Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gen 3: A beginning-Babies 2, 3 and 4

"Are you ready?" Doctor Spencer asked me, snapping me back into reality from the daydream that I was envisioning. In the daydream, children surrounded me from every corner. They were hugging me and playing with me. I laughed at the thought of being pregnant again...99 more times before being done with this whole thing all together.
"I think so." I bit my lip as he slightly whispered "This will feel weird, tell me if I hurt you..." I laid my head back on the chair and hummed a tune to myself.

"So...what are your plans from here on out?" Spencer asked when it was all over and done with. "Are you gonna live with your parents for awhile? Kinda stay in the nest with Genesis and the new little one coming?"
I giggled at his attempt to make conversation, but I knew him too well. "I'm moving out sometime after this one is born. The 'rents are letting me hang out for awhile just so I can kinda get used to the whole idea of being a '100 baby challenge mom'...like getting used to that would be easy..." I shuffled my feet and he looked around with nothing more to say..

I walked home whistling to myself and skipping along the trail that I had used so many times coming and going to Aphrodite's house and to school. I brushed my hand through my hair and laughed as I saw little Genesis running towards me as I came up closer. The child was just as feisty as I was and even more excited about seeing me after only a few hours.

"Mom, me and great grandma found a foal! She's so pretty, grandma let me name her. You wanna know what I named her, mom?" I nodded and scooped my little lookalike up into my arms. "I named her Dorito. You know? Like the chips. I thought that would be a funny name for a horse, especially a white one!"
"Did grandma give you pop again?" I sat her down on the heels of her shoes and she trailed right behind me. "Grandma knows not to give me pop. Grandpa gave me a little bit because I bugged him about it over and over."

"Arley Goodman stopped by," Eden said casually while flipping the TV channels. "He said he wants to see you and he has something to give you. He left the flowers on the table for you. Please get rid of them, they're stinking up the whole house." Eden laughed and I picked up the flowers to rub them all over her head just for a few giggles from the both of us. I had gotten along much better with my sister since I've gotten back, its not hard for me anymore though because she takes the time to try to make me feel like she does need me in some sense...even if its a weird one.

When the door to my room closed I dumped the flowers into my trash can and picked out the note attached to the stems. It read "Ande, I realize we haven't talked since before you left but I was just hoping you'd want to hang out some time. Its okay if you don't want to, that's alright. Give me a holler sometime." I read this note once before throwing it with the flowers into the trash. I'm not sure that Arley knows that the last thing I want is a relationship.

As soon as I settled down, I began to think about this whole thing. If I have to give birth to 99 more children the same way that Genesis came then I'll be dead before I get to 5. Right as Genesis' name popped into my mind, she burst through the door with Abel at her heels.
"Hey momma!" She yelled as she kicked the radio and her favorite song blasted through the room and she started to dance. "What are you doing? Raiding the room?" I asked with a laugh on my tongue.
"Dance with us and then it will be a full raid!" Genesis just laughed.

Pregnancy should be easier for me since I've already been through it once, but the dancing made me nauseous and sick...so I sat down on the bed and pretended that I was tired so they wouldn't make me join again. My mom knocked quietly on the door and as soon as she walked in, Abel and Genesis split to go do something else.
"Hey, Ande. Would you mind keeping an eye on Abel and Eden tonight so me and dad can go out on a date?" I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at her, she began to beg. "Ande, me and your dad haven't been out together alone since our honeymoon and even then you were there." I nodded while biting my lip.
"Don't stay out too late and don't get drunk."
"Don't worry about us, we'll be good kids." She laughed and closed the door again so I could be alone for 5 minutes with my thoughts.

So, 100 children that have to go through my house before I can live my life how I want to. The great thing about this is not having to find a new man every time I want a baby. Course, my mom never really gave me a choice on this. How could she name me after her and give me all this work to do before I'm even 20.  I guess that I'll just have to get over it and suck up my own feelings so that I can think about this legacy that I'm upholding.

