Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gen 3- Fire: babies 25, 26, and 27- Part two

My feet were glued to the sidewalk. Firelight shown on my face while the flowers in the front yard burned to the ground.

The fire burnt up the trees and I made a break for the front door. I had to get the kids out of there before it was too late. But the second I touched the door knob...I pulled my hand back. The heat had burnt up the door and to the door knob. My hand was instantly burned.

So instead, I rammed my body against the door and it came down the second I hit it.

Tears were now blinding me and smoke was filling my lungs, but I had to go. I had to save them! The entire first floor was engulfed in flames and patches of the ceiling were falling down on me. I hit the stairs immediately, bounding at least 3 steps at once.

I ran into 4 more hot door knobs before reaching the toddlers room which, by the time I got there...was completely in flames...I broke out into sobs but couldn't stop. I sprinted for the next door.

Nothing...everything was on fire. Every little thing. Smoke welled up in my lungs. My eyes were swelling and my head reeling.

"MOM!" I heard a shrill cry from the last bedroom. The door was open and huddled in the corner, were all the kids together...The babysitter standing over them...Matches in one hand and a gas can in the other. My heart stopped as she smiled at me and threw a match down on the floor next to the kids and I watched all of them go up in flames....


I don't remember anything after that. I sat in a corner of a completely white room. I found myself holding onto my knees. But looking at my hands, I didn't seem like myself. My skin was charred and burnt up. The clothes I was wearing weren't mine. I couldn't feel anything at all but it was slowly coming back.

 The memories of the fire hurt. I didn't know what happened exactly, but waiting was what I was best at.

I sat in that room for what seemed like hours before the door finally opened and a man with black hair and a white robe helped me off the floor and into a wheelchair.

"Ande, do you know where you are?"

I shook my head, unable to speak or even really focus on the man.

"You're in the hospital...You've been very shaken. Follow me and I'll explain everything."

"My kids....They're dead aren't they...?"

"Sweetheart, don't worry. I'll explain everything!"

We went into a well furnished hospital room with a bed that I really wanted to fall into and just sleep. But I sat on the edge as he pulled up a chair.

"Your doctor over on Langly Island called me last night. He told me that I should watch over you because you 'time travel'. I thought he was crazy but I told him that I'd do him a favor and go check on you.
 When I got there, you weren't at your house and the babysitter was playing with the kids. But right as I was about to leave, you appeared out of nowhere talking nonsense about a fire and the babysitter killing your children. I thought I was going insane too had burns all over you skin. I rushed your kids over to my house to stay with my wife until you could safely return home. She's readying them today to visit their grandparents."

"You mean...I had time traveled? Only minutes into the future?"

He pulled my burn covered hand into his. "This should be all the proof that you need, Ande."

"How long was I out of it?"

"Oh, just a couple days. But we were able to contact your parents and they're taking care of everything for you. They're worried about you..."

"Tell them that I'm fine. Just a little burnt..."

"Will do! Now, get some rest and I'll be back in just a little bit with something for those burns."

By this time in my life, I was too familiar with a hospital bed. I've spent more time in one then with any friends.  I looked down at my stomach, which was now swollen and I looked about ready to pop. I called a nurse in to ask her how far along I was exactly. When she told me that I was only 2 days into my pregnancy, I was thinking that something must be very wrong. So, of course I would ask for an ultrasound.

I found out that I was having triplets and they were perfectly healthy. I changed into an outfit more comfortable for the weight in my middle and jumped straight into the bed that seemed to be made of swan feathers.

I fell asleep instantly.

I pulled myself out of bed way before I should have. I was in serious need of rest and a bit of comfort on my skin. Though, I was preparing for three new children so I had to clean myself up. The bath was soothing but at the same time, hurt. The warm water seeped into the burns and made me feel relaxed.

"Are you ready for 3 new little ones?" The doctor asked me, while feeling the bump.

"Oh, I'm not sure...I've got a lot of thinking to do."

"Well, you better be ready because they're coming." I felt my heart beat start to speed up as I realized he was right and a pain hit me the second he stood up.

I leaned into  the pain as to stop it but it was no use. He grabbed my hand and told me to breathe right. But as soon as he pulled me to the bed, my three little boys were born...

David, Daniel, and Dexter....Babies 25, 26, and 27.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gen 3: Babies 25, 26, and 27-Part one

I looked out over the water on my last day on Langly island. My parents had wished me a safe trip and my children were readying themselves for our flight over. I stared at the golden rays of sunshine hitting the water and such a realization that I was leaving slammed down on me. I was leaving everything behind again and this time, they were letting me go.
I told myself that I would take extra care of everything and so many people told me that Lucky Palms was the calmest town they've ever been to. Besides Langly Isle that is..

