Friday, December 30, 2011

Gen 2. pranks on you-baby 69

For once in her life, Snooki cares about something other than covering her body with piercing, she took to those horses like she’s never seen one before, the first thing she did when she found them was pet Streak, when he put his nose up to hers, she fell in love with him.

Oh she loved him alright, but once she got on his back, it was a whole different story, she felt scared and wanted to get off, that is until Streak started to gallop around, she held onto him and had what she called “The ride of her life”

So I wasn’t surprised the next day when she aged into an adult, she slipped on my favorite pink dress and took out her piercings, she also braided her hair down her shoulders and came up to me saying “I think I want to be a horse breeder, in the last few days I have really bonded with your horses and I want the feeling that I got when I took care of them”

“So I think its time for me to move out and go on with my life, I love all of you and I’ll come to visit soon” with that, she hugged me a picked up her iphone to dial a cab to take her to her new place, I smiled as I watched her hug Streak and then Brandy and then Clipclop. She really loves those horses

While the younger children were aging up I took a ride on Brandy for a few minutes and once you're on the back of a horse, the world looks different…like through a whole new minds eye, a whole new perspective.

“Dear Della, I’m sorry I missed Christmas with you guys, I tried to make it but got caught up in the snow storm, I wanted to give you this anyway, merry Christmas dear.
Love Uncle John” I opened up the box a found 3 very cute outfits for Frella, Unique and Kyle :3 thanks uncle John

The girls aged up lovely, each of them with a different eye and hair color, each with a sassy personality that matches the one next to her, best friends for life is what they call each other.

Tony is a ornery little booger, he does what he wants when he wants, I think he needs a little bit of reinforcement if you ask me

The youngest children aged last, Kyle, Unique and Frella. Each with…well a very colorful personality.

By the time the kids were done aging up it was dark outside and they were all walking around droopy eyed and ready for bed, wanting to get a few things done, I put the triplets to bed and turned on the TV for the older kids to watch until they fall asleep. Then I went in to the laundry room and worked on my washer.

That next morning Vanessa dropped Jeff off for me to babysit him for a while, I figured this was a good opportunity to introduce him to Tony, as she was leaving she told him “Be good for your auntie Della and be nice to Tony, I don’t want to hear about you being ornery” Jeff nodded and said “Ohhhh I’ll be reaaaal good for aunt Della” in so many ways, he reminded me of Tony…Vanessa hugged him and then me and went on her way.

The two bonded just like I was sure that they would, their secret little whispers made me smile, I’m sure they’d be best friends forever and always, just like their mommies.

“I’m going to step out for a bit, I’ll be home in just awhile, could you take care of these guys until I get back?”
“Sure mom, it shouldn’t be that hard, they’re just kids” Taylor laughed “I’ll watch over them while you’re gone”

Taylor’s POV

After a new baby is born, mom always goes out of the house and comes back all happy and a few days later she starts getting big again, I wished that I could follow her for once, but I have kids to watch over.

If I would have heard Tony and Jeff whispering to each other, I would have been able to stop them from reeking havoc on my mothers home, but since I was upstairs changing diapers, I didn’t hear their plans.

Of course I’d be the one to be booby trapped by the boys who started laughing as soon as the woophie cushion went off when I sat on it, I was gonna chase them around the house until I could wring their necks but that’d be a little bit too fun for them.

A few minutes later I heard Hannah scream from the bathroom and I rushed in too see what was wrong “THE SINK…WON’T…STOP….SPRAYING” Is all that I heard before another scream came from upstairs. They got Ava too

When mom got home she went straight upstairs to Tony “Why do you have to torture your sisters?” She asked calmly
“Because it’s a lot of fun!” Tony said before getting grounded from video games for a week.

Della’s POV

I had Nessa come and pick up Jeff a little early because the girls told me that they were causing floods and farts, I also made Tony go to bed earlier then any of the other kids as part of his punishment.

After cooling down to a point where I’m no longer yelly, I started to teach the tots their skills, starting with Unique and the walking skill, I went down each of the triplets, one at a time. around the middle of teaching Unique the walking skill, Hannah and Ava joined to help

A few hours later I was leaning over a toilet, throwing up my guts and lunch. I would just have to make it through a couple more hours of this and I’d be fine.

“Hey Brandy, you’re such a pretty horse, yes you are!” I cooed at Brandy while I brushed her back “Does this make you a happy happy horse? Good! I want you to be a vewwy happy horse”

I did Clipclop next, brushing out every imperfection and making her shine while singing a song that I made up it goes “I’m a brushing, after midnight” and for the rest of the day, that song was stuck in my head.

