Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bundles of joy- Baby 2 and 3

I'm really trying hard to give Jasmine a nice home and beautiful things, one night I stayed out all night playing the guitar for tips, I was worried that Jasmine would hate me for having nothing.

Happy birthday Jasmine my love! I said to my darling daughter as I kissed her forehead. Before she became a lovely tot

Jasmine had her fathers hair and my eyes! she was as cute as a button and as sweet as a rose! she wore little braids in her hair.

The next day I heard that we had new neighbors! I went to visit, I read the name on the mail box it said Bliibi, what a strange name, I thought, I spotted the two strangest men I had ever seen in my life, the first man introduced himself as Dragon Bliibi, the second was named Coolbluperso Naides! I think I will try with Dragon First! Well if he Wants To *Wink wink*

Dragon had red skin and multicolored hair! i find this very interesting,

while Coolbluperso had Blue skin, blue hair and a huge nose!

 convinced Dragon to come to my house, i said said I'm doing the 100 baby challenge and i need a father for my next child.. he stoped me, i was gonna ask you if i could be the next father! no one at work will come near me and i want a child, i was worried that he might want the baby, i calmly said, but you don't get to take the child with you, i have to keep it, i told him but you can come visit! I'm fine with that he said!

i gave him a nice thank you kiss!

he waited while i got the bed ready!

we tried once, no lullaby..
we tried a second time, No lullaby
we tried a third time, success!

the next day i was working hard at teaching Jasmine how to walk! when i got all nauseous And threw up! EWWW!

I had to leave Jasmine home with a babysitter because we only had 1 dollar and i was gonna go play the guitar for tips at the bistro! i came home with over 900 dollars...

i also got the first sign of a baby bump, Baby 2 on the way! i said excitedly

Baby 1 Jasmine learning how to walk!

Jasmine learning how to talk...honey that thing above my head means sunshine! i told her.

and while i was supposed to be playing the guitar for tips i was making a new enemy!!

Im getting bigger every day, maybe i shouldn't be tossing Jasmine in the air!

i really love dancing!

all of the
sudden,i got a sharp pain in my stomach and my water broke! the baby is coming!!! i yelled!

i Quickly called a cab and it came and took me to the hospital!

i had two wonderful baby boys, they both got there dads skin color, this is Josh

And this is Blane!

if anyone has names for the babys please email me @ Klmd_22@hotmail.com


  1. If I might make a tiny suggestion...I noticed that you were switching between First and Third person writing styles a lot in this chapter. This can become very confusing for the readers. For example this sentence:

    "all of the sudden, i got a sharp pain in her stomach and my water broke!"

    To make it easier for the readers, you should stick to one writing style. Either First person (Della's POV where you use "I" and "me" statements) or Third Person (Your POV where you use "she" and "they" statements)

    Hope that helps and here's some baby names -

    Unisex Baby Names: Jordan, Riley, Jayden, Peyton/Payton, Dominique

    1. Can you fucking spell it`s sense you fucking retarded bastard

    2. Yo bro, no need to hate. That was like 3 years ago :P

  2. How do you change a toddler's hair style?

    1. Take the Tot to a Mirror and They will show up in CAS

  3. Buy a mirror and click on it with the toddler and click on change apperance :) (i hope i explained this ok)

  4. Awww..your little toddler is so cute..love the braids! <3