Monday, April 30, 2012

Gen 3- It's my story to create.

"Riley Goodman. Come to the front of the classroom...NOW." Riley smirked as she walked past and looked at Mrs. Goodman. "Yes, MOTHER?"
She put emphasis the word mother as she turned around and looked at the class.

 "Look at me. Why are you picking on those girls?"

"Because they're freaks."

 "Not anymore then you are."

"Oh, come on mom. They have weird colors in their hair."

 "You stop bullying those kids or I'm calling their parents. That and little Ande's parents own this island and have control over our house. you get us kicked out and you'll never see sunlight again." She sent her back to her seat and started the lesson on grammar. Riley sat in the back quietly laughing with Jessica over how stupid her mother is.

When class was over, Mrs. Goodman held me and Aphrodite back so that she could talk to us. I didn't know if I should or not, knowing that all I'd get was sympathy and no real action on the problem

"Ande, Aphrodite...I'm really sorry about my daughter. She's just so used to being the center of everyone's attention...even at her old school. Bullying is no laughing matter and Riley should know better."

 "It's okay.." Aphrodite said, turning around to leave but I pulled on her shirt to stop her.

 "No. It's not okay. Mrs. Goodman, do you know what Riley AND Arley did to me? They beat me up, attacked me, and pulled me into my own bathroom and chopped my hair off and broke my glasses because I wasn't like them. I don't think that that's just 'Ok.'"

Mrs. Goodman looked at me stunned..."They did That to you?" She bit her lip and ushered us out of the room.

"Hullo kids..." A young woman who was stretching out for a ballet lesson said with a cheerful wave.
 "Hi aunt Jose." Aphrodite said back. the woman did look a bit like Aphrodite. We sat down in a corner to wait for our lesson to start (Turns out my new friend likes dancing as well) Aphrodite decided to tell me about when she moved here and how she met Riley.

"About 3 years ago, my parents went on a trip to Haiti...They ran into a huge storm and the plane crashed. I've been living with my Aunt since. We moved here to get away from the memories of how happy our whole family used to be." I stared at Aph, awestruck.

"I had no idea..." I whispered just loud enough for her to hear. She shrugged and continued with her story. The first thing I thought was that this wasn't fair. I've had my parents my entire life and I've never really appreciated them, but thinking of losing them was like shooting a bullet through my own brain...completely unfair.
"So, when we got here, we LOVED the island until we were visited by a certain blonde little girl and her minions. My aunt shooed them away but they did tell me that I wasn't the only "freak" on the island. That's pretty much it." She said, standing up and pulling on her ballet shoes. "Aunt Jose? Who else is in this class?"

"A few kids.. I haven't met any of them yet." She said continuing her stretches and holding out her arms to the sky. "Do you know if one of them is Riley Goodman?" I asked, pulling on my shoes as well and brushing my hair back. "I think that was one of them...It might be just you two."

"Is everyone ready to be shown up?" The door slammed and Riley walked through. It was only Riley, Aphrodite and I in this class. Way to make a school year hell.
I smiled at her, remembering what my mom said this morning about being nice even if they pick on me. "Hi, Riley!" I chirped. She got right up in my face "Thanks for telling my mom on me, you little bitch." This, of course, meant war.

"Okay girls, because its our first day, I'm just gonna let you guys freestyle today. Show me what you got." Me and Aph went right at it but Riley sat there watching us. It took 25 minutes before Jose stopped us and told us that it was time go home and next weeks lesson would be much longer and better. I invited Aphrodite over for a little while after class.

I liked Aphrodite and this wasn't some act of kindness because I felt bad for her. I could tell that she was a lot like me and that made me happy.
She decided that a few hours at my house would be nice for her. A little break from the normal routine. But before we even went in my house, I made her let me put her hair down and steal her hat...I think she looks great with it down.

"Say mommy again!" I heard mom coo to Eden. I threw a look to Aphrodite that pretty much said "Hope you can stand this as well as I can."
The sun had started to set and I kicked the door open with a little bit too much force because it hit the wall behind it and I got "Ande! Watch what you're doing!" From my dad who seemed to be a little more flustered then usual.
"Oh, go to bed you old geezer." I yelled back at him, tromping through the house and over to the cookies that were sitting on the counter. Aphrodite followed close behind me

"So, Aphrodite? Where do you come from?" My dad asked, looking over at her.
She laughed a little and started to speak "My aunt and I came over from starlight shores. Most people who have come here start out in starlight shores."
She finished up her cookies and my dad left us alone to go to my room. But before we were halfway there he looked at me and said
 "Oh, your surprise from this morning? Me and mom want you to become a teenager." I grinned and slammed the door behind me.