Okay, it may look like I’m crowding myself with animals, but I just couldn’t help snatching up this little puppy, he looked so small and lonely in the pet shop window. It wasn’t a option to leave him there. Bobby Wriner, welcome to the family.

I put him in his bed and laughed out loud, the first thing I thought was “Is that puppy shrinking? Or is the bed growing?” He fell right to sleep and I laughed as he snored little puppy snores.

I finally got time to jump in the shower after the kids left for school, I had been running on too long without one. The warm water felt good on my pudgy tummy and I actually felt the baby kick.

And look at that tummy! “almost ready to come out you little kicker?” I asked my tummy and it replied with 6 consecutive kicks. “A little too much love there kid” I said rubbing where he kicked.

Later I took Frella out to watch a wild foal, the majestic little thing roamed around the falls across from our house and didn’t even notice our presence

A beautiful white horse joined him awhile later, the dark brown horse didn’t like me much, but the white horse took to me quickly, I (dumbly) decided to take her home…she didn’t seem to mind, I mean, she came with me and siffed Clipclop like she’d never seen a foal before.

I got came inside and Tony attacked me with questions “Where have you been? Why is there a horse? Are you fat? Do you like cheese? Is that a baby inside you? Where do you go every 4th night? And why do you come back fat?” I rolled my eyes at him as he felt my stomach

Below us, Bobby was chasing his tail barking and whimpering when he caught it and ended up biting it, then just started chasing it again.

Of course, puppies and toddlers don’t exactly mix, especially when the toddler pulls on the puppies tail and the puppy attacks the toddler. I picked up Unique and put Bobby to bed with a bit of a talking to. he'll learn someday.

When I was alone in my room, I searched through the stars to see if I could find anything of interest, mars was rather bright tonight and the moon was bigger than normal.

A few minutes later, I was overtaken by the pains of labor. Coursing through my body and making me make weird faces that make my creator laugh (Curse you Karni)

It was only a few minutes before I was holding my new baby boy, Finnick Wriner, baby 69! Only 31 babies until I’m finished…

Thanks for reading this postJ I’m sorry about the most recent posts being full of adult content, I’m finished with that kind of stuff. Please leave your feedback in a comment. I love you guys

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gen 2. Merry Christmas-Babies 66, 67 and 68

I asked Nessa to stay with us for Christmas but she said she had other plans…With Oliver I’m guessing, so she packed up her things that she brought and bundled up little Jeff to go out into the cold to find out that the snow was melted and it was getting warm out again.

So after Nessa left, I put all the kids to bed and went downstairs to finish wrapping Christmas presents, because tomorrow morning, when the children wake up, the front room will be filled with presents and all sorts of stuff for them to sink their little teeth into…

I sat down on my piano and suddenly felt very tired, but I know what I want to do tonight, I picked up my phone and called a number that I put in that morning, a father who e-mailed me, wanting to know if he could be in my challenge. I told him that I would need him soon so he should expect a call.

He got there around 10:00 pm and I told him that a few things came with being a father in my challenge, he said that he’d do whatever I wanted, so we went into the computer room to look up a few things on the computer, he loved the idea of looking up a baby name before we started, he promised to be completely on board with this whole thing. As soon as we were finished finding at least 6 names for our little one, he took my cheek in his hand and said “lets get started”

He had his very own ideas for the way this was gonna happen, and that was in his car, he kissed me for the longest time, when he finally let me breathe, I coulda sworn that it was already the morning because of the light radiating over me. But as the dash said, it was only 11:00 pm

And baby 66 was conceived that night. It was quick and fast. It was almost like time started to speed up when it happened because one second I was there, the next...I was pregnant.

After Loor left I changed into down and hype down, he asked me “Will you accompany me to a Christmas ball tomorrow night?” I smiled at him as he asked “I might be showing by then, you want a pregnant dance partner?” he nodded so I agreed and told him to pick me up at 7:00, I waved goodbye to him as he left.

I went back inside, I changed into my pajamas and went to bed, I couldn’t wait to see the kids faces in the morning when they went downstairs and saw all the toys that are sitting out by the tree, I couldn’t wait to catch this precious moment on camera.

I was jumped on and tackled by the kids around 9 am, screaming “ITS CHRSTMAS!!! WAKE UP!!! LETS OPEN PRESENTS!” So I jumped up and led them downstairs to the tree full of goodies and stuff.

I started by sorting all the gifts out, leaving mine under the tree for later, all the kids were so excited when I gave them each their towering armfull of presents from me and from grandma and even from Santa Claus

I helped the youngest open theirs first and the older girls stared in jealousy of having to wait, the triplets unveiled toys and clothes of all sorts, they opened a couple boxes of chocolate…from grandma no doubt.

