Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gen 2: Didn't see that one coming- Babies 92, 93 and 94

I followed Adam in my car, honking at him “Cmon Della!” Vanessa said excitedly “it’s a regular car chase” 
I smaked my own face as Adam jumped out of the car in front of Aaron’s house… How could I have been so blind? The resentment when I talked about him? The days of not talking when he would see us out….Adam was in love with Aaron…I could be wrong though. 

“What do you want, homo?” Aaron shoot at Adam who had just pounded on the door until his hand started to hurt “and how do you know where I live” Adam sneered and said “Everyone knows were everyone lives in sunset valley” Aaron looked Adam up and down and said “God, whats wrong with you?” 

“I’m not letting my BEST FRIEND be sucked into what she thinks is your ‘charm’! I know exactly whats going on and its never happening again”
“This is about DELLA?” Aaron shouted, his eyes widening as he saw me and Vanessa jump out of my car. “What do you have to do with us?” 

“You guys!” I said pushing between them, “stop this, what is going on?”
“Della” Adam said fuming, “its either me or him” Aaron looked from me to Adam and then back again, he had no clue what was going on. “Who is this character Della?” He pointed at Adam, “Last I thought, he was gay“ He shook his head and then looked back at me. “Well let her decide” he shot, throwing his hands in the air. “Okay” Adam said looking at me. They both sat there and waited for me to cast one of them away. 

“Aaron” I said, watching Adam’s face. “I don’t know how to say this” despair filled my voice as Aaron’s face fell, Adam’s seemed to light up as I slipped off the ring and took Aaron’s hand “I can’t marry you” I let Aaron kiss me one last time before dropping his hand and walking away, I didn’t see the nasty look Adam shot him… I didn’t see the single tear glide down his cheek… 

I faced the window in Adam’s car, he drove with one hand on the steering wheel, the other found itself to my chin, he pulled my face to his and said “Della, you’re better off without him” I pulled away, looking back out into the darkness “Will you please talk to me!” His voice was filled with pain… 

I looked at my best friends face and saw that he was crying, the tears were coming fast and I didn’t know how to stop it. “Adam, don’t cry, I’m fine…I’ll talk to you if you’ll do the same for me! Tell me why you’re crying”
  “Because…” He said trying to hide his wet face “I almost lost you and you don’t even realize it” “How would you have lost me?”
“Aaron…” He trailed off, looking out the windshield “He told me awhile back that as soon as he really had you…..” He sighed “I wouldn’t be allowed around anymore”

I sat inside Adam’s house, not sure what to say. He sat a bowl of soup in front of me saying “I’m really sorry Della, I didn’t mean to drag you out right after you gave birth…” He trailed off as he sat next to me. “Its not that” I explained “I hadn’t said yes to Aaron yet…that’s why I called you guys over” a sigh escaped my lips and Adam had sent me a look that really had no explanation “I was going to find out what you guys think about it and take that into consideration” 

“Della, you have to get pregnant, you’re almost finished. I’ll drop you off at the hospital if that’s the way you want to do it?” I nodded, not really in the emotional state to do anything else. Adam had never been interested in my challenge or how close I’ve been to finishing. 

I laid in the hospital bed waiting, Adam sat next to me. His look was neutral, not happy, not sad, he could use as much cheering up as I could, so I asked him “So in a relationship, are you the man? Or the woman?” I smiled and he raised his eyebrow at me while saying “It depends of who I’m with”

“So if you were with George Lopez?” I coked my head and he sat up with his elbows on his knees “In that situation, I’d be the man of the relationship” He laughed and a soft look overtook his face. “What are you thinking?” he asked, his eyes seemed to bare into my soul. “Oh just how I desperately wish that you weren’t gay” I said with a casual flip of my hand. “But you can’t stop that kind of thing….Vanessa could” 

Right as my words passed my mouth and into the air, Dr. Bayer came in saying “Okay Ms Wriner, they’re ready for you. Now you’ve done this before so you know how the procedure goes. Ready?” He said gesturing towards the door. “I’ll be back” I said smiling at Adam, he waved and picked up a magazine. 

The procedure was over soon, I said goodbye to Adam as he dropped me off. When I got home, I started aging the kids right away. Starting with the newest girls, Kayleigh, Kesha and Star.



Haylee, Hale and Katrina. They left with a good note, all three hugged and kissed me goodbye and left, perky and excited to be on their own. I pulled my hair behind my ears and smiled, my challenge was almost over and this was the proof of it. 

I felt my belly, overjoyed that I was now pregnant with baby 92, I couldn’t quite believe it. My challenge was flashing before my eyes and now its coming to an end. I just can’t believe that I have spent over a year doing this. 

