Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gen 2: Something With the King's-Baby 6

Just Enough Sugar, The Right Amount of Water, The Flower Has to Be Precise! Travis Worked on His Baking Skill All Day that Day, He was Making Cakes and Brownies For the Girl's Birthdays!

"I really Cant Wait For Later today when Emily Is Just My Age! Then I Can Have a Play Buddy!!! He Stirred His Batter Over and Over again Until It looked PERFECT!

"Okay Mommy, It should Be Done Before The Girlies Age Up!!! That way they Can Have a Really Nice Muffin when They Can Chew it!

Me and Travis Set Up A Birthday Party in the Nursery Because I only Have Two Arms! I Can't Carry 4 Kids at once! So there you Have It, Four Different Cakes for Four Gorgeous Girls! And Travis Would Age This Weekend.

Ashby Went First, I Helped Each one of the Girls Blow out the Candles and Make a Wish!

Ashby Has My Hair, But her Eyes are From her Dad and So Is Her Facial Features! She will Grow Up To Be Very Unique, I Can Tell you that Right Now.

Amber Looked...Different, She Really Didn't Look like a Wriner at all, Her Hair was Red and Her Eyes Tan, That Red Hair Must Be a Genetic Thing From Zachary's Side.

I'm A Bit confused at the Triplets, Each Of them Has Different Hair and Eye Color, Somehow Dawn Is a Blond, She is Cute and I'm Not gonna Question It But It is Strange!

Emily Has Delicate Features! Her Eyes are A Perfect Oval Shape that Gives her Face A Very Sweet look, She has My Nose, That I can See Clearly But I can't Tell about The Rest of her Yet

Pretty Soon Emily Was Child Enough To Tell that Her Older Brother Made those Muffins Just For her! She Ate one!

Well the Sink broke Today, Turning My Bathroom to a Flash Flood Hazard! The water was Going Everywhere!

It also Blew up in my face Causing This Strange Look and Some Makeup Runnage!

The Sink Wasn't Working with Me Very Well!

Mommmmm Is Everything Okay? Emily Asked With a Raised Eyebrow.."Its all good Sweets! This Sink is Just...Being...Difficult!

I then Used the Extra Time Before Naps to Clean the Floor

After the Kids Left For School I Spent Nap time Alone! In Complete Silence, I Made Myself Drinks!

And Of Course after the Drinking Spree There ALWAYS comes Dancing!!!

I Was SO caught Up in My Dancing But I Still stopped to Care for Amber!

Until someone Started Frantically Knocking on the Door! I Opened it and As Soon as I did A Man with Black and Purple Hair Ran Though and Said "Please Let me Hide here! There is a Insane Women After Me!!! I Nodded and He Dashed Though The Archway, I Stayed in the Foyer To see If I could Stop Her

The Girl he was Talking about Had Red and Black Hair, She Had Green Eyes and Was Slightly Bulky...She wore Thick Make Up and a Smirk On her Beautiful Face...

She Pursed Her Thin Lips and Said "Della Eve, You Need To..First of All, Look where Your Priorities Lie! And Two, Make Sure YOU are on the Right Side Of the Battle, Better Also Check on your Mommy...I'm Looking For Woodrow, PJ Woodrow, I Saw Him Come In here! Where ARE you hiding him?

"I don't Know Exactly What you are Talking about Miss But I can Tell you I have Never Met PJ Woodrow, And About My Priorities, They Lie where I Put them, You Better Leave My Yard" I shot that Back at her and She Got the Murder Look on her Face...

