Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gen 2. Two gay men-Babies 74 and 75

“What the HELL is going on here?” I demanded, pushing the two onto the couch in the lounge. “Why did I see you two KISSING?! You are brother and sister…” They both just sat there…
After awhile, Kyle said “Mom, don’t be mad at Frella…she was trying to help me, but I couldn’t take it…Mom” He sighed “I don’t like girls. I’m gay. Frella was trying to prove me wrong but she cant…”
I dropped my hands to my sides and then threw them in the air. “I don’t know how to raise children” and I walked out of the room, picking up the phone to call my mom.
“Mom, I need someone to talk to..” I stated straight after she said her polite hello. “Can I visit you tonight? I‘d really like to talk in person” I threw a sweater and shoes on and stalked out the door.
I knocked on her front door 5 minutes later, ready to burst out in tears and just let my heart out to my mother, I cant believe how long I’d been letting this go on without coming to her. They had tried to tell me a long time ago…I can’t believe how childish I’ve been.

“Its just that…I was never truly right for this, or even being a mom without someone there to stop me from raising these children the wrong way…I wish I could have someone to help me…” I droned on to my mom with hardly a single breath.

“You don’t need to change a single thing baby” My mom cooed to me. “Every child is different, I have seen your children around and they are the most refined people that I have ever met. I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you that you’re doing everything that makes you a wonderful mother”
I didn’t want to leave my mothers house that night, but she seemed tired and my dad went to bed 3 hours before she did and I’m sure would like to go and sleep, so I broke away from the conversation and hugged her goodnight so that we could both go.
On my jog home, I thought about what my mom told me. I knew that her words would lead me onto a different path than what I was thinking…I was planning on moving off to Twinbrook. All those thoughts left my head as I was jogging down mainstreet, I know that if I left Sunset valley...I'd miss it dearly, but on the other hand, I really miss my hometown, Bridgeport. I guess that nothing ever stays the same and I am happy here.

I was just soaring to my climax in a swift jog when BAM. I was thrown to the ground, holding my head and cursing to myself. When I looked up to see what happened I saw a man sitting in front of me doing the same thing. I was almost startled to see that he was the same man from the park…his bass music popped into my head.
“Excuse me miss” He said in the cutest voice I’ve ever heard “I wasn’t paying attention and it seems that you weren’t either” he laughed a tiny little chuckle as he helped me up. “I’m sorry” I said, trying to find my voice “I was headed home and I guess I was paying too much attention to my feet”

We shook hands firmly as my eyes rested on his face, he was searching my face for any signs of anger, I was searching his for the same thing. He finally said after 3 minutes of silence “I’m Adam” I smiled and replied “I’m Della” I had and idea…”Can I pay you back and you me?” He stepped away. “I know who you are and where this is going and I can’t help you…I’m sorry”

I watched him run away, that same swift run that I remember from the other night. I sighed as I took off in a jog again, thinking of him…as I neared my house I ran into another man, he was orange and he seemed to be looking for me. He came up to me and asked if he could be in my challenge…I agreed swiftly just because I wanted this over with.


When I came in the house all I saw was major chaos, Unique was trying to get Eragon to stop crying and Frella and Kyle were nowhere to be found, Saphira contacted me with her mind “Mother, Eragon is asking me to ask you to take him from Unique, he says that she doesn’t have the best grip and he feels like he’s going to fall” I took Eragon from Unique and contacted Saphira again “What happened here?” “Frella and Kyle were angry when you left, so they aged up and moved out. They asked Unique to go with them but she wanted to stay for just a little while more to make sure you’re okay, you are okay right mom?” I said yes and went to age up the children…I need more help than this.

Unique was aged so that she could join her brother and sister, she is more independent than either of her siblings, she has better judgment than either of them could even think of…I wish they would have at least let me see them as adults.

Unique said goodbye and left as I was aging up Finnick, he looks almost just like he did as a child. He finally cut that ridiculous hair and started to look pretty cute.

Saphira and Eragon were connected at the hip, not really but it seemed like it. They never went anywhere without their other half, I just wondered what it would be like when they each got married someday…if their bond will still be the same. As I was taking pictures…Eragon was changing the colors of his eyes…

Morgan and Bex are my two newest babies, Morgan has dark black hair and Bex has brown and blue hair. They both have pretty green eyes and different skin tones that make them the person they are.

