Monday, September 27, 2010

Friends are Amazing~Baby 83

Thanks To Samantha For the Huan-Yue Panda Doll, It means a lot! :D

Jordan Is a Cute toddler with Green eyes and Black hair Just like his Dad.

Caitlyn Has Black hair with Pink Highlights and Blue eyes.

Anna has Black hair and green eyes like her Brother,

Hailey has Plump lips just like her Elder father, And my Blue eyes.

The second Hailey was Done aging She went out and Made some Vanilla Muffins, for the people waiting outside for them.

Destiny, She looks just like her Twin Other than her eyes

Destiny did the same thing as Hailey...

and While Destiny cooked, Hailey Tended the Table, The twins where Inseparable

Look at those Perfect Cupcakes!

Hailey has a Lot of Items to choose from, Cupcakes Muffins and Brownies.

Sometimes she Takes a Deserving taste of a brownie...

And shuffles her feet as if it never happened.

Kim looks all grown up In her Skirt and Tee shirt, She wants to stay a teen but Grow up as well.

She likes to Cook for the whole family,

her favorite Meal to make Is lobster.

Claire's Chore Is the Dishes, she always gets them done right on time.

We all sat down to A lobster dinner, We love Dinner time Because It gives my Family time to Bond.

After dinner We all went and Sat around The fire, and Shared ghost stories

The Next day it was So nice out, Me and The teenagers Taught the Toddlers how to Walk...

while we did that The twins Played in the Sprinkler.

Then we taught them to talk.

Gigi and Louie have Grown to Full adults, Jon and David contacted There Family from There Planet, They sent A male and a Female for Gigi and Louie to pair with, Gigi As an Adult, she Is ready to leave her Parents and Start her own family,

Louie Is also Independent And ready to move on, The women That Jon's Father sent is very lucky!

Austin Let me know that as soon as Gigi Aged up she had her baby, and so did Christine. Austin Had a Blue Girl Sophie

And Christine had a Boy, Levi

And now, For the Unveiling of Gigi and Louie's Future Partners! This Is Louie's partner, Regan

This is Gigi's Partner, Tim

It was about time to Age up Claire and Kim, Im sad to see them go already but I have to If I want to continue, So we had a Party!

Finally Ready for her own life, Claire Is all grown up and she sure looks like it too!

And when ever Kim is happy her Pink Eyes Glow brighter then then the Moon!

Things are Hectic today, Yesterday was the Twin's Birthday and They Haven't Got all there Stuff rounded up, I think they Will miss home! Plus the Sink Busted and Is spraying all over the Floor,

Everyone is tired, I have Taken to Drinking Coffee to stay awake..

at least I have Kim to help me Take care of the Babies.

Didn't I say everyone was Tired? That Includes Jordan, Poor little boy!

Claire Helped me By Fixing the Sink

and Doing Laundry

Destiny even Helped, By giving Jordan food

After Fixing the Sink...

I have a Floor to mop...

Kids To put in bed...

And laundry to do.

Then I have my garden to Tend...

Dishes to Do...Lets just say My day is Packed.

Kim and Claire Had to Leave Home Early The next morning because they knew today is the Day I wan't to Get Pregnant again.

I got a Call from Violet Newbie, She said she wanted to have a Mothers night out, and She would bring a few of her friends with her, We Planed that she would come over on friday, Today I'm looking to Get Pregnant,

It looks like Thats what this guy wanted too, Hi, He said,

My name is Butterfly Jim, And I saw your add in the Paper, I want to Be one of the Fathers, Do you have any openings?
Me: Yes I do, I'm actually Looking for a Father for Baby 83 right now!

He had Multi color hair and Orange skin, He had a few Piercings

Jim: Well I'm from Planet Butterfly where Every one is a Butterfly, I came to Earth Two years ago, But everyone thinks I'm weird! It would Be a Honor to Have a Baby with you!

He Surprised me With a Kiss! He had such soft lips, Just so Kissable!

We ended up In bed not long After..

A lullaby filled our ears.

The next day I was about to start exercise when The sink broke, That Made me Remember my appointment tomorrow with the mothers of 100 baby club...

I did my Cardio Exercise Then Called up Violet, She said we would Join here at my house, I thought that was a great Idea! Time to call in the Troops!

the Four hottest ladies of sunset valley, Riverview and Twinbrook are here! Violet Newbie, Cadence Sierra, Elizabeth Reting And Shenae Dakkota, They are also All 100 baby challenge Mothers!

Violet Is on Baby 16

Cadence just had baby 100

Elizabeth Has Baby 6

And Shenae is Pregnant with Baby 1

Us five Women Are changing the World for the Better, Now Every boy Will want a Wriner girl, a sierra Girl, A newbie Girl, a Reting Girl or a Dokkota Girl..and The same with the Boys.

Della, Violet said, We have come to take you away from your Hectic household for a While!!
You need this, Cadence Said
Its good for you, Said Elizabeth
We will have a Great time! Shenae exclaimed.

Before we left I had a Burst of Nausea

After I was done Finally meeting the Women who Make my life so wonderful, Violet Came up to me, She said Thank you Della! I almost Quit at baby 14 but You and these other Girls Helped me learn never to quit, I would never Have baby 15 an 16 If I had not met you Ladies! she told me while feeling my little Baby 83 I smiled and said, No! Thank you!

First we Went out to Eat, We all sat and Talked about Our 100 Baby challenge Experience, Shenae Told us About the Hot guy she Picked for Baby 1, There was only one person missing, Harmony storm Had a Very serious Accident this week On a trip to China, She and her kids never made it home, We are all sad for her.

It was getting Dark so we planed on lunch tomorrow, I Normally don't get up Very early, but I did today, Look at that Beautiful sunrise!

After lunch We went back to my place and sat in the living room to talk...

We all shared Stories about our kids, and the Crazy Dads we picked for our babies, We Laughed together, And cried while Cadence told the story of Darcie, Her teenage Girl who Drown. We All mocked the Grim reaper, and Acted like Santa clause,

Wile with these Girls I felt like a Kid again, But I never had friends In my troubled Childhood, We where opening up to each other, Playing Much loved Video games

That ended soon, I started to Feel contractions, The baby was coming right in the middle of our 2 day meeting...

Everyone Started Freaking out, They had all Had births Before but never Watched there Friend Give birth, During the Labor all the Girls had to Go home because There kids needed them, So they didn't get to witness the birth of Baby 83

Meet baby 83 Jeremy.

After the Birth I called my new Friends and told them the Good news, That I had a boy and His name Was Jeremy, They congratulated me and Went to bed...

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