Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gen 3- Confusion

The world is screwed up. I ran away from home to get away from torment and hurt and ran right into the arms of torture and hell. I had a baby growing slowly inside of me and I swore that I would never have kids. Everything that I have ever done and everything that I have never done is a wreck. My life is headed straight into a ditch, and maybe someday they'll find me.

Now that I was somewhat allowed to roam the house, my skin was slowly changing back to it's normal shade. Although I was definitely more healthy than I was before I was pregnant, I was never fed enough to keep me going. You know, you'd really think that someone would treat the mother of his child a bit better considering the fact that the baby needs food too.

"I finally have a good one! The fetus is growing at a tremendous rate and before I know it, I'll have a heir to my legacy!" I listened to Smith brag about the baby inside of me as I rubbed my belly. It wasn't showing much change at all, or not that I could tell anyway.

Before I could even pay attention to what I was doing, I was closing my eyes and slipping into sleep.

 Little did I know that I traded the most important part of the conversation for just a little time to energize my body.

"The girl? Ha, you shouldn't even ask. Same as the others! As soon as she's given birth and I have the baby in my arms, I'll slit her throat and dump her on the beach. Seems easy enough."

Although I may have missed this slight amount of useful information, the maid didn't.

One day later, I found out everything that I didn't know. The shaky little maid was biting her nails and every time she heard a noise, she'd jump as if someone was behind her ready to pounce.
She kept asking me if my outfit was the best choice. I could tell something was bothering her but she acted as if she couldn't spit out the words that were burning her tongue.

 I felt bad for her. I wanted to give her a hug and let her know that I cared because she had been the only one to care about me, whether she could help me or not.

"You can't have this baby." She whispered as she pressed her lips against my ear, trying to be as quiet as possible. "If you do, he'll only kill you! Oh, just like the others.." She kept muttering things she had heard while I nodded and tried to pay attention. It wasn't easy listening to someone tell you that you were going to be murdered.

She grabbed my arms and gave me the most pitiful look as I snapped back to reality. Her eyes darted back and forth as if she was trying to make sure nobody was watching. With one deep breath, she muttered that she was sorry and gave me a forceful shove that sent me spiraling down the stairs.

It took me just a few moments to realize what she was doing, but by that time, it was too late. The pain flew through me as I hit each stair and tumbled down them. The minute my head hit the last step, everything went black as the feeling I had been longing for finally came to me.



When my eyes opened, I was blinded. All I saw was a bright light and for a moment, I actually wondered if people do walk towards the light when they die like in all the corny movies.

 It took me about five minutes to realize that the "bright light beckoning me to death" was just the sun shining through the window.

Huh, I could have sworn it was night time.

Depending on what the heck was going on,I couldn't wrap my brain around the thought that nobody had noticed me laying at the bottom of the stairs after a whole day. I raised my arms and scanned over them and to my surprise, I didn't find one single cut or bruise on them.

The fall hurt, sure, but I was laying here completely uninjured and alive. Janet's intentions were for my own good, though, and I knew that. If I was even near as brave as her, I would have done the same.

I knew something was different the second I stood up. My head felt like it had just been pulled out of a tornado and my balance was off. The view though was what got me the most...Instead of the front windows of the mansion, I saw down a long hallway into a closed elevator that was working its way upstairs slowly. The walls were tiled and there was one small window behind me where the light was bursting in through.

"What is this?" I bellowed, echoing down the hallway. "Some kind of trap? Am I being played for a fool?"

But no one answered. I was alone and free...I looked around the deserted hallway to make sure there were no cameras and I started to press forward.
The elevator door flew open right as I rounded the corner near the door to what looked like a hotel room. I fixated my eyes on the woman dressed in head to toe in pink.

She was too familiar looking. though her eyes glowed white instead of the blue that I'm used to and her skin was much more pale...this was mom. She looked me over with a puzzled look on her face and just nodded and smiled as she passed me in the hallway, reaching for the door.

The elevator had to have opened at least 3 times before someone actually stepped out of it again. People I had known all my life passed right by me without a second glance. My own mother looked me over, could she not see how pale and skinny I am? Did she care that I've been gone almost a whole year? I guess not, because here she is, dressed in pink and having fun with all of her friends.