When I took Morgan and Bex outside to play in the sandbox, I noticed that Lassie was laying down and howling, I know what this means…puppies are soon to come!

A new boy puppy joined our family, I named him Peter, because we’re all used to human names for the dogs around here. Lassie groomed the puppy while she waited for Kalyn to come and pick her up. We’re planning on bottle feeding until he’s used to the hard food.

I put the new puppy in the bed with Bobby and let him sleep, he reminded me so much of his daddy when he slept, I missed seeing little Bobby prance around, maybe Peter will bring that feeling back.

My small little baby bump was protruding and showing through my shirt, I smiled down at it and thought to myself “Babies 74 and 75 will be here soon” Finnick told me later that I was glowing…how lovely

Finnick went on his first horse ride this evening, the whole time Saphira was trying to convince him that he was going to kill himself. He just kept on riding, I watched from a lawn chair in the front yard, cheering him  on.

I called everyone inside about 10 minutes later and put them all to bed, planning on heading there myself as soon as I could. I need the sleep, I haven’t had a good nights rest in almost a week.

I cuddled into bed almost flawlessly until I heard something from downstairs, a shirll scream and then someone cursing…By the time this all went down…I was frantic with worry…so I got out of bed and ran downstairs to look… 

Finnick was battling a fire, it was such a face palm moment that I almost laughed but instead I went and helped the poor guy, when he saw me he goes “Mom! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! I was just hungry” I shook my head, suppressing the grin on my face and finishing the fire off.

I hugged Finny goodnight, giving him a sandwich and telling him that it wasn’t his fault and we should just forget about it, it was over. I went back to bed with a headache from all the screaming over the flames and Saphira screaming into my mind, telling me to get it out over and over again.

In the morning my belly was huge, I sent the children off to school and was alone with 2 sleeping toddlers, a puppy and a dog. I was bored. So I resorted to teaching Bobby a trick, it wasn’t as bad as those big time trainers say. It was actually pretty easy 

“You’re such a good doggy! I’m so proud of you baby” I cooed as I scratched his stomach and he licked my face. I love the relationship that I’m building with this amazing dog, I really can’t wait until Peter is older so I can work up the same thing with him.

I taught him a few more tricks before deciding to go out and play some bass in the park…Hoping to see Adam…It was a little girls wish but I couldn’t help it… there was a natural attraction to him..

My heart about jumped when I saw him sitting at a table, I decided to talk to him…I wanted to know more about this man who is just so suddenly showing up in my life…He looked like he needed someone to talk to.

He looked at me confused and said in that cute voice “How do we keep bumping into each other?” I kept a straight face as I said “Must be fate”
He, on the other hand, didn’t seem to like this comment much, almost angry he stared into my eyes “I’m not your type and you’re not mine”
“Why not? You don’t even know me”
“Della, I don’t like you”
 I’ve been defeated, nobody had ever said something like this to me. I was crushed
“But Adam…”
He stopped me. “Della, I don’t like you like that”
“Can you at least give me a chance? Tell me why you don’t like me?”
“I don’t like women in general”
“Oh god…” I started “You’re gay?” he nodded slowly. I put my chin on my hands
“Can I at least have the honor of being you’re friend?”
 He stood up…”I’ll think about it” and walked away. 

When I got home I sat down to the piano, feeling a bit more joyful than I was this morning, I played my heart out, feeling music flow through my soul and fingertips. Saphira contacted me
“I can feel your happiness radiating from you, why are you so happy mother?”
“I think I have a crush on a gay guy”
“Why does this make you happy”
“Because he’s amazing”
“Whatever you say mother”
She broke away and I could see her walking up the stairs to go play with her toys. 

As I felt her break away from my mind, a usual pain hit me in the stomach and I stood up, ready for my baby to be here. I sat in pain for the longest time…

The twins took only a short while to show up, I named them Spencer and Allie, they’re both girls and they both have the weirdest skin colors I’ve ever seen, their dad must have had some messed up genes.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gen 2. Oh lord-babies 72 and 73

I’m not used to the kids getting up so early on a Saturday, even to bake a bunch of baked goods in the front yard. But I looked out my window as I was slipping out of bed and saw them mixing up their muffins. I watched them for awhile, smiling.

A couple minutes of watching them was enough, I soon hooked Bobby up to a leash and took him out for a bit of exploring. His new daily walk, or so I’ll be hoping to keep up with this routine.

