Notes from Doylegirl:

Hey guys, I'm Karni. or Doylegirl, or Della. whatever you call me, I'm just me, I have been writing for almost 2 years on this blog and it really is my pride and joy. Not much is going on in this blog right now but I'm boiling down to the last 30 babies and everything is going well so far, just wait for a little surprise I have for you-December 12, 2011

 25 babies left and I'm going strong :) If I play my cards right, I could have 21 left by tonight or this weekend. I'm trying for quads this time around and I promise you...This challenge is gonna end with a bang ;) -Jan 26, 2012

So this weekend I made a stupid move, I was going to a youth conference called Dare 2 Share and I thought my brother was going to get on and mess with my computer and all my files, Sims Ect. So I changed the password to my laptop.
I'm a freaking genius because I locked myself out of my laptop instead of locking him out. Of course, I can't get into my laptop where all my Sims and files and pictures and story is. I have 2 options, figure out my password or completely reboot my computer. Rebooting is NOT an option for me so I'm searching my brain for what I could have possibly changed my password to.
All I know is that it has the name Karni in it, its more than one word long and it must be pretty darn good because I can't remember it for the life of me. I'm looking into programs that crack passwords...but in the meantime, vote on my poll. am I a idiot...or a genius?
XD I'm working on getting it fixed.
This will give new readers a bit of time to catch up.
So....Until then *Tips hat and drinks coke*
Doylegirl-Feb 20, 2012

So when I got home last night, I opened up my laptop for another go at password guessing and my old hint was there so I typed in my old password and bata bing, it let me in, so I finished up playing my game for baby 87 and started on 88, 89 and 90.
87 Will be out soon so I hope you guys are paitent with me at this point, they aren't coming very fast but they are coming. And a few new surprises are also in store. Can't wait to show you guys.  until then...
Doylegirl-Feb 21, 2012

I'm bored so I'm gonna write on here; this Junior is bugging the crap out of me and I'm stuck with a headache yet he's yelling "YO NIGGAH" In my ear. Somebody's gonna die tonight 3:)
I have a science test next period and I'm not really worried about it, I usually pass those things with flying colors *Points to brain* I have a great memory.
Tonight I'm gonna work on baby 95 :P Pretty darn excited, I only have 6 babies left and then...I'LL BE ON GEN 3! I hope you guys are as excited as I am. I just wish I didn't have to go to school like every day.. Next week is spring break, you know, only 3 days of school and the rest is spent playing sims and drinking coke! And watching family guy of course ;)
Niggah out
Doylegirl-Feb 29, 2012

I'm a little torn today. Not sure if I should write up my new post before taking the pictures so I decided to write here for a few moments. I have a free period and should probably work on reading This little bluebird but I am just too lazy to search for it. So here I am, just typing away.
So, Della's new baby was born last night but I have some stuff to do with it before I can post. I have set up a different format for this post and its kinda fun XD I spent way too much time last night working on it...But I had nothing to do but sleep and who really needs sleep when you have coke?  I'm just in a typing mood so I'm gonna go type up my new post <3  And it should be out by tonight or tomorrow! I have a music contest on friday so I have to go to bed earlier than normal tomorrow night -_- Grr.
Doylegirl-April 18, 2012

So, it's summer but guess where I'm stuck...Thats right, school. I can't drive on my own yet and I don't have a car so instead of working on my post at home...I'm sitting in the school doing nothing. How convenient it is isn't it? I finally get summer and I have to wait at school all day for the next two weeks.
But when Drivers Education gets over...then I'm going to blow up you guys' feed with my posts and my awesomeness ;D That and Ande will start her challenge really soon...MWAHAHAHA.
Doylegirl- May 23, 2012

I'm really peeved. Sorry but demanding credit for something that I put all the work into seems like a bitch move to me. You suggested the idea. I did all the work. Sorry I didn't write a page long thank you. Excuse me.
God, people piss me off so much.
Doylegirl-December 9, 2012


  1. Ooh! I love this page. ^_^ A place to update your readers about your Sims life.
    And YAY about finding your password, next time you should probably write it down. lol. :)

    ~Dawn Turner

    1. Haha thanks :3 I like writing about my sims/real life on the same blog know :D

      I took the password off my computer ._. Never happening again.

  2. Is it weird that I can't keep up with all the babies Jessica keeps having? XD

  3. Doylegirl, I miss you! When are you going to post next?

    1. I'm planning on this weekend! Cross your fingers <3

    2. Live your challenge :) if you wouldn't mind, would you check out my 100 BC? It's Thanks! And if you don't mind me asking will there be an update or is the challenge done? :)

    3. Hehe *love, not live Sorry! :)

    4. I'll sure check out your story!
      I'm done with my challenge but the blog isn't finished. I've had some game problems but I am working on another chapter :)

  4. hey.. cant wait for ur next update! how often do u post stuff?

  5. Hey could you have a Gen. 3 baby named Water. because that is my favoirite name?

  6. I meant a BOY baby, just made sure to add that i.

  7. When will your next chapter be? I can't wait!

  8. In my computer gen 3 doesn't show up in the table of contents, is not up yet or something because I really like your blog and I want to read it????