Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gen 2: An Ugly situation-Babies 23 and 24

Karni Ate her Autumn salad With the thoughts that she soon leave her home, The only place she has ever known, She is excited but sad at the same time, The next thing she will do is age into an Adult!!!

Karni, She grew up to be absolutely gorgeous, I didn't Expect for her to be this purdy But she is, She plans on Going into a fashion industry and becoming a designer!

and Caitlyn Grew up just as gorgeous as Karni, The Twins are just as much inseparable as they were when they were teens, Caitlyn Decided to work along side her sister and Nice In their Fashion design journey!

I hugged Caitlyn goodbye and Both the girls Left for a Life on their own, I will really Miss them!

Before her Birthday, Sorcha Did up the dishes for me while I was taking care of the Little kids!

Ashley is very tom-boyish, She reminds me so much of Her Gamma Della! Her hair and Eyes and Even Some of her features are the same as hers!

Sorcha is very calm, cool and Collected, She has never raised her voice at me or anyone, She is a Real Beauty (Takes after her momma) ;) She isn't as much of a tomboy as Ashley is but she can't stand long hair and she loves that she is the skinny wiry one!

When Katie grew up I stared at her for five minutes, I have a feeling she will grow up to be very unique! I can tell at a glance that her Cheekbones are different then any child I have had before!

Mercy got her Dad's hair and my eyes, She is a very animated character, Her attitude towards her sister is nothing like I've ever seen before, She can change from being Playful to pulling hair in about a second!

Kevin Kyle, He is very different from my usual Little boys, He inherited most of his dad but got my skin color! There is one opinion about him from me! He is CUTE

I wasn't taking anymore chances, We need money, I deemed Ashley and Sorcha in Charge so I could go downtown to play the Cello! "Are you girls sure you can Handel two tots and a Child?" I was Very cautious "Mom we've been helping you take care of these guys since we were children! We've got this!" Ashley beamed, Very Excited to be taking responsibility

There really isn't anyone here today..I played for over an hour and people came and went, I only made about $100 Dollars and I realized this wasn't working "Excuse me? Are you Della Wriner?" A hunky voice said From behind me, I don't know what I was expecting...a Beach babe? a DJ? someone who matched that voice that I heard

But that's not what I got, The man in front of me was scary but fascinating at the same time "Yes I'm Della, And whats your name?" He smiled a Very Strange and toothy smile "My Name is Ugly Stevan, I want to be in your 100 baby challenge"

"I'm from a Very Homely family tree and I'm an only child, My parents say If I don't get a Girl pregnant soon and Have offspring they are going to disown me!" I felt bad, I want to help him...So I Will!

"Well I don't want you to be Disowned on my account Ugly...I'll help you, But you must know that the baby Stays with me!" The exited look on his face told me I made the Right choice "Oh thank you Della! Thank you SO much!"

I lead him into the Wellness Center and into the Elevator, And thats where Baby 23 was Conceived!

I walked away with baby 23 in the oven, But not much money in my pocket, I'll have to make some desperate measures

When I got Home I decided to Buckle down on the Teachings Of my Toddlers, They ALL need to learn to walk, Talk and use the Potty before they become Children, I started With Teaching Katie to Walk

And so On....

Mercy Kept Getting away and Hiding in the toy Box! She Is so Adorable!

"MOMMY I can Wak!!" Katie was SO excited, She is finally a big girl and Can walk all on her own!

"Hahah, I found You sweetheart!" I exclaimed, Plucking Mercy out of the Toy box and Snuggling with her!

Me and Mercy after teaching them both how to Walk and Talk :)

I finally finished before Breakfast The next day, I was also feeling so Sick, Baby 23 Is coming soon!

There was another one of those warning messages in the mail today "Pay your bills or We'll send a repo man" I guess this is where all the money I Earned Last week goes....

Its a Beautiful Friday...I'm going to take all my kids to the beach! for a Summer day full of fun and Sun!

We got there as the sun was starting to set, And my kids Loved every second of it! We watched it together and as it started to get dark...

We fished, I love spending time with my Precious family! The Toddlers Kept Screaming "Fishy!" When a Fish jumped out! It was so Cute!

