Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby 32, 33, 34 and 35 Two more births

Birthday time!! Six birthday cakes, 2 Birth's How wonderful if i keep having triplts i will finish my challenge in no time!

Rachel, she turned out to be a beutiful little smurf

Adiela still looks more like a Avaitar than a smurf,

Desiree Envied Rachels Perfect blond hair, she would have traided anyday...

Cadence, My Genitcits are realy strong but check out her big brown eyes!

Chance has my hair and my Eyes.

Eva likes to keep her hair Braided to the side, she has her dads Big Brown eyes too.

I Braided my hair Off to the side just like Eva's. Today is realy hot here in Sunset Valley.

Eva Likes the Green Formula, her Sisters like the White better!

I cant wait to be a teen, Desiree said to herself, becuse i can go on Dates with Boys and hang out with friends when ever i want to.

I cant wait to be a Teen becuse when im a teen mum will let me Die my hair Pink! Adiela Wispered to herself

I want to stay young forever! becuse Being a kid means Having Fun! Rachel Loves Writing books and Poems.

I think it's time to Scout out for the next daddy! I went over To Henry's house, becuse he has three roomates, All men and Rockstars, is it ok if your Housemates Have a Go in my Challenge? I asked Henry, You dont need to ask me, Ask them! he told me

I met a Man in a purple Shirt, He said his Name is Justin Bieber, he has a Gorgous face and Wavy hair

I explained the Rules to him, He responded, Umm your Pretty and all, but why would i help you?

I told him that i realy needed fathers for my challenge, once again he said why would i help you?

I got realy close to him, I kissed him right on the lips, he started to kiss back...

Before i knew it we where cuddling in bed,

The Lullaby Floated through the room

A little Birthday Bash for the Smurf babies

They all made a wish on there birthday cake, Adiela wished to Die her hair Pink

Rachel wanted to go and live in France when she gets older, just like her dad

Desiree wanted a cute boyfriend

Adiela didint look like a Avitar anymore, Now that she died her hair Pink, i made her keep her Base color black you can find her here

Rachel liked Poofy hair, and Bangs, she still looks like a little Smurfette, she was truly french! You can find her

Desiree who has Chubby cheaks and Full lips Was boy crazy!

Rachel and Eva are best friends, they love eachother verry much...

Rachel Tought her how to Walk And talk

They always played together!

Doing the laundry in this house is Hectic, its a Evil Cycle, first you collect the clothes

Then you put them in and put in some soap

When there done you take out the soping wet clothes and put them in the dryer with a Dryer sheet

Then you take them out and Put them away, Then the EVIL cycle starts over Again

i HATE nausea More than i hate contracions, but in the end its all worth it, this time i was outside By the Ocean when i Puked all over the place

My baby bump showed up a Little later the next day

Perfect time to teach the little kids how to walk and talk'

Desiree loves the little kids, she plans to have kids of her own someday, it goes there honey

Yaaay you got it!

sis, i have somthing to tell you, Des told Rachel...What is it Des?

I dont want mom to know, but im failing school!

Oh...the sisters confided in eachother, all there secrets and wishes

Mommy and Daughter lookalikes!

Rachel loves Autunm salad!

i Beleve i have proved that a women can be Pregnant and use a chainsaw!

I worked and worked untill my hands where sore!

All that hard work for a Small trashcan?

I improved the graphics on my computer

and rocked out on the Electric Guitar

each of the Smurf Babies has a special Talent

Rachel loves Invening

Adiela loves Sculpting

and Desiree loves painting!

The shower is broken

Oh no, Another broken item

and messy floor!

I fixed the shower first

Then the bathtub

Then i moped the floor

and fed the girls lunch

look at how big i am! this baby is coming any time now.

I was taking a nap in the workout room when...

i was woken up by a surge of contracion

I wasint up to driving myself to the hospital, so i had a home birth!

I birhed a baby boy named Strider Wriner!

Young adulthood comes Fast for some of my kids, its the smurf triplets birthday

Adiela is diffrent than Any other child i have ever had, she has my Excact eye color, her Pink Highlights make her look like she has purple hair,

Desiree is ready for Adulthood, she is sure to Catch a man the moment she leavs home

Rachel keeps her super long Blond hair in a braid, she is still a Smurfette!

I bade each of them goodbye! Bye Mom thanks for always being there for us!

Rachel called the cab to there new Apartment.

Chance where's her hair in a high bun with a bow at the top

Eva still likes the old braids she had when she was a toddler

Cadence keeps her Silver, red and Black hair in a tight ponytail

Well no time to waist, I have to get pregnant again! Henrey still has two more roomates i can try with, I met a man Named Ugly Zero, I explained the rules of the challenge and asked if he would be a father,

Why not! he said im never gonna get a wife anyway to have children...

Profile of Ugly

i invited him over, im so proud of myself for getting this far.

We jumped into bed and started

i Could tell i was pregnant the moment we where done becuse the Lullaby played once again.

I gave him a Thank you kiss,

as i was kissing him i noticed a large tattoo on his back, Woohoo on fire!

The girls have there first day of school today

Strider is a toddler now, he Got Justin's facal features and eye color, but my hair color.

Not feeling well again

And Puking MY GUTS OUT...Oh the joy of Pregnancy!

The tolet seems to get even nastier every time im pregnant

But me and Strider are spending alot of time together.

Time to teach him his skills! Walking

and talking

Eva loves her bike she got for her birthday,

Every night she goes on a ride down the street and back,

Lalaalaalala, she would sing as she rode

Can you tell from my backside that im Hevaly pregnant

I heard somewhere that if you work out while your Pregnant your Pregnancy will go faster!

Sometimes i feel like im always doing Household chores, Look at the girls laundry piles!!!

Load it up, put in some soap and wait

Take out the load in the Dryer from last night, i just cant help smelling the clothes!

Load the clean clothes from the first washer in the Dryer

load clothes in the second washer

Put the clean clothes from the Second Washer in the Dryer

Take out the first load and put it away while i wait for the second load

Put the last load away, im done for the day!

I Love to hear the buzz of the Welder

I decided to Dabble for a while, To sell my inventions at the store

I just finished up my bath when i went into labor! Once aganin i dedided on a home birth...right there in the Bathroom.

Three brand new baby's All boys! Mark he has skin like his daddy

Austin Has my skin

and Jayson has a dark skin color? i Have one more thing to do before i go, the girls must become teens.

Eva, i let her die her hair black but i'm not realy impresed at her gothic makeup and Clothes

Cadence was at least normal! Her brown eyes where what made her so beutiful!

Chance loves the outdoors and is grumpy, but that dosent stop her from being the life of the party!

Strider got his dads Funky attitude and eyes and my hair

Look for baby #36 soon in my next post! bye!