Bristole, Bluebird, and Buttercup stood by the front door. Each of them had a bag strapped to their back and a smile on their faces. I pulled each of them into a hug and asked them if they were sure that they didn't want to come with me to Lucky Palms. Although it was all a "no" or a "sorry mom, our place is here" I was still happy to see them grown up and all ready to face the world in this battle that I call life.

The rest of the children were all packed up and ready to hit the road. Our big adventure awaited us out way past sunset valley and even bridgeport. Uncertain of the time it would take to get to LP, I instructed each of the kids to bring a pillow so they could sleep on the way to our brand new home.

Right as I was about to leave, a crowd showed up at my front door. Though, it wasn't really a crowd...It was only my best friend, her boyfriend, and a few friends which included  Arley, and funny enough, my childhood bully, Riley, whom I haven't spoken with since the night before I fled for Bridgeport.
"What's going on, guys?" I asked, looking around me. Surprise filled my cheeks in the form of a giant blush which I instantly wished would go away, due to the fact that pink looks very bad on me.
"We've all come to wish you a safe trip and say goodbye for now..." Aphrodite ran up to hug me as everyone sat back with a sigh (Besides Riley who always had a tendency to scoff at anything cute or heartwarming.)

"I'm really gonna miss you, Ands. Not only did you show me how to be me and express taught me what it would be like to have a real sister. You're the first friend in my life that I've ever really trusted and for that, I'll never be able to thank you enough.." A tear dripped down my nose and landed on Aphrodite's shirt but she didn't seem to notice. Either that or she brushed it off because of the fact that her best friend was pretty much abandoning her again.

Funny enough, the next person to step up to me was Riley . "Yo, Ande. You're not that bad. I guess it takes a girl growing up to figure that out." Were Riley's only words before she stepped back.

And that only left Arley, whom I'd basically ignored for the past month. But here he was anyway....a full head of blonde hair and those large muscles that could crush me instantly. I smiled and really didn't know it was coming before I was pulled into a lip crushing kiss that was almost enjoyable besides the fact that his face was wetter than mine was. When he let go of my face, he quietly apologized and tried to walk away...
Trying so hard not to send the wrong signal, I grabbed his hand and pulled him into a hug where I whispered in his ear "Thank you...I'm so sorry.."

I turned around and walked into my house to pick up the last box, and just like that...I had left everything familiar behind and was on my way to a new, strange place full of everyday surprises. Not like Bridgeport's though, I hoped.

*Lucky Palms*

The plane landed in just a few hours after takeoff. I felt like I liked the place just as soon as I looked out the window and saw the landscape, the orange sand covering the mountains.
My new house wasn't far from the airport. Just around the corner and up a small hill. The beautiful house had brown finishing and a pool in the back yard. A cute 3 story house with flowers popping up in the front of the house.

I got the kids all in the house and before I knew it, I was standing outside staring at the stars. My excitement was through the roof because I was finally in a place where I could do what I wanted without being judged the way people have been judging me back in Langly island. I knew that this place was only about 50 miles away from Bridgeport but at the moment, it didn't scare me.

In the morning, I found a nice hospital that would do artificial insemination for me when I needed it. So, that's where I headed to. I hired a nice young woman to babysit for me. She looked about 17 or 18 years old but I trusted her...since she reminded me so much of myself. far too much for me though...and I realized that the second I reached the sidewalk in front of my house....Which was completely up in flames.

*To be continued*

Gen 3: Leaving?-Babies 22, 23, and 24

My mom's house was bustling with many girls piled up in that tiny house...just to talk and eat. My mom was never one to throw huge parties but when she did, they were usually the best. I dragged myself around the crowd in that party outfit that my mom gave to me...the only weird thing about me was the huge belly sticking out, under my shirt. Yep, I'm pregnant and I didn't start from the beginning this time....Haha, I'm such a rebel. ;D

*Two days ago*

I started out this wonderful week by aging up each and every one of my children. I was in an amazing mood and all these kids prancing around being excited about being one life stage older made it all the better.

Three amazing adults stood in my hallway. Brylin, Braelyn, and Braden were all ready to make their great escape into the big bad world. I watched Bluebird, Buttercup, and  Bristole sigh after their favorite siblings who were now leaving  the house and taking everything that helped establish their childhood.

