Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gen 2. Its a Grape! - Baby 31

It was a disaster, my household had 9 people in it, pretty soon the law would come to my door and order one of us out, or I would be taken to jail and my kids put in foster care...I couldn't let that happen so Violet and Vanessa aged up, they were set to move out today...

Vanessa is a beautiful young lady, her blonde hair and unique looks define her beauty, she really kind of looks like me though, her eyes are more beautiful now that she is an adult, she is a flower at the peak of her beauty!

Violet kept her hair short, but she has a love for the color red and wants to be the perfect wife and mother, I tip my hat to her dream because its exactly what I wanted as a Child!

The girls were both strong and beautiful;I believe they can make it on their own through anything, I bit them goodbye and they left, Off to their new house

I put all the little kids to bed and took a shower, cooling off from that day's events, then I called Nessa to see how she and little Alled were doing, she told me that she got him all settled in and all the kids love him! cute!

And I settled down to a blissful sleep full of great dreams, how wonderful it is to be a mother!

When I woke up, I fed the girls and started to age them up, it took awhile but they all aged into gorgeous tots!

Alba is very pretty, with her Dad's hair, her bubbly personality fits her looks perfectly!

Payton has her Dad's skin and my hair, finally! A pink baby! not to mention a CUTE pink baby named Payton! She also has Cherry's eyes.

Mori is like a mix between the two, she has my face and eyes but Cherry's skin and hair! How precious!

Nate looks just like his Dad, his eyes and mouth have the same shape but his hare comes from me! He is so creative and likes to paint! I've been teaching him a few things that I know.

Flynn didn't change a bit, his eyebrows may have gotten bushier but that seems to be the only thing about him that changed! He is a handsome man!

Ryder is exactly like his brother, but his eyebrows stayed the same as they were when he was a child ^_^ that's the only thing I can point out that's different between the two! Everything else seems to be the same.

After all the kids aged up and went to school or laid down for a nap, I went and got a little me time on the trampoline.

After catching a couple butterflies...I decided it was time for baby 31 to be conceived.

I rang the bell to the Frootie household for the last time! I was ready for baby 31.

When he invited me in, he told me his brothers weren't home, it was just us, he said I could stay for dinner and I accepted, He made me Goopy Carbonara.

We sat down in the dim light and discussed what was about to happen,he asked me questions like "What are my benefits of having a child with you?" my answer was "You'll have practice for when you get married, you'll love a child before you find love in a woman! you can enjoy a child without the hassle of a woman dominating you!" He seemed satisfied.

Me and Grape sat out and watched the stars for 20 minutes before deciding it was time for baby 31 to start cooking in the oven.

We woohooed and the lullaby when off revealing that I was indeed pregnant, Yay!

I drove home the next morning with a little baby resting in my stomach, I'm happy!

Well when I walked in the house I heard Mori screaming "MOMMY" I rushed upstairs to find out what was wrong, she said she missed me ^_^

I was alone today with all the toddlers, but its okay! I need some mommy/tot time with my kids, I taught Mori how to use the potty, she was a little nervous at first but adjusted as soon as she sat down.

"You hungry baby?" I asked Alba "YES MOMMY! Alba is Hungry!" When I gave her the food, she dived right in...literally! she stuck her hand in and started eating!

When Flynn and Ryder got home I took Payton out for a walk, we went to pick up a few books for bedtime reading and for cooking.

Of course I stopped for a little something on the side of the road....Great job Della.

We went into the book store with $12,000 dollars I got from stocks I sold and spent most of it on books for kids and skills that will pay off eventually.

When we were done, we went over to the store, to get supplies for my garden and for dinner tomorrow night.

"I've been cooking in the kitchennnnn, all the live long day!!! I've been cooking in the Kitchennnn just to pass the time awayyyy" Flynn hollered as he made pancakes.

"The bathroom is SOAKED!" I yelled from the bathroom "WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE??" It reminded me of a time my Mom and Dad went out and the babysitter broke the bathtub.

I'm not very handy but I fixed the bath anyway, it took awhile but I did it without fail, but I did get soaked in the process.

I finished the tub and looked around, the toilet is filthy! So I cleaned the rest of the room, starting with the toilet.

I started to mop up the floor but I felt sick again and could hardly bend over to grab the mop off the floor, this was the worst! I'm a mom who can't do anything.

So Ryder took over mopping while I tried to feel better, my kids really are great!

And there it is! Baby 31, this challenge is moving along quite nicely!

"Mom?" Ryder asked "Will you teach me how to drive?" I considered this before saying "Maybe tomorrow?" he felt my tummy and said "okay"

So the next morning I followed Ryder to the car and jumped in the passenger seat...

