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Gen 2- Chapter 3: Its all falling together

I stood in front of the mirror, my mom redoing the hem on the silk dress that was flowing through her hands. I stared at myself, my hair was done up in a bun with a veil hanging down my back. It was only a test run on the entire outfit, but I felt very bridal in only the was the weirdest feeling in the world. It almost seemed as though centuries went by before she unhooked dress from the machine and cut the last string.

As the smooth dress was slipped over my head, I had a weird sensation. It only got worse when I stared at myself in the mirror. My mom fixed the bottom one more time and then set it down with a sigh. "What do you think?" She said, tears welling up in her eyes. "Mom...this is...Amazing." Was all that I could say about the shimmering dress that gathered around my feet. I was stunned silent, I was absolutely thrilled. This dress was exactly what I had been looking for when I asked my mom to make me a dress...She had done it again.

My dad had been wondering around the hall of his house for the past 15 minutes, waiting until we called him in. "Jay...You should come in now..." He walked in the room about a minute later and I saw his mouth drop in the mirror, he about started to cry along with my mom. "Stop you guys..." I said, my mascara starting to smear. "You're making me cry." My mom and dad hugged each other and then me, before we shooed him out of the room and I got dressed.

My dad came back in about 5 minutes later and we all got a picture together. "Dad," I whispered into his ear. "There's only 10 days until you'll be walking me down the aisle." "Wanna hear something?" He whispered back. "I have a little gift for you, but you can't have it until April 1st." I punched him in the shoulder, a little bit too used to this to be surprised. "Why do you always do this to me? get me excited and then tell me I have to wait." I huffed and pulled all my stuff together, the dress on a hanger, in a bag, hung over my shoulder and ready for Sunday.

It wasn't long before my friends pulled me out of my moms house and on the street.
We walked to a small shop called "The bridal boutique." the girls seemed pretty inept on going into this shop. When I saw the place, I laughed. so many dresses, brides and bridesmaid dresses, along with veils and rings and everything you could ever ask for. "Today is a full out planning day then?" I asked, examining a beautiful ring pillow. "YES!!" All 7 of the girls rang in unison. Kalyn pulled me over to a rack of bridesmaid dresses that were all black and red. "We had the store owner put out some dresses for you to look at! And we all decided that I would be the monkey to try them on."
She smiled as I pulled a short dress off the rack and handed it to her saying. "Try this one, you monkey!" She laughed and I took my seat on a bench to see how it looks.

Kalyn came out looking sexy in fishnet leggings and the short dress I gave her, she had her bouquet of flowers in her hand and a huge one on her head. everyone put up no signs including me, this wasn't the type of thing I wanted at my wedding. I went back over and picked out something a little more formal. Kalyn looked at me with a look of almost pure satisfaction. I have a feeling she was the one to vote herself "Monkey of the day."

When she came out in the second dress, I almost died. It looked so gorgeous and on Kalyn, it was divine. I almost said yes when Amber suggested that we try on just a couple more before we decide on one all together. I really loved this dress, but the lacy one that Liana pulled off the rack caught my attention as well

We went through about 3 more dresses when Nessa pulled one off the rack along with Kalyn and they both ran into the dressing rooms. "How about these Dells?" Vanessa's was black with a red underskirt and Kalyn's was red with a black underskirt. I about died with excitement saying "That's the dress!" I almost fell over but Violet and Amber grabbed my arm saying "Settle down Della..." I paid for the 6 dresses to be delivered to my house, I also purchased a veil and a ring pillow.

An hour later we sat around the fire in my backyard, talking and reminiscing about the way we met. We talked about how the wedding day would go and how cute Adam was. Then we talked about Vanessa's boyfriend and how so many people were getting married around the same time, including Wisdom, Violet's daughter. She tied the knot on Monday the 26th.