All the children were amazingly good looking. I had brought 21 beautiful children into this world and all of them have overcome my expectations so far.

I was looking forward to spending the next years of their lives spoiling them and giving them all my love before they leave me as well. Being a single mom is harder than it may seem.

Since that night when I trashed Spencer's office, things have been awkward. He called that day to confirm our appointment for that afternoon thinking that I had yet to give birth to babies 18-21. So, I agreed simply so I could explain exactly what happened.

When I got to his office, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed. "Hey, we need to do this quick."
I laughed, not sure exactly WHY we needed to get done fast.

"Spence, what's up?"

"Oh, I've got something going on tonight and I just need to finish up all my regular appointments."

"About last week..."

"Don't explain. I know the waitress down at the diner."

His tone was very blank and I didn't understand...Why was he acting so mad at me? It's not like I WANTED to sleep with Lucian. It wasn't my idea to get as drunk as we possibly could.

"Spencer, I-" He pressed his finger to my lips and pushed me back down on the bed so I couldn't look at him.

It was all finished before I knew it...And instead of trying to talk to him, I just left. This is exactly why I don't trust men. No matter what I do, it's never enough for Spencer.

I'm trying, okay? I can't please everyone. Arley still calls a lot. I ignore the calls most the time because I know that he'd just do the exact same thing that Spencer has done to me. Spencer has made it impossible to look at him as a friend and now he's just someone who's chasing me and won't let me be.

As soon as I was back home, I was up on my feet with chores and taking care of children. That's 4 loads of dishes and 4 dirty diapers. 3 teenagers pulled at my sleeves, begging me to teach them how to drive and 4 children sat on my feet telling me that they need new video games. The overly frazzled mother named Ande (me) wondered how on earth she was going to pull through this one...Especially after what happened today.

Soon enough, the kids were all in bed and I was sitting up to the desk with my laptop open and my glasses perched on my nose.  The website in front of me was advertising homes in Lucky Palms, the new town that everyone was flocking too....And in all honesty, I wanted to go there too. Of course, I would just rent a place for a couple months to give mIsland. yself a little vacation from all of the havoic here in Langly island.
 I knew for a fact that mom and dad wouldn't like this idea.

I finally closed my laptop and shut off the TV around 4 am. Baby was acting up and my stomach wasn't liking it very much so I decided to lay down. Sleep followed soon afterwards.

I woke up pretty early for the time I dozed off, the kids were all still asleep and the sun was just popping up over the water. Boy, I love this view. Though, I think it's time for a little change.
I called mom while making up some dinner. the conversation went a little like this....

"Hey mom."

"Hi babes, how are you holding up?"

"Oh, you know. fair enough."

"Are you coming tomorrow night? It's gonna be a lot of fun and you'll get to meet a few people just like you!"
"Mom. There is no one like me. Anywhere."

"Oh, you'd be surprised."

"I'm never surprised anymore, mom." I hung up the phone and sat it down just to find Canary hanging on my leg screaming "MOM! BREAKFAST!"
"How'd you get out of your cri-"

I tromped back to the kitchen with Canary on my leg and 3 other tots following close behind us.

I fixed the 4 children breakfast and while they were playing with their older siblings, I managed to sneak upstairs for a bit of unhealthy running that no one but me would know about.
"Mom! What are you doing?"

Bristole popped her head into the little room way up in the attic and was not very pleased with me.

"You're skinny as a stick and you're running? What are you thinking? You're gonna have some kind of shock or something!"

"I feel energized." I said, staring at the wall in front of me as I ran. "Running makes me feel good."
"You're gonna feel great when you kill yourself!"

I simply ignored her and went on running...That was, until baby decided to show up.

And that brings up to tonight. I walked in on my mom taking a picture of all of her guests lined up together. I laughed as I saw Delilah try to pull herself out of the huge crowd of 100 baby challenge moms and walk over to Kalyn. I hobbled into the room and sat down on the couch. Soon, I was joined by 5 woman on either side of me.

Natalie and Chloe sat right next to me. I figured that they felt close to me because they were both beginning in their challenge and doing pretty well too. Natalie was probably the newest challenge mom of us all in this room.

My mom sat on the other side of the room, Deep in conversation with my dad, Skye Everard, Paisley Parker, and Kalyn. I heard bits and pieces of their conversation, but only enough to know that they were talking about Aunt Kalyn's youngest daughter, Remmi.