"Oh Della Della Della...Watch Your Family, I KNOW you are Helping those Woodrow's...Watch over your Babies For they Could Be Really Hurt If you Don't Watch them Close Enough! Oh I'm Morgan BTW Just In case PJ Hasn't Told you that..
"Get out of My House Morgan...Go Now! The Girl Named Morgan Flipped her Hair and Walked out the Door (PS This Is One Character That Will be Seen In the Woodrow Legacy Along with PJ, She is One You Can Hate)

"So I'm Guessing you are PJ then, Would YOu like to Tell me whats Going on With that Mad Chick? I asked PJ (Sorry PJ Wasn't Perfect)
"Well...He Started...I Can't Tell you Right Now, Maybe Later...I Raised my Eyebrow at him and Said "I Let you Hide In my house? And you Can't Tell me? "Thats Right! he Said, But there is Something I could Do for You...

He Surprised me With a Kiss...I Knew what This Meant, He wanted to Be The Next Dad In my Challenge? Well This Could Work!

We Ended up looking at Each other On My Bed...He Must Be Lonely, We Totally Just Met and Now he is Laying on my Bed Waiting for Me To Get up more Confidence!

And 5-10 Minutes Later I was Pregnant

He was Headed out the Door When He Looked at me and Said "I'm Sure you Shouldn't Worry About Morgan, I Don't Think she will be Back" I Shrugged and Gestured him out the Door, The Last Thing I need is Men Hanging out in my House all Day long

Travis Spent His Last Hour as A Child Out in the warm New York Air, It is Really Nice Out tonight!

Travis Parts His Hair Perfect Ever Morning when He Gets Up, he Can't Stand Messy Hair at all!! I Cross my Fingers that I did Everything Right In the Role as Mom!

"What are We doing today Mom? Travis Asked Me "Your G-Maw Della is Coming Over! She wants to See you so You can't Escape! Okay?

There she Is...Oh look at that...Pregnant Again, My Mom and Dad Must Have some Fun on weekends...

"Hi Mom!! How Are things? I asked Her "Oh Sweetie Things are So Crazy! I Don't Know How I'm Pregnant again with a Full house!" There is some Crazy Stuff Going on in the Sims World Mom! And New york just Makes things Crazier with its Rules!

"Well Maybe One Day New york will allow Pets! Then It would Also Have to Allow More People In a House! I Smiled at My Mom and Threw my Arms around Her In a Tight Hug

Come Inside!!! I Gestured to Her to Come In the House and Meet Her Grandchildren, They Where all Super Excited To Meet there Grandma...She Actually Doesn't Like to Be Called Grandma, She Prefers Being Called G-Maw Della

My Mom Feel In Love with The Girls Right Away!! And She Spent some of her Visiting time Chatting It Up With Travis, I'm Sure there will Never Be One Child That Doesn't Like Her

and My Dad...Wow, Him and The Triplets are Just Bonding Like Crazy, He has Never Been Big On Tickling But Him and Amber Played Tickle monster for 20 Minutes

He Looked over at Mom, She Looked Over at Him...I Think Now they Might Be hoping For Multigender Twins-That Way My Dad Can Have a Son to teach to play football and fish and My Mom can Have a Daughter to Give all her shoes too...I Know that they Have Chad And Tiffany But they Can Still hope for the Unborn.

Everything I wanted to happen During The Time With My Family Happened, And To Celebrate that We Took a Family Picture...3 Adults, 2 Teenagers, 1 Child and 5 Toddlers...My Family Is Perfect.

As Soon as My Family Went Home For the Night I told Travis To take care Of the Triplets while I went to Go Do a Few Things, He Happily agreed Knowing that If He Helps Me out with them Now Its a Great Chance of Aging Early, Well anyway...I Checked out the Mail...There was a Letter From My Aunt Maci..

I Have a Feeling that Aunt Maci Sent One of these to Mom too, Its Sweet of Her to Think of Us In our Time Of Need, But Now Trent is Gone For Good and We don't Have To Worry Anymore, Thank you Aunt Maci!

I Went On a Jog Through Bridgeport, I didn't Know where I was Headed But I knew That I Wouldn't Get Back Until Morning, Travis Will Take Care Of the Girls Until then

It was Getting Warmer And I Love the View From the Bridge

Like I thought I Didn't Get Back Until 7:00 Am I Was Dead Tired and Stinky But Still Alive.