Enraged, I ran into the elevator and punched the buttons with all my force, taking myself back down to the lobby. I WILL catch her eye again and if she doesn't recognize me then I'll MAKE her recognize me. And if she doesn't care? I'll MAKE her care.

But...I missed every single chance that I could. I never saw her again over a course of three days. I should have reached out to her the first time I saw her...Begged her to take me home where it's safe...But I didn't...too much shock was traveling through my veins and felt like a drug.

The happiness that it left faded quickly though and I was left with nothing but myself, this baby and the streets of Bridgeport. "I'm going to wake up tomorrow and all of this is going to be a big dream. It won't make sense to dad when I tell him because he believes that I would never run away...ever."

I talked to my slowly growing stomach. "I'm going to wake up and find out that you will never come because you aren't real. Just a piece of my imagination and everything will be just like it was before."

I looked at my hand for a moment, trying to hold it steady from my shaky weakness. But when I brought it up to my face...I had to do a double take because half my hand had disappeared. My eyes got huge and I started to scream but the rest of me followed my hand...straight back into Perry's house.

I woke up on the floor near the stairs, my head spinning and my mind being thrown around every which way. "Ande is having dreams again." I thought, struggling to stand up and wipe the grime off of my....outfit.... I looked down at the plain jeans and white shirt. This isn't what I was wearing when I fell...This is what I put on in my dream.

I pressed my hand against my temple, feeling weaker than normal and a bit woozy too. "No....just a dream. You didn't really just see mom...did I?" But what would explain my disappearing hand and seeing different looking...and this still wasn't the weirdest thing to happen to me.

I trudged slowly up the steps. It was harder than usual with the extra weight right in my middle and the lightness in my head. People say that you should watch all around you when you walk up stairs, but I was focused on one area and that was the flashing light coming from where Perry sleeps.

So, I hadn't noticed the blood droplets on the stairs. I hadn't seen them getting thicker and thicker.

 Rage flashed through my mind when the first thing I saw as I entered the living room...was Janet's body surrounded by a pool of thick red blood. And it was all caused by a tiny slit in her throat. I jumped back...right into front of another maid.

"Ande! You're back....You have to leave. NOW! The front door is unlocked...go, run...get as far away from here as you can. Find somewhere to sleep, something to eat." She shoved me downstairs but I couldn't turn my head from Janet...who had only tried to help me.

 "GO!" I was pulled back into reality when Perry appeared at the top of the stairs, a insane look owning even the slightest bit of attractiveness on his face and a knife in his hand. He started down towards me and I pulled the door open and made a run for it...but not before his knife caught me on the back and pain shot down through me.

But I refused to stop. I ran and ran as fast as I could. When the baby started kicking was the only semi-break that I took.

Stopping to check that the child was alright and starting once again into a slight jog all the way into the middle of bridgeport. The sun was in the sky for now and I've done this more than once on my own...but not pregnant and with blood seeping down the back of my shirt...I had a lot of work to do.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gen 3- Help...?

"Nice to see you, Smith! It took a long time for me to get down here so it better be worth my time." A shadow fell over my face and I stayed pressed up against the wall. I didn't want to go out there...I didn't want to stay here though either.

"Ah, Robert Perry. Its been awhile. I'm sure you're going to enjoy what I have for you today. But first, are you hungry?" I gulped as the blonde man replied in a smooth silky voice "Oh yes, I'm starved." He settled in his seat with a smirk resting on his face.

"Good thing I've got my little maid here today.. Ande, will you get Mr. Perry something to eat?" I gripped the wall but it didn't matter, he had a chain latched around my ankle. So, I was jerked out into the room in this skanky maid outfit.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I walked over to get him a plate of the food that was sitting out and when I sat it in front of him, he took a nice overdrawn look at me. "You did a good job, Smith. She's a beauty! Where did you find this one?"

"She was alone in a little club outside of Bridgeport. There were too many people there to see me grab her. Easiest abduction I've ever preformed." He laughed again, this time pulling on the chain and sending me toppling on my butt, the drink I was holding flew right into his lap. Now it was my turn to giggle.

Ha, fucking ha ha

"She's a clumsy one, for sure." Perry bit his lip and stood up, coming closer to me as I was trying to regain my balance on these ridiculous high heels. He took my arm into his hand and inched me toward him...I closed my eyes and scrunched up my nose as he pressed his hands to my butt.

