Friday, October 21, 2011

Gen 2. This, that-babies 56, 57 & 58

This post is rated R for the exposition of butts

Warning, sexual content

“Dear Ms. Wriner, your DNA tests have confirmed that Katmay and Layton Wriner are both offspring of Ms. Della Eve Wriner and Mr. Cim Cedric France, we ran as many tests as we could think of on the DNA samples that you gave us, we have also kept your children‘s DNA because we found something interesting, if we can harness this, your children may be able to travel through time someday, thank you for your services and happy holidays.”

I was afraid that when I picked up Brit she would fly straight through my hands but it seems that she’s durable enough to be picked up and carried around, even though she is a ghost, I was also afraid of how she would grow up, would she be able to learn English? Would she be accepted in the world of sims? All I can hope for is that both those answers are yes.

I watched Layton and Katmay play with blocks for hours, oh its amazing how two toddlers can entertain a grown woman for so long, I was simply mesmerized by how well these children play and how long one thing can keep them happy… that and the beauty of a mother and her children just took over and glued me to the spot.

Its after thanksgiving, I was gonna go black Friday shopping but I didn’t get the chance, when the girls got home from school that Monday I had told them that we’re gonna start getting ready for Christmas, so when they got home, we set up our tree “what do you think Ems?” I asked Emma
“I think its very Christmassy, but since when are there purple trees?” she asked being a smart mouth “They are from purple land” I said as I rolled my eyes, “ all the trees are purple there”

I was in no hurry to continue the challenge just yet, I just wanted to relax and be free from pregnancy for awhile, but then of course there is the thought that if I continue right away then I’ll get done faster and live like this forever, that one won over and I decided to start aging up the children.

I started with the triplets, they all aged up gorgeous just as I knew they would. Adults ready to take on the world, all with their own skills and personalities, and all with their own goals in life.

Emma is a beauty, her hair comes from my mother, her eyes from my father, I can’t pin point much else because its such a whirlwind of different unique features in her face, I also couldn’t point out anything that I thought belonged to Cim.

I should have known before, both the kids have Cim’s charming green eyes and Layton has his blonde hair, both of them are good looking and have much of Cim in them, but I’ll never allow them to know who their father is.

Out of all the children, Brit is the hardest to keep track of, I almost need to hook her up with a tracking device, she loves to wonder, of course she does! I can never find her! I wish I could see her eyes, I would love to know what color they are…

Before leaving, Kayleigh, Evelyn and Cherish (Baby 49, 50 and 51) put the little kids down to bed for me, then they each hugged me and left, each to their own love.

“Yah? Is Ti-Ning there? May I speak to him? Thanks” I waited for a few minutes before a guy I know named Ti-Ning came on the phone “Hey buddy, you wanna come over for a little fun? I could give you all the fun you want” he quickly agreed, and said he’d be over in a few.

I prepared myself to be pregnant again but first comes the “fun” I was talking about earlier, Ti-Ning, when he got here, I was already in my underwear and I told him with a firm voice “Take off your shirt and get on my bed now!”
“Yes mistress” he said in the same voice I was using. “Get over here!” he gestured and I jumped up on my knees onto the bed and took his face in my hands “Make love to me you bastard” I ordered before kissing him, then it got spicy…

Me--actually kinda scaring myself in the process--got Ti-Ning out of his jeans without any cover up, as in blankets…This would be awkward later but for now it was perfect…At least for me it was, because during this dirty intercourse, I heard the lullaby.

After Tin-Ning left, I threw some stuff in the wash and crashed on the couch, ready for a little bit of sleep before the kids got home from their first day of school, I actually slept for 6 hours and the kids were in bed by the time I got up…

Emma knew that she should let me sleep so she’s the one that put Brittney down to sleep, Emma is the only one besides me that isn’t scared of Brit so it was easy for her, to get the tot to bed.

Layton and Katmay challenge each other to a game of chess every night, Katmay usually wins but Layton is getting better every night.. He almost beat her this time but she got him in the last second.

When I woke up, I went outside to cool off in the hot tub, I can’t wait for this challenge to be over so I can have a normal life…Its coming soon, I always tell myself.

Around 3 am I was still awake so I gave in and got dressed, then sat down to a lovely meal, I knew I would crash again tomorrow but there’s always coffee to keep me awake until its bedtime.

“And that is why fast food delivery should be stopped”
Yes! My speech is gonna be awesome! I think at least…I’m giving a speech next week to the members of the 100 baby challenge club, I don’t know why they chose this as my topic but it works! I finished my speech up and face booked that it was all ready.

I had just put my laptop away when I heard someone pounding on the piano, I went to see who it was and what do you know…Brittney…wait…BRITTNEY! “Honey you’ll fall!” I screeched right before she went tumbling off the stool

She fell right on her butt but instead of the cry I was expecting…she burst out laughing, like a mad woman, I was so shocked but what was worse was that she was screaming “AGAIN AGAIN!” It must be a ghost thing…

I decided to get Brittney out of the house for awhile, that’s exactly what I needed too, my stir crazy mind was about to blow up, it needed a bit of fresh air and a walk with my baby girl.

It was dark by the time we got downtown and I was already feeling very pregnant, I guess the walk was longer than I thought it would be, but I needed some stuff from the store…so tired as we both were, we still went in and bought the supplies for the garden that me and all the kids were going to start to create.

We got home early that morning, Brit had been sleeping the whole way, and since I was having sleeping problems anyway…I enjoyed walking home so late at night, but now I have to put together a schedule for the day…I was going to start by working out, reading and all that fun stuff and when the kids get home, we’re going to start our garden.

I clobbered up the stairs slowly with my ghost baby and my unborn baby, the new baby was kicking and Brittney was crying, telling me that she needed sleep, I put her into her crib and kissed her forehead, or at least I think I did, with Brittney…you never know if she really felt it.

Then I hobbled to the kitchen to prepare waffles for the children that were going to school soon, a long day of school should be started off with a good meal, its brain food. I then waved goodbye as the children’s bus disappeared around the corner.

I started with the first thing on my list, cardio exercise, I worked out from 8 to 1 and felt really good afterwards, I cooled off in the shower before going about the house, looking for the two books that I read most while pregnant…pregnancy books.

I picked up that book and I didn’t put it down till I had reached the ending cover, completely finished with it, and by the time that was done, Brit had started crying…

Brittney is a really well behaved and smart little girl, I’ve never had troubles with getting her to eat or sleep, she just goes right along with whatever she’s told to do.

I called all the kids to the backyard to help me out with the garden, I knew that Layton and Katmay would only be able to watch, but my kids usually enjoy this stuff, so instead.. They both jumped on the trampoline while me and Emma did the work

I spent the last few hours of my pregnancy planting watermelon seeds, over 19 of them, and 2 lime trees, I had 3 of those but Emma set one on fire and it turned to dust, I hope that she knows that those are expensive! Emma was helping but she ran off to a friends house about an hour before I was finished.

“Its time to come inside kids, its getting late and its already dark out” I yelled at the screaming-jumping on the trampoline, twins. They retired faster than I thought they would, I guess they were just tired.

And just my luck, I was about asleep right as labor hit me, I actually glared at my stomach and said “Why now?” but the baby didn’t feel like answering, instead I screamed…

And 4 hours later…gave birth to a baby boy, Cooper Wriner.

But wait, there’s another, Todd Wriner

And one more, a girl named Cory Wriner…3 Beautiful babies.