And woop. There you are, little baby bump. I laid down on the couch as mom and dad left and I began to draw on my stomach. Eden sat on the floor near my feet and laughed at the movie playing on the screen. Abel and Genesis ran around the house playing tag. I made sure to tell them to be careful and not to break anything.

"Ande, can I sit up on the couch with you?" Eden asked looking up at me. I quickly moved my feet over and let her slide up next to me as Genesis jumped onto the table and then back off, landing quietly on her feet just like I used to do when I was a child. "You're bound to be just as good as ballet as your mom over here, Gene." Eden yelled over the Tv.
"Guys, go to your room. Aunt Eden and I have to talk for a few minutes...."
Eden stared at me as soon as the door closed with a very concerned look on her face.
"Eden, I want to ask you a very important question. Its yes or no and I need you to be fully truthful with me..." She continued looking at me and I just smiled. "I'm starting a 100 baby challenge and I want you to be my children's godmother. So if anything happens to me, they'll be in your care."

"You want to trust ME with that? Shouldn't you make Aphrodite their godmother or something? She's older and you trust her more..."

"If you don't want to...then its ok. I'll ask Aph...You were my first choice to take care of my children though."
She poked me in the shoulder and whispered...

"Yeah...I'll do it. But you have to promise that you won't let anything happen to you."

"I promise..." She smiled as I took her hand and kissed it. Then I got up slowly and put the kids to bed before heading there myself.

"This is what happens when they stay out to late..." I sighed as mom shifted in dads arms. "They're really cute when they're sleeping..." Eden sighed and laughed while scrunching her nose.
That was the moment I realized that I left my children to the girl who's mind is corrupt. This girl needs some quality time with reality and a good lesson on what not to do with your life and that would be give it away to a man who would do anything to hurt you. The only exception to this is daddy.

"These children are gonna make your hardened heart soft again Ande. You can't let that happen." I pulled my hand over the scars on my back once again. "You were tortured and beat until you could hardly walk on your own. You had your dignity striped away from you too many times to count. No silly sissy games and mom can say  whatever she wants. I'm doing what I wish with this challenge and no one can stop me from doing exactly that."

"I'm absolutely thrilled to say that you're carrying triplets." Dr. Spencer felt around my stomach while smiling and nodding. "Perfectly healthy triplets. Nothing a fine woman like yourself couldn't handle. It'll be about 20 hours now before you go into labor so I highly suggest going home and getting a good dinner, warm bath maybe, and a long nights sleep. You'll be perfectly fine tomorrow."
I bit my lip and nodded at him while he checked my stomach and temperature one last time.

"Will it be as bad as last time?" I asked, my hands shaking in fright of what might be to come in the morning.

"It's always pretty bad but not quite as bad as the first time. Pretty soon, you will be used to it...I hope."
I collected my items and in fear, returned home.

"He said it was triplets and they'd be here tomorrow.." I sighed as mom and dad stared at each other in concern. "He told me to get some rest, eat, and relax a little."

"You go on, sweetheart." Dad said, beckoning me in for a hug. "When you wake up, I'll get you some breakfast and then you can watch TV until they decide its time." He rubbed my back a little in order to calm down my shaking and it worked...Both of them could easily see that I was scared and wasn't ready for this again.
"We'll be here to help you, we promise..." Mom implied, taking my hand. "Just call us if you need us...okay?" I replied with a simple "Alright." and went off to my room.

I got into bed without changing or even taking out my contacts. I was intent on sleeping right away, but it seems like babies 2, 3 and 4 had a different idea.
"Mom, dad...Babies want out." Is all that I said and soon enough, they were by my side holding my hands... and in all honesty, I wouldn't want it any other way.