He didn't do too bad! Actually he did pretty well, we drove through downtown and he didn't make one mistake, I sure hope Flynn does this well!

"Ready to learn to drive?" I asked Flynn "Sure thing" He answered, and we hit the road.

He did just as well as his brother and was ready to do it on his own! I'm so proud of these boys!

When we got home I started to teach the girls how to walk and talk, I started with Mori, I spent an hour teaching her all her skills and sat her down in her crib, She fell right asleep.

I continued on with Alba, she was a fast learner and picked up the skills faster then Mori did! I put her to sleep next to Mori.

Payton was last, she was tired though so she didn't pay as much attention to what she was doing, learning the slowest of the three.

It seems like nothing ever stays fixed in my house! My TV upstairs broke for the 3rd time. I was getting frustrated.

Payton's little smile brightened my day when I went to put her to sleep, she said "Haha Mommy! I'm Tired!"

I sat down with the boys afterwards to watch some TV, then I headed off to bed...

But do I ever get any sleep?

I went into Labor right after laying down, let's see if my wittle baby is purple!!! I attempted to go to the hospital but I failed...I ended up in labor in my clothes downstairs.

Just as I wanted, a purple little girl with pretty blue eyes! I named her Tara! Baby 31

Gen 2. Tootie Frootie! Baby 28, 29 and 30

I put my new baby boy to bed knowing full well that tomorrow he would be a handsome tot! He is my little green apple baby even if he didn’t get his dad’s Skin tone!!

“are you sleepy? “ I asked Flynn “Mommy is going to give you a birthday tomorrow! You’re going to be a Child!” He seemed to understand because before I put him to bed he hugged me and said “BIFDAY!”

“You girls will be teens tomorrow! Are you excited?” Katie asked Vanessa and Violet “They answered “Will Boinkey and Snuggles leave us?” Confused, Katie walked away.

And Mercy had Noah over one more time before her birthday, He told her that he loved Her and that he planed on asking her to mary him…Katie is absolutly Distraught! I can’t imagine what she must be feeling, Betrayed by her sister…Oh ya! Noah is bringing his Little brother with him!

When Katie heard “Little brother” She thought he was like 6 or 7…She was so Wrong, He was only a Year younger then Katie….And she liked him the moment she saw him, I could tell! When They talked I saw the spark and So did Mercy, She did this on purpose.

Lyle was A brunette, with a Strong Build and He IS aging up early, He told Katie he wanted to get to know her better! He asked her out for when they are adults tomorrow! I’m so Happy Katie found what she wanted…

Me and Flynn were hanging out with the Bouncy toys “Mommmmy! Dis is Fun!” He screamed as the horse bounced

When It was his naptime he refused to get off “Nooo I don’t wanna” It Was so cute, He was Refusing to go inside

“I don’t wanna get off But I will mommy” He said raising his arms and letting me pick him up

“Well We can come back out later sweetie” I told him “Then we can ride the horsie again!” I put him down for a Nap and Got Nate up from his.

I took Nate out for a Stroll we walked for a long time until he fell asleep again, So When It started getting dark I took him Home.

To close The night I went out on a Jog leaving the Teen to Watch TV and Listen for the Younger ones while They were sleeping,

When I Got home I found Katie in the Kitchen Wresteling A huge Fire, She got it out right as I walked in…”Is everyone Alright?” I asked , She said “Ya” and went to bed

“Sweetie, I’m so proud of you” I said “You’ve made it all the way though your teen years and now you’re gonna be an adult, and I’m sure that soon Noah will pop the question”

“Happy birthday” I handed her the Gift I bought her and Her Twin “Its for both of you” When she opened it she found a Brand new radio that I had bought them because I know how Much they just LOVE music :P

And the next morning I set out the Birthday cakes and Ordered the kids in front of them

Violet is another Della Clone, I’m having a lot of these Lately, She has every feauture that belongs to me also, Her hair and Eyes, Her Nose and Lips and Every ounce of her.

Vanessa is a Cute blonde with Green eyes, Her face looks like her sisters and Like mine, I only see a Bit of her dad in her.

Ryder, Another Mini (Boy) Della, He reminds me of My brother, Jay, He hasn’t gotten any of his Dad, Whom I only remember a Slight bit of

Flynn is just like his brother but a Little More chubby, His Cute little cheeks could be squeezed all day by his Gamma and he probably wouldn’t even feel it.

Now Nate, He is a Change of Pace! His face looks SO much Like his Dad’s, He has my hair and eyes though, He is a Cute little Tot.

Katie is also Unique, She Has a lot of my Feautures but also A lot from her dad, Her cheekbones, Lips and Nose are from him and Her Hair and Eyes are from me.