"You'll be here soon my love!" I talked to my stomach that was now 2 Days into pregnancy, "I can't wait to meet you Darling!"

Ashley has a Little Problem, She talks to herself, I know that she can't Help it and that sometimes a Kid needs someone else to talk to but we have to break her out of this!

When it got to dark to fish I light a fire and sat down with a Bag of marshmallows, We had fun and We all fell asleep together in the moonlight, Me holding onto My precious babies!

In the morning the first thing we saw was a Sailboat, Its time to go home!

I put the little ones to sleep because they were beat after our fun day and crawled into bed for awhile but couldn't sleep, So I Got up and Got on Facebook, Not many people were on...

I didn't have much to do with all the kids asleep and All my friends out with Their kids, So I spent my Time with my Logic skill and the Telescope!

I don't seem very big but I know I'm now 3 Days in and The Hobble walk has taken over

I didn't Think that the babies were Going to be here for awhile so I jumped in the shower...It took me by surprise when I felt the pains!

I started Contractions! I was in Labor! I can't believe this! It just seems so Early...

I had Two Baby girls, Violet

and Vanessa! My Babies!

I aged both of them Up right after they were born Just to See if they would look like their Dad! I was Very Curious! Violet didn't seem to Inherent anything from her dad, Her cheekbones looked a little curvy but other then that she is a carbon copy of me!

Vanessa is a Blondie! Her Green eyes And Blonde blonde Hair Make her Face Look Illuminated! and I'm happy to report that Neither of the girls look like their Dad! Guess I Didn't make a Wrong choice after all!

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Sorry that this post was so short, I'm straining my brain for new ideas!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gen.2: Bye bye Baby-Babies 21 and 22

Thank you to KatlynnMcCain, I know you said no Thanks was needed for this Lovely Gift But I don't feel right not giving one!!! Thanks so Much Katlynn!

After Karni Left I Got a E-mail
Dear Della, I write your Blog called Journey to 100, I'm only telling this to you to settle confusion, I'm Sorry I couldn't explain in person, I have a very busy life up here on earth and I need to get back to it, Thanks for understanding
Karni Doyle (Aka Doylegirl)

**Note from Author, My real name is Karni And I used my simself in the last post for a new twist to the story, Sorry for any confusion**

When I finished answering E-mails I decided it was Birthday time, Then I have to Go scouting for the Next Daddy....Kevin Kyle Has very distinct features, His skin is a mix between Mine and Random's, He has his hair, my eyes and Random's lips!

Ashley Has my mom's hair and eyes, She is named after my friend Ashley
Brooks, She has a big spirit and nothing can ever get her down!

Sorcha looks more like me then Ashley does, She has my face shape and hair, she also has my Eyes!

Karni Grew up to be Gorgeous, I adore this girl, she Loves different colored Makeup and Painting!

Caitlyn Is a Beautiful as her twin, She loves Makeup as much too! They share Shades, Her talent is The Piano

Molly, She isn't my own daughter, she is my Grand daughter, She has always been accepted by her aunts Like a sister and not a niece, She is so Gorgeous and Her Momma will be proud when she comes and Picks her up tomorrow afternoon!

The girls are as close as ever, They Have Always thought of each other as Siblings, as Triplets, as Best Friends!

"Caitlyn! We have to Promise Molly that we Will never grow apart! and When Awoi allows her to grow up she must Come live with us!" Karni Declared "Yes" Caitlyn replied "We can Never Get used to living without molly!"

The girls Looked at their niece who Instantly Agreed "Yes, I don't care if I'm not your sister! I can't live without you two! We must Call every night and tell how our days are going! We can't ever grow apart!"

I walked in the room right as their conversation stopped "Girls, I know this is going to be a tough change...But We all have to learn to live with it! Molly is Moving to Simmywood with Awoi and she will live there until you girls age up, then You can all move in together here in bridgeport!" The girls weren't happy about the Molly leaving part...But they'll get along fine

My girls all have special talents that they have learned from a young age, Molly plays Guitar, Caitlyn Plays piano and Karni Plays Drums! I'm so proud of these young ladies!

