Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gen 2. Defended-Baby 55

I did the best I could to look professional for court on the 23rd of November, but no matter what I do, I’m still scared for my beautiful little baby, Emma, I can’t let her be taken away by the man who rapes his own daughter…By the man who kept me hostage while my children sat here and starved, I was going to win this. No one could diminish my hope. Not even Cim himself.

“Hey Katmay, you be good for your sister okay? If I hear you’ve been off stealing prize jewelry then we’re gonna have a long talk when Mommy gets home from court” Katmay laughed and laughed as I teased the little inchworm, before Emma came up behind me saying “Mommy, mommy”

I scooped her up into my arms after putting Katmay down and I swear, the girl was about to tears “Mommy, is daddy gonna take me far away?”
“No sweetheart, Daddy is never even going to see you again, I’ll make sure of that” Emma laughed and said “Daddy scares me” I told her that I know and he won’t ever scare her again, then I put her down and got ready for a long day of fighting with a man I’ve only known a week.

“Come on Della, Man up!” I told myself while searching for some inner courage that I didn’t seem to have, “You can do this! You’ve never stood trial before but you can do this!” My phone rang five minutes later, it was my lawyer, telling me that I should come to the court house right now, so I got up, grabbed my briefcase and told the children goodbye before rushing out the door.

When I got to the court house, I was greeted by Betty who hugged me and told me thanks for everything, I didn’t understand but then I realized, Betty has been molested by her father many times, she was finally free from that torture, and if Cim was set free after this trial, she’d go back to that life of torture. I had to win this for her and for my Emma…

Cim was led into the courthouse and I followed, with Betty close behind me, Mayberry was waiting inside the courtroom and our trial will soon be in session, I called home before it started to tell my children that I love them and that I’ll be home soon.

Everyone got settled in the smallest courtroom in the whole courthouse, there was no jury and the room was hardly filled, I sat down next to Mayberry and waited to start, before I knew it we were standing for “Judge Bachelor” who was dressed in his everyday clothes, ready to get on with the trial.

After the case was presented, the judge went into business “Mr. France? Where is your lawyer?” He sneered and answered in his smooth voice “I’m my own lawyer” The judge sighed and then started “Ms. Wriner, you may begin” at that Cim was called to the stand and Mayberry started to question him.

“Mr. France, why do you want a child that you know that you can’t take care of? And why would we allow you to take the girl from her mother??” Mayberry questioned
“I’m her father, I’m only thinking about her and how many children have gone in and out of Della’s horrible household, that woman has 8 new children every month, she is a irresponsible mother and should have her parenting privileges taken away” He said with a smile that made me wish that he wasn’t my worst enemy.

After millions of questions, Cim and Mayberry sat down and Judge Bachelor had a very concerned look on his face, then I was called to the stand..
“Well hello there Della,” Cim shot at me “we meet again, hopefully for the last time, now, I have only one question for you, do you think it’s a good lifestyle going around the street like a hooker, going for any man you see?”
I stuttered, I couldn’t believe this, I was voiceless, I had no answer to his question and absolutely no way to answer it so I said “No”
“You said one question” I snapped at him, “I’m not doing this for me, I do it for the children” With that, I got up and went back to my seat, Cim did the same and the Judge told us that he has come up with a verdict, based on our stories.

My teeth chattered as he wrote down what he was about to say. “My observation is that Della Wriner is not a fit parent, Cim France, I’m granting you full custody of Emma Wriner, Ms. Wriner, I’m sorry, no visitation rights for the mother.” The judge was about to get up and leave until he heard an enraged scream

It wasn’t until I heard the footsteps coming down the aisle that I knew exactly who had let out such a sound…

She sneered at Cim and walked to the front of the room, I gasped when I saw her, the girl I ran into at Bridgeport, I don’t know who she is or what she’s doing here but here she is, holding a torn photo in her hand and shoving it into the judges face “THIS IS THE KIND OF MAN YOU JUST GRANTED CUSTODY OF A 3 YEAR OLD TO!”