When I walked back in the house after a nice jog with the dog, I heard screaming “DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!” Tony’s voice echoed through the house “I SWEAR THAT I CAN’T WAIT TO GROW UP AND LEAVE THIS STUPID HOUSE AND YOU STUPID PEOPLE” Frella cowered in front of him, whispering “I-I’m sorry Tony…It was and accident”

“Tony Wriner! Leave your little sister alone. What did she do?” I pulled him away from his now crying sister. “She broke my special glass and I’m SO TIRED OF HER MESSING WITH MY STUFF” I sighed, “Maybe you should just grow up and go, just go” he turned away from me and said “Fine”

After aging up, Tony stalked out with his phone to his ear saying “Jeff, can you convince your mom to let you age up?” He packed up all of his stuff and left in a huff. This was my face palm moment, I decided that this was what was best for both of us, maybe not for Vanessa and Jeff…We may have caused a little tension there.

Frella, Unique and Kyle aged up after their older brother left. Frella’s skin almost looks red and that makes me wonder what her dad has in his genes. Unique is exactly what her name says, unique. Its sad to say that out of all three of them, Kyle has the most style and he is the most girly of them all.

Finnick, I heard soon after he was born that Charlie Evans named her baby Finnick too. I just think that’s cute. They should get together sometime, they’d probably like each other as much as their parents.

Eragon and Saphira, I have caught Eragon talking to Saphira and she didn’t answer but he just went on talking, like they could talk with their minds. that’s how close these two are. And it surprised me how cute they are, Eragon with pink and white hair, and brown eyes that you could see miles into. Saphira has my hair and sapphire blue eyes, almost like her name.

Pulling out my phone and dialing 3 of my best friends phone numbers, well that was the plan, along with telling them to get over here because I had a professional photographer coming over and I really wanted some pictures of us to put on the walls.

I invited Vanessa, Kalyn and Frella over, And we started to get ready for the photographer to get here. I gave each of them a outfit in a different color and we did our hair in pretty ways.

A few minutes later the photographer showed up and we started doing some crazy poses for the photographer to capture.

it was an hour session and when the photographer was done, she gave me my pictures and I set them out and smiled…now all my best friends have a place on my wall for good. I hugged each of the girls goodnight as they left, what they didn’t know was that I stuck a different note on each of their backs saying “kiss me” and giggled as they smiled “Bye guys” 

Saphira found this weird doll in her room, I tried to take it and look at it but she screamed, I about fell back. Her voice was pure music, and that was the first time she ever talked…or screamed at me.
I sat and marveled at her and pulled her closer to me, she put away her doll and looked at me and said “Mommy, what are we doing?” I looked her with wide eyes, almost as mute as she usually is “I’ve never heard you talk before” She giggled “Mommy, I’m not talking out loud, I’m talking in your mind”
The doorbell rang right as I was about to ask another question. The man at the door introduced himself as Jango Lang, he was a redhead with a cute nose and mouth. “Why hellooo” I leaned against the doorway “and what may I do for you this evening?” he laughed and said “I’m here to ask a lovely woman if she would let me be in her challenge” scratching my chin, I said “I think you have the wrong house, there’s no lovely woman here”

He gave me a look that made my heart jump “Well I think you’re wrong, one just answered the door and she looks just like the picture that I have” I started to blush, its not often a challenge dad can make me blush. “Well you passed the test, good job. Come on in” I moved past the door as he walked in
“So what do you want to do to pass the time?” I asked as he slid onto the counter. “Well, I think we should get to know each other better, and by that, I mean…we should bring baby 72 into the world” So we did.
Jango stayed to talk with me for awhile, he got up to leave saying “I have to get home to my daughter” I was taken by surprise for the second time today… “You have a daughter?” “She’s 5 years old and her mother died when she was 2” he replied frankly. “I’m so sorry Jango…If you need anything, just call” I patted his back as he walked out. “thanks for coming over”
“Like seriously Frella, take a stupid shower, it stinks In here” Unique stressed as she was running to the bus “Yah, Unique…that’s not Frella. Its you” Kyle shot back as they loaded the bus. 