"She's limber. Ballet, I'm guessing?" This time he addressed me and Smith just sat there watching. I nodded sharply, careful not to make it apparent that I was trying to get out of his grasp.

"Now, don't make yourself too comfortable in my living room." As soon as he let go of me, I hurried back behind the door of the little room that separates me from the world. My breathing was rigid and heavy and I couldn't control the rapid pounding of my heart. "I don't know, Smith. She doesn't seem very...experienced at all. I'm not sure how much she'd be able to do for me."

"Well, I have other offers if you aren't interested. People are willing to pay a lot for someone as pretty, skinny and limber as she is. I know that if I was you, I'd go for it."

He sighed, not quite sure yet. I slid onto the floor, folding my hands praying "Oh, please god...Let him take me and let me go...Please..." My heart quickened again when he finally answered..

 "Alright, I'll pay anything you want."

"You've made a good choice, Sir."

The trembling started again as memories surfaced and nothing could stop it this time. I had no comfort and what was about to happen was a complete mystery to me.

 "I'll get her ready for you." Smith laughed again, standing up and closing my door behind him. "Alright, sweetheart. Its time for you to go."

"What is this? Easy access?" I asked sarcastically, responding to the way Smith dressed me once again. "Free reign? Anyone who gets to her can have her?" I laughed shrilly.

 "Don't make me muzzle you too." another high pitch laugh left my throat and echoed through the room. On the brink of crazyness I kept talking. "So, blindfolds and ropes are you people's secret weapons? Why don't you just kill me now? EVERYTHING WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER FOR THE BOTH OF US."

Finally, Smith locked his hand over my mouth and pulled me up to his level. "Listen, girl. I'm not putting up with this bullshit and neither is Perry. You act up and my butt is on the line."

And he honestly thinks that I care.

I managed to tick him off so much within the next ten minutes that he pulled something out of his pocket and sprayed it right into my mouth. I felt my body loosen up and the frustration and insaneness picking at me were suddenly gone and I was relaxed...Heck I couldn't even move, blink, or even lift a finger. I fell onto Smith and he lifted me off quick as a wink...Like it was nothing for him.

My brain laughed at the way he looked from down here and how he needed to work on those double chins. "Ah, so you remembered that I liked them half unconscious." Perry said with a cheerful tone that made me think "That guy must be happy...he sounds happy. I should go steal some of his happiness..." I giggled and Perry looked down at me before placing me in the back seat of his car and covering me with a black blanket.


"Della...I swear...I saw her. It may have been just a dream but it was so real...Bridgeport...I just know it. She's there...and in trouble..."
Della closed her eyes, frustration was the main reason that we no longer could communicate about this anymore. She pressed her hands to her temples and looked at me. "Last time you had a dream, it led us to the middle of the ocean...and she wasn't there."

"We can't find her if we don't look Della...She can't be on her own, she doesn't know enough of the world!" Now that we've gone over this a billion times, Della is tired of hearing it...I'm tired of saying it.

"I just want our daughter safe at home..."

"And so do I...but if she doesn't want to be found then who are we to look for her?"

 "You don't mean that." I know that Della means well...but Ande is in trouble. I can feel it in my bones. "Della..I'm going to Bridgeport. Whether you come with me or not is your choice."

"I'll let you go...But you have to find her. You have to bring her back home. Don't come home until you find whatever it takes. I'll stay here with Eden and the baby..." She half-smiled. Her hands shooting to her pregnant stomach. Why had I agreed to another baby? Not even a million children with my smile could make up for the one that I lost.

"Lilah, make sure Noah behaves." Great, I thought, as Nessa tromped in with her 2 children and husband, followed closely behind by my best friend, Seth and his wife Kalyn.
Nessa threw her stuff down on the floor like she owned the place and got up behind Gabe, pushing him to my side. "Gabe is going to help you find Ande."

 Seth took the hint and joined the little posse as well. I sighed... "You really don't have to help if you don't want to...Bridgeport is a mean town."
Gabe clapped me on the back and laughed. "Addy boy. Bridgeport is a big town. You need all the help you can get. And our beauties can have each others company while we're gone."