I put my back into my work, glad that this pregnancy was going faster than normal. As soon as the puddle was mopped up, Vanessa called me saying “Boo” and then hung up. I went back to my work cursing at her. 

Day 2 of my pregnancy. It was really going fast, the children commented lots of times on how big I already was, It was a weird feeling but this seems to happen when I go to the hospital to get pregnant. 

It was day 3, I had spent all of the last 30 hours sleeping, I had picken up the flu from somewhere on the street, I had finally gotten over it and when I stood up, my belly was protruding out and I was speechless at how big I was before I realized…I just slept through A day and a half….I missed it, and this is the time I want to remember in my pregnancy. 

Before I knew it, I was kneeling over in pain, Labor taking my legs and turning them to jelly for me to deal with through all the pain. I huffed and puffed, pulling a pillow off the bed and squishing to my chest. Screaming out the pain. 

“Della?” Adam’s voice came through my bedroom. “Are you okay? Is it labor?” I screamed “YES!” And I heard him run down the stairs then back up and by the time he got back, I was holding my new baby boy…I named him Lyman Wriner 

I was holding him when more pain came and of course…2 baby girls came along right after them, Ruby and Ruth. Adam picked up Lyman and took him right to his bed, I had to work a little to get the girls in their crib, but Adam was waiting for me when I got them down… 

“Della” Adam seemed breathless, “I ran all the way down here from my house” he looked…scared? Skeptical? “And then down the stairs to get that warm water” he winked and then walked into my bedroom. “Adam, what’s going on?” I asked, hysterical and laughing. 

When I opened the door to my room, following him, he had his back to me. “What’s wrong with you?”
“I’m not sure…” He said, again in a voice that didn’t belong to him, but this time, he wasn’t playing around with my children. He turned around, with a wild look in his eye. I turned around to walk out of the room, not sure if I should be in my room with a crazy gay man, he caught me by the shoulders and forced me around. 

I didn’t know where I was when I was pulled up against him and he kissed me, it was a kiss that sent me through every little moment with Adam, pulling up memories that I didn’t even know existed, My world spun at the touch of his lips, every little gray that was there before was suddenly gone, it was all bright, exquisite colors that excited the brain…all of that was perfect, until I opened my eyes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gen 2: Love is in the air- Babies 89, 90 and 91

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ellie, Sandi and Mary! Happy birthday to you!” We bellowed together as the girls were aging up. “You smell like a monkey, and you look like one too” Adam and Aaron looked at each other weirdly as they both said this together, not expecting the other to do so. 

Private school was the best thing I could have asked for these girls, they learned how to express themselves without being picked on, all the kids at that school were just like them, and all three of them took a drama class that taught them how to speak for themselves, I’m very proud of them. 

Ellie turned out to be the most mature of the three, she took the first steps of them living alone and that was calling the apartment complex they would be moving to and renting it for the three of them. 

“Babe” Aaron touched my hand “I’m planning a little trip to Riverview on Friday, just wanted to know if you’d go with me?” Adam watched my facial expression to see how I’d answer this question I’m sure, he spoke up “Hey that sounds fun Dells, you should go” I thought for a few minutes “Sure, can Adam come?” I put out the puppy dog face. “I’m busy Friday” he spoke up again, almost too fast “I have…uh…” 
“I get it, you’re busy” I knew he was going to say “date” and I didn’t exactly want to hear that again.

I said goodbye to the two men in my life and went out, I had to get pregnant before I took this trip with Aaron, if I did it while with him…He probably wouldn’t like that. So I called the last emailer. “Hey Kris” I greeted his hello “Its Della Wriner, this is your invitation to come over and be in my challenge” he told me he was on his way and I hung up the phone, waiting for him to arrive. 

“Now listen to me Kris, I want this over fast, you’ll get what you want and I’ll get what I want, we can leave it at that. Now, the bedroom is upstairs, last room” I winked as he headed up the stairs speechless and I ran to the bathroom. Man was I proud of myself for that one. I was pregnant 20 minutes later… go Della. 

Before leaving the next morning for my little trip with Aaron, I aged up the children at home. The triplets first, all three of them are perfectly different but at the same time, alike. A contrast that you can see but at the same time, its as transparent as Haylee’s skin. 

John is adorable, even as a child his facial features are the cutest I’ve probably ever seen. His hair is a cute blonde and he happens to be the exact opposite of my uncle, he’s shy and doesn’t like talking to girls much. Even his sisters. 

