christmas!

How about this? Jay Pointed To the Window and I saw Della's Eyes Light up! It was Snowing! Sticking to The Ground and I'm Sure By the Morning it would Be all over!

"Oh Yes! This is What I've Been Waiting for! She Rushed up to The Window and Started Beautifully Singing "I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas" I smiled, Three More Teenagers then Walked in the Room and I asked "Hope Sweetie? What do You want for Christmas?

Hope Pondered my Question for about a Whole Minute and Asked "Do We always want something? Why Does Everyone always want something? I think its better to Give then To Receive!
"Well then Tell me what you Want Dork! I'm Gonna Give you something!
We All Laughed! It was a Nice Family Moment

"I think That what I would Love to Find Under the tree tomorrow Morning the Most Would Be...Jay was Making us all Suffer While he Lengthened out his EEEEEEE
I think I want a New Gaming System to Play with My Lil Girls, Lil Jay Looked at him Like he was Crazy

I Just Laughed at Him...I remember a Few things about that Very Special Night! I remember Being Two Days Into A Pregnancy and I remember Picking out a Name with My Husband and Two Daughters...We All know its a Girl...And she was Due On Christmas day!

My Family Was Happy, I enjoyed Every moment of watching My Children Become Mature Young Adults, I must Say that They all Turned out Very well and Where all Ready To Move on with there Lives...I didn't want them To Though! I wanted them to Always stay with me and Let me take care of them and Love them...I wanted them To Find Happiness In everything they Do...That's My Christmas Wish!

"Della? Sweet heart? Can We talk? She was still Angry At me...
"What Mom?
"I have something for you!
"Wait? What? She Looked confused at me "Why are you Giving me Things? Aren't you Angry at me?
"I wasn't angry! I was Worried!
I tried to Explain this To her the Best Way Possible,
"I really Don't Feel Like Talking...She walked away and Went into the Kitchen, Before she Disappeared Behind the Door I said "Get In Bed! Tomorrow is Christmas, She Shrugged her Shoulders and Kept walking.

"What are We Gonna Do about this Jay? I asked him
"I think That we Should Let her Live her Life, Give Her Some Space to Grow and Become a Better Women...
"I suppose you're Right, Its Gonna Be Hard To Let her, But I will

"Good! He said As He Kissed me

"It is Hard to Let go Of Someone you Love....But its harder to Never Let go! Jay Gave me Words of wisdom while I just Rolled my Eyes at him.
"Lets get to Bed, I said

I woke up the Next Morning, Jay Wasn't In Bed...He Went to Go Set up the Christmas Stuff...All the Presents for Everyone!

I walked Downstairs...The Living Room looked SO pretty!! Della and Lil Jay where Sitting on the Couch next to Jared and Hope was in the Arm Chair

"Merry Christmas! Jay Kissed me good morning and I (Still Quite tired) Looked at the Kids and said "Well...What do You want to Do First, Chores? Breakfast? How about Opening Presents!
They all smiled at me and Said "The Third one Mom!

Della was about to Reach Down and Grab the First Gift....When I went into Labor...I told Everyone To Open there Presents and I would Be back Later for the Big Ones...It was Too Late...I had the Baby There at home...But It left me Exhausted!

Meet Baby Noel Jo Wriner (Named After my Sister In real life Wryleigh Jo Noel Doyle)

"You Have a Baby Girl! I told Jay, "A new Little Princess!

I put her in The Crib and Headed To The Living Room to Watch the Kids Open there Presents...

Della Got a New Computer, Hope Got a Music Player, Lil Jay Got a Whole New Set of Video Games and Jared Got a New TV, They Got A bunch more other Presents But they where Small things, Clothes, Shoes, Cards from there Many Brothers and Sisters, Each Got a Gift Card from Elizabeth, Maci and Danny, Earol Sent them Each a Card that said "I've Never Met you, But Happy Christmas...There was This One Box...I Had No Idea who It Was From But It was For Me...

