Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gen 2. You could have asked?-Babies 35, 36 and 37

As soon as Christine was born it was Rush rush rush! We had to get the birthday party ready as soon as possible because the triplets need to move out so I can keep Going with the challenge, I know that sounds a little rushed but Its what I need to happen. The girls stepped up to their cakes and blew out the candles, I helped Christine and the twins

Coca, She really is her father’s child, She’s sweet and kind but she doesn’t make friends as easy as her twin sister Cola.

What Cola has for Looks makes up for what her sister has in kindness, Out of the two, Cola is a bit of a snobby child, it comes from the many times people have said “Oh gosh you are soooooo pretty” she always agreed.

Christine Got her Dad’s hair and his skin tone, She is a Very cute toddler and she will grow up to be Gorgeous.

Tara grew up really well! Her beautiful Purple complexion and multicolored hair all go together and twist up in the unique beauty that she has…

Payton has big, irresistible eyes that pull you in and just make you fall straight in love with her, she is the most skilled of the triplets in dancing and other talents, Its just because she spent so much time alone learning them.

Mori is the most hyper and high strung out of the three, She has a few conflicts with her sister Alba, But that’s just because Mori can be a bit annoying with her hyperness.

Alba, She’s uptight but knows how to have fun, Mori is her best friend but at the same time…Her worst enemy, They have problems with Mori’s clinginess to Alba, Good greif!

Out of the three, Payton looks most like me and Alba looks most like Cherry Frootie, Mori Looks just like she acts, Kinda Out there.

Payton is really the most ambitious of the three, Her spirit helps the other two through drama, She’s always pushing them to do what they love!

She called up the cab to come pick them up to take them off! They were headed to Twinbrook to make a life for themselves, I smiled as they waved bye and Jumped in the car!

When I was headed to go get ready to meet the father of baby 35...Christine Grabbed my leg and said “Mommy! Don’t leave!” It melted me.

I picked up my baby girl and held her close “Mommy is right here! Mommy won’t leave”

I spent the rest of the night with Christine, Teaching her how to walk and talk, She got tired around 10:30

And of course, Both Coca and Cola have an imaginary friend, These things are cute but sometimes Creepy….

Tara knows how to enjoy herself on her own, She hasn’t ever had anyone to spend her extra time with, She has friends at school but they are still wary about visiting the Wriner household…Their parents aren’t to approving of all of this.

While waiting for Kinkers to call me to confirm that he wants to be in my challenge still…I finally go SO fed up with the dirty toilets….

I Got out my hammer and made the stupid thing self cleaning! I upgraded most of my things this way, until around 11:00 when Kinkers called and told me he was on his way over and he wanted to make things quick and easy.

Kinkers Jones, I’ve never met him before, he was one of those E-mail fathers who begs to be in the challenge then makes a big deal about getting it over with fast, These men make me want to just tell him “NO! you do what I want and you get what YOU want” but I don’t.

Well…When he got here I was in the shower and he really did Want it over with fast…Because he joined me…Talk about Invasion of Privacy! Then he left…just as fast as he Came.

Today…Tara had the idea that its good to skip school, I realize she’s a teenager and has mood swings but this isn’t acceptable.

“Wait? What? Umm…no…I’m already pregnant…Yes I’m sure, I can’t help you this time….Okay, Call me back in 3 days? Okay, Thanks Cole! Bye” Boy! These men just never stop!

“Tara? Why aren’t you at school?” She gave me a guilty look and said “Because I didn’t feel like going” I’ve had enough…I let loose on her…”WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST RANDOMLY SKIP SCHOOL? GET GOING OR YOU’RE GROUNDED!”

“MY GOSH MAN! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” I blew up on another Dad wannabe….I need a breather….I’m just too stressed.
I put Christine down on the floor and stomped away, I called the babysitter then left, I need to cool off….

So for the first time in years, I jumped on my motorcycle and drove off…just to do what I want to do, I felt like I was a teenager…

Wellllllll…I went into the spa and got myself a package…and a tattoo….

Or a Few….

I felt better, I’m allowed to act however I want, And if I want a tattoo or a bunch…I can do it!

When I got home I changed my outfit to feel comfy until my baby bump shows up!

“Hey grandma? Ya I think Mom needs a little guidance from you…She’s not at her best, could you come over for awhile?” My mom agreed and came right over, she was just as concerned about me as Tara was, I don’t quite think she agrees with this type of stuff…But it’s my body! I stared at the adds in the papers, wishing for a moment or two I was allowed to have a job, but I realized that I do, I have a great job! I’m a mother of 34 wonderful children! And more on the way! I put it away when the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door the last thing I expected was my Mom…She was standing there with Violet Newbie, Ashley Brooks and Vanessa wood…I was confused.

