Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby 10,

Woohoo, another Big Birthday Bash! for all my kids, Melanie Felicity and Gracie are gonna be teens Justin will be a Child And Ash and Elinha will be Toddlers! this is so exciting!!! all of my kids have always loved Birthday parties! and another thing, as soon as my girls grow up i will complete my lifetime wish!

Felicity Grew up to be a Hopeless romantic and she lost all her baby fat, she also started wearing makeup as most teens do, she has my eyes, her dads face and hair color. you can find her here

Melanie Grew up with the Genius trait, And silver hair like Me, and blue eyes the also look like mine but she still has her dads face just like her sister she also started wearing makeup you can find her here

Gracie Grew up with the childish trait, she Looks the most like me, she is also sporting the same hairstyle as me! she has darker skin than me she gets that from her Dad, she has my blue eyes and Silver hair just like me, you can find her here,

Justin has silver hair just like all his sibling and me!

Ash Looks just like his daddy, Coolbluperso he didn't get any of his looks from me!

But Elinha Looks like me, She looks just like I did when I was her age. with beautiful blue eyes and Silver hair, which most of my kids have!

I decided to Put out a Ad for the next father, I got hundreds of responses! but one I found very interesting, his name was Emerson Sierra, he said that his mom (Cadence Sierra) is also doing the 100 baby challenge, and he was looking to be the father of another mothers baby, I e-mailed him and asked him to come over, he agreed fully to be the next father with no your the famous Cadence's son? I asked

I made him dinner, we had Pancakes! yummmm...

Then I confessed my attraction to him and we kissed, looks like we're ready for the bed!

We got down to it, in a few moments time we had conceived!

guess who came to call! Baby 1 Jasmine

she looked about ready to burst! she was huge with pregnancy, she was beaming!

Gracie and Felicity still get into Fights

Gracie still wins every time!

one of my new famous paintings!

Here I'm teaching Ash how to Walk.

We're planing to move soon this is our new house, its not quite finished yet.

Mum do We have to move? Melanie Asked, I'm sorry girls but we HAVE to move.

I just got the E-mail that our new house is done! so we're moving.
Lets take a tour of the new house!
This is the living room

The kitchen

My bedroom, this bed is gonna get a lot of use!

The master Bathroom

the dining room

the fun room

Upstairs: the Boys bathroom

the Girls Bathroom

The baby boys room

the Baby Girls room

The older kid's room

The relaxing room.

Outside: My wonderful garden

The pool

The kid's play area

The birthday party area

And last but not least, the Fishing pond!

Felicity Hated being beat up by Gracie, so she Went down to the Gym, PAST CURFEW!

"i don't want to be second to my sister" she said to herself. Get stronger, beat my sister, get stronger beat my si- WEEWOOOWEEOOo.

Come with us your out past Curfew.

WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?? GOING OUT PAST CURFEW??? I yelled at the top of my voice, I-i wanted to get stronger, by going to the Gym and Using the Machines!

Why didn't you use the Machines here at home??? Because I Didn't want Grace to Know.
Well your grounded. that was the end of the Conversation.

There at it again! thought Melanie, BOO! AHHHHHHH!!! what did you do that for Felicity? Because i don't like you!

Well at least I'm not a snob like you!!!

Well at least I'M not childish like YOU!


I WON, I WON! Felicity yelled at the top of her voice!

I Know now how it feels to always be beat up, and I'm sorry. Can we be friends?

Oh Ok your forgiven. Friends? Said Felicity, Friends! said Gracie

Today I got my baby bump! just as sweet as ever.

The girls are so helpful when it comes to the Twins.

Time for another of our Moonlit birthday parties! Independence is coming the Triplets way!

Gracie was the first to grow up.

Then Felicity

Then Melanie

Gracie Inherited my since of style

Felicity Has her dads Plump face, but she is still beautiful in her own exotic way.

Melanie is bigger than the other two but she has a heart of gold.

I hugged each of my girls Goodbye...

so they could move on with there lives...

And find husbands to support them.

I will visit often, I told Gracie

Ok mum, so will we!

I went over to Jasmines house today.

To visit her, VJ and my first Grand daughter Lydia.

Hi Lydia, I'm your Grandma! but after visiting for 10 minutes They all had to leave.

I went home and worked in the Garden for some Extra money. I hummed as I worked

I ran upstairs to go to the bathroom, when all of the Sudan, SHARP PAINS!!! the baby Is coming I yelled, and with out any time to rush to the Hospital...

It came, A little blue baby girl...I named her Astoria!

That's all for now but see you next time