By the time it was over and done with, I was the mother of 3 brand new baby girls named Aanjay, which means "unconquerable." Aaralyn, which means "with song."And finally Aaleahya which means "Sunshine."
 Spencer was right, not quite as bad as the first time but I will never like the feeling of labor. I have 96 more to go and hopefully I'll get used to it someday...hopefully.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gen 2 throwback: Best friends five-ever

"C'mon kid. Come play with aunty Nessa." Della Eve toddled away from Vanessa Wood while her mother sat in the background watching. "Della Eve! Get your blue haired butt over here."
When Vanessa finally caught her, Della was tired and worn out. Vanessa pulled her up into her arms and cradled her there while the child fell asleep...This was before everything. Della Eve was an innocent little baby with nothing on her slate yet...We all knew it wouldn't stay this way.

As baby Della grew older she always had 4 people by her side. Mom (Della A), Dad (Jay), Aunty Nessa, and Jay jr. Even when things got tough and mommy didn't always come upstairs to tell her goodnight or teach her something new. One night, she didn't see mommy for a long time and started to get worried... But soon enough, aunty Nessa came back again and took care of her.

"You're the only one of mommies friends that I've ever met besides aunt Liz. But she's actually daddies sister." Della sat at the table across from her mommies best friend and thought "I wish I had a best friend." But honestly had no clue of the potential of her best friend being the exact person that she knew she could rely on that entire time.

Occasionally, Della would get held up at home with Hope and Jared and she'd want everyone out of the house for at least an hour. So, Della Eve would pull Vanessa until she gave in and took her on a walk.
"So, when Jay came in the house covered in mud, mom was like 'JAYYYYY GET CLEAN.' And I sat on the couch laughing my butt off at how he looked. It was the best day ever." Vanessa held Della's hand as she ran around Bridgeport, her childhood hometown.
"Hey! Girl..." a little boy called Della from the side of the street. "Hey, I've got something really cool to show you!" The child's green hair lit up as the sunlight hit it and curiously, Della wandered over.

"Look at this.." The boy said with a giggle before holding up a small butterfly with a broken wing that was hanging on to his finger for dear life. "I just found him by the side of the street...He needs help."
Della looked into the small boy's violet eyes and Vanessa eyed the butterfly with caution.

"Adam, come on dear. You've done enough flirting with those girls." Della grasped Vanessa's hand as the little boy ran away with a sadish look on his face. "Bye..." Della Eve held out her hand and watched him disappear with his mother who looked almost exactly like him.

"Aunt Nessa, when I grow up...Will you promise to be there forever? Even just to hold my hand through the tough stuff?" The woman laughed and pulled the small child into her arms. Kissed her cheek and replied "Your mommy and I are best friends...and that makes us best friends forever and ever."

Della Eve took Nessa's words to heart and no matter what she went through, aunty Nessa was there. Della had it rough as a teenager. Not quite as rough as her future heir would have later on...But Della was forced to make a decision that would change the course of her life forever. And baby 1, Travis Wriner was born...Starting gen 2 of this 100 baby legacy...And as promised...Vanessa Wood was there the entire time.

 leading up to baby 100....

Della's wedding....

And even little Ande's upbringing.

Things may change and become a little harder than they were before, but no matter what happens...I'll always keep my best friend in my heart even though we can't be together at all times....

"Together forever, never apart...Maybe in distance but never at heart."

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gen 3: Tough

 Days were gloomy on the island after that night. Almost like the sun didn't want to shine there. The only source of happiness for my family was the happiness that we made on our own and even it was scarce. Della never stopped crying and telling me that she doesn't care what I say, she implies that it was all her fault but I know better than that.

"Cause of death?"
"Heart failure."
"Oh goodness, that ought to be hard on your family...how is Della taking it?"
"No one is really taking it too well...it's been hard on all of us. Especially Ande's little girl, Genesis."
"Did anyone see it coming at all? Couldn't the doctor predict something like that and stop it?"
"Obviously not."
"Mr. Langly, I'm not trying to make you talk about this, but I am your therapist and you're paying me to sit here and ask you these questions that are supposed to take the sadness off your shoulders. If you would please, just open up a little?"