Snooki opened hers next, a lot of hers were clothes but she loved that! Her fashion just went up by a bunch, that’s what she said anyway. From Essence she got a lip piercing kit -_- and from grandma she got chocolates, just like the triplets. The twins were last, pulling out games and electronics, clothes and…chocolate.

As soon as the presents were all open I told them all the plans for the day, starting with each of them aging, and then I told them that they could stay up as long as they want, playing with their toys while I’m out at a Christmas ball, they liked this idea and by 1:00 we were aging them up.

All the 7 children lined up together to take their picture because they wanted to get it done fast so that they could go play with their games and toys. The twins are now adults and are ready to move out whenever, Snooki finally got that lip ring that she’d been wanting for some time…I didn’t approve fully but she did it anyway. The triplets are almost exactly the same as they were as tots and then there is little Tony, his pink hair from my mom, his eyes from me, and everything else from his dad.

I started getting ready for the ball around 5:00 pm, and my dress was an instant hit with the kids, they all crowded around me after I put it on and ooed and ahhed for the longest time. They liked and jewelry too, I had it all made to go with this dress a long time ago.

When Loor showed up, I met him outside, he was decked out in a white and black suit that had a nice little bow tie, I just love those things. He had kissed my hand and said “May I walk you to the car madam?” I walked down the steps and he opened the door to the long limo that he rented for the night, talk about trying to impress.

When we walked into the room, over the loudspeaker a voice announced “And here comes Duke Ronoh and his date, Lady Della Wriner” the band started to play and I looked at Loor confused “Duke? You’re royalty?” he just pushed the question away with “We’ll talk about it later”

He had pulled me into the middle of the dance floor and started dancing to the waltz, I felt like I was moving with satin as we glided across the dance floor, me darting to the bathroom because I felt the back of my dress rip, I could have sworn I was in ruins before a tall woman named Glenda came up to me with a dress in her hands and told me to put it on, I of course didn’t disagree because I could feel my baby bump bulging just a bit more than it was before, when I joined Loor back on the dance floor he asked me what was wrong and I just explained that he shouldn’t have brought a pregnant date. He just laughed and said “I think you’re pretty, no matter what you wear” and then incased my lips in a sweet kiss that about knocked me off my feet.

I could also see that Vanessa was having fun with her date, ooo la la

When the waltz was over, another song started to play and the first thing that ran through my mind was “the tango? At a ball?” Loor saw my confused look and said “Usually they play the tango and if any couple is brave enough to take it on, they win a prize” I smiled slyly as I said “I know the tango”

So a few minutes later, we were on the floor because of course the duke of whatever knew the tango as well as I did. The pregnant lady and the duke being watched by the entire crowd of people who came to the ball..

Of course this dress wasn’t right for the tango but it went well anyway, we ended with heavy breath and lots of clapping, I smiled at Loor who then, leaned down and kissed me again, then said “You’re good”

Later that night, at my house, Loor and I were resting on the couch, he leaned over to touch my baby bump and I told him that the baby should be here any time now, the conversation died soon after, I think it was because of how tired we both were. We both, somehow fell asleep on the couch together, and while we were sleeping, Essence and Geri took the liberty to move themselves out, Essence left a goodbye note on the fridge that said

  “Mom, I love you! Me and Geri left, we’ll visit sometime soon, and oh yah, why is there a guy sleeping with you? Love, Essence”

I laughed at the last part and so did Loor, “I’m sorry I kinda slept on your shoulder” he laughed “But I have something for you” I tilted my head “Something for me?” I said stupidly and he said yes as he led me outside and when I saw the two beautiful, adult horses my chin dropped. “I was hoping that you would like a couple horses, they’re well broken and love children, I breed them and train them, maybe I could even give your kids a couple riding lessons?”

I was astonished, but I about fell to my knees in excitement when a little foal clip clopped around his parents, “I don’t know if I can take care of all of them Loor” I said looking disappointed “I would love to take them all off your hands, but I don’t know” Loor handed me a box and said “Merry Christmas Love” and then left me with just a kiss on my lips. when I opened the box, there was a gift card to my favorite did he know?

I took the horses over to the best grazing spot in the yard and went back into the house, by the time I got through the foyer, the cramps had taken over and I recognized it as labor pain, even though it seems very early for a baby to be coming already…

I had 3 beautiful babies, two girls, and one boy. the one that you see here is Unique, her sister is Frella and her brother is Kyle, I kissed them each goodnight and tucked them in, NOW its time for the messes that the kids left for me…

sorry this post is so short, I've been having game troubles and picture troubles and let me tell you, I just can't catch a break. I hope you all enjoyed this post, this will be the last one with all the naked sex pictures know, it gets boring. Merry Christmas! and have a happy new year :)