The spring air was cold as it blew in my face. The fire was hot which gave the cold wind a little twist. I looked up to see Amber and Vanessa whispering something to each other. It was 5 seconds before they all ganged up on me. Someone had come behind me and covered my eyes. "Adam, come get her." Kalyn called giggling profusely. "You people are insane!" I screamed as I was swept off my feet and Adam said from below me. "Oh just calm down."

"Adam! Put me down." I wriggled and flicked his back. He sat me down and I heard a car door slam. 6 girls piled in that car and one of them held my hands behind my back so I couldn't tear away the cloth over my eyes. "Guys!" I started to giggle as well and it just got worse when I heard Adam's smiley voice say "You girls have fun now. I'll have my phone if you need me."

 The entire car ride, I was being prepped up. A couple times I had hands messing around with my hair and I had been redressed in what felt like a short party dress.

When the blindfold was finally taken away..all my friends were standing there ready to party. "Welcome to your bachlorette party!" They screamed, holding out their hands to the club that we were standing outside of. I almost screamed at them. I was so confused on the way here that I could have killed them, but now I was laughing with surprise. The club was raided by my bridal party. It was pretty much empty other than us but we couldn't keep Kalyn away from the bar.

It wasn't five minutes before Kalyn came up to me while I was dancing, asking for Adam's number. "Doood! We should...should prank call Addddam." She had a little sing-songy tone to her voice.
I had giggled to much to answer her and before I knew it, she was pulling out her phone saying "Uh...Helloooorrr?" Kalyn screamed into the phone. "DIDJA ORDER 100 POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE SAUCE?"
 "Kalyn." Adam said from the other line..."I hope you know that I stole your number from Della's phone." I stole the phone from her right as I sat down the glass of the drink I had just finished. I could hear music pulsing from the other side of the phone... "Adam? I'm sorry about her." I could tell my voice was a little slurred but not nearly as much as Kalyn's. "And tell your friends that I say hiii." There was the first real drunk moment of the night...

Hours were passed by just dancing and drinks. The real surprise of the night came around one AM when I was lounging on the couch with a drink and my girls around me. Adam burst through the door with 6 other men saying "Did someone order a band of dancers?" My drink hit the floor as I stood up and knocked it over. "Just thought I'd surprise you." He winked and danced with me a little. "Adam," at this point I was laughing my brains out. "You're drunk." "Well, so are you, sweetheart." He dipped me and I saw Adam's friends raiding the bar.

"Why can't I believe that Atomic Bomb is getting married?" one of his friends who Adam addressed as "Seth" asked . "Because he could never get the girls in high school. It's one of the reasons we call him 'Atomic bomb'" all 6 of the guys laughed and Adam rolled his eyes at his annoying drunk friends.

Adam and I conjoined parties just like that. Vanessa had decided to pick on him and threw a KTHXBYE all over his head. I thought I was next because Nessa was headed my way with another glass and a mischievous look on her face. What she didn't know was that Adam was behind her, he grabbed her and started dragging her towards the pool. I snorted as I yelled "ADAM! LEAVE NESSA ALONE!!"

I was already too late by the time I got outside, she was in the pool and he was laughing his ass off. "That's for being a pest!" I jumped on his back and he fell into the pool too, with me hooked to him. I came up for air but he dragged me back down and met me at the bottom with a kiss. Adam ended up being thrown in the pool at least 10 times before the night was over. He ended up throwing me and each of my bridesmaids in at least once. His friends stayed clear of the pool for their own safety.

 Before I knew it, I was at home. Cuddled up on my bed asleep with the TV on and bottles covering the floor. Tomorrow was the day before April first which meant that I had dinner with both me and Adam's parents and our entire wedding party. And I would be hungover along with Adam and all my bridesmaids and his groomsmen.

I trudged through the house, picking up bottles and clothes as I walked through.
Collette was in her room singing something that I had never heard before.

"I wear your colors my dear, till your standing right here..."