When paying the bills I came across a Letter from my twin Brother
"Dear sis, Its me Jay, I just wanted to let you know that I miss you!

I got married Last weekend, I'm sorry I didn't Invite you, It was a simple ceremony, My Bride's name is Christine, She Wants to meet you so We need to set up a little Dinner or something

Anyway, She is pregnant with your Nephew! I hope you're as excited as we are, Well I just thought you would like to know your Brother got a Life! Love you Dells!

When the kids went Off to school I started to clean up for Awoi's Return, Catching up on the Dishes and Laundry, and I took care of Kevin

I looked out the window, That must be Awoi, I didn't recognize the Blond hair but She's a Actress, She's gonna change up her look once in awhile

When I met her at the Front door she gave me a Huge hug and Handed me a Magazine..

"Simmer's Weekly" She nodded "Its all about me! and You! and Our family!!" Her face was on the front cover.

"Where is My Molly?! Where is my beautiful Daughter?" Her question was answered when Molly walked in the door with Karni and Caitlyn

"MOMMA!" Molly Squealed when she saw Awoi "My Beautiful Daughter! You have grown SO much! I've missed you So much! Wait till you see your room!!!!" Molly Hugged Awoi and I didn't think either of them wanted to let go.

Molly Hugged both her Aunts about as long as she Hugged Awoi, They Will truly miss each other!! Awoi Told me she loved me and They left, For their Big house on the Famous side of Bridgeport!

"Its just us Caitlyn, Just me and You, Molly is gone" Both the girls started to cry because their best Friend Was all the way on the other side of Bridgport, She's even going to a different school!

"HE'S HERE MOM" Karni called, I was interviewing a guy today for baby 21, This one's name is Evan Baxler, He contacted me over E-mail and sent pictures and Descriptions of himself, I think he fits the Part Quite nicely, I just need to Figure out his traits

It was a Simple question and he Answered with "Do my traits matter? What matters is that you finish this challenge before you die!" That won me, Hello baby daddy, We embraced and that sealed the deal, He has perfect Genes and I want to have his baby!

a Little privacy please? *Snicker*

Kevin Kyle Is behind on his learning, he needs to catch up a bit, My little man and Me are going to Hang out until its done

I spent all day teaching Kevin how to walk and talk and use the bathroom, I was Determined to Spend as much time as possible with My little dude, Right now he is the only Boy in the house So he needs some special Attention!

Sorcha and Ashley Play really well together, the Twin's Relationship isn't as strong as that of Karni and Caitlyn But they Do like playing together

"Caitlyn, I can't Quite figure it out, I thought I had that one problem but I checked it and it was all messed up" "I don't know Karn, Man I wish Molly was here...I really miss her"

"Umm...The Square root of 192 is WHAT?" Both the girls were confused "How do we figure this one out?"

"MOMMY! Look at my castle!" Sorcha pointed it out to me, She has Quite a Hand with this sort of stuff!

I was Quite beat by the time the clock stuck 10:00, So was Kevin, I decided to call it a night and tuck all my kids in for bed, I had to stay up and work on some paintings to sell...

I Worked my night away on My paintings, When the sun started to Glisten over the hillside I realized I got no sleep, Money is a Big Matter and I need as much of it as I can get, and right now I only have $200 dollars to my name

When Morning fully hit I still had a Quarter of a painting to finish but I was also feeling Ill, Morning sickness!

The kids left for school and I was home alone with Kevin Cutsie, Karni and Caitlyn are Quite popular as Llama Cheerleader co-Captains, They also hold the Highest GPA's in the entire school

I stopped painting to go Vomit, Its not the greatest flavor in the world...I'm So tired, But I have to get something to eat, then I have to finish my painting to be able to feed my children...

I haven't fallen asleep in my food since I was a Child But I feel it coming on right now, I feel that incredible sleepy feeling that just grabs hold of you and takes you by surprise, I'm thinking too much, I need sleep.