I looked at her with the sadness apparent in my eyes. "My daughter died. I'm not paying you to take the sadness away...It'll never go away. I just really need someone to talk to without seeing the same sadness  that I have to look at everywhere else."
"You can't expect everyone to just give up the sadness not even a week after Ande has passed..." I sighed and pushed myself off the couch "I'm not expecting for anyone to give up being sad. I just need someone that isn't." I walked out of the office, swearing under my breath. Aren't therapists supposed to listen to you? Well, I felt completely ignored.

"Nessa, Kalyn, Amber...do you think you could help arrange the flowers in Ande's room?" Was the first thing I heard when I walked in the door and I thought "Great...Della's got her friends over." I did my best to ignore them all, the last thing I need is a bunch of women crying.

But Amber caught me by the sleeve and pulled me into the little circle that quickly formed. "Adam, we aren't here to soak your shoulders or cry all over the place. We're here to help you get ready for tomorrow...If you think you can't handle the funeral then its okay...Ande would understand." I smiled at all 3 of them before ducking out of the circle and heading to me and Della's room, where I can be sad in peace.

The morning was horrible...I didn't want to get out of bed just to go see my daughters dead body being laid 6 feet under the cold ground but I had to...I know that if it was me, Ande would be there and just because the world was falling apart by its seams doesn't mean I can skip my own daughters funeral. Eden helped Genesis and Abel get dressed while Della and I finished up the last of the preparations for the guests who would be sharing our house with us for a few hours after the service.

When I walked into the church, I felt sick instantly. I didn't want to be here...I don't know if I could handle it, but Eden and Della each grabbed one of my hands and walked me through the church slowly. My heart had started to go numb again when I saw her laying there in the front of the church. Her white casket was open and she looked so beautiful and peaceful. Her pale blue eyes closed to the cruel world that put her here...

She is a vision in purple...absolutely beautiful and even death couldn't change that...Death couldn't take away her beauty.


OH COME ON GUYS! I'm not that evil -_- If you believed any of this for even a second then I'm gonna smack you over the head. Ande can't die! She's got a legacy to fulfill. This is how it REALLY happened....

"DELLA! CALL THE DOCTOR!" I screamed as Ande's heart monitor started to change...as the line quickly straightened, I put my hands straight over her heart and began pumping it in order to get her heart rate back up. Della came bursting through the door and when she saw it she began to freak out. My arms were getting tired but I didn't stop...I couldn't..

"Dammit Ande! Stay strong...." I kept pushing and pushing until I was pushed aside by doctor Spencer who pulled out something that he quickly plugged into the wall. I didn't know what it was, I'm not a doctor. But he pressed it to a spot just above her heart and it sent a shock straight through her that must have worked because her heart rate was going up.

I sighed with relief and plopped down on a chair, breathing heavy, cheeks stained with tears. Right before this had happened, I was getting ready to go to bed but now I couldn't leave...if something else happened then Ande could be gone, quick as a wink...But little did I know, something did happen.

My tiredness got the best of me and I fell asleep with Ande's hand in mine and Della's head on my shoulder. But I, being the light sleeper that I am, was woken up by someone moving Ande's hand out of mine. "What?" I woke up with random useless words on my lips but was looking right into a pair of Sapphire blue eyes.

"Mornin' sleepy head." Ande weakly smiled her little half smile and tried to sit up tall with pride, just like I had always known her to do, but it wasn't working. Her fragile body wasn't letting her.
"Ande...You're awake.." I smiled and stood up, holding out my arms and with as much speed as she could handle...she shoved herself into them and I held my little girl close at last...She was finally safe.

"Don't leave us again." I managed to spit out through the tears of joy running down my face. I almost was in too much shock to feel Della touch my back gently and then wrap her arms around both me and Ande.
It was late but Eden must have heard the commotion from where she was sitting on the couch by herself watching TV because soon enough it was a whole family reunion going on in Ande's room...because at last....we were a complete family.

*Ande, 3 weeks later*

"Eden, you'd just love how beautiful Bridgeport looks from across the bridge. The lights illuminate the water like you'd never believe. And the sparkles of the stars that we can see so well here...you can't see at all" I tried for Eden, to remember the parts of Bridgeport that were beautiful. None of it seemed really beautiful to me when she had asked, but remembering the lights and sound of people doing anything they wished on the big city streets had made me wish that I had gotten to see more of those things that people take pictures of when they explore the city.
 I had spent most of the time in a basement.