 "Yeah!" Seth chimed in "And we'll have your Ande back before you know it." I looked over at Della who had tears threatening to pour down her face....I pulled her in for a kiss and whispered "I'm going to bring our baby back."

She sighed and turned on her heel to go say hi to the kids. The women all followed her from there.
 "Alright guys...We're leaving as soon as we can. Go home and gather all the things you need, as soon as you all get back we're going. I'll get the copter, you guys pack some food...lord knows that we'll need it. We aren't coming back until Ande is with us so give your families big kisses and hugs." A stale sound came out of my mouth when I meant to laugh...It's been way too long.


"No...No...Not again...please..." Begging wasn't enough. Helpless and tied down in a way that he could attack in any position and I'd have no say whatsoever...I cried out for the help that would never come to me in this dark, cold basement. "Quiet, girl." He hissed again, pushing his blonde hair behind his ears and getting ready to pounce.

He came up from behind my sight range and leaned down over me. I moved my head to the side and closed my eyes as tight as I could. "You gonna be stubborn? Then let it be."
Less painful than the first time, I was violated again. I moaned and sighed, tossing my head back and forth because I couldn't use my hands to push him off of me.

This happened like this every night for the next 3 weeks.

I was never let up, I was never allowed to see unless Perry was in the room. I feared that he would kill me...I feared that the second I was let up...I would keel over and die.
Each day, my breathing patterns got worse and one night I stopped breathing all together...I wasn't alone at that moment though.
There was this one week that Perry didn't come down at all. For a whole week, a maid would come and check on me, whispering her apologies and telling me how much she wished she could help me.

That week was especially strange, my stomach didn't like to hold down the tiny bits of bread that I was given. I was actually let up several times to be cleaned but then tied up again soon after. The darkness was too much...
My body was slowly giving up and I was sure that I was going to be left to die and be cleaned up by one of the maids.

That was before she came downstairs, untied me, put me in a dress that was all too comfortable. She brushed my hair back and painted my nails. The whole time she was doing this, I was blindfolded. I believed she was readying me for slaughter until her small hands untied the bloody rag covering my eyes.

"W-Whats going on?"

 "The master wants to see you right away. He wanted you to look pretty." She started to push me up the stairs, but like I thought...My legs didn't want to work right and I tripped all over the place.
I did my best to maintain balance and stability but the fact that I hadn't stood up in 4 weeks wasn't helping that. The light from all the windows in the big mansion blinded me and before I knew it, I was standing, or trying to stand, in front of Robert Perry.

"Ande, Darling...Thank you for joining me. I must say, you look magnificent in purple. It just makes your hair and eyes pop"

I scoffed and glared at him across the marble hall. Fury in my eyes and hate in my heart for this man that had kept me down there for so long. "I'm glad you're adjusting well to the sunlight. Though, you are quite pale. I guess 4 weeks in a basement can do that to you? I called you up on a very serious matter that should be resolved with care and caution..." I grimaced and felt very sick all of the sudden

"Ande, you are carrying my baby. I know, I know. You probably aren't surprised. My many visits to your "chambers" have been lovely and all I want to tell you that if you don't carry this baby to full term...You're going to die just like the others."


I nodded in agreement. I have his baby...I live. Seems fair.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gen 3- Innocence

"Stay away!" I screamed with as much force as I could muster up. I frantically started walking backwards to get further away from the man walking closer to me. The smile on his face showed that he wasn't satisfied with what he saw and would do anything to get what he wanted.
With each second, I started panicking more. My vision started to swoop around the room more, causing my feet to trip over one another, resulting in myself falling to the floor, making me that much easier to reach. The relief that alcohol had provided had washed out of my body, leaving me alert and scared for my life.

 I scrambled back up to my feet and dashed to all of the doors surrounding me. The flicker of hope I had died a little more after each door I found locked. I was struggling with one handle as his laugh sounded out from behind me, causing me to jump.

"Oh come on sweetheart, I just want to take care of you. Don't be scared of me, I promise I don't bite." I started to sprint for another door as his grasp locked onto my wrists and jerked me back to him. His laugh returned again as he looked me over, pondering on what to do next. Once his mind was made up, he tightened his grip on my wrists even more. I didn't dare make a sound, though, as my hands started to turn white.
He pushed me up against the wall as his unsatisfied smile returned. "If you don't cooperate, thing will get very ugly, very fast. You don't want that, do you sweetheart?"

