Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gen 3: A beginning-Babies 2, 3 and 4

"Are you ready?" Doctor Spencer asked me, snapping me back into reality from the daydream that I was envisioning. In the daydream, children surrounded me from every corner. They were hugging me and playing with me. I laughed at the thought of being pregnant again...99 more times before being done with this whole thing all together.
"I think so." I bit my lip as he slightly whispered "This will feel weird, tell me if I hurt you..." I laid my head back on the chair and hummed a tune to myself.

"So...what are your plans from here on out?" Spencer asked when it was all over and done with. "Are you gonna live with your parents for awhile? Kinda stay in the nest with Genesis and the new little one coming?"
I giggled at his attempt to make conversation, but I knew him too well. "I'm moving out sometime after this one is born. The 'rents are letting me hang out for awhile just so I can kinda get used to the whole idea of being a '100 baby challenge mom'...like getting used to that would be easy..." I shuffled my feet and he looked around with nothing more to say..

I walked home whistling to myself and skipping along the trail that I had used so many times coming and going to Aphrodite's house and to school. I brushed my hand through my hair and laughed as I saw little Genesis running towards me as I came up closer. The child was just as feisty as I was and even more excited about seeing me after only a few hours.

"Mom, me and great grandma found a foal! She's so pretty, grandma let me name her. You wanna know what I named her, mom?" I nodded and scooped my little lookalike up into my arms. "I named her Dorito. You know? Like the chips. I thought that would be a funny name for a horse, especially a white one!"
"Did grandma give you pop again?" I sat her down on the heels of her shoes and she trailed right behind me. "Grandma knows not to give me pop. Grandpa gave me a little bit because I bugged him about it over and over."

"Arley Goodman stopped by," Eden said casually while flipping the TV channels. "He said he wants to see you and he has something to give you. He left the flowers on the table for you. Please get rid of them, they're stinking up the whole house." Eden laughed and I picked up the flowers to rub them all over her head just for a few giggles from the both of us. I had gotten along much better with my sister since I've gotten back, its not hard for me anymore though because she takes the time to try to make me feel like she does need me in some sense...even if its a weird one.

When the door to my room closed I dumped the flowers into my trash can and picked out the note attached to the stems. It read "Ande, I realize we haven't talked since before you left but I was just hoping you'd want to hang out some time. Its okay if you don't want to, that's alright. Give me a holler sometime." I read this note once before throwing it with the flowers into the trash. I'm not sure that Arley knows that the last thing I want is a relationship.

As soon as I settled down, I began to think about this whole thing. If I have to give birth to 99 more children the same way that Genesis came then I'll be dead before I get to 5. Right as Genesis' name popped into my mind, she burst through the door with Abel at her heels.
"Hey momma!" She yelled as she kicked the radio and her favorite song blasted through the room and she started to dance. "What are you doing? Raiding the room?" I asked with a laugh on my tongue.
"Dance with us and then it will be a full raid!" Genesis just laughed.

Pregnancy should be easier for me since I've already been through it once, but the dancing made me nauseous and sick...so I sat down on the bed and pretended that I was tired so they wouldn't make me join again. My mom knocked quietly on the door and as soon as she walked in, Abel and Genesis split to go do something else.
"Hey, Ande. Would you mind keeping an eye on Abel and Eden tonight so me and dad can go out on a date?" I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at her, she began to beg. "Ande, me and your dad haven't been out together alone since our honeymoon and even then you were there." I nodded while biting my lip.
"Don't stay out too late and don't get drunk."
"Don't worry about us, we'll be good kids." She laughed and closed the door again so I could be alone for 5 minutes with my thoughts.

So, 100 children that have to go through my house before I can live my life how I want to. The great thing about this is not having to find a new man every time I want a baby. Course, my mom never really gave me a choice on this. How could she name me after her and give me all this work to do before I'm even 20.  I guess that I'll just have to get over it and suck up my own feelings so that I can think about this legacy that I'm upholding.

And woop. There you are, little baby bump. I laid down on the couch as mom and dad left and I began to draw on my stomach. Eden sat on the floor near my feet and laughed at the movie playing on the screen. Abel and Genesis ran around the house playing tag. I made sure to tell them to be careful and not to break anything.

"Ande, can I sit up on the couch with you?" Eden asked looking up at me. I quickly moved my feet over and let her slide up next to me as Genesis jumped onto the table and then back off, landing quietly on her feet just like I used to do when I was a child. "You're bound to be just as good as ballet as your mom over here, Gene." Eden yelled over the Tv.
"Guys, go to your room. Aunt Eden and I have to talk for a few minutes...."
Eden stared at me as soon as the door closed with a very concerned look on her face.
"Eden, I want to ask you a very important question. Its yes or no and I need you to be fully truthful with me..." She continued looking at me and I just smiled. "I'm starting a 100 baby challenge and I want you to be my children's godmother. So if anything happens to me, they'll be in your care."

"You want to trust ME with that? Shouldn't you make Aphrodite their godmother or something? She's older and you trust her more..."

"If you don't want to...then its ok. I'll ask Aph...You were my first choice to take care of my children though."
She poked me in the shoulder and whispered...

"Yeah...I'll do it. But you have to promise that you won't let anything happen to you."

"I promise..." She smiled as I took her hand and kissed it. Then I got up slowly and put the kids to bed before heading there myself.