Eden was rocking out to the radio with Kristine, Becks, Dawn and Misty. While Kaylynn watched, stuffing food into her mouth and laughing with everyone else.

Other girls stood around talking with each other about what's going on in their challenges. I overheard Abigail, Alina, and Aimee talk about how excited they were to give birth to their next children.

The environment was so overwhelming and loud that I almost couldn't stand it. But I sat there anyway taking it all in and staring at the window.

Until I saw Anna. I stood up and went right over to her.

"Hai." She said waving "You look like you're having a blast."

"Not really. This week hasn't been the greatest but I'm not gonna dump my problems on you."

"No! Spill!"

"You know Spencer? He won't leave my love life alone."

"Neverrrr! Don't worry...I got this one."
She clapped my shoulder and walked out the door...What the hell?

I got over it easily and decided that it was time to give mom my news. And I'm not sure how bad she'd take it...But on my way over to her, I was ambushed by none other than my Aphrodite. "ANDEEEE! Oh I was hoping you'd be here! I brought Channing and he wants to meet you."

And once again I was being pushed through a crowd and right to a tall brunette man with a sly grin on his face.

"Hi, Ande. I'm Eric Channing! Aphrodite never stops talking about how she wants me to meet you."

"Hey, I was ju-" But Aphrodite cut me off.

"You'd never believe the places that he's taken me, Ande! Have you ever seen that waterfall outside of town? We went swimming in it!"

I broke off as soon as I could and sought out my mom..

I pulled my mom into my old room and sat her down on the bed. She was protesting due to the fact that about 5 people yelled at me when I pulled her away. But I had to talk to her in person.

"Mom, I'm not happy here on Langly island anymore...I want to spend a little bit of time in Lucky Palms...for my mental health."

"Ande, I don't really like that idea much. You still aren't exactly in tip top health. I had Bristole calling me last night telling me that you were gonna starve to death and she wanted me to talk to you. I'm worried about you and here in Langly Island...I can check on you whenever. But, I can't do that if you're in Lucky Palms."

"But mom, I need to get away for just a little while...I'll be back before you know it."

"Call your dad in here. He should be a part of this as well."
So I did. I opened the door and gestured to him.

He joined us not 5 seconds later and my mom pretty much attacked him. "Adam, she wants to leave again!"
I put my hand in her face and started to talk. "Dad, if you let me go, I promise that I'll stay out of trouble. I'll be good. The kids would love it there and I'm sure you would too."

Dad bit his lip and they both shoved me out of the room for a very quick conversation over this.
When I was pulled back in, they got right up in my face.

"You get yourself into anything at all and we're pulling you straight out of there. You keep yourself full and I want to see a little bit of fat on those bones when you get back. Understand?" My dad asked, keeping my mom right next to him.

"I promise I'll do all those things...I just need a little time away."

We exchanged hugs and goodbye for now's before I trotted out of there....And of course, that would be right when the baby decided to give me problems. Though I figured that the closer place to go would be the hospital where I could tell Spencer that I was leaving. It would be a lot easier in person for me.

I knocked on the door and he quickly answered with a "Ande! What are you doing here?" But my cry of pain was enough for him to know what was wrong. He looped his hand around my shoulder and helped me to the bed where I spent 4 hours painfully delivering 3 baby girls.

Drema, Diamond, and Destin were very beautiful girls. I had them all cuddled up and ready to be taken home where I would soon start packing up even their cribs and take them away to Lucky Palms. I was getting ready to leave when Spencer caught me by the wrists and pushed me up against the wall.

"Why won't you give me a chance?"

I stared into his eyes for longer than I should have without answering.
"I'm leaving Spencer."

"Not until you answer me. I want to know."

"Because I don't want a relationship."

He didn't let go yet, the way he held onto my wrists brought bad memories as I just stared at him.

"I'm leaving the island. I'm going to Lucky palms. I don't like it here anymore."

He let go the second I finished. His hands were instantly in his hair ruffling his hair and turning his back to me.
"You can't be serious...What about the challenge?"

"I'll figure something out."


"Spencer, nothing can change my mind. I'm going and absolutely nothing anyone says can change my mind."

*3 hours later*

Spencer was alone in his office after I had left with my triplets. He didn't like the news and I'm sure he wouldn't like what came next even more....There was a sharp knocking at the door and Spencer rushed up from his work, only to open it to a horrible pain between his knees.
And as he was knocked to the ground screaming "WHYYYY?!"
Anna pointed at him and screamed "YOU KNOW WHY!"