Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gen 2. Army of Dads-Baby 53 & 54

I hugged my children when I got home, tears streaming down my face when they threw themselves into my arms telling me that they missed me, I took my babies into my arms and cried all over again.

and when they all went to bed, I sat in front of the mirror and cried, I didn’t know why I cried so much but then I realized that I didn’t even recognize myself, whats wrong with me?

When I was finished, I was actually happy, I was reminded of myself and not some hot pink haired rocker chick, I was myself, I was Della Eve Wriner, second generation, and I was on my 53rd child. Happy.

And I was even more happy when I dove into a nice tall drink to take my mind off of everything that’s going on, from the stress of looking for another father for my babies, to the heartache from the last one. Not one thing left my mind while I was drinking.

“Inner peace, Inner peace”

“Vanessa Fey Wood, get your scrawny butt over to the grind, I’m taking you out, we are getting wasted, got it?” a couple incoherent mumbles then “YES! Gosh Della, I’ve waited for you to man up, good job, meet you at the grind”

Vanessa was already at the Grind by the time I got there and her mind blew up with memories, and it was only because I was wearing my mothers old dress, the one my mother wore on her night out with Vanessa so long ago. Vanessa loved that dress, and not only because it belonged to Della A, but because it now belongs to her best friend.

When I got inside, I started ordering the craziest drinks around, KTHXBYE And a spotlight polish for Nessa, I was into the crazy drinks, they make my feel carefree and fun. Nessa likes me like this, instead of my uptight, worried about everything self.

“You got wasted all right” Vanessa said as she watched me be my normal drunk self, dancing on counters, “Get down from there Della! I can see your underwear!!!” Vanessa yelled at me, not knowing that she’s completely drunk too.

We were both kicked out for public disturbance around 3:00 AM, cursing to each other and telling the owner that they cant keep us out for long, we sat outside talking for over an hour.

“Thanks for coming with me Nessa, I had a great time” I hugged Nessa tight, around 5:00 am, we had sobered up and decided to go home, both of us have kids to watch over, I have kids to age up, Vanessa has kids to feed, so all in all, we had to go, we wished each other well and went on our ways.

“YAYYYY” Sonny cheered as she aged into a teen, her childhood years were over and she was going into high school, and all the fun things that come with being a teenager, as in chores and responsibilities.

Sonny as a teen. Her yellow skin aluminates everything around her and her blonde hair isn’t just a stereotype, she is a bit of an airhead but actually has really high grades.

Evelyn is a pink little imp, her pranking skills are top of the line and are the best out of all the triplets, she can get away with anything she wants to.

Kayleigh has my mothers pink hair and her eyes, she has my face but almost nothing from her father.

Cherish, the most renowned and responsible little girl that I’ve ever met, she’s the exact opposite from Evelyn in attitude and looks.

Now Emma, she is a mixed child, my Dad’s eyes, my Mom’s hair and her features are mixed between mine and Cim’s, my goal was to make sure she never knew who and what her father was, I didn’t want that for her.

I was just going to start aging Alice and Jasper up, when I heard screaming from outside “DELLA WRINERRR” and what I saw was worse, a truck load of men, banging on my fence, and yes, it gets worse, I knew every single one…Baby daddies.

I told the kids to go upstairs, I would take care of this, they ran up the stairs, some of them seeing their own fathers, at that time, the men outside had forced their way into the gate, when it opened I heard Cim’s voice saying “You may take the whore, I want the children”

The girls were so scared that they curled into balls on my bed, crying their eyes out, I told Jasper to sit with them, make them stop crying or else Cim will know where they are before the cops get here.

I ran outside to yell at them to stop it, but before I know it, I’m in the grasp of my least favorite person “Why hello beautiful” he hissed “Looks like someone doesn’t know exactly what she gets into” I screamed and struggled trying to get away

He pushed me into a stronger man’s arms--I couldn’t see who he was but he sounded familiar--Then he ran into my house and up the stairs, he knew where he was going and so did I, the man that was holding me was joined by 2 others and pretty soon there was a circle of men, all convinced that I was in love with them and cheated. Help me.

I was unconscious by the time the police got there, they told me later that one of the vampire men were about to make me his after dinner snack and that Cim was trying to sneak out the back door with baby Emma but they caught him and he’s now in custody for kidnapping.

My dreams weren’t peaceful either, I don’t exactly know what they were but I woke up with sick images in my head and I had no idea why, and what was worse, I actually felt sick, like throw up sick.