I looked at it...And As soon as the Kids left to Go Put up there New Things, I Opened it...It was a Gun..There was a Note that Said
"Dear Della Wriner The First,
You Don't know me But My Name is Kyle, I'm Trent Kell's Twin Brother and I've Heard what He has been Doing...I sent This To You as Permission To Use it...On Trent, If You Cant then Come To the Address at the Bottom And I will help you Find a Way To get rid of him...Maybe I could Even..You know...

I knew I could Never Use this To take someone's Life! If It really Is Trent's Brother then I understand why he sent such a Gift...Me and Jay Decided we would Check it out...After While.

I got One More Gift In the Mail...It was From Dawn, A very Beautiful Shirt that has Been Waiting On My Wish List For Sometime! THANK YOU SO MUCH DAWN!!!!! Love you Like a Sister!

Jay Was Smiling...He Had a Secret!
"Della, I have something BIG for you!

When He Uncovered My Eyes! I Was Astounded!!! It was a Gorgeous Glass House! I looked at him and Said "Why Did You Build a New House?
Because of that! He Pointed across the Way..."Our Neighbor's? I asked...I was Slightly Confused

"Our Daughter's House!
He said Looking at Lil Della...Its Yours!

She went Wide Eyed and Said "Does This Mean I'm Moving Out Soon?
We both Just Looked at her

After He gave me A Tour (That you will Get in the Next Post)...We went home and I headed to The Bathroom, And Jay went to Take Care Of Noel...

Hmm...Scars Gone...Now what?

I reached into the Drawer and Pulled out a Nice new Pair Of Scissors "Bye Hair! I said As I cut it Back Short

Okay....Its short but something is Missing, I said as I reached for A Couple Rubber Bands

"Ahhh. Normal! I said to myself in the Mirror and Little Della Came up Behind me...

"Mom? She Was Looking Nervous "Yes Sweetheart? I asked her "I'm REALLY sorry!! She Said With a Tear Running down her Cheek, "I was Never Mad! I told her, "Just Sad that I thought you Lost your Way! But You found it Again! And I couldn't Be More Happy!

"I Want to Age Up mom...She told me this Like the Bold Young Women That She is. "Why Do You want To Age up so Soon?
"Because I REALLY want to Get Started!!
She Finally Started Smiling,

"Well As Soon as Me and Your Brothers and Sisters and Your Dad get Settled In then You may Age Up and Move to your House Across the Street...

"THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!! She Hugged me and Ran off to Tell hope

Following me again, She Cut her Hair Short and Took Out her Green Contacts...She Looks Amazing!!

And For the First Time she Hopped in the Bus And Went to School.

Today me and Jay Decided to Age up our Little Christmas Baby!

Noel Was Adorable! She looks Just Like Jay! She has his Eyes hair and Mouth!

I picked up my Little Girl And Remembered When Della was this Age...It really Wasn't that Long Ago, But it seems YEARS Have Passed

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Della Has her Secrets

As the Girls Started to Arrive I brought Out a Few Things to Eat

Della...What The Heck Happened to your Face? Kira Asked me, She Looked Worried, I Said "Oh Its a Really Long Story!
Vanessa and Violet And Alyssa Also Asked why My Face Was Covered in cuts...Vanessa Ended with "If Jay Did this Then I'm Gonna Kill Him I simply Told her "Jay Wouldn't Hit Me! These Cuts are From Trent...She Looked Like She Had Been Hit with A 25 Pound Hammer and I knew That I was Confusing Everyone But I never wanted them To Really Know what Happened

After We Where all Set up and Ready to Fully Start this Party...
"Now! I said a Little Loud to Override the Radio, "I would Like you ALL to meet...

The New...Della Wriner! I said this As Della Made her Way Down the Stairs

She Stepped onto the Dancefloor and Started to Dance...

I Joined her...

Pretty Soon Everyone Was Dancing

Jay Wasn't Exactly Invited...But He Had fun Being a Dork With Violet

Sorry I'm Gonna Steal Him Away! I told Violet With a Smile.