The name sweetheart sickened me. I wanted so badly to spit in his face and get away, but one thing life lessons taught me back on the island?

 Fighting back makes everything much worse.

His fingers barely ran down my neck before reaching my dress straps, pulling them down as his fingers traveled further south. He licked his lips and kissed my shoulder, once, twice, three times. My dress fell further down my body and with each second, I became more and more exposed. When my dress fell to the floor, his unsatisfied smile changed. It looked more lust filled this time.

I closed my eyes and drained my brain. "This is just a bad dream, Ande. You're fine, this man isn't real, he's a figure of your imagination." The words spinned around in my head as the man grabbed me by the waist and dragged me to the bed that was sitting in the middle of the room.

I didn't even want to fight back now. The hope inside of me was gone, and I knew this man was going to rip away everything from me. He pushed me down on the bed and positioned his body over mine, still gripping my wrists like he was scared I might get away.

 His lips crashed against mine as he struggled to get rid of all of his clothing. I kept my eyes closed. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing the terror in my eyes as he ripped all innocence I had left away from me.

After what seemed like an eternity, he shoved me away. I opened my eyes just enough to catch the glimpse of him throwing a towel at me as he pulled his shirt back on. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted to take back everything that had happened. I didn't move, I was blinded by terror and pain that washed over my whole body.

I lay there completely and utterly defenseless and vulnerable. The words bad dream were not spinning around in my head anymore. My brain was spitting out so many words at once that I couldn't even see straight. The one thought that I could pick out of the jumble of words was the one that shouldn't even be there:

 I need my dad. I need him now.

It took a lot but I managed to muster up the energy it took to sit up. I felt a cool breeze hit the back of my neck and I told myself not to cry, not to show pain...I told myself to be strong because its all I had left now. It didn't work.

The pain echoing through my body was too much, I buried my face in my hands and started to sob. "Now, now.. Don't cry." His snakelike voice whispered from across the room. "Everyone has to go through that and someday you'll find out that you like it more than anything else. You'll go insane trying to get it."

I looked up at him and glared, trying to see into those eyes of his to understand what he was thinking...But no amount of staring could get past the steel gates of teal that blocked his soul. I whimpered, rocking back and forth as my entire life fell apart before my eyes.

 Hours went by that felt like years, the sun made its peak over the hillside and shone light over everything but my little room. It had been almost 2 days before I found it even easy to get up and walk around. That man hadn't bothered me or tried to even get in the room. Lord knows I didn't want him to.

I spent a great amount of time just laying on the bed. I had thought of suicide...It would be a easy way out but then I thought, what little girl would have to take my place here? It could be anyone.. The girls I worked with at the ballet studio or even my own little sister.

It hurt too much to think of what my parents must be doing. Have they even come looking for me? Do they care that I left?

 "LET ME OUT OF HERE." I slammed my fists against the door violently, shaking the walls near me and rattling things on the other side. I knew he was out there. Every day he paced around the front room...This time he was talking. I pressed my ear up to the surface, easily listening to the phone conversation on the other side.

"I thought we had a deal? I find them, break them in and then sell them to you for full price? This new one is a feisty little devil. Took me awhile but I got her eventually." I started to shake again and fell back from the door with a large thump. He wasn't talking about dogs or horses....

He was talking about me.

I struggled to get up once again and simply crawled back to the bed. I wrapped my arms around myself as the only source of comfort that I could find. The blankets seemed to pull themselves around my shoulder and I fell asleep. But sweet dreams is exactly the opposite of what I was having. The nightmares never stopped anymore.

"ANDE! Get up...Come on..." I swiftly flipped over in bed when I heard that voice. I almost burst into tears and jumped up into his arms where I always found safety when I was younger.
I wanted him to hold me while I cried my eyes out...I needed him and he could tell, the way I jumped up and hugged my father around the waist. He brushed my hair back and kissed my forehead just like he always used to do when I was sad or needed comfort.