My three best friends and my Mom was sitting in front of me, darn, intervention. “Whats up guys?” I asked, acting clueless “I just got a call from Tara, she told me you had a breakdown, What’s going on Della?” I slapped my own face and said “Mom! Everything is okay! I just felt a little owned, I’m okay!”

“Della! You have tattoos all over your arms, you’re not okay, You’re insane” Nessa pointed at my arms “What else did you do? Get married? Have an abortion? We don’t know where this is gonna stop” I stared at her “I can’t believe you guys can’t trust me with my own body, my own kids, my own life” Ashley stepped between us “Della we do trust you, we just love you and wanted to make sure you’re okay!”

Violet stood up next, she said “Della, we don’t want you to get in trouble, and I agree with both Vanessa AND Ashley, we don’t know what lengths you would go to and we just want to make sure you‘re okay…that’s all!”

I reassured all of them that I was fine, I’m not going to do anything dumb, I know how to take care of myself, I’m a grown woman and I needed a little change! They understood, I asked them if they wanted to spend the night and they refused, they were all busy tonight.

After all of them left I hit the bathroom right in time, I puked my dinner up and kinda wished that I didn’t have to go trough this every time I got pregnant…

I sat down a few minutes to dawn and watched TV, these romantic programs always make me gushy, I also get tired at times.

I fell asleep watching it, it made me cry, the woman died and the man kept trying to kill himself until another woman came along and helped him through his troubles, then when they got married and tried to have a child…she miscarried and that ruined their marriage, she blamed it on him, he blamed it on her and they just couldn’t find love for each other anymore…sorry I’m going on and on about this…it just makes me sad.

When I got up the baby kicked for the first time and it made me smile, I was having baby 35! And possibly 36 and 37!

Christine told me she was tired and ready for her nap so I picked up a book and read to her until her little eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

I shut off the lights and left the room to go work on my garden, I was planting grapes, lettuce, tomatoes and apples.

It took me a long time to get it done but they’re all planted and I’ll be sure to take care of this beautiful looking garden!

It was a short day but I enjoyed every moment of it, I ended the day dancing on my own, out by the ocean, I love my life so much, I couldn’t have been born into a better life!

Tara came home later then me telling me that she finally has someone! She finally has a friend, I was shocked when she told me it was a boy and he asked her to marry him, Oh facepalm..I was happy for her and I told her I would help her plan the wedding!

We aged her that night so she can start planning, I mean her fiancĂ© is a adult as of tomorrow and we want to get her ready…She grew up just as she did as a teen but She cut her hair shorter, and went with a new style in clothes.

I started my next morning with a piece of cake, sounds better then breakfast to me!

I spent a lot of time on the phone after that, ordering things for Tara’s wedding, inviting guests and putting together the dress and cake, I was her wedding planner all the way!

We got the back yard set up in a pretty pink color that Tara picked to match her dress that I helped her pick out…

We had tried 4 dresses before she found this pink and white one, she fell straight in love with it and I paid the check, she brought it home and put it on so I could take pictures of her in it! She is a real beauty!

Not much to do for this pregnancy but wait, I’m sure that the kiddies will be gorgeous!

As soon as he was a young adult, Tara invited her fiancé over, his name is Levi Wilis, he is a strong looking brunette with vivid features, a lot like Tara!

He just couldn’t keep away from Tara for two seconds, they make a lovely couple and I’m sure this will last forever and for always! I sure hope that I’m right too! He left because he wanted to finish setting up his bachelor party so he could have it tonight, before tomorrow morning.

Tara decided to have a bachelorette party, she didn’t have any girl friends to celebrate with so we invited a few of the challenge moms!

Melody and Ana were the first ones here and they were rocking out to their favorite songs, this party is just getting started!

Freckleface Tara was enjoying herself, not everyone is here yet but she’s already jamming to the tunes with the dancers, so far there is no sign of Vanessa, Violet, Ashley, Amber, Charlie and My mom…

At the end everyone but Amber came, I felt bad that Amber didn’t get enough notice, but everyone had fun! Ashley was having problems but that’s just Ashley for you XD

Tara is rocking the bride look! She makes me jealous, I doubt I’ll pull that off when its my time

Vanessa is beautiful, she’s simple and beautiful, I envy her for it -__- Jerk.

Amber finally showed up and explained that she got stuck in traffic on the way here, I haven't seen her since I was at baby 1! I miss this girl, we reunited with a hug and "Amber! Its so good to see you! Its been WAY too long"

Why does this always happen to me? Right when the party is getting started…I ruin it with Labor…

I had beautiful triplet girls, Clover Wriner, baby 35!

Heart Writer, baby 36!

And Diamond Wriner, baby 37!

After putting them in their cribs I went down to talk to the girls…about tomorrow morning.

If there are any problems with pictures or anything please let me know so I can fix it! Thank you!
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