We sat around for over an hour...just talking about how awesome our lives are going to be when we grow up and how we'll be the owner of the life that belongs to us...Riley won't hold me back forever. Aphrodite and I shook hands that night, forming a bond and we agreed to be best friends....forever.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gen 3- When life gives you lemons...

"Explain to me exactly what happened?" Grandma sat on her balcony, simply listening. That's what I like best about her, she lets me speak...And never interrupts. I let out a large sigh, trying to let all my feelings come out but being's almost a little too hard. "I thought Arley was my friend..." I started, putting my hand up to my hair. "But when I went outside, they all attacked me. It was horrible...When they were done t-they dragged me into the bathroom..." I shook my head, dropping my hand and bowing my head. "They tried to get all of the green out of my hair on their own, to make me 'Normal' But nothing can make me normal."

Grandma patted the seat next to her and waited for me to sit. She stayed silent until she was sure that I wasn't going to say anything more.

"I remember dealing with bullies...My mom was a bully. She didn't do anything like this to me, but I can tell you that I know how you're feeling." I wiped my eyes and looked up at her.

"So I'm not the only one?" She nodded, rubbing my back soothingly. "Have you talked to your parents yet?"

"No..." I knew that this was coming, keeping in the clear of my parents was my main goal for the day...But I'm sure they found that nasty picture that Riley made me write on. I didn't want them to see that...
"Why don't we go over there?" She said picking up my hand and standing up, pulling me with her. I guess this was what was gonna happen anyway.

"Adam...where is she? We've looked everywhere!"

"We'll find her...Don't worry. She's probably just venting,"

"What if you're wrong? What if she's in trouble? I knew those kids were no good!" I heard my mom cry from where I was standing behind the door...I looked up at grandma and she nodded. I pushed the door open and closed my eyes.

Immediately, I felt a pair of arms around me. I kept my eyes sealed shut as my dad joined my mom in the hug. I didn't know what to say and neither did they so my grandma started... "She came to my house this morning...Just wanted to talk." Mom let go when I opened my eyes and Dad sat on his knees, playing with my hair. "You know...You could have just asked if you wanted a haircut,"

Grandma shot him a warning look and I was asked to go to my room. Naturally, I would be the one kicked out of a conversation about me. I went straight to my room without a second word because I figured I was already in enough trouble for staying out all night. I sat up on my bed, sleepily but not tired enough to try to sleep.

It finally came over me but I was soon woken up by someone clambering clumsily around my room. "Mom?" I asked sitting up, but I didn't see my mom...I saw a woman who...looked just like me. She looked up at me, frightened. I had frightened her? How did she get in here? "Who are you?" I asked, climbing down the ladder.

"Ande, you don't even have to ask that." She said, continuing her rummaging around my room. "I'm you...Just older. You'll see, someday." I watched the older me sift through things.
"Are you looking for something?" I felt timid, as if standing in front of an older me should scare me...She shook her head.

"Just one thing...Mom is your friend. Treat her well." She pulled a book close to her chest and added "Oh, and don't let those big ol' bullies pick on you. You're much stronger than they are." with that, she disappeared right in front of me...Left me gaping. As soon as she was gone...I climbed up to my bed, convinced that it was a dream and I was going insane.

I was woken with a jolt, my dad was carrying me to his room so that I could sleep in his bed. I didn't understand but I didn't care when he laid me down and tucked me in, saying "I love you, sweetie." and kissing my forehead before closing the door slowly and joining my mom outside. I kept my ears open but my eyes closed.

"She's fast asleep..." I heard my dad whisper over Eden's giggling. "Your dad brought in the new bed and the paint..."

"Do you think she'll like it?" My mom asked, tenseness overtaking her voice.

 "I think so. She's had a tough time...She deserves a surprise."

heard at least 5 people moving around the room, and then aunty Nessa started to talk. "Tell me again what happened?" I heard the old sofa creaking as she sat down on it. "Bullies were picking on her.." Grandma said quickly while opening the door to let grandpa in with what sounded like something heavy. Another voice that I didn't recognize started to speak, a high pitched voice and when mom said "Li, could you get the pie out of the oven?" I knew that it was the aunty Liana that mom always talks to on the internet.

The bustling and moving around didn't bother me, I like the sound of people, It makes me feel less alone than I already do. I heard my door creek open and I'm almost sure that they were redoing my room. But I couldn't make assumptions just yet. They could be adding on a room for Eden, their wonder child. The one who never gets in trouble or is too pretty to be picked on. But then again, she is just a toddler.