Ignoring My Own Smell I sat down With a Newspaper, Not Much Happening These Past Weeks...My Eyes Shot to The Back Cover: Maverick Slayer. Taken Into Custody For Turning, Then Killing His Girlfriend For Not Wanting To Stay A Vampire, Its Rumored that Kacee King Was Pregnant When She was Murdered By Her Boyfriend, Maverick Slayer, Son Of Elvira And Magnus Slayer Father Of Travis Wriner, We Have Concluded that Maverick Wants More Vampires In Bridgeport and His Parents Have Confessed to Planting that Idea In His Brain...

I finished the Article With Huge Eyes, That Kacee King Girl Could Have Been Me, I Had a Baby with Him and Also refused to Be turned into creature of the Night, But Maverick Said he would be Back...Not anymore, I feel Bad that a Girl had to die for him to be taken to Jail but Its all for the best Now.

The Triplets Spent this Morning Taking Turns Playing with There Bunny that Violet Bought them! Or Eating There hands and Looking at there Fingers.

I took a Nice Long Shower that Took up all the Hot Water and Simply Seaped into My Skin Making me Feel The Warmness That was Crashing on my Body From the High Water Pressure, That Name Kept Popping Back Into My Head...Kacee King...Who Is That...I know I Have heard her name before...I Decided I would Ask my Mom.

"Mom I'm Home! Travis Called From Downstairs, I Heard a Girl...Laughing "Oh Travis Stop it!

I Was Kind of Surprised that Travis Brought This Girl Home I Laughed and Said "Travis Who Is This? He Smiled at me and Sid "Mom This Is Kerri King, Kerri Waved at Me...This Is Weird, I Read About a King Getting Killed By Maverick Now Travis Brings a King Home?

I looked at Kerri and Asked Her "Are You related to Kacee King? Her Eyes got Wide for about 2 Seconds, They Went Back to Normal and She said "Yes, I'm Her Little Sister, I Suppose you Know what Happened to Her?

"Yes" I said "I do, I read About It in the Paper This Morning, I'm So sorry!" Travis Gave Me a Look That said "Mom Shes Hot! Go Away" So I Nodded My Head and Walked away...

There Is Something about Kerri...I Couldn't Look away From Her Glowing Red Eyes...
I Then Got the Conclusion that She Must Be a Vampire, Maybe she Is the Reason Kacee Didn't Want to Be One, That's the Reason Kacee Died.

Kerri Chased Me and Said "Mam Don't be thinking bad thoughts about me just because I'm a Vampire! I'm a Good Person! And..."She Whispered "I REALLY Like Travis! I Have This Feeling he is Gonna Ask me to be his girlfriend! You Do trust me..Right? I Smiled at her and Said "Of Course I do! Anyone who Makes My Son Happy, Makes Me Happy!"

She Gave a little Giggle "Thank you Mrs. Wriner! She Walked Back to Travis and started to giggle again

I Watched From a Distance as He Grabbed Her hand and Whispered the Words "Kerri? Will you Be My Girlfriend? She Nodded and They Kissed...I Can Tell you I wasn't Being Fully Truthful...I Don't Know how much I trust that girl.

As These Thoughts Clogged Up My Thinking Space I Turned around And Went to The Dance floor, There I can Let All my Feelings Out Into a Simple thing Called Dancing

Dancing Jogged My Memory About a Party Amber Lights Invited me To, I decided that I couldn't Leave the Kids again Until the Girls where Children, Thats When Travis and Kerri Joined me On the Dance floor...

Then The Triplets Came In, Followed By Emily!

My Entire Family and Kerri Where Enjoying our Private Party Until My Babies got in the way of our dancing...Not Saying I wasn't Happy about it.

My water Broke and The Labor Started, Enforcing The Responsibility Of the Girls Onto Travis

When I looked at the Face Of My New Little Boy, Loyal Wriner I reminded myself how much I love this Challenge