Mercy Isn’t as unique as her sister, She’s more Mellow, She is more Laidback and Sophisticated then her twin sister, she has also been more of the social one.

I hugged The girls goodbye and Let them get on their merry way, I don’t enjoy holding the kids back, They have their dreams, Weather its to get married or get a Career…For Mercy and Katie Its Both.

Early the next morning I left for the Frootie’s House, I was Aiming to get pregnant again. I met up with Cherry Frootie and he told me he was ready to help me make baby 28, He was Green Apple’s Brother and He was Willing to help me in my challenge.

And I was Pregnant When The Lullaby went off, So excited! Baby 28!

I felt playful, I stocked up my backyard with toys for the kids, Me and Flynn Seesawed for 30 minutes before turning the water on the Slip and Slides.

And before dinner We played for an hour! Slipping and Sliding, Sliding and Slipping!

I made hamburgers again because that’s what we have, I also watched the Kids as they took turns sliding down the Slip and Slide.

“Ya! Come on over, I’ll see you in a little while” I put down the Phone and Yelled for the kids “KIDS! YOUR UNCLE, AUNT AND COUSIN ARE COMING OVER!” the last time They were supposed to They Canceled

Before they got here, Violet decided to go Tomboy, She cut her hair into a Short Short Mohalk and It actually does look cute.

I greeted my twin brother, Remembering the Last time I saw him, He was leaving me, He hugged me goodbye and Went on his way.

I remember When I was a Kid, Laughing with Jay, Telling him everything, Now I have 28 kids and We’ve Drifted farther apart then ever…

His wife was very pretty, She was also very nice, She told me that Jay has been working for a Computer company, and he has been getting along very well under her care.

I invited them to stay for dinner but Jay told me that they had an appointmet for their baby boy, Jerry, I hugged my twin brother and Let him go, I really missed him a lot!

A few hours after he left I felt my Stomach get bigger and the baby kick, Baby 28!!!

Another One of these Imaginary friends showed up today, It seems that they Disappear when The kids age up…But the Kids still talk about them.

It seems that Violet’s Best friend is one of these, I’ve never met him and his name is Boinkey, she talks about him like he lives in the same house as she does, She does a few odd things at times too, She pillow fights with Thin air…Sometimes I imagine what the Thing would look like if it was real.

“Hey Nessa, I know its late, I just wondered if you would like to Spend the night? I mean, At my new house?” Vanessa isn’t one to be picky about time, She agreed and Came right over.

“So I told him, Sorry! I can’t help you because you are an alien!” Vanessa laughed “You are such a Dork Della!” She told me.

When we sat down to talk and watch TV We realized her favorite TV show was on, Criminal minds, This show really freaks me out and she knows it.

"So what happens is when you Eat Burgers YOU TURN INTO A COW!!" I just stared at Nessa thinking My best friend is a Moron

Della: Do people die when you kill them?
Vanessa: Heck no, They kill you when they die
Della: :O NOOO!
Vanessa: Which is why you should never let somebody die

She fell asleep on the couch around 3:30 AM and I sat awake and Watched “How its made” when It got REALLY late, I shut off the TV and Just watched Nessa Sleep, She looks so Peacfull!

When The sun came up I decided to make Breakfast, I made pancakes for me and Nessa to Snack on while talking about what we’re gonna entertain ourselfs with today.

I heard her get up in the next room and say “Della?” Softly, “I’m in the kitchen” I answered, I was a bit surprised when She walked in looking Pregnant “Della, The Baby is showing” I felt her stomach and said “You’ve got a Kicker Nessa!”

And there we were, Two best friends, Both of us Pregnant, Around the same time in our pregnancy too!

There are times when both of us just foreget about real life and act like children, I can be free and weird when I’m with Nessa, I love this girl!

After Breakfast me and Nessa did a Few things, We Seesawed and Sat and Talked but when Lunch rolled around I had a Better Idea, The kids were at school so I set out A piknik for me and Nessa, Just a Couple Hamburgers.

Flynn and Ryder ended up in a Time out, Their grades had gotten so Bad that they needed a Scolding, they were grounded from Their games until They at least had a B.

Me and Nessa were due any time now, Both of our stomachs were huge and I felt like I was going to burst, I don’t know about her but she kept talking about her Back hurting…

And When her eyes got big I didn’t realize what was going on until I felt it myself, We went into labor at the same time in the Same place, Awesome!

I had Triplet girls, I named one Alba…First baby girl in a Long line of boys! She should feel Special! The second Girl, Her name is Mori, And the other I named Payton! I have 30 children!

And Vanessa had a Boy! She named Him Alled!