Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby 47 and 48

Kassidy Looked on while Waiting for Her sisters to Get to there Cakes,

They all three wondered what they would wish for

Ummm...I wish to be A caring loving wife and mother, just like ours! Kassidy Blew out her candles

Layla Showed Full pearly Whites at her sisters wish...

I wish for the Perfect Husband, Layla shared her wish with the Small group of Girls

And she blew out the candles

Last but not least, Violet wished to be Filthy rich. the other two Supported there sisters dream for life

Kassidy was Surprised when the Sparkles almost took her feet out from under her.

Violet Loved the feeling of the Sparkles!

Layla didint like them as much.

Kassidy is so full os spirit and Energy, i love this Girl to Death. other than her eyes she looks just like her dad

Violet loves the outdoors, Plus she is a girly those even match? she wheres her hair in Tight Curls

Layla keeps her Pretty red hair in Two separate braids,

I dont want to shift out, i love it here and i want to live here forever, I told Kassidy that she has to move becuse if she doesent i cant have more children, I understand mom.

Now its Tyson and Tucker's turn to age up

Tucker is a adorable little tot with a big heart (and that Mysterious black hair)

Tyson Got his daddy's hair and my eyes.

Little Chloe with her Blue and Green hair all braided and her Beautiful blue eyes

Her Twin brother Ismael Has My hair and eyes, he is going to be a Male Version of me

Tyson and Tucker Both have to learn to walk, Tyson first, Can you say Tooth brush Tyson?

Come to mommy.

then Tucker, can you say money?

You did it!!

Hows the Weather sis? Why? Because i want to hold a bake sale!

The weather is good! A bake sale sounds fun!

The twins (Who love Cooking) Spent Hours baking for there Bake sale

They didint have much luck, but they will try again tomorrow.

they set up at 7 in the morning and there first Customer came at 8.

Look how well my little garden is doing!

The boys love the Baby toys i bought them, even though they have no idea how to play with them.

I had a man call and tell me he made dinner Reservations for me and him at the bistro so i could tell him the rules of the 100 baby challenge, so he can be the next daddy, I waited at the Diner for him

When he got there i had orderd a piece of cake and he orderd Lobster,

we sat and Talked for about a hour, he told me his Name was Pinky Harris, I told him all the rules to the 100 baby challenge...

He told me he would love to be a part of my challenge,

and he gave me a Nice kiss

so i invited him over to my house...

The makings of baby 47

Before i knew it I was throwing up

I started writing a new book for Extra money.

Chloe and Ismael were at school and The Boys were Occupied with there toys so i Snuck out to my garden to take care of it before it got dark.

I decided to call the babysitter and Go play for tips At the Bistro.

I got there and for some reason Thornton Wolff was siting outside in his Under Pants...

I had a All night Jam session,

Some one Triggerd a Detonater on a raido that was in the front of the Bistro, I wasint warned,

Look at me!

I got home and I went to take a shower, and i Accdiently Detonated it too!!!...Then my belly got bigger!

This is how you use the mop you use the Mop you use the mop, I sang to my self while i cleaned up the floor in the bathroom,

Baby 47 is on the way! and i want My first set of Boy-Girl Triplets! I met up with Blane,

I Was Taking to Blane who told me i was having a Girl

He told me that he (Being a Docter) had found out why this Black hair keeps coming up in our family, he told me that i have Black Genes, Because My Grandpa had Black hair some of my kids will have it too.

I Took Tucker down to the Store with me to get 10 apples, because my Apple tree isint ready yet.

Without hesitation i scarfed them all down,

When we gotW home i found Tyson in the Toy box hiding from the Babysitter!

Ismael haveing the Usual Wriner Problem with his homework and his twin sister helping him.

I usualy Do a prolonged Activity while Pregnant.

Ismael is a helpful little kid

whereas Chloe Is a lazy Couch potato.

Being fat isint always That flattering, But people say that being Pregnant makes me Glow!

As the months slip by i Began to notice This Pregnancy has been the fastest of my entire 100 baby challenge

These are by far the Cutest Boy toddlers i have had yet!

I didint notice that i was having contractions because it seemed so early to have this baby!

Hee Hee HOO! AGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I had a home Birth,

I had Twins, William

and Ellie, im kinda disappointed that neither of them got there dads Skin Color,

Before i go i have to age up The other kids, Tucker With his Black hair and blue eyes he is bound to be a heart breaker!

Tyson Already looks like his dad, Imagine what he will look like when he is older!

Chloe, Her little Eyesight problem Turned into a big problem, she has to shift into Glasses, you can find her here

Ismael was lucky, he didint have to get Glasses, but like i said Earlier he is a Male Version of me.

Ellie Has really colorful hair and big brown eyes,

William has my hair and his dads eyes, his skin is Slightly Darker than his sister

Thanks for Reading, My sims page name is LBKLWSLG, hope you Enjoyed