I rocked Genesis to sleep with a sigh resting on my tongue, it hadn't even been 2 months yet since I've been back on this island and I still felt like I hadn't been back long enough. The peacefulness of the entire place rested on my shoulders and I felt like I was allowed to sleep in every morning and wake up when my little girl jumped on me saying "Momma, wake up before I have to go get gammah." I would smile and pull her into my arms and we would cuddle there until she got tired of it.

Usually then, my mom would come in and sit on the edge of my bed and we'd talk. One morning we sat and talked for almost 3 hours. Today she had something on her mind and I was pretty sure I knew what. When she started talking, I knew I was exactly right. "Ande, you're a third generation Wriner. You know that right....You're first born and you're named after me and your grandmother. I'm going to only ask you this once and you can answer right away or you can think about it..." She paused to make sure I was listening and when I nodded, she went on. "I want you to take on the 100 baby challenge."

I looked at her pleadingly, begging her not to make me go around and sleep with 100 different men for this challenge. It means morning sickness and cravings. This challenge meant labor pains that had the chance of being worse than my first pregnancy. "I'll do it." I said with a huff. "But I'm playing by my own rules. That means no men. You read my diary, I know that you know exactly what I'm thinking." She looked confused but I was going somewhere with this. "Artificial insemination. I won't do it any other way."

"Fair enough...You can do it your way. The line extends with you, Ande. You're the heir to this legacy and it's all yours to do what you want with it. I have faith in you. Oh, and I want you to take a class for women who have been violated. I never took it and I should have...Just be glad that you have a mother who cares...someday you'll thank me for it...I promise."

Gen 3: Hope

"Ande, please, wake up..." Aphrodite begged, staring at her best friend. "I should have done more to keep you from going to Bridgeport. I shouldn't have let you go..." Aphrodite couldn't help but blame herself, all that she could think of how things could have been if she prevented Ande from going onto that boat. "I never let on how much I really needed you, Ande. I never told you how much your friendship meant to me and how I wish you would have taken me with you just so I could help keep you safe." Aphrodite sighed and sat her hand on the bed, pulling her chair closer. "I wish you knew how much I need you now."
"Ande," Aphrodite choked out looking at Ande's heart monitor, "I love you, you're my best friend... I don't know where I'd be right now without you... Probably in your position I think... Without you, I'm like... I'm like a pool without water or something. I need you... Please, I know you can't speak, but... Just don't give up."

She shifted in her seat and ran her hand through Ande's hair a couple times, admiring her best friend whom she hadn't seen in far too long. And now that she had, she didn't want to look at her anymore. the pain and torture written on her face....it was all so obvious. Aphrodite couldn't look away though. Ande was put through hell and it was taking full effect now, hitting her dreams, where all her fears came true over and over again. 

"When I heard that you were back, I ran here. I couldn't contain myself...I was so happy...Until I ran into Riley.  She said, and I quote 'That whore of a best friend of yours is back AND GET THIS....She's got a kid.' I wanted to bash her face in...but keeping up the act was more important for you, Ande....

Genesis, she looks so much like you, she's gorgeous Ande, I can't wait for you to see her... I know you'll love her! She's sweet and feisty just like you," Aphrodite let out a deep breath, "I really don't know why I'm crying, I know you'll be okay," She wiped the tears beneath her eyes. "You'll be okay, Ande, I promise, and I've never broken a promise with you." 

"I do need to get this out of my system, and your the only one who would ever listen... You're a good listener. Sometimes. But I don't know what to do Ande...My brain tells me one thing but my heart says another...I'm not in love with Riley...but I'm making her believe that I am for reasons that I can't understand. I know you would never approve of this...How could I even let myself any do anything like this? The torment stopped, though...the second she believed that I liked her that way." Aphrodite sighed, "I feel so bad..." 