“Ms Langley, where did you get this picture?” The judge asked
“I took it. proof” she said in a silky smooth voice that enchanted my ears “Two nights ago, before Ms. Wriner was attacked by the very same man, he then tried to kidnap Emma”

“Ms Langley, thank you.” Judge said as he looked the young girl over, “Court is resumed” He bellowed “Mr. France! Do you know what this picture is?”
Cim faltered for the first time since court started, “Umm… No”

“how many times have you molested your daughter Mr. France? Since she was just a little girl? How many times were you planning on molesting Ms. Wriner’s daughter, Emma?”
“Shut up! I’m not having this. He turned to me and said “Ms. Wriner, you’re granted full custody of Emma Wriner, and I’ll make sure this bastard is locked up for the rest of his life.” He called for the bailiff and Cim was taken away, cursing at me as he was dragged away

I heard Betty sobbing behind me, the girl… Langley I think he said, was comforting her “Hey, its over, he’s gone for good! I promise he’ll never touch you again” She patted Betty’s shoulder and stood up, looking towards me, why does she look so familiar to me…I don’t know this girl, yet she just won me custody of my daughter, I stepped forward to talk to her before she got a strange look on her face and said “I have to go” then bolted out the front door, when I followed her… I couldn’t find her…

Before I left, I went to the front of the room and looked at that picture that Ms. Langley brought…I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was of Cim, and Betty…My heart swelled with pain and sorrow for this young woman…Before I knew it, she was in my car with me and I was taking her home.. I was going to give her the best life I could before she grew into an adult….I was taking responsibility for a teenager who was lost.

When I got home, Sonny called me upstairs, she said she heard me come in the door, Betty followed up to the nursery and that’s when she met Sonny for the first time. They hit it off instantly, Sonny liked Betty and Betty liked Sonny

before I knew it, Sonny was giving Betty fashion and hair tips, Sonny and Betty were talking, one day about a week after the court date and they had both brought their grades up, Sonny decided that she wanted to move out, and Betty (obviously) wanted to go with her, In just a week, the girls were best friends, in just a week, a damaged life had been patched up by a caring teenager and my daughter had a friend for life, I don’t blame Betty for anything that her dad did, she didn’t chose him as a father.

Soon after that, Sonny and Betty had a birthday party, I invited a couple friends and my parents just to make it more exciting for them, I wanted them both to enter into adulthood in the best way possible. And to make it even better, I made it a swimsuit party (I know its November but hey, its Sunset Valley, and sims) lol

I set up the party and finished about 5 minutes before everyone started arriving, Vanessa brought her young daughter Renee and Charlie cam along with Ana and Ava.

Betty and Sonny had some…unique swimsuits and before you know it, they were aging into young adults, ready to leave the house, Sonny being a perfect Best friend to Betty as they grow into beautiful flowers created by the hands of god.

From left to right, Evelyn, Cherish and Kayleigh. These three grew up perfectly, their features are each so unique from the other two, I don’t even know how to explain these beauties!

Katmay and Layton aged up soon after that, the two tots can’t be torn from each others sights, I wonder if that’s the way they’ll be when they grow up? Both of them are cute enough to eat <3

Emma, she’s been through a lot and she’s only a child, she was almost just forced to go live with her monster of a father and she is a kid genius, is that enough? Nope, she’s also a single child and unusually, has a mass of friends always on her tail..

I had made a decision for my next baby after that party but first Sonny and Betty had to move out, I made arrangements for them here in town and they were happy to have their own place at last, adults with responsibilities and bills, they should have fun…they rode off in a cab and I stayed behind waving.

Ransom Clavell, He died two years ago from electric shock, this would be my next father, tonight…he will come out and as soon as I can, I will be pregnant with baby 55.