For one Reason Or another...Lil' Jay was Making a Move On Kira :)

Dang It! Lil' Della was Mad because She had to Go To school and The Party wasn't Over Yet...

Mom? She said,
"Yes Sweetie? I answered
"This was a Awesome Party! She smiled and Hugged Me

I then Watched her Hop On Her Motorbike and Drive away To School

~Lil' Della's Point Of View~

Mom thinks I'm Going to School...I wish I could Take another 8 Hours In that Building! I just Cant! School was Never My Thing! I want My Mother to Be Proud of me! But Today...I'm Taking a Day Off.

Finally Something I want to Do! I know that If Mom Knew I was Skipping...She Would Be Very Mad at me But I'm About to Give My Entire Life Away To My Children, Of Course Its What I want to Do But I need Some Time Off

I watched the Sun Bounce off the Water and Knew...I have an Eye for things Like this, I love Beauty and This Water..Is Gorgeous. I can't Help But Feel That I should Be In the Desk Next To My Brother..But he Already hates me so How much Exactly Would This add on?

Where Is He? He was Supposed to Meet me here! Is He Standing me Up?

There He Is!! It was about Night Fall..He was Walking towards me...Its Almost Like his Eyes Beckoned Me toward Him.

He Kissed Me...I could Feel His Blood Sucking Fangs...I was Scared of Him But Attracted As Well

Are You willing? He asked me, I want you To Run away with me! Grow to A Adult and Become a Vampire!
"Maverick! You know VERY well that I could NEVER do that To My Parents

"Then Why do You bother Sneaking out of the House? Skipping School? He asked ME
"Its Complicated, I Love you But I Told my Mom I was Willing to Do This Challenge That she Did...and I'm Going to Do It with a Smile on my Face Because I know It will Make my Mother Happy!

"Della...If You can't Keep a Commitment to Me...Then How will you Ever With Anyone?
"I understand where you are Coming From...But Why Don't you Understand that this is what I want to Do? You are Just Like Jay
"If You Turn Into a Vampire..I can Be your First Baby daddy..

"I-I Cant Maverick, That would Kill my Parents, I turned my Head from Him and Closed my Eyes
"I'm Leaving then..I hope you Miss me because I'm NEVER coming back!

As he was Walking away I shouted "Losing you...Is Better then Losing My Parents.

~Della's Point Of View~

I saw her Talking to Him...Kissing him...This Is Something I Should Be worried about...As he was Walking away...I could Plainly See, He was a Vampire!

Whats Going On?? I asked her, She Didn't Know where I came From I sorta Just Popped up

Mom? What are you doing Here?
"Thats What I was Gonna Ask you? Who is that Boy?
"Mom Thats Maverick...

"Was he a Vampire?
"Yes Mom...
She Hung her Head Because She Knew I was Disappointed in her "Mom I was Trying to..

She Flipped her Hair and Walked away
She Walked into the House and I saw here Though the Window..She Jumped into bed but Out again to Take a Shower and Get Ready For the Day...

Today Is Kia's (Nicki) Wedding day! Her and Jason Have everything Set up and I helped her Pick out her Dress! The Decor is SO beautiful and I Adore Kia's style
Its a Small Private Wedding But thats okay because They Don't really know Anyone that Well anyway

"You look Gorgeous Sweetheart! You look like a Princess!
"Mom I just Want this All to Be Over!

"This Whole Thing Is Driving me Completely Insane!

"Don't Worry! Everything will Go Fine! Your Dad is Waiting for You, I'm Going to Sit Down with your Siblings

He Walked her Down The Asle...She Looked Stunning and I hope With all my Heart that this all Ends with Happiness!

He Gave His First Little Girl a Hug She Whispered In His ear "I love you Daddy! Jay Said "I love you Too! He Let go and Sat Down...

After Jay sat down..Nicki and Jason Exchanged Vows

and Rings

They Held hands

and Shared there First Husband and Wife!