"Collette?" I said pushing open the door. She was dressed up in a beautiful dress that I recognized from my childhood, she was spinning around in front of a mirror while Asa slept soundly in his bed. "Sweetie? what do you think about wearing that in Mommies wedding tomorrow and throwing flowers on the floor?" She squealed and ran up to me saying "REALLY MOMMY?! You'd let me wear my favorite dress in you and Daddy Adam's wedding?"

"Of course!" I said sweeping the small girl into my arms. "You want to look pretty and that dress is really pretty!" She kissed my nose and jumped out of my arms screaming to Asa. "WAKE UP! I'M GONNA BE IN MOM'S WEDDING!"

I chuckled as I walked out of the room and straight into Shiloh who was watching everything. She gave me a smile and flipped her hair, about to get on her way to school. "See you tonight." was all that she said on her way down the stairs.
I knew she had been visiting her sisters grave lately. I wasn't stupid. Her down mood and how her attitude had changed. I have been paying a lot of attention to the wedding and not as much to her and she needed me right now...I vowed that after this was all and Shiloh would reconnect and bond again.

It took me longer than necessary to clean up the house, the party must have moved here after the grind closed because there were all sorts of things on the floor.
As soon as I was done picking things up, I sat down to finish up my vows... It didn't take me long because everything I wanted to say just came so naturally and flowed from my brain into the pen and onto the paper. I can truly say that I've never been so in love.

I was astounded at how fast the day went. I wasn't ready to meet Adam's parents in fear of being judged by them...I hoped with all my heart that they didn't think I was some wrench or something, taking their son...But when I walked in that house, I was greeted by a warm hug. Pippa looked much better and if I could have believed that she was never sick at all, I would have.

So many people were stuffed into that small house that it took me 30 minutes to make it past both of Adam's brothers and all three of his sisters. I can tell you that the look of shock on Adam's face when he walked in this house....was going to be monstrous.

Andria, Chantal, Pippa, Adonis, Austin and both of his parents. All in one room and from what I've heard...this hasn't happened in awhile.

"Madam," Adonis said, kissing my hand and kneeling to his knees. "My brother is one lucky guy. You're freaking gorgeous." I laughed as Austin stole my hand from him and kissed it as well. "Austin, mademoiselle." I concluded soon after this that both of these boys were giant flirts.

Andria looked exactly like she did the last time I saw her, besides her short cropped hair and attitude. She didn't even say hi, she just stood in the corner with her arms crossed like nothing was happening while all of Adam's family accepted me into their home.

"Della, I couldn't think of anyone better for our son to be with." Ronnie laughed while handing me a plate of food. "We've heard stories about your challenge...You're a very ambitious and brave to take on something like that. I just can't help but like you." Jancie, who looked so much like Adam that I couldn't believe my eyes, watched his wife with caring eyes as she served food to her children while we waited for my parents and Adam.

About 10 minutes later, Adam walked in. Trailed by 6 men. But when he was attacked by his whole family...he was shocked into silence.
"Della?" He asked coming up to me after being greeted by every single sibling...this time including Andria and his parents. "Did you do this?"
"I thought I'd surprise you!" I used the same tone of voice that he used last night when he showed up at the bar. "It took me forever to round them all up, but here they are."

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Gen 2- Chapter 2: The road is gonna be rough.

Thank you to SimsVIP_Admin for the hairstyle, Barrette and No Bangs. I really appreciate gifts and this really meant a lot to me because you are the first person to gift me in a long time. Thank you so much!

And thank you to Katlynn McCain for this toy box set! The future children are sure to love this <3333 And as I said before, one of the first people to gift me in awhile so thank you <3
I laid in bed for hours, thinking...hoping that no matter what happens...I'll be happy with it. But it isn't always that easy. Today is Shiloh's birthday and if I wanted her to leave...she already would have. But I was going through serious problems with letting go right now. This isn't how I am...I know how excited I was to be finished and where I am. But now that I'm all seems so weird.