The bedroom door cracked open and I saw a bright pair of eyes peek through the door and then a bit of pink/red hair falling over her shoulders. Then, behind Liana came two people that I knew very well...Of course, Vanessa, Kalyn and Liana were raiding my peacefulness. I pretended to be asleep when Liana crashed next to me while 2 more people were joining in. Dawn and Frella followed afterwards. "Wake up, Ande!" Vanessa cried, shaking me to a point that I couldn't keep my eyes closed.

"Why are you sleeping in here when you could be in your room?" Aunt Kalyn added, pointing to my room. "You know, you have some pretty awesome parents for doing that for you!"

"Doing what?" I yawned, pulling the blanket over my head to block out the blinding light. "YOU HAVE TO COME LOOK TO FIND OUT!" They all squealed at once, I could combust right around now and I wouldn't even mind. Oh how I hate being the center of everyone's attention. But I was dragged to my room anyway and about cried in the process...

I had never seen something that screamed ANDE as much as this room does...The walls were black with white spiral decoration and the rug on the floor matched perfectly...Along with the bedspread and everything else sitting around the room. It was a room for a teenager. So, imagine my confusion when I looked up at mom and she just smiled and pushed me forward into the room.

"Why'd you do this?" I asked, fighting hard to keep my feelings towards my mother bottled up by biting my lip. I want to show her that I'm grateful...I want to show her that I love her and that I'm sorry for treating her the way I have...But I don't know how. I've been so locked up inside myself that even showing the slightest compassion for my mother was harder than anything I've ever done. But I tried, so hard that it almost hurt. And a simple hug and a "Thank you!" Was just enough for her.

I looked around the room and wondered what their minds were focused on while decorating this room...They took every component of everything that ever made me happy and put it all in one place. My mom left the room and I looked around, alone and in this beautiful room...It, to me was almost like heaven. Besides the thought that school starts for me tomorrow...I was perfectly happy.

I climbed onto the bed and was encased in perfectness...The covers were silk and made me feel amazing. I fell straight to sleep and dreamed forever about what would happen my very first day of school. I, Ande scared.


When the morning rolled around, I pushed myself up on my bed as the sun peeked under the door and slid all over the floor. I looked all around the room, pulling myself out of my bed and stepping on the cool floor.

About 10 minutes later, I was dressed, ready for school, and talked to by my mom about "Being nice to the other kids, even if they pick on you."

 My dad sat up to the table with me, watching me. "When you come home, we'll do something together." I stared at him. "What kind of something?"
"Oh, something."

I heard my mom yell at me from where she was waiting outside to take me to school...Here we go...I'm ready to rumbah.
Mom dropped me off at the foot of the stairs with a quick hug, goodbye, and "I love you sweetie!" and I was off, slinking up the stairs with my eyes on my feet...Hoping for a good day.
But, not paying attention to whats in front of you is never really a good idea...I soon found myself facing the back of a girl my age wearing a hat. Great...its time to find out if I'll ever have any friends in this place.

The girl whipped around and stared at me, a blank but scared look on her face when she said, just loud enough for me to hear "Don't hurt me." I raised my eyebrow and stepped just a tiny bit closer, holding out my hand and saying "I'm Ande. I won't hurt you."
Reluctantly she grabbed my hand and shook it once "Aphrodite." She let go and looked me up and down, when I noticed a short lock of purple hair falling down her forehead.

"What color is your hair?" I asked, pushing my hand into my pocket and honestly feeling bad for this girl...I knew her position though...she reached to her hat, pulling it down, her eyes widening to the size of saucers. "Why do you care?" the scared expression she had on her face kinda broke my heart a little..."I'm guessing that you've met Riley too?" She nodded...I bit my lip and continued trying to converse with this girl..."What do you say we walk to class together?"

"Good morning kids!" The 5th grade teacher (Who happens to be Riley's mom) said, writing her name on the board. "I'm Mrs. Goodman. I know that summer is really close so this will be a very short school year but we might as well get started..." I heard people snickering from behind where Aphrodite and I were sitting.

"Looks like the two freaks have made friends with each other." Riley sneered to Jessica.

"They can't help it...Dorks attract!"

Another round of snickering broke out, but I held my head high and pulled through the best I could...Aphrodite on the other hand...didn't take it quite as well...Tears started to form in her eyes as Riley came in again.

"Who knew that purple and green could look so gross together."

The room was silent and Mrs. Goodman just watched...Seeing just how terrible her own daughter is.

I know that bullying is a very touchy subject...but fact is, there is nothing funny about it. Bullies can cause kids and teenagers to do some pretty drastic things to themselves and it is real. Take bullying seriously needs to stop NOW.