I sobbed violently into his shoulder and he just stroked my hair, soothing words stopped my shaking...until the voice changed, the way he held me changed...I looked up into his eyes and instead of seeing the violet eyes that held so much love...I saw teal, evil eyes, a smirk of satisfaction and a steel grip on my back. I couldn't get away...he had me again and none of my cries for help were heard, no matter how many people were probably around here. I was helpless again...

I woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily with tears rolling down my face. I tried to pull myself together but it wasn't as easy as it used to be. I would tell myself " aren't allowed to be scared of anyone or anything...You're stronger than that."

Not 10 minutes later, my door opened for the first time in a week. He stood in the middle of the doorway and threw a bag onto the bed next to me.
"Good. You're up...I wouldn't want to have to shake you awake or anything. I know girls spook easily." He laughed and pointed to the bag. "Put that on and be ready in 20 minutes." I stared at the bag as he slammed the door and locked it again.

Okay, so first of all I would like to say thank you to Caitlyn for helping me write this post...I would never have been able to do it without your help, Caits. So, thank you a bunch!

Another thing I would like to add is that things like this happen every day. Real girls are abducted and abused and raped. Most times, even murdered. This is no laughing matter at all. 

Thank you for reading :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gen 3- Alone

*Della E* 

"When did you notice that she was missing?"
"Around 8 this morning..." I tugged on my collar. No amount of assurance could wipe away the guilt that I felt for not listening to her...
I accused her of wanting attention when I knew very well that my Ande could never do something like this. And because of me...she was gone and will probably never come back. But the worst part was Adam...He sat at the table with his face in his hands and wouldn't talk to anyone. Not even officer O'Conner who was just trying to help and getting nothing.

"After you left the station last night, what did Ande do?" He asked, pulling his note pad up to eye level so it would be easier to write. "She just went to her room and went to bed."

"Did she act different about how she did it? Corrupt teens usually show some signs of hopelessness...Needing help but can't find it where they are so they run away. Either for attention or to find the help that they really need."

"I don't believe that she did this for attention...She tried to tell me something last night but I wouldn't listen...I blame myself for all of it.."

"Della, don't blame yourself...we should have seen it coming." This, being the first thing Adam has said to me since we found out Ande was missing was unsettling but he went on. "Did we even try to stop it? The torment she was getting? Try to see it from her perspective. She isn't leaving to get away from you. She's leaving to get away from someone who should have left a long time ago."
I knew Riley Goodman was trouble from the moment I saw her...Why I do the things I do? I wouldn't know if it hit me in the face.


I stepped into the center of the city as all the lights danced around me. Even while the sun is up, the buildings amazed me.
Birds flew around my head and little dogs barked from peoples purses. Everyone couldn't help but look at the little 18 year old running around on her own in Bridgeport. I couldn't help but think that my parents probably didn't even care and wouldn't look for me. They'd go on with their lives as if I was never there.

I had no clue what I was going to do for food or shelter here in the big bad city. Fliers were posted everywhere for apartments for rent or jobs that are looking for full time, experienced workers who knew how to run some kind of equipment that I can't even pronounce the name of.

As I was walking the streets one morning, I spotted a pink flier and before hardly reading it, I ripped it from the wall and stuffed it in my pocket. Finally tired of being so hungry and tired....I figured that even if I had no experience at all they wouldn't just throw a 18 year old out on the streets on her own. Come to think of it, the last meal that I had was breakfast before my ballet recital and that was 5 days ago.

I walked up to the address posted on the flier and thought maybe I had read it wrong. "7090 Top Ave." I read to myself and then checked the plate right under the call button that read the exact same thing.
 So, I pressed it. I've never been in a city before so when a lady answered "Who's calling?" From the speaker right next to the button, I jumped.

"Um...I'm...Ande Langly and I'm calling about the flier for the position that was open here?"

"Give me a moment, I'll buzz you in." The door clicked open and I felt the cool air wafting towards me. A young woman in a maids outfit met me at the base of the stairs and took me up to a room with glass doors and left me on my own. Painted on the walls and mirrors were murals of ballerinas doing jete's and plia's around the room.

"Ande? That's how you say it, no?" The french accent was unmissable. "Welcome to my studio. I hear that you would like to apply for the job? Do you even know how to dance? I have 20 little girls that come in here every week to learn ballet. Their parents pay good money so I can't have a slacker."