Saphira and Eragon sat across from each other, just sat there. I stared at them in amazement as their facial expressions changed and they were talking to each other with their minds. At that moment, I thought “Can you hear me Saph?” a little voice entered my head “Yes” I thought “how is this possible” “Your and our fathers genes mixed just enough to give me and Eragon these special powers” I didn’t hear one hint of her age in her voice, and not a inch of it in her mind…she thought like a full grown adult.

“Eragon can read minds?” 
“No mother, Eragon has a much greater power” 
“how can anything be greater than mind reading?” 
“Eragon can control magic, he can summon it to his fingertips and do whatever he wishes” “Saphira, can you talk out loud?” 
“I’m completely mute, other than with my mind” 
 I have a very unique daughter and son…

Today was Clip clop’s birthday…It was so strange watching her trot around as an adult, cocking her head when she walked past me and whinnying loudly along with running around with her parents.

“How are you doing, Streak, buddy,” I talked to my favorite horse “you’re the only guy in a family of girl horses, that must suck”


I was getting too much mouth from Unique this evening so I told Frella “Watch Eragon and Saphira, I’m gonna go for a walk on my own” I started out into the dark with my hair in a ponytail and headphones in my ears.

As I was running past the park, I saw a man playing the bass. The sound coming from his finger tips was the most amazing music I have ever heard. Probably even better than mine…I stayed to watch him play for a few minutes.
He hadn’t noticed  me standing there until he pulled his bass into its case and sat it down, he looked up at me and smiled before turning around and taking off in a swift jog. I was left thinking “Wow”

I went home feeling very sick and very confused, I crashed into bed  but didn’t get a wink of sleep, thinking about that man and his face and how he looked at me but most of all…his beautiful music.

I woke up and went to talk to Saphira, her conversations always intrigue me and I simply can’t get enough, she’s so wise and smart, I just can’t help but keep her mind near mine all the time. “Saphira, I need to ask you something…”
“yes mother?”
“I saw a man in the park yesterday and I can’t get my mind off of him…Whats going on”
“Isn’t this an adult problem? Why are you asking me about this?”
“Well, I just thought since you are so wise, you could help me”
“I’m only a baby, I can’t help you with these things until I’m at least a child”

I hadn’t realized how late it was when I woke up that morning, my stomach was bulging and all the kids were home from school, I finally got Unique to help out with Eragon, since I was doing most the house cleaning now days.

“ITS ONLY WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Finnick was…very tired of the week… “Woah bud, calm down dude” I said patting his back “the week will be over sooner then you know it” He dropped to the floor and said blankly “I want ice cream”

There goes his dinner, I told the kids they could have whatever they wanted for dinner, even if they want ice cream. So they dug in, Finnick…of course, got himself a pint of ice cream.

“Time for your bath bob” I told Bobby as I put him in the bathtub “You’re gonna get all clean and pretty, and then we‘re gonna go meet a pretty girl doggy and you‘re gonna have a fun new playmate”

I brushed up his fine coat and smiled, “you’re gonna be so cute when you meet your new friend…this is gonna be so much fun” I was practically on my toes with excitement, the plan here is to bring a second generation into our household.

Lassy and Bobby got along together well, I was very pleased. I decided to bring her home for about a week so that they can try to bring in that new baby puppy.

“Thank you Kalyn, I’m glad that you’re letting me ‘borrow’ Lassie.” Lassie is actually Kalyn’s dog. She’s calling me her “puppy sitter” because all Kalyn really wanted was time off from her beloved pet.

I got home and let the dogs play in my room while I went downstairs to try and recreate the music that was stuck in my head, the bass music that played over and over, and that face that never left my mind.

The last precious moments of my pregnancy  are ones I’ll always remember, each birth is different with its own problems and solutions, and most of all…its own pain. I waited for my labor to kick in by inducing to the radio
As the pains of labor finally took over my body I sighed in relief, the sooner it starts…the sooner its over until next time, I cringed in pain and clutched my stomach as the pain riveted through me.
Morgan and Bex joined the family about and hour later, I brushed their little bit of hair back as I caressed they’re beautiful cheeks and pressed my lips against both their tiny foreheads, telling them goodnight and pulling they’re blankets over their bodies.
As I was putting them to sleep I heard something from downstairs...I looked out the window in the lounge and a sigh of relief exited my lips, Kyle'll be okay, he is kissing a girl, a very beautiful girl...wait...thats my hair color.
As she pulled away, I saw very clearly that he was kissing Frella...his own sister.