Patrick is a lot like his older brother, cute and sweet. He got first generation hair and eyes, and of course, cuteness! I picked him up and threw him in the air saying “STOP BEING SO CUTE!” 

I kissed each and every one of my children before rushing out the door and into the car, Aaron was waiting for me with his arm around the back of the seat, the door slammed behind me and I the lights in the front room turned off…


“Mom’s gone…its going to be the best weekend EVER” Hale punched the air and jumped up and then screamed “We HAVE to have a party!” I eyed the look on Haylee’s face and thought “That’s a perfect idea” a smirk appeared on my face as I said “Get the cell phones” 

“Party starts at 8” I sent to every contact in my phone, it was going to be an insane night. It was a perfect time for mom to jet off to Riverview with her boyfriend. We were almost adults and needed one thing to rebel against everything we were taught.


We were planning on going to Riverview but our flight was delayed in Twinbrook so that’s where we decided to stay, on the three hour flight, Aaron asked me “Who exactly is this Adam dude?” I sat and explained our friendship to him and how he was gay and all that sorts. Aaron opened the door to the house we were renting for the night, it was a quant little cottage in the depths of the little town. 

When we entered the house, he kissed me. My headband fell out of my hair as he brushed it with back with his hands “Aaron” I said in between kisses, he stopped me and pushed me onto the bed, kissing my neck. “Aaron” I said again “I’m pregnant” he smiled and said “I know, did you know you’re adorable when you’re pregnant?” 

The sun set on us, just a sleeping couple in a cottage on vacation. I’ve never felt this loved and not just for my challenge or from my children…but loved by a man who could take care of me if I let him. 

When I woke up, I was alone. Aaron must have heard me move around because he called from the back yard “I’m out here Dells” He was outside making dinner, a nice two person meal of hot dogs. “In the morning” he called “We’re going to the beach” I smiled and stepped outside 

It was only 10:00 when we ate, pretty late for dinner but early to be waking up, so as soon as our hot dogs were down, we jumped back in bed and cuddled until the sun rose in the east, illuminating every inch of the east side. 

We jumped in the car that next morning and headed down to the beach, it was pretty warm out for the time of the year. We scanned the beach in search of shells and rocks, he walked away casually and bent down near the shore “Della! Come look at this” he yelled from across the beach “Its beautiful.” I trotted across the sand waiting to see a pretty rock…and I was right… 

He pulled out a black box “Della, I know we haven’t known each other for very long…But will you marry me?” I gasped as a beautiful diamond was waiting in front of me, I looked at him and he looked very genuine….His eyes filled with what I know to be love… 

“Aaron…I’ll have to think about it, please give me time” He continued to hold the box “At least wear it until you figure that out” The pleading in his voice forced me to say yes…so I did, he slipped the ring onto my finger and I looked at the amazing diamond…awestruck. 

*Back at home ~Katrina* 

The party was simply hopping, girls were dancing, boys were eating. We all really just had a good time. What we didn’t know is that we were just about to be caught, I heard a car door shut and thought “Awesome! More people are here!” 

But when I looked out the window I panicked, “EVERYONE! OUT THE BACK DOOR! MY MOM’S HERE!” Everybody scrambled to get out, they weren’t about to get caught on my behalf, and right as my mom opened the door, the last person ran out the back. “Hi guys” my mom greeted coming through the door, that guy Aaron followed her. She looked confused and its probably because of the ring glinting on her finger 


I sat on the couch and put my hands on my belly, I was sure that something had gone on here while I was gone but they were teenagers, they deserve a little something for themselves. While I was sitting there on my own, Aaron came up behind me “Think about this being our baby” he said into my ear, I hadn’t thought about how a baby of ours would look. 
After Aaron went home, I got into bed and slept, I slept away my thoughts, I slept away everything that happed yesterday and today, I slept like I had never slept before and I knew what I had to do tomorrow…. 

I was connected on a three way call between me, Vanessa and Adam. I had asked them both to come over with a simple “Guys, I need to talk to you” they both asked what’s wrong at the same time “Its nothing, just come over” 

The second I hung up the phone, labor pains hit me. I really hope that those two wont mind waiting around for just a little while. It really was a fast labor because Vanessa and Adam came through the door right as the girls were born…. 

Meet Kayleigh… 


And Kesha. 

 Adam and Nessa waited patiently for me as I laid the girls down, as I came back down, I looked them both in the eyes for the longest time before Nessa finally said “Come on Della! Tell us” 
“Aaron proposed” I said looking at my hand, showing them my ring. Vanessa cheered as Adam sneered and got up. "Adam? where are you going?" I said scrunching my eyebrows and following him. He ignored me and jumped into his car mumbling something....