 "Do you not realize how much you have to live for? I'm looking at you, and you're just so amazing and wonderful but you've been hurt by people who can't even help themselves....Those people destroyed you. Just look at your beautiful daughter...she's so much like you. She's strong and beautiful, just like her momma. Ande...please...we need you here.." Aphrodite began to sob into her hands, her heart cracked straight through the middle and she was coming undone at the seams....
Aphrodite grabbed a tissue off of Ande's nightstand to wipe her eyes with, "Dammit Ande, you made my makeup run." She laughed, looking at the black eyeliner smudged on the tissue. 

"Knock knock..." Eden said, slowly making her way into the room, "Would you mind if I spent a little while with my sister? I won't be that long..." Eden asked Aphrodite, "Yeah, sure," Aphrodite said, getting up out of Ande's desk chair. As Aphrodite made her way out of the bedroom, she stopped Eden, "Stay strong, kiddo." Eden nodded, she walked over to the chair and plopped herself down. 

"Just thought you'd like to know how interesting your diary is, but I didn't realize how much you talked about me in this... I always thought you hated me. Let's face reality, I wasn't the nicest person to you. I guess that's why I thought you hated me. I'm sorry Ande, I really do love you... I've never showed it, I've always been so bitchy towards you and the guilt keeps me up at night, it really does... 

 Your the best sister I could ever ask for, I swear. But someday, when your up and happy again, I want you to tell me about the dance studio in Bridgeport, all the bright lights, all the parties and your memories! The good ones I mean... You make everything sound so exciting! Like, life must of been so thrilling for you. But here, it was just so... So Normal, and blah. But I guess who knows what is normal anymore. Ever since you came back home life has been anything but normal." Eden suppressed a sad sigh before looking at her sister.

"I just don't understand why you were always so nice to me even though I was so mean to you... I just can't get that off my mind. How could I be so evil to someone like you who has been nothing but amazing to this entire world, even those who have hurt you in ways that could never be forgiven. I read your diary and I just can't believe that you had to go through all of this..." Eden looked at Ande, while tears streamed down her face, but she didn't care. "Please get better Ande, I don't want to lose you, I need you, I love you..." 

"Eden, I'm sorry to intrude, but the doctor has to check Ande, he shouldn't be too long..." Della said, walking up to Eden to give her a soft and loving hug. "Go on ahead..." Eden sighed, hoping to spend more time with her sister who she was sure needed the company.

The doctor walked over to examine Ande's weak, fragile body. He asked Adam's help to lift Ande up to check out the scars on her back to see how well they were healing, "They seem to be healing slowly but surely, the infection has decreased majorly, it should be completely healed by next week if my calculations are correct."  As Adam stepped back Doctor Spencer carefully laid Ande back down, supporting her neck and avoiding her cuts. As he tried removing his hands from underneath her neck he suddenly felt a lump on the back of her head, "What is this...?"

Della and Adam sat in the corner watching as he moved her head up and examined it carefully. He sighed and laid her back down gently. "Is there any way I could see that diary? Does she ever mention falling and hitting her head?" 

Della and Adam looked at each other concerned and Della handed him the book. 
"She mentions falling down a flight of stairs and hitting her head at the bottom...and I think she may have been confused afterward because she talks about seeing me..." 
Doctor Spencer flipped the page to where it explains everything and sat there, deep in every word. "Your daughter is very descriptive. This doesn't sound like confusion to me." He sighed and beckoned them to a couch where they quickly sat and listened carefully. "At the hospital, we've done studies on special genes that have merged together to create a sort of...power. When your daughter fell and hit her head that started a sort of...revolution in her brain and it threw her back in time. I know that this sounds crazy but its true. Just look at the truth in her words in that diary. Have you ever seen your daughter before she was born or when she was younger?"

Both Della and Adam nodded and they looked at each other weirdly as if neither of them even knew that the other had seen her. "I was 17 years old when I saw her." Adam started, "I could have sworn she was my sister, but Andria wasn't that beautiful. She didn't have purple eyes and that's what gave it away. She actually looked almost exactly how she looks now, short hair, almost scared looking." The doctor looked at Della expectantly and waited for her story. "I saw Ande for the first time when I was on baby 55 of my 100 baby challenge. I was in Bridgeport with my friends and she showed up in our building."

