Monday, November 29, 2010

A New Us!

For another Pageant I entered this Picture!

But It was time for me to take a Bath

and Do my Hair

I Put In Extensions and Colored my hair Blue and Purple

I grabbed a Sandwich and Ate It on the Couch

Ok so Now I'm sporting and New style, Color and Outfit!

Its time to Clean up the Dishes from Dinner

I got a Call Later that Day from The people who have Built all my houses for me! K-Constructions

They said that My house was all finished and I could Move in whenever

Is that My wife? Jay said to me In his Usual Flirty tone

I love the Color But What If we have another Baby? Wouldn't you want it to have your Pink hair?

Of Course I would! But I Like Change every once in a While!

I love it! He said with a Kiss

Me too!

We decided We would Move tomorrow! That gives us A tiny bit more Time to Enjoy Our apartment, And all its Perks!

I Played the Drums for a While

I had a Drink...But then

My stomach Expanded and I felt Little Feets Kicking at My stomach!

I decided To go Into the Park and Played my Drums!

I Earned a Cleb Point

When I got Home Nicki Told Me that she Got a Promotion...

So I asked her to Tell me my Baby's Gender!

Umm...Its a...Boy!

~Jay's Point of View~

This Is a Great Moment!! My Daughter just told my Wife that She was Pregnant

and we are Having a Boy!

I sat on the Couch And watched TV while Waiting For her To Come and Sit by me

~Vanessa's Point of View~

I was sitting in the Hot tub when I saw through the Window My Successful Sister Telling my mom that she was Having a Boy!

Oh Yay!! Nicki Was Coming to Join me!!

She looked Cute in her Swimsuit!

Hey sis! Whats up? I asked her
Mom Is having a Boy! She said

Oh wow!! Thats Great! I Exclaimed
I know! I wonder what they are gonna name it! Nicki said

~Della's Point of View~

Hmm..Mulit-Gender? I asked myself looking at A watermelon

I think so...

I sat Next to Jay and He said "So Do you have Names picked out?

Because I was thinking of something Special!

Jay? I think Its Time!

We packed up Everything we own (Witch wasn't much) and Moved to our new house!
Here it is! Our New home!

In the Basement there are Two Rooms and Two Bathrooms

On the Second Floor there Is a Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room

On the Third Floor there are Two Bedrooms and One Bathroom

and On the Top floor is Me and Jay's Bedroom and A nursery for the new babies

OH MY GOSH!! Nicki and Vanessa said Together, Its so Pretty!!

They Decided that there rooms HAD to be right Next to Each others

Then They Decided that they would Go Clubbing and Meet boys! they Gave each other a Hug and Went to find there rooms

They Picked the Ones on the First Floor That Are right Next to Each other

Do you See this Honey? I said, This Is our Future!

Oh wow Dells!! Jay Said while Rubbing my Tummy

I know! Its been so Long! I told him as he Felt my Stomach

It seems that You get Prettier Every time I see you! He said

Well then your Eyes are Going! I said while Laughing

What do you say we go Inside, Its getting Kinda cold out!

Oh Gosh I'm Tired! I flopped on the Couch and Fell asleep

Jay Started Dinner While I slept

Until his Phone Rang...A huge Voice Came on the other Line, He said


Jay Hung up the Phone because he Knew it was His dad and also the Last Person he would Give Elizabeth's Number to...

Hey Lizzie, I was Just Calling to See how Everything was going! Jay said
Is something Wrong Jay? She asked him
Well Dad Just Called...He asked for your number...More Like Yelled for your Number...Did you block him from your Phone?

Of Course I did JayJay! Don't worry! It won't Happen Again! That was a Long Long Time ago!! Take Care of your Family! I will come over Soon! She said Good bye and Hung up,
But Butch's Phone Call had him on End

Daddy? Whats Wrong? Nicki Asked him on her way to go Get a Snack

Its Nothing Nicki, He said as he walked away

I Enjoy taking Nice warm Baths, It helps Ease my mind

Dang it! He said as he Burnt the Waffles! Why Can't I think straight!

He sat down to Eat and He Burnt himself on the Waffles! I need to get this Out!! He said, I need to talk to Dells about this!

I came out of the Bathroom and Saw him sitting alone eating, I knew something was Going on!!

Jay? Is there Something Wrong? I asked him

Yes! He said, There is Something Wrong!

What Is It? I asked
You know my Dad?
Yes...I know your dad! I said, What Happened?
All my Life he has been trying to Kill me and Lizzie

Oh my Gosh! I Gasped, Why?
They Never wanted us! They thought that Life was Better without Us and They wanted That back!
Its okay! They Can't find you now! We live far away from them! I tried to Cheer him up!

But thats the Thing! He said, They can find me!! They always Could! And they always will! I don't know Why they Do But they Do!!

Aww Give me a Hug big guy!! I felt Bad that He felt so Scared of his Parents

He pulled me In and Hugged me! He was Stroking my hair, I started to Cry a bit...But I stopped before Jay Noticed

Its okay! You have me!

Jay went to go Get a Tiny bit of Sleep, I sat in Awe of How Big I was Getting! I have missed this So much!!

I made myself a Hamburger While just waiting to Go into Labor

Fun Flipping my Burger...


and Over again

It was a Really good Burger and I wish I had more!!

I had After I was Finished I Cleaned up all the Dishes

How are those babies doing? Vanessa asked

Your New Brother and Sister Are on there way! I told her

I went to Make sure the Room was Ready for the Baby that could be here any moment! It was Perfect!!

I went to bed.

Nicki Made herself some Dinner

In the Morning the First thing I did was start to Clean

Jay, Nicki, Vanessa and I decided to Put Up our Christmas Tree

Oh!! Looking good!!

I felt that Sapping Pain that I used to be so Used to!

I was In labor

I was Super calm

Even When i Realized That Jay Just Stepped out of the House...That Puts out the Idea of Going to the Hospital

I have a New Boy! I named him Jay! After his Daddy!

I put my new Little boy in his Crib...

And went into labor again!

I had a Girl! And I named her after me! Meet the New Della Wriner!

I put her to bed, This is a Exciting moment for me because one day...The new Della...Will Uphold my Legacy!