I had really only gotten about 3 hours of sleep but it felt like forever before my phone started to ring off the hook. "Della...its going to be perfect." My mom was so excited about this dress that she started on it the day I asked? At least she's enthusiastic. "Mom, its 5 Am" I said with a yawn "Why are you up"
"Holy crap!" She exclaimed. "I lost track of time completely...I thought it was 10 Pm." She laughed and defended herself. "I've been busy!"

The phone clicked when she hung up...after 50 minutes of conversation. All about the one thing I really wasn't feeling up to talking about. But right at this moment...I had decided to start to flow with everything. I was going to open up to this wedding thing and I think that starts with me and Adam's visit to that church later this afternoon.

"I think its beautiful," Were the first words out of my mouth as we walked into the church. "But we really have to think about this..."
"I'll give you time." Adam said simply. He was much more into this than I was. When we walked into that room, his eyes started to light up and I saw that it made him happy...So why not be happy with it to? "Adam?" I said touching his arm. "Book it. Its what you want and if it makes you happy...then I'm happy!" When I said this, his smile brightened. "You're sure? You don't want to sleep on it?"

"I'm sure" His genuinely happy disposition caught me off guard...It made me happy...And not the kind of happy that I was before...

When he picked me up, spun me around and kissed me...I knew that I wasn't happy at all...I was in true bliss. the kind that you always think is too good for real life and can only be found in books and movies. I found my forever.

Adam had his own planning things to do today so we went home separate and I decided to invite over my wedding party and tell them...that they're my wedding party XD This is what I had in mind for bridesmaids:

Violet Newbie, Kalyn Waine, Dawn Turner, Liana Masons, Amber Lights-Masons and my maid of honor will be none other then Vanessa Wood. My flower girl would most likely end up either being Collette or my niece. Depends on how old Collette is by that time.

"There are so many things I want to tell you guys," I said as all my friends were sitting around my living room. "But the main thing is that...I need you guys' support more then ever right now. I'm having a really hard time putting this together and so many people want to help and it just..." I stopped. "I'm sure you know Amber." Was the last thing I said before pulling out a list of guests. "I'm trying to put this together in two weeks, so while I make invites, will you guys address these envelopes?" each one of them took about 4 or 5 envelopes and a pen. I headed to my computer where half of the screen was covered in sticky notes.


"I'm sorry," I glared at my phone. Not listening to what Adam was saying. My frustration in him was reaching its peak. "I should have told you before, but I knew you wouldn't go for it!"
 "I would have...but you didn't have to lie to me about it." The conversation on my end wasn't very enthusiastic.
 "Its only 3 days...And you know, pre-marriage counseling might be fun.. It comes with getting married in the church."
"Just tell me when it starts and I'll be there."
"7:30 Pm." He was disappointed in my attitude, I knew that little bit. But I couldn't help myself. I already had enough on my plate right now. and Now for the next 3 days I have to spend that precious time in a pastors office, with a bunch of other couples, talking about marriage.

When Shiloh aged up, I almost cried. She was so beautiful, I couldn't believe it. It made me wonder how her twin sister would look if she had lived. The girl I was taking pictures of was exactly who I wanted all my children to be like. She's so selfless and as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside.

Baby 99, Asa, and Baby 100, Collette. They are the end of a challenge but the beginning of a life and an era. Asa loves his beautiful sister as much as she loves him. They both love video games and puzzles. They both have never touched a book. I bet they're excited for school ;)

Before I knew it, there I was. I was lounging on a couch while Adam sat next to me. The other three couples were cute. They each looked scared but I showed no emotion. I knew exactly what this pastor would talk about. Sex. our relationship and differences. personal experiences, goals and why we wanted to get married. And of course, a development of a long term plan to keep our love alive. When I looked this up online when I was one of the scared ones...I thought "This will be easy." I was probably the only girl in this room who knew exactly what I wanted. I was probably the only girl here...who didn't have the guts to plan a wedding.