When he came out that night I asked him if he would do me the honor of being father of baby 55, he spoke in his spooky ghost voice and told me yes, he would do that for me, so I did what I knew from my mother, we tried for a baby and the lullaby played, I was finally pregnant, I just hope it’s a ghost baby ^_^

I waited just awhile to go home, I wanted to explore the catacombs first… I’ve never been so scared in my life, there were so many things down there that would scare the socks off of anyone who even touched the door… a bear, bats, and a few ghosts.

When morning hit, I was home, the kids were heading off to school and I was alone with the tots, today we were gonna learn skills.

It didn’t help that I was dashing to the nearest place to throw up every five minutes, this baby seems to make me more sick than any of the others really have…hmmm

I spent quite awhile before the girls got home playing my video game, and when they did, I didn’t see them so they were sitting there silently laughing at my awesome video game skills….totally.

They sat around doing homework, Emma had to help Kayleigh with hers…Its not that Kayleigh is dumb its just that Emma is so smart!

I sat down later with the girls to discus our problem, we all know that we never have enough money so I was suggesting things that we could do, and with a new baby now showing, it wouldn’t be long before the triplets wouldn’t be there to help either…I get sad just thinking about it.

Before I knew it, my belly was bulging from under my shirt and I loved it, I could coo to my little one and even though he/she’s a ghost baby, I can feel him/her kicking like mad and it exited me… Now when I got a phone call from the police; it did the exact opposite!

Cherish, Kayleigh and Evelyn were caught egging peoples houses for fun…they had no idea that it was the house of their very own sisters, Clover, Heart and Diamond…Woops.

They didn’t know exactly who the girls were when they called the police, and they decided not to press charges when I came to pick them up, but the girls were scheduled to come and clean up Clover, Heart and Diamond’s house because they so lovingly coated it with yellow and white. I sent the girls to school that day without their phones and they couldn’t have them for a week, I know its harsh for me but they don’t deserve to text their friends when they are in trouble.

(This pregnancy will be short because the rest of the post is long) I’m moving right along in this pregnancy, Only a few more hours until this babe is ready to pop out of the oven and into my arms, I’m hoping that its either twins, or a precious ghost baby! Or even both.

Tonight is thanksgiving and I’m taking the girls and Layton to my moms house, she invited over a few people for a nice thanksgiving dinner and some NFL football (Dad’s choice) When the girls got home I was already ready to go and so were the tots, Cherish, Evelyn, Kayleigh and Emma took less then five minutes then we were on our way, when we got to my moms house some of the people I love most were there, my mom, my dad, my uncle John, my aunt Maci, aunt Liz, Violet and Vanessa, my 3 other aunts were invited but of course, they couldn’t make it. My mom slaved in the kitchen for hours, she had her husband, sister, brother and her best friend, my dad had his sister, and I had my best friend and my children.. Life was great, Mom made a wonderful turkey and 2 beautiful pies.

“Della, why don‘t you tell us what you‘re thankful for and we‘ll go around?” my mom asked me, so I took everything that was on the top of my mind. “I’m thankful for my friends and my best friend Vanessa, my children, my parents, my house, and everything inside, I’m thankful that we get to enjoy this lovely meal together as a family” Everyone went around the table telling what they’re thankful for and for most of them its “STUFFED TURKEY”

People ended up eating in so many different places, and after the food was all gone, the kids went to play in the toy rooms upstairs and the adults sat around and talked. I hadn’t seen either of my aunts or my uncle for a very long time and I thought it was time to catch up with them.

“Hey squirt” Is the first thing uncle John said to me “Looks like you take after your mommy in more ways than I thought” I knew what he meant because my dad had said the exact same thing, and when I was going to throw a great comeback…nothing came out.

The pain of labor started up, I hoped it was just a stomach ache but I knew this pain all too well, the baby inside of me in trying to get out. Everyone had already started going home, so I told my loved ones goodbye and went to the hospital.

When I got home I went straight upstairs to check on the kids and put little Brittney into her crib, my mission was complete! I had a ghost baby girl.

When I checked the mail that morning after the birth of baby 55...I had finally gotten the results to the DNA tests we’ve sent in for Katmay and Layton…

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