I checked on the kids after I got my shower and dressed, it was a school day but I’m going to call them in, after what happened last night…They deserve sleep.

I was going about my normal business so that I could keep my mind off of anything that happened last night, so I was checking my e-mail, there were a few from Nessa and one from my lawyer…

”Dear Ms. Wriner, I have been informed that a man you came into contact with recently, Mr. Cim France, has pressed charges against you and wants to go to court about the possession of your daughter, Emma Wriner. I will contact you soon. Mayberry Land”

What made matters worse is that I also got a e-mail from Betty, Cim’s daughter, it read
“Ms. Wriner, You can’t let my dad get Emma, there is something that you don’t know about him and I couldn’t tell you while you were here, since I was 5 my Dad has been raping me, I’m warning you, if you let him get Emma, he’ll do the same. Betty France”

If that wasn’t enough “MOM MOM! CHERISH FELL DOWN AND HIT HER HEAD!” Kayleigh and Evelyn came in screaming at the same time, I went in the check on her and she was fine, but my emotional state is forming a crack, I’m going to break down and kill something. I told the kids not to do that again. Then I ran to the toilet.

Before I blew up, Alice and Jasper took over with the kids, they helped me get them settled down and I thanked them before they aged up, they were tired of being teenagers and wanted to start their own lives

Alice and Jasper have always been different gender versions of each other. And they still are, even though Jasper shaved his head

I don’t know why but I’ve had so many sudden cravings, I’ve been eating so much that I’m getting a belly on me, and it slowly gets worse by the hour, because I just keep eating, I mean really? What’s with the sudden wait gain?

“Daddy? Will you come over? I have a favor to ask of you” He said he’d be over as soon as he could, and when I told him to hurry, he asked why and I said “You’ll see”
When my dad showed up, he looked at me and said “You’re so your mothers child Della” I asked what he meant and he looks at me and goes “You’re pregnant every time I see you”
“I’m not pregnant Dad.. Or at least I don’t believe I am, I know I should know this since I’m the one with the big belly but I don’t ever remember trying! I wanted you to tell me if I’m pregnant”

When my Dad leaned down to touch my stomach I knew, a little foot kicked right where his hand touched and he looked at me “That’s a baby” He announced. “I can feel it, it kicked right where you touched” I told him “it’s a girl, I can tell! She’s strong, and she’s going to be very pretty” I continued, “But I don’t know who the father is”

“And one more thing Dells” My dad said grabbing behind him “Surprise” he hit me with a pillow and laughed, “I just need a little fun!” he explained as I hit him back “You’re mom is out of town, She went on a little trip with your aunt Maci and I’m stuck home alone”

I spent awhile entertaining my dad, he really was in need off a goof off, so I spent some time with him, keeping him company, I don’t get to see him that often so it was nice, but awhile into our little father daughter day, he got a phone call, from my mom, she sad that she is outside of Sunset valley and can’t wait to see him, so he rushed home.

If I had doubts before, I don’t anymore, I can feel the heartbeat is strong and it’s going to be a nice delivery, only a few more hours before she’s here! I have been thinking of names and think I have come up with a few good ones, but I’m not spilling yet.

“Momma I have secret for you” Emma cooed “I love you”
“Mommy loves you too baby! I hope Emma loves her new little sister! She’s coming really soon”
“Emma loves baby” She whispered “And Emma loves Mommy”

“Ow, the baby is kicking” I complained
“Can I feel?” Cherish wondered and without waiting for the answer, pressed her hands to my stomach and stared in wonder at the life growing inside of me.

Right as Cherish removed her hand, labor shot through my body, I wailed in agony and Cherish kept screaming, asking what she did to hurt mommy, Sonny rushed her away telling her that the baby was hurting mom, not her.

In a few hours I was holding a beautiful baby girl named Katmay Wriner

And a few minutes after that, her twin brother, Layton.

Thank you to my little sister for the name Katmay, and all my readers for...well reading, comments make my day :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gen 2. Trapped-baby 52

(This post will be told from the writers point of view) Alice sits alone at the piano working on her music every night before bed, its her personal hobby and Della says that it’s good for her to be away from her twin for some things, they are practically joined at the hip, they do everything together and even when Della tells them to get some separation, they’re found texting each other.

