Main Characters:

                               MAIN CHARACTERS:

Della Alex Wriner:

The mother of my first challenge, now the grandmother...she was treated poorly by her mom as a tot and so on, her dad died when she was 14 and she was left with her mother who hated her, she has a twin named Maci. An older sister named Winny, two younger sisters, Danny (Danielle) and Earol. after she Finished the 100 baby challenge she got married to Jay Work (Wriner) who's sister is Elizabeth Reting, after being married for years, Della and Jay decided they would have a daughter named Della who would take over the challenge that her mother did...You can download her Here

Jay Allen Wriner:

Husband of the mother of my first challenge, has loved her since they were children and has a little sister named Elizabeth, their parents abused them and kept them unfed for days at a time, therefore Jay was relieved when he found Della, she was his place to escape until her life was altered by a car crash, she forgot about Jay and he was left back in the darkness with his little sister and when she decided to take up the 100 baby challenge, he had lost his chance to ever win her back...until the end of her challenge

Della Eve Wriner:

Daughter of Della and Jay, her destiny was and is to have 100 children like her mother, even though her twin brother doesn't agree with her plans for life, Della wasn't a abused child but acted that way later in her teen years, she ended up as a pregnant teenager and on new years eve, had her first son, Travis Wriner, after this, she aged into an adult and started on her 100 baby challenge. Della is intelligent but has ended up in a few messes, when Maverick Slayer -a memory from her teen years- shows up, she finds herself in a rut with her best friend Vanessa. But as always, Della pulls out of it and grows up just a little more.

Adam Langly:

There isn't much too Adam, Della calls him a "mystery". Adam first showed up around baby 70. He and Della bumped into each other a few times. She doesn't know his last name but she knows that he's unavailable even though he's really cute. He isn't a typical guy, he is homosexual and doesn't exactly like Della at first. After getting to know each other a little better, he decides to take Della as his friend and he pulls her into his own little world that has never been explored by a woman before, in a friend way of course. Adam is based off of Adam Lambert <3
Come to find out later, around baby 90 that Adam was never really gay. He was pretending the whole time. This sends the entire triangle into a whirl of confusion and doubt. But don't worry...he gets the girl ;)
Della soon falls deeply for Adam and they get married. Soon after their wedding, a baby girl is born and, like Della, she takes him to places that he's never been before.

Aaron Nell

Made by Friendlie Llama (Angie <3) so all credit goes to her. He calls himself "Double A-ron"
First appearence was on babies 84, 85 and 86. Della E takes an liking to him the first time she sees him, even though she doesn't make it known, she really does have the hots for him. Della and Aaron hit it off instantly. Aaron is clever and cute, but most of all...he isn't gay :p

Ande Iris Wriner-Langly:

Adam and Della's first child. Her attitude is beyond any other and she is a major daddies girl. No one can resist the adorable face of the little girl who will someday take on her mothers legacy. Ande has a lot of story left to tell.


  1. ande is my fave

    1. MINE TO! She's cuter than an other mom!

  2. Ande is awesome. Its horrible how she was kidnapped, raped and etc. Can you put her on the exchange? Shes one lovely girlie.