"So," The girl sitting next to us said "How did you two meet?" The question came fast but it didn't take me more than a second to say. "We ran into each other..."
 "Literally" Adam added while twirling my hair. "As in, we were both jogging and neither of us paid much attention and we ran into each other." He smiled at me and I could tell that he knew I was still not very happy with him about putting me in this situation, but you know, like he said, it could be fun.

Kelly and Jacob,
 Merna and Paxton,
Olivia and Devin,
 Della and Adam.
All these names were written down on a single piece of paper for Pastor Mike. He took it and sat down in our little circle. "So, all of you are soon going to embark on married life. How did you come about with your soon to be spouse? Kelly and Jacob?" The girl sitting next to me, who had asked how we met started to talk and it all just seemed so little girlish but at the same time, so adult. Jacob just smiled, letting her talk.

When it came to us, I was frazzled by so many different love stories, how these couples had met. I looked over at Adam for approval and he nodded. "Well," I started. "Me and Adam weren't exactly romantic at first. He told me he was gay and for months and months, I believed him. He somehow got me to accept him as my friend and then best guy friend." I winked and it was returned soon after. "So, I had believed he was gay when my boyfriend proposed...but you know what? now that I think about it...I don't think I would have ever gone though with it."

 "So the night that she broke up with her boyfriend, I came out to her and we've been together since" Adam finished for me.

"Okay, now that we've got that out of the way..." The pastor said as soon as our story was finished. "I'll take the men into the next room for a little meeting and you ladies can talk." Adam kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "Good luck, darling." I smiled back at him as he waved. I settled down before noticing that all 3 of the other women were staring at me.

"What?" I said pulling my hair behind my ears. "Did I do something?"

 "No." Kelly inquired, "He did"

 "He'll be gone, for like 10 minutes? Yet he looked like he was being tortured by being pulled away from you." The blonde girl, Olivia, said with a dorky smile. "Devin is happy to get a minute away from my hyper jabbering."

 "You're a lucky girl to have found someone who would do something like that for you," The last girl, Merna, put in. "I mean, I love Paxton, but he never acts like that with me."

All three of the girls nodded and agreed. "I think you two are SOOOO lovely together." Olivia said, dazzled. "So? How many kids are you planning on having?" This was the one thing I had never really thought about and when I said that I didn't know, the question was redirected towards Merna.

She went off "I want 2! A boy and a girl. Its the perfect balance; the boy would never feel unloved by having a younger or older brother to take all the attention and the girl would never go a day without another new outfit." We all laughed, but Merna was serious.

 "I want 5, But I don't know if Devin wants kids or not." Was all that Olivia had to say about the matter.

Kelly was pretty much quiet while listening to all of us, but when she said. "I don't want kids....But Jacob does." We were all pretty stunned.

 That was when the men walked back in. I was actually having fun with these women. Maybe we could come out of this thing as good friends? Anyhoo, Adam sat next to me and Pastor Mike started to talk again.

"Okay, this might be a little awkward for some of you who have never been married before." As the night progressed, I actually learned a few things about myself and Adam as a couple.

I learned about my own goals and how to incorporate them with Adam's.  The 3 sessions went really fast and I began to realize that no matter how hard I tried, I would never be whole without my Adam.
He sat just a few feet away most the night, every night until pastor Mike told us to cuddle up to our fiance and stay that way the rest of the meeting on the last night.
Everyone else seemed just as comfortable as we were with this. I walked away with 3 new friends and a new look on my relationship with Adam.

As soon as we got home on the last night of counseling, I started dinner. But right as I got the food on the oven, the phone started to ring. I had gotten over my frustrated attitude and I had taken a whole new light to this wedding. "Adam, will you please get the phone?" Not much longer after it had stopped ringing...Adam had popped his head into the room and said..."Your dress is done."

Thank you for reading this short-ish post <3 It means a lot that you're still sticking around with me. And now only 2 more posts until the wedding <3