Della put the children to sleep early tonight, she knows how newborns are (pink baby is Evelyn) they wake up and getting them back down is impossible, Della isn’t new to this kind of stuff, her mom skills kicked in about 49 babies ago.

Derrick spends most his time at the drafting table writing up ideas for his imaginary house that he plans to build after college, he’s going into architecture, his sights are very high, go to college, meet a girl, fall in love, build her the house of her dreams and live happily ever after.

Della wanted to wait awhile before making Derrick move out and aging up the babies but its unavoidable in a family like Della’s, before she knew it, Derrick was calling a cab and the babies were turning into toddlers.

After Derrick left in his cab, Della finished aging the triplets and I think I heard her say “Yes! Pink hair” as quietly as she could, she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s actually fallen in love with the color. And here you are, the pinked up triplets J Kayleigh, Cherish and Evelyn.

“You wanna go Jaspy? I think I can take ya, we should prove who is the Alpha here” Alice cracked her knuckles and acted all big boy tough to show Jasper that she could possibly stronger. “Don’t start Alice, you know that I’m 2 times stronger then you are” Alice shrugged her shoulders and walked away “I’ll prove I’m stronger someday Jasper! You just wait!!!”

Della was going to leave, to try and search for new daddies for her challenge, but before she even touched the door, Kayleigh cried “MOMMA! DON’T LEAVE!” And it melted Della’s heart to a puddle, she picked up Kayleigh and played with her “Momma is staying right here my dear” she cooed to her.

Later that day Della took the girls to the pond outside their house to play, they loved the water more than any children she’s ever seen, but when she was changing Kayleigh’s diaper, she didn’t notice that Evelyn was wandering towards the water

Della snatched her up before she hit the water. “Bad girl! You stay away from the water unless mommy is with you!” Della decided that the water was too dangerous for just one adult and 3 children, so they headed home to play in the sandbox instead.

Alice and Jasper decided to help Della out a bit before the triplets were laid down for their naps, they played with them for over 20 minutes on the bouncy toys, and Sonny got such a kick out of it that she watched the whole time, laughing because of the triplets reactions to the way the toys bounced around.

Alice and Cherish had some troubles, Cherish argued with Alice about getting off and going to bed, she crossed her arms and said “No! me stay on and play” but, against Cherish’s will, Alice lifted her off and took her to bed.

Sonny grumbled when Della and the twins took the triplets to bed, they were her excuse to wait on her homework, so when they left, she had to sit down and figure out what 6x8 is.

Della instructed the twins to keep an eye on the triplets, to finish their chores, and to do their homework, she was going out to find a father for baby 52, she was ready to settle down and be done with this challenge, and so were her kids, they hate her leaving all the time.

She kept a look out in the park, and to pass some time, she played the guitar for money for food, the Wriner’s are struggling with bills and already have had the repo man come at least twice, they don’t need more stuff taken away.

Until she was staring into the face of the most gorgeous man she had ever seen, he stared into her eyes as her threw $5 dollars into her guitar case, she dropped her guitar and just stared at him

“Hi” he said in a deep, masculine voice, and Della melted in front of him, “I’m sorry…your just so…impossible” he laughed and took her hand and touched it to his chest “Real, see?” she dropped her hands and just stared at him “I’m Cim, and you are?”
“Ummm…I’m Della” she stuttered, still so shocked by his appearance.

“To tell you the truth Della” he leaned over to whisper in her ear “I only came over here because I saw how beautiful you are”
“well then we’re both lucky, you are unbelievable” She whispered back. “Della, why don’t you come home with me tonight? We can get to know one another” Della nodded and they hopped in a cab together.

His house was huge, not as big as Della’s but big, he opened up the door for Della and let her into a splendor of sweet smells and it brought her into a buzz she hasn’t felt for a long time, almost like being drunk.

Somehow he convinced her to skinny dip with him, they played around in the hot tub for hours, but not just playing, during that time period she had conceived baby 52. Della couldn’t help but feel like she needed more love, he doesn’t even know she’s trying to get pregnant.