 I nodded sharply. "I have been taking lessons since I was 10."

"And how old are you, my dear?"

 "I'm 21." I lied through my teeth on this one but if I don't get this job, then all my options are gone. If I don't get this job...I might as well just go back to where I came from.

"Well, if you would...could you show off your dancing skills for me?" She grinned and took a seat in a very comfortable looking beanbag chair and pulled out a remote, turning on the radio for me to dance to.
I didn't know how well I could do this though, because of my hunger and fatigue. But I did my best, moving ever so gracefully for how clumsy I was when I was this tired.

I finished, out of breath and panting but the french woman stood up, grabbed my hand and said "You...Can dance." I bit my lip and she continued. "You may call me Madam Elizabeth. Be here tomorrow by 8:00 Am. Get some rest and get some food in that stomach. I can tell that you haven't eaten in awhile."

When she let go of my hand, she left a 20 dollar bill and then escorted me to the door...I left that night and had a feast of all sorts of different foods at the buffet.

I think that I like it here in Bridgeport.

 *2 weeks later* 

"Ms. Ande? Will you tell us another story?" Every day since I've been working at Madam Elizabeth's dance studio, me and the girls that we work with have truly bonded.
Every day they ask for a story and every day I tell one. Even madam Elizabeth sits and listens to me as I tell made up stories.

"What do you want to hear now, Cassie?" I asked, picking up the little girl and putting her on my back for a piggy back ride. "Will you tell that one about the princess who rides a dragon?" Stephanie giggled and sat down cross legged on the floor where 5 other girls were waiting.

"Go on...Tell it! Then we can practice our routines again and we won't bug you again until next time."

"Well, alright." Madam Elizabeth plopped down in her beanbag chair to listen.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who never had any friends. She was alone and couldn't understand why no one liked her when she was always so nice.
This princess had multicolored hair and one day, figured out that people thought she was different."

 I laughed, recalling a time in my life where I wasn't happy with how unique I was.

"So, this little princess went out to find something to take the colors out of her hair so that she could be normal. Instead she ran into this big dragon who she feared would eat her. So she ran...the dragon followed close behind but only because he really liked looking at the colors in her hair and thought that it was beautiful. When he finally caught her, she realized he was a good dragon and they formed a bond greater than any other...And they lived happily ever after for the rest of their lives."

 I only wish that my life was more like a fairy tale.

When the girls all stood up, Madam Elizabeth grabbed me by the hand and whispered in my ear "Have you ever thought of having kids?" and then laughed... "Actually, I have." I looked up at my boss and the closest friend that I have here in the big old city and she just giggled.

"Have you ever wanted a babysitting job or something?" I looked at her like she was loco.

"Why would you need a babysitter? You've never had kids?"

 "Ande, I'm pregnant...I need a helper." She winked at me and went to join the children in their stretches. I just laughed, waving off the thought of ever taking care of a child on my own for longer than five minutes.

As soon as practice was over, I threw my hat onto my head and bounded out the door of the tall building, wondering where I would sleep tonight...if anywhere that is...

I stopped at the nearest grocery store and picked up a bottle of water for my adventure into the heart of Bridgeport where all the music was playing and there were clubs 3 miles wide. That had to be my favorite part about living here, the city lights were just a plus side to it all.

That night, though, was different. I walked into my favorite club to throw down a few drinks and watch people be idiots on the dance floor and when at the bar, I finally felt able to handle myself in this place. I felt mature and half of that was just the alcohol working in my system.

That night there was this one man that kept popping up and watching me...Almost as if I was some kind of fresh meat.

You all know me, I just want to have fun and have a good time. I'm a nice person even if I have a bit of a temper. Well, this man didn't know that about me as he walked his drunken ass over and sat next to me.
I could smell his disgusting breath but besides that, he was almost attractive under his five-o-clock shadow and teal eyes.

"Hey, honey. You look lonely, how would you like to come with me tonight? I've got a warm house with lots of food in the fridge." He winked and grabbed my arm as I reached for my drink. "You're a very pretty girl. A pretty girl needs taken care of."

And just like that, I was abducted. Over 100 people where there and not one of them saw him cover my mouth and drag me beside him. And just when I thought I was liking this place, too.