Saturday, October 23, 2010

The last pregnancy-Baby 98, 99 and 100

Well this could be the last pregnancy for the Wriner 100 baby challenge, I'm sad to see it end, I cant believe I made it this far, I'm really proud of myself and my amazing Kids

Because I didn't age up the twins and Jaylin in the last update I think I will now

Diamond Picked out a Nice wavy ponytail she loves the shape it gave her face

Emerald Got her dads lips and nose, but my eyes.

Jaylin her hair shorter with long bangs, Most of the time it gets in the way of her Tom-Boy figure

Griffin Has Pale skin, Red and Green hair and Grey eyes, He has Squint eyes and Is a True Cutie

Serendipity has a secret, she wont tell me or her brothers...

She has been arguing with Diamond lately, Get out of the way of the Dishwasher!!

Hey Seren Don't get so defensive!

She has been trying to help out, but She is being really Cranky, Even towards me.

Serendipity, Please tell me whats wrong? Jalin Asked her Best friend and sister

Well I was talking to My boyfriend, Jason and he told me that he likes Jenny more then me!

And Jenny Likes Vrestin, Nathan and Jason, she is Triple dating all of them, and they don't know, I don't want to hurt either of my brothers But Jason ripped out my heart for a Girl that three times all of them, The sad thing is that I'm the only one who knows other then Jenny

Vrestin, Nathan...Do either of you know Jenny Coke? Serendipity Faced her fear
Ummm ya, Nathan said
Yes! she is my girlfriend! Said Vrestin

No she is not! said Nathan, she is my girlfriend
Guys she is Two-timing you and my EX-boyfriend
How can we believe you? Vrestin asked

I'm your sister! Seren pleaded with them
This is a Shock Serendipity! I cant believe how Jealous of my ongoing relationship that you would want to break us up!

But Vrestin, You heard Nathan! its true!
I bet you Put him onto it! because he is jealous too! I know he likes Jenny Coke!

You little Liar!
Please Vrestin! I'm just trying to help!!

He attacked her,
Don't worry, she is pretty tough from Growing up with all older brothers

Hey Guys! Stop it! I yelled at my misbehaving kids
Mom Serendipity Is jealous That i can Keep a Girlfriend longer then she Can keep a Boyfriend
No! Mom Jenny Coke is Cheating on him with Jason and Nathan!

I don't want to hear it right now guys! Get to bed!

Well times a-wastin, I have to Age up the triplets When they wake up, But for now I'm going to do the laundry
There is one thing That I never told anyone, When I brought Strider back from the dead I ate some Ambrosia myself and Went back into Young adult stage of life, That means I have a lot of life left to live with 97 Children

They all lined up to there Birthday Cakes, Just like always

Vrestin's Life time wish Is Home design Hot shot, He keep his hair Parted at the top and He loves riding Motorcycles.

Nathan Mohalked his hair, It goes good with the Daredevil Trait

Serendipity Braided Her hair in four different places, Her eyes are big and Her lips are Plump, she is A beautiful Wriner Girl

Serendipity, Please don't get Into Fights with Your brother!

Ok mom! I will try

I feel so Satisfied, Three more of my beautiful, Responsible And grown up Children are leaving home.

Mommy? Why don't I have a Daddy?
Well sweetie, I'm doing the 100 baby challenge, Witch means I have to have 100 babies with different men, So I cant settle down with one man until its over

Because I love kids so much I wanted alot of them!

Oh! That makes since!

After we finished our conversation I had to go And fix the dishwasher

Ho Ho Ho! I heard from the Kitchen, Ho ho Little girl! Is your mother Home? I believe I'm Looking for Della Wriner

HO HO! You must be Della! I'm Here about the 100 Baby challenge, I want to be a Father for the challenge

You know who I am don't You? Why I'm Santa Clause! I bring your kids gifts every year at Christmas!
Your kids are always so good every year! Please let me Be baby 98's Father!

Well of course! I would never say no to you Santa Sim!

With no time to waist, We went right to it

The Lullaby made this Pregnancy Officially

after Nick Left I Cleaned up the sink

and These three love to swing!

Time to Check in, Austin and Christine Have two more Teenagers, Levi

and Sophie,

Also they have Newly delivered Babies Lukas

and Gary

Awww! Its okay sweetie! I got you!

After settling Griffin down I got him ready to learn to Walk

When I was finished I went out to Tend my garden

I have a lot to water and Weed

Baby Bump day 1

The next day I went over to the Doctor office, My doctor said she wanted to Check in on me and my most recent Pregnancy,

Do you want to know the Gender?
Ummm, Ya sure
Its a...Girl, And its Triplets! Your making your goal of 100!
Thank you so much, Tiff!

When I got home I noticed two men In front of my house, One of them was the man from the park!

Hello, What do you want! I calmly said to Him

Della! That voice was Familiar

Its me Jay! I gave him a Huge hug and Yelled, Jay Jay!

So what is this Guy doing with you?
This is my Business Partner, He wanted to apologize for what he did to you, I'm really sorry about George, He dosen't Really give a Crap about other peoples feelings Or anything Else of there's.
No you are not George!

Della Please forgive me! Let me see my son! Please!!

You sexually abused me! How Stupid do you think i am!
Good bye!

Jay-You know he really meant it...But I understand what you are going through,

Jay Pulled me in and Kissed me just like he did a long time ago, It brought back a lot of memories

But It brought more too! He put more love into this kiss then he ever did when we where Teenagers,

I have been Waiting For you for too long, And now that this is your last pregnancy for your 100 baby challenge I'm Tired of waiting!

What is this about Jay?
Wait one moment...

Della I cant live another second without you!

Will you be my Wife?

Oh! YES YES!!! I will!!

I sat there admiring my ring for a few seconds..

He pulled me into a Huge hug,

The moment was ruined By the pain of labor overcoming my body for the last time for this 100 baby challenge

I had three girls, Jayden


and Finally Baby 100 Azula

Jalin Grew into a Beautiful teenager, She will take over the world with her Charming looks and Attitude

Emerald has wide cheek bones and full lips that go great with her Grey eyes.

Diamond has a Large nose and Blue eyes and Greenish Hair
Finally! It has been a long 6 month Journey, Thank you so much for supporting me All the way through it!
Expect The next post really soon! :D