Monday, August 30, 2010

Death is Back~Baby 71 and 72

Thanks to LifeLuvLaugh for the Pixi Bow for the little girls, Yes i do Mention People when they give Gifts, I just don't get that many gifts, Yep i will name a Baby Girl Hunter.

I noticed Today that Little Andrew Has the insane Trait and he has the Very bad habit of Talking to himself, he Argues with himself about silly things.

Im gonna have Pancakes for Breakfast, No your gonna have Waffles, No Im gonna have Pancakes

I said Pancakes not waffles I want Pancakes

You never listen to me! AGGHHH!

I have another Insane sim Problem, Its Mannon, she looks Delicate and Sweet on the Outside but on the Inside she Has a few problems, She is insane and a coward.

She always talks to herself, but thats probably because she and her sister have drifted far apart, Eila Never Even acknowledge's her sister anymore, the two couldn't be more different, But today is her Fist day of High school so maybe she will make some friends to Hang out with, then maybe she won't talk to herself, same thing with Andrew.

My little Laura, she was Helpless not to long ago, now she is Heading off to school! I cant believe how far i have come with this Challenge,

Austin, Austin! I love you little Lady, did you know that? Like most 100 Bbaby challenge mothers I love these Lost moments with my children, And they will be Treasured forever, but these two will be Toddlers soon.

Right on Cue, I put Austin on the Ground, She aged into a Beautiful Toddler.

Austin Got her dads Off Green color and His Wings, they are not fully grown yet though.

Christine Also has he dads Wings and Skin color, These two are Perfectly Identical, I even Dressed them up in the same outfit, the only Diffrence is there skin color, Christine has lighter skin than Austin.

Manon always helps her Sister and Newly found Bestfriend, Laura with her home work...Manon does

Sure does Laura!

It warms my heart to see my kids bonding so well

Too bad Eila Got the Loner trait when she Turned into a teen, she Completely Ignores her brothers and sisters now

You know what Laura, Im going to miss you when i have to move out for Mum to Continue her Challenge!

What Challenge? Laura Asked her Older sister

You know, Her 100 baby challenge, Manon felt weird saying this to her younger sister...You mean...I'm just part of a challenge? thats the only Reason i'm here? Laura Quizzed her sister, Laura Couldn't Believe That I thought of her as just a thing for my Challenge, but thats not what i thought at all.

Mommy? Do you love me? Laura Asked,

Of course i do Honey, why would you even doubt About that?

Because Manon said i was a part of a Challenge that you are doing, and you just have to have 100 babies, She said, Honey I love you and all 69 of your brothers and sisters all the same, and i would love you even if i was not doing the 100 baby challenge, Okay? I told her Ok she said.

Then i gave her a big hug.

I have been waiting a long time (Since Strider Passed away) To ask The Grim Reaper to be a daddy, He is in town for a Few days, but first The twins have to age up.

Manon Keeps her hair Braided all around her head, this is my favorite Hairstyle, She decided to Carry on my challenge with 75 babies when im done with 100.

Eila Hardly ever wants anything to do with her Twin sister or any of her other brothers and sisters, plus she added a few more Piercings, She is Exactly The opposite of her sister, she has Strayed a long way from When i was Plying with her as a toddler.

Good luck mom, and when your finished I will be Ready to Take over! Manon Assured me while giving me a Tight Hug.

Mum, Before i leave will you give me a tattoo? Eila Asked me....Um i guess i said.

She was not nervous at all...

The Finished Results,

Thanks mom! I really Appreciate it!

Your welcome Sweetheart, after we where done saying goodbye They Left my house forever...

I am Almost Dead Tired, I almost Passed out

Shake it off Della, Shake it off, i told myself


Its time for a little sleep...But tomorrow I'm gonna make baby 71 with Grim.

After Crawling out of my Comfy Four poster bed, I made my way to Grim's house, Believe it or not, he lives here!

With the deepest Voice i have ever heard he said, Congrats on Strider's Return, i didint think you could do it...

We went right inside and did our dirty Work, i wanted to Rid myself of him forever after this.

I Settled myself on the bed while i was waiting for Grim,

We Cuddled, it was weird Clutching Deaths Hands...

And Baby 71 Is on its way!

I Saw death for the first time with out his hood on, he had deep blue eyes...

I got Dressed and headed out the door, back home.

After my date with Grim I played with the Twins for a while, On the Music Toy.

It was Noon by the time I finished playing with the toddlers, I'm going to make Dim Sum for lunch.

Both the girls are very impatient for there food, they bang there fists on the table and Shriek!

I was working of Blending the girls food, when I had to Puke, I did with the Plate of food in my hand.

Here you go Sweetie!

I put the twins to bed and got to work.

I have a lot of laundry to do, The Triplets always leave clothes around the house.

This Time around i decided to have Multi Gender Babies...So i called up my Regular Doctor and son Blane Wriner...

Its a Girl

So ten apples...

Andrew and Laura have always been best friends, They even Played together as Toddlers

They both love Video games, Rubi loves those too

Wow im winning!! Laura Yelled,

No your not your behind both me and Rubi! Andrew Told his sister

School was no problem for these Three, they where Best in Class and Deserved a Reward, I decided on them becoming Teens! They loved the idea. Laura, she has her dads eye shape and color and my hair color, She Genuinely looks like Rizal

Andrew Is a perfect Mix between me and Rizal, he has Rizal's Eye shape and my nose shape

Rubi Lost her daddy girl looks and looks more like me now, Except her hair.

I was planning on going down to City hall to earn some tips on the Guitar, but there was quite a Riot going on.

i joined in on it,

after a while i got tired of hoisting a sign up in the air so i Strummed on my Guitar

I got a lot of tips, some even from my own kids...

I played for hours, But now I think its time to get home, I ended my Show with 1030 Dollars.

It seems like I always have time on my hands, but the Truth is my Schedule is Jam full of Things to do, i have the whole House to Clean,

Toddlers to take care of,

A garden to Tend

And dinner to make.

Wow mom your getting Big, this baby is coming any minute

Right on Cue, i went into Labor.

It was the quickest Labor yet, almost as fast as it started it was over

I brought into the World...A baby Girl Freya

and a Boy Xaiver.

Thanks for reading, if you have any name requsts or If you want any of the hair i have in my challenge contact me At