Thanks for reading...please leave your feedback and I hope you enjoyed :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gen 3-Useless, Ugly, Stupid. Corrupt

Undying love and compassion. A feeling never felt before in my soul or being. I'm a child. I think like a child....I act like a child but I don't feel like one.
 Being the first born daughter of Della Langly is a smack in the face. The reason being, I'm not the first born child of Della Wriner. I'm the 101st and I'll never have the love from her that I really need. So I cling to dad. He's reliable and knows that I love him above anything else.

I haven't been on this earth very long, but all I know is this island. I've only been to one other place and I don't even remember it. Starlight shores is only in pictures and crap but its the reason that Riley is making me doubt everything that my parents tell me. And now about 11 more kids my age are coming and I'm sure they won't help me at all.

The serenity of my thoughts is the only place for me to me safe from Eden, my mom and mostly...Riley. Trying to be nice, it's hard. I haven't really had the chance to try yet but if you ask me, fighting is for losers. Though I wouldn't mind a couple kicks at Riley Goodman's face. I need a punching bag. Though, at the moment it looks like I'm hers.

"If it isn't the most awkward person on earth. Even in a dress you look like a stuffed monkey." And speak of the devil. "Jessica, Jennifer. This is my little friend Ande." a few more steps back, and I would find myself in the ocean...Letting them get too close to me...Not such a great idea. "H-Hey Riley!" I stammered, shoving a smile onto my face. Jessica and Jennifer stood on either side of me, Riley behind. I can't remember the last time that I was scared of a few little girls.

"Why do you think she's so bad?" Jessica asked lifting up my arm, like a dummy there for her entertainment. "Just look at her." Riley said, not even trying to keep her voice down so that I can't hear her. Its almost like she gets her joy out of putting me down and making me feel like everything she says is true.
 But I don't care. I love myself no matter what she says. "Have you ever seen a more ugly hair color? and those glasses."

I huffed and turned around to walk away when Jennifer cocked her head at Riley and said

"You don't know how to be nice to anyone?" She followed me. "Ande, come back. Riley is just a jerk." I walked away anyway, not willing to make friends with these rich city girls.

I stepped into my house and was pretty much attacked by my dad, pulling me up into his back. "What do you think about dancing lessons?" almost in a scream I had agreed. The one thing I love as much as my dad would have to be dancing. Any type of dancing made me happy...Ballet, jazz, hip hop. I love it all!

I was fine with this setup, I love being near daddy. But my first shed of resentment started when he put me down and went to go pick up Eden. I know now that I could never really be friends with this little girl that I call my sister. I would have to come up with a plan on what to do with her.

My mom spends days doing pretty much nothing. She cleans, teaches Eden and gardens her pretty much dead patch of garden. I can’t imagine you people following her around for a year and a half. Of course, watching a woman have 100 children must be the best thing on earth. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Though, as I child…I can’t quite imagine spending most of your life giving birth to children. I already know the reason my mom handed everything over to me was because she wants me to do the same…I just don’t see myself doing that kind of thing. All I see myself doing in the future is being boring. About like my mom is now.
I’m not going to jump way ahead of myself here though, I am only 10 years old. Though, 10 should be enough for me to know what I want.

My main goal was to keep all of Dad’s attention. In whatever way I can, I need to keep that much of my say. Eden can hog mom all she wanted, but daddy is mine. So, calling him from his little spending time with Eden after he’s worked all day…just to eat a muffin.
Classic Ande, just classic. I laughed under my breath as I watched mom take Eden to bed. Mission accomplished.

You may find this very mean of me, but if you knew how I felt…With her giggly little personality and curly blonde hair…who wouldn’t want to spend every minute with her…Me, that’s who. Now, anyway, that I’ve spent a while dealing with being attention hungry.

"Ande...Its Arley. Your neighbor. Yah, I think I need a little backup over here? Mind helping a guy out?" I stared at the phone for a moment before sitting it down and running out the door where Riley had Arley pinned to the ground. His phone was on the ground near him...I put on my battle face...This means war. 

*********Della's POV************* 

"Ande seems to be getting along fine with the writing and everything." I said to Adam as I rested my head on his legs after a long day of caring for Eden. "She's outside...I don't know what on earth she could be doing out there..." I fell asleep shortly after, I know Ande well enough to know that she can take care of herself.

But when the sun came up, her bed was still empty. Frantic...I searched my room as well and every other room of the house...No where in sight. Adam told me that she probably just got up early to go play with her little friend Arley...I was convinced that was what it was until my last sweep of the house...

The bathroom floor was littered with strands of emerald infused raven hair and a pair of glasses sat on the ground broken near a picture...It was of Ande, taken just a few minutes before. Sprawled across it, in the handwriting of a 10 year old girl..."Useless, ugly, stupid. Corrupt."