"And were you dressed from head to toe in pink?" Spencer asked as he scratched his chin and all Della did was nod.

"Whats the deal with you and Riley? I thought you guys hated each other?" Aphrodite and Eden lounged on the couch, waiting for their turn to talk to Ande again. "Oh, that." Aph leaned back on the couch with a aggravated smirk resting on her lips. "I'm not really a lesbian, it's just an easy way to get out of being tormented. I think I've kinda got Riley being a bit nicer to people too..." Aphrodite trailed off, searching her brain for more words to explain exactly what was going on to a tiny 14 year old. "I'm tricking Riley into thinking that she's in love with me." Aphrodite laughed and brushed her hair out of her face. 

Aphrodite looked over her shoulder and Riley was standing right there with a look on her face that suggested that Aphrodite actually did hit her hard somewhere around the heart area. But the fact that a Riley has no heart is a major factor in this "heartbreak." that we're talking about. "Aph! I thought we had something. But you wanna know what? I don't care. you were a lousy girlfriend anyway. I swear that you WILL rue the day that you ever crossed me." Aphrodite looked at Eden with a raised eyebrow and broke out laughing. "NICE KNOWING YAH!" She yelled behind Riley who had kicked the little dog in the front yard. Aphrodite and Eden gave each other a quick high five and howled their lungs off, just waiting for Della and Adam to come figure out what on earth was going on.

"There are things people say, and then there are things that people mean...Its the same way with actions. I've heard people say that when a boy picks on a girl it means that he likes her...Well, its true, only I don't like you Ande. I love you. I can't stand seeing you hurt like this. The only way for me to make anything up to you now is for me to sit here and tell you the true feelings in my heart." Arley laid his head back on the couch, millions of thoughts racing though his mind.

"You know, if you were awake right now and would remember it...I would probably kiss you." He stood up and pulled her tiny, fragile hand into his and dropped down to his knees. He pressed his lips to her hand once and then pushed himself onto his feet once again. He told himself not to do it because if she had died, he would remember it forever and memories like that aren't ones you want to keep forever. But he did it anyway. He cupped her face in his hands and just barely touched his lips to hers before letting go of her pale face and walking away....Unknowing that it would probably be his last...and hers.

The last person to usually visit Ande's room every night is Adam. Most times he'll fall asleep with his head resting on the side of her bed. He spent countless hours just talking to his first born daughter. He would sing lullaby's to her and tell her how much he loved her. Della watched through a crack in the door with tears welling up in her eyes. Adam would sit next to her for hours and laugh about old stories and when times were so much simpler and happier. He would remind her of how happy their family was when she was younger, but nothing ever changed.


I settled on the couch and threw my feet up on the coffee table and switching on the TV even though Eden had her nose deep in a book. The night was peaceful enough...Ande hadn't shown any signs of improvement but Adam and I had faith. Adam never left her side, talking to her even though there are many times when I'd let him know that her brain cant really soak up the info. 

Finally settled, I fell asleep sitting on the couch when Adam started to scream "DELLA! CALL THE DOCTOR!" I rushed into the room with a small bite of hope that she finally woke up.. But that was the exact opposite...I hadn't heard Adam sob in the longest time...But as he was standing over Ande, pushing on her chest trying to get her heart started, tears were poring down his face and he was saying over and over again "No...Ande, please...Stay strong!"
 and the machine emitted a single, high, continuous tone.

Before I end this post, I need to bring to all you guys' attention that most of this post was written by the amazing Laura Lake (Kalyn Waine) Now, tell me you aren't freaking proud of this girl. This post was so amazingly written and I couldn't ask for any better. I'd like to give you the link to her blog that is just as amazing as she is. And now, you may leave your feedback below...<3 Thank you Laura, and thank you to everyone who reads this :)