I was going to get it but my phone started to ring "Della, I have a Surprise, Is it alright if I swing over?" The voice of my best friend Vanessa wood Chimed through the phone "Ya, Sure, Come on over" I said Between yawns

I chugged down a Cup of coffee and that kept me awake for a while, I'm now expecting company but I don't think about the state of the house because I'm so Exhausted

When she got here I was all Groggy from the coffee, She handed me a Small package, I invited her in, She could Obviously tell that I was tired, When I opened the little Box I found a Gorgeous bracelet

"Wow Nessa! What is this for?" She smiled and said "Well Its a friendship bracelet, I have mine at home! I wanted to give you this before I forgot!"

I started Yawning again, and Almost fell flat on my face while just trying to stand normal! "You're getting your butt in bed right now,You are a mom! You need sleep, and I mean it" She said while forcing me into bed and Putting the covers over me "Sleep"

I did what she said, Not because she scared me or anything, But because I fell asleep the moment my Head hit the Pillows...I woke up a few hours later, The kids were home and Nessa was playing With Kevin Kyle, He kept saying "Afawla! Afawla!" I stood by and Laughed

"Thank you so much Nessa" I said "thats what you do for a friend!" Her voice always makes me cheery "I can't stay Longer, I'm sorry we couldn't hang out more" Vanessa Hugged me and Went on her way.

After Nessa left I finished my painting, It sold for $300 dollars, Thats not much but its what I can get at this point...

and...Drum roll please!.....BABY 21 IS IN THE OVEN!

When It comes to fun...Just ask Karni, She Is so Animated at everything she does, She doesn't Ever Come out of character, She is always so silly and Happy!!

And Caitlyn is So helpful with the Younger kids, She's always helping with Homework or Cleaning up after them!

Somehow...I ended up with 8 people Visiting my house, So Vanessa's Plan was to set up a Party huh? I could just hug that girl, This is exactly what I needed!

We had a Great time Dancing, But All of them could only stay for a little while, They Charged out one by one when their Kids Called them, In the Guest list was...Charlie Evans, Ana Vanderbilt, Violet Newbie, Elizabeth Reting, Vanessa Wood, Melody Allison, Dawn Turner, and the Ever Preasent Vanessa Wood, Ashby Lemi Was Invited But didn't show up, All the girls are Abuz about Violet Newbie's Upcoming Wedding! They are all so Excited! I said thank you to each of the girls And they all went home :)

Sorcha was crying...The instance of Worried mother showed on my face "Whats Wrong Dear?" I asked her "Mommy I had a Nightmare, I was in a Jungle and I was being Chased by Fog, Monkeys, Giant waves, Lightning, Rain that looked like Blood and Birds that sounded like Ashley Screaming" I wiped a Tear off of her face, "Its okay Sweetheart, Mommy is here" I held her in my arms and didn't want to let go, Her tiny Body was shaking, She was really scared!

When we let go she asked me "Momma, Can I feel my new Brother or sister?" Her little Heart touched mine, "Of course you may sweetie!" She Put her hand on my stomach Right where New baby Wriner Kicked, Adorable!

And there is the Infamous Hobble walk! Means day 2 of Pregnancy Is over and day 3 is about to begin!

I really need more money...But I also need entertainment, I'm feeling a little down...If I don't get passed this money trouble I'll get my Kids taken from me and that is something that CAN'T happen!

The good thing about gardening is that I do it outside, I have a beautiful View of the city, And I'm making money doing it!

"Don't cry baby! Mommy is here" Kevin Kyle was outside with me because the other kids were all at school, I really do Enjoy Quality Time With The only boy in the house

Its the last day of my pregnancy, I could have this child any minute now, I don't want to take any chance of Kevin Being left outside when the babies arrive, After I finished picking my Limes...

I took him inside and Rocked him to sleep, He is such a Sweetheart!

I hobbled downstairs to play the Cello For awhile, I hardly ever get time to do this anymore!

I was joined by Caitlyn on the Piano and Karni on the Drums! We Played together for almost a Half an hour...

I put the Cello away when the Pains started, The babies want out NOW!

The girls were all freaking out, I wanted To stay calm for them But The pains were too much to keep Quiet, Another Labor.

I had a Baby girl, I named her Mercy, I placed her in her Crib...but then the Labor Pains came back, I was having Twins!

I placed Baby Katie in her Crib, They are both So small and Sweet, Welcome to the World Babies 21 and 22!

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