“Della, you can stay cant you?” Cim tried to keep Della around longer. “There’s nowhere more important to be right now” She shook her head and said “I have to get home”

that’s when he cracked. “I’M NOT WAISTING THIS TIME! YOU STAY HERE YOU WHORE!” Della looked absolutely shocked.
“I’M GIVING YOU WHAT YOU NEED! NOW GIVE ME SOMETHING OR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL ALL PAY FOR YOUR MESS UPS” Della stepped away from the door, only thinking about her kids “Okay, I’ll stay” she retraced “But only until morning” he stopped her again. “No, you stay until you have that baby”
“What about my kids?!?”
“You owe it to me, didn’t think I knew who you were? Sorry but I keep tabs on all the whores in this town, you could call me a pimp if you like” Della was so furious with this gorgeous man, she wanted to tear his eyeballs out and run away but she knew that fighting would only get her and her kids hurt

“Go cook me dinner before I starve.” Is the last thing he said to her before going into the living room and turning on the football game, Della’s first instinct was to run straight out the door but she wanted to lay low for awhile.

Della walked into the kitchen, she wasn’t expecting to be able to find anything, and she couldn’t, she had no idea what to make to keep him happy, she was rummaging through the drawers to find anything she could make when she heard footsteps behind her.

She swung around just incase she needed to defend herself but instead of seeing Cim…she saw a beautiful teenage girl who stared at Della in shock and from the living room, over the sound of the TV, Cim shouted “Betty, help your new mother get me dinner” She shouted back “Yes daddy”

The girl called Betty walked up to Della and whispered “Just play along, you’ll leave here fine, I promise” Then she showed her where all the things Cim likes are, then Betty rushed off to school. before she left Della asked if she knew Alice Wriner and she nodded, Della asked her to tell Alice that she’s okay and Betty agreed hastily. she just hopes that Alice doesn’t freak out.

Della got started on a stack of pancakes for Cim, its one of the things Betty said he liked, but before the batter even was mixed, she was rushing to the bathroom throwing up.


“I haven’t heard a thing from mom since yesterday” Jasper was worried, both him and Alice had a little freak out session after morning hit, they couldn’t leave the kids alone so they hired a babysitter to watch over them while they went to school. “We have to go to school, we can call the police afterwards”
“She could be DEAD by then!” Jasper pressed, so Alice put down the phone and said “Okay, I’m not going to school today, and you aren’t either, we have to find out where Mom is”
Sonny wanted to help too but Alice and Jasper told her that she had to go to school, Sonny cried on the way out to the bus because she wanted Della to come home…


Della was still throwing up when morning hit, that is, before baby 52 showed up, she petted her stomach and said “Its okay baby, you can’t chose who your parents are” then went back to the kitchen to continue feeding Cim, no wonder he cant find a real wife.

When Cim came up to Della the next day, she decided to take Betty’s advice and play along “Hey big boy” she started “Why don’t you cone and do dirty things to me?” she didn’t know what he would do but her kissing him distracted him so much that he actually seemed venerable.

“What do you say we go to the bedroom and get comfy?” she asked him, embracing, trying to forget that he’s keeping her hostage here, the only thing she really has to look forward today is Betty coming back, she wants to know if Alice knows she’ll be alright and home soon.

Della didn’t want Cim to even touch her stomach but he did, and she wondered what it felt like to actually have a child with someone you love, she still wanted to know how you could fall for someone without conditions, as in a baby or sex.

“Don’t you get it? I don’t belong to you, let me go home to my kids, they need me! Please” Della begged him, “YOU ARE STAYING HERE. You can not leave, I’m sure your children are fine but you aren’t leaving, that’s final”

Della started to get frustrated, and she pulled out a few memories from her teenage years, she’s the one who defended her mother against Trent, she’s the one who spent half of her teenage years raising a son, she’s the one who has spent all of her life with her 50 children, she’s not going to let this one person take her down, she was going to get out.

“I’m taking a nap, I want dinner done by the time I wake up, GOT IT?” Della nodded and went toward the fridge as Cim went to the bedroom, as soon as he was in the room with the door closed, she went for the front door and found that it was unlocked for Betty, but the second she stepped out…she was caught, Cim was standing behind her, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back with a furious look on his face, she burst into screams, it would be surprising if the neighbors didn’t hear her.

Before he dragged her back in, her knees buckled under her and she started to scream out of pain, her water broke and she went into labor, Cim let go and left her screaming there because he saw that his neighbors started to come out to see what the commotion was.

Della was transported quickly to the hospital, she tried to tell people what happened but she couldn’t stop her screaming for enough time, and by the time the police got to Cim’s house that night, he had already skipped town, him and Betty were gone and sge was told to stay in bed for a little bit, out of all this, there is something good, Baby 52, Emma, a pretty baby girl.