"This is what happens when they stay out to late..." I sighed as mom shifted in dads arms. "They're really cute when they're sleeping..." Eden sighed and laughed while scrunching her nose.
That was the moment I realized that I left my children to the girl who's mind is corrupt. This girl needs some quality time with reality and a good lesson on what not to do with your life and that would be give it away to a man who would do anything to hurt you. The only exception to this is daddy.

"These children are gonna make your hardened heart soft again Ande. You can't let that happen." I pulled my hand over the scars on my back once again. "You were tortured and beat until you could hardly walk on your own. You had your dignity striped away from you too many times to count. No silly sissy games and mom can say  whatever she wants. I'm doing what I wish with this challenge and no one can stop me from doing exactly that."

"I'm absolutely thrilled to say that you're carrying triplets." Dr. Spencer felt around my stomach while smiling and nodding. "Perfectly healthy triplets. Nothing a fine woman like yourself couldn't handle. It'll be about 20 hours now before you go into labor so I highly suggest going home and getting a good dinner, warm bath maybe, and a long nights sleep. You'll be perfectly fine tomorrow."
I bit my lip and nodded at him while he checked my stomach and temperature one last time.

"Will it be as bad as last time?" I asked, my hands shaking in fright of what might be to come in the morning.

"It's always pretty bad but not quite as bad as the first time. Pretty soon, you will be used to it...I hope."
I collected my items and in fear, returned home.

"He said it was triplets and they'd be here tomorrow.." I sighed as mom and dad stared at each other in concern. "He told me to get some rest, eat, and relax a little."

"You go on, sweetheart." Dad said, beckoning me in for a hug. "When you wake up, I'll get you some breakfast and then you can watch TV until they decide its time." He rubbed my back a little in order to calm down my shaking and it worked...Both of them could easily see that I was scared and wasn't ready for this again.
"We'll be here to help you, we promise..." Mom implied, taking my hand. "Just call us if you need us...okay?" I replied with a simple "Alright." and went off to my room.

I got into bed without changing or even taking out my contacts. I was intent on sleeping right away, but it seems like babies 2, 3 and 4 had a different idea.
"Mom, dad...Babies want out." Is all that I said and soon enough, they were by my side holding my hands... and in all honesty, I wouldn't want it any other way.

By the time it was over and done with, I was the mother of 3 brand new baby girls named Aanjay, which means "unconquerable." Aaralyn, which means "with song."And finally Aaleahya which means "Sunshine."
 Spencer was right, not quite as bad as the first time but I will never like the feeling of labor. I have 96 more to go and hopefully I'll get used to it someday...hopefully.


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  2. The next girl has to be Brielle. No excuses. :3 Anyways, great post! Keep it up <3


    1. Ah, but there is an excuse...I can't use that name until later.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Pictures? Pictures! We wanna see the babies! =D

    So excited we've finally got to Gen 3, officially! ^_^

    Great job, as always!

    1. My game crashed right after the last picture so I wasn't able to catch a picture. I'm having tons of troubles...

    2. Noooo!!! T_T Awww... but asap, toddler pics, then! =D

  4. I am not sure I am liking how bitter Ande is. I mean I get it, but.... *sigh*.... I hope the bebe's help melt her heart. I can't wait to see the new ones.


    1. Well, Ande has a reason to be bitter. Wouldn't you be?

  5. Awe I love it! ^_^
    Who's the father of the babies though? O_o
    I can't wait for the next post so I can see what the girls look like. :D

    ~Dawn Turner

    1. She's doing it with AS so no one knows who the father is, not even Ande.

  6. Aw, Gene now has 3 baby sister, she's the big sister now :D!
    Bad Della and Adam, staying out late. Tut tut ;)
    Spencer seems nice :)
    Congrats Andeeeeeeee :)

    Aunty LiLi

    1. Genesis is gonna be a big sister to 99 others ^_^ Lets hope she likes siblings...
      Yesss bad Della and Adam XD
      Spencer is the nicest and cutest guy ever ^_^
      \(^_^\) |(^_^|) (|^_^)| (/^_^)/

  7. Ohh Babies are coming soon!! Great chapter !

  8. Great chapter!! Wow triplets!!! Congrats!! I really like the names you choose for them! Plus it was really sweet that Ande made Eden the godmother of her children!!!


  9. I really like your blog! I love the names of your triplets :D You're writing is great! I would love it if you could check out my blog at www.chloemoreau.blogspot.com I'd love to hear what you think of it :)

    1. Sorry I typed it wrong lol the website is http://www.chloemoreau100.blogspot.com/ if you want to check it out :)

    2. Aww, thank you! I decided that all the names in this generation are gonna be hard to spell and hard to pronounce...because I'm nice to myself like that.
      It took a long time for my writing to get as good as it is now...so I'm glad you notice it <3 I've already followed your blog and I'm planning to read all your posts this week :3

  10. Your legacy inspired me to do my own 1000 baby legacy! That is, if you don't mind.

    And again, if you don't mind, what is your template and such for this blog?! ISH AWESOME LOOKING.

    1. Of course I don't mind! I'd love to see it ^_^
      My template is...Umm...Awesome.inc I believe :3

  11. I feel silly- I used baby name generators, and named one of my baby girls Genesis. -.-*