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Gen 3: One night stand- Babies 18, 19, 20, and 21

I got up early the morning after the quads were born so that I could make about a billion cakes. I had fun in the kitchen with the radio on. I was dancing around the kitchen throwing the cakes together. As soon as I was finished with all of them, I sat them out on the counters and went to bed before 3 am.

When Braelyn, Brylin, and Braden woke up, they were greeted by 3 birthday cakes alight with candles and a solidly sung "Happy birthday to you!"

That morning, all 10 children aged up into beautiful teens, children, and toddlers. I smiled as I watched all of my children edge one step closer to becoming adults and leaving me. Someday I'll be living here alone with grey hair and nothing more to live for.

All of the children were aged soon after that. Buttercup, Bluebird, Bristole, Callum, Cade, Carl, and Cameron lined up for a family picture with Braelyn, Brylin, Braden and I.

All 10 little children have distinct features of me and of the man whom donated their sperm for me to do this challenge.

My babies grew up excellently...So much beauty in one picture is almost unbearable and I really just can't believe that I've brought up 17 children all on my own.

My idea was to get this done as fast as I could, so I called up Spencer and made an appointment. I spent the time laying on my couch with my babies playing on the floor next to me.

They all 4 grabbed my hands and tried to pull me off the couch without much success. I stayed right where I was and daydreamed about just being left alone.

When I showed up at Spencer's office....The atmosphere was weird. I heard some kind of music coming from the room. As I opened the door, I saw that the room was tinted a purple color. There was a bunch of roses on the desk with a note that said:

Ande, I received a last minute call....If you wanna wait here for just a little bit....then okay...I'll be back soon...
P.s. enjoy the flowers.

This is the last straw. I picked up the vase of flowers and hurled them at the floor as hard as I could. I kicked the shards of broken glass and flowers. I don't know why fury got such a hold of me. The environment of this whole thing was....Romantic. So many bad memories resurfaced and I just couldn't handle that. And that's my story for vandalizing Spencer's office....and when he had helped me so much this whole time. I managed to destroy the little radio and broke out three lightbulbs. That is what I call...hulk mode.

I broke out in a run. Just as far as I could go and I didn't stop.

This island wasn't that big bit it still had a few places to go. The diner was large but pretty much empty, the only person being a dark haired man sitting 3 tables away, eating donuts and drinking coffee.

"What can I get for you, ma'am?" The young waitress asked holding out a menu.

"I'd just like some coffee and eggs, please?" She nodded and the dark haired man looked over at me.

I held my gaze on the dark haired man who was dunking a doughnut into his coffee. His grey eyes wondered up until they met with mine. I couldn't believe the sadness they held. He stared into my eyes and neither of us broke the stare for what seemed like forever.

That was, before he stood up and brought his coffee over to where I was sitting.

"Is life fucking with you too?"

"You have no clue."

"I think I've got a pretty good idea. I'm Lucian."


"We've met before.."

"You're the cop. I remember."

"You got yourself into some fucked up situations."

"So, you know my story. Spill yours."

"I fucked up big time. I had everything. The perfect girl...she was pregnant. My best friend and I were dumbasses. We about killed her. I don't care anymore though. She's happy with her fucking boyfriend Kyle."

I ran my fingers through my pixi cut hair and looked back up. Lucian was staring at me with some kind of glint in his eye and I had no clue what it meant.

Somehow, Lucian and I had spent almost 4 hours in that diner....just talking. I told him about what happened in Bridgeport and how it was so hard for me to really trust anyone anymore.

He told me all sorts of stories about being a cop and what he does on a daily basis (Which, in his case, includes being a complete dumb ass.)

When we were kicked out of the diner, I showed Lucian the same club that Aphrodite took me too, only this time...I wasn't scared.

I picked up my first drink in years and sent it back. 5 more followed that and I soon found myself completely off the hook. Insane. Bonkers.
The best thing was that Lucian was having just as much fun.

I don't remember going to Lucian's house or falling asleep. The last thing I remember is trying some sort of green colored drink that Lucian ordered for me and pretty much pored down my throat....Amazing drink, by the way.

I woke up next to Lucian...I was naked and I was sore. I just laid there and stared at his perfectly chiseled body, his pale skin and black hair. He opened his eyes and realized what happened....He wasn't freaking out or anything, and surprisingly...neither was I.

I looked him straight in the eye and said "I've never really been kissed before."

With that, I stood up and threw my clothes back on....and left. I was aware that I had just had a one night stand with a cop...A cop with huge relationship problems. I'm not sure what I got myself into but all I know is that I was suddenly feeling very sick.

When I got home, I crashed next to the toilet. I gave up all the liquor from last night, along with my coffee and eggs. When Brylin, Braelyn, and Brayden found me there, they all helped me clean up and get in bed...I had never in my life felt closer to being dead.

I was woken up with a phone call about an hour later. I surprisingly already felt so much better. I let the answering machine pick it up and a tired voice spoke calmly.

 "Ande? It's Spencer....I've called about 17 times now...I'm just worried about you. Please call me back as soon as possible." I picked up the phone and hit redial.

Almost as soon as I did, he picked up and gushed into the phone... "Oh my god, Ande? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, Spence...I'm fine."

"What happened in my office last night?"

"I kinda went hulk mode on your decorations...I'm so sorry. I'll pay you back..."

"No, I understand. I should have known better than invoke that kind of atmosphere on you..."

"Can I ask you something?"

"I guess..."

"Where did you go last night? Brylin called me and told me that you were really sick..."

"Just a bit of a stomach flu...I'll be fine."

"Are you looking at coming in sometime today?"

"Uhh...Spencer...I think that I'm covered this time around." I hung up on him as he tried to protest and make me come over. I cut him off at "What did you do-"

I sat the phone on the dresser and looked down to find a medium sized baby belly underneath my shirt.
"Shit..." I picked up the phone one last time and dialed the police stations number just to find out that Lucian was on a personal vacation.

I asked for his cell number...and reluctantly...they gave it to me.
"Uhh, Lucian? It's Ande."

"You mean, from last night? Fuck...Is your dad coming for me or something? Because I fucking think we both had a part in what happened last night."

"Uhhm no. But..."

"But what? You didn't  have any diseases did you? Aids? Because I can't fucking get that shit!"

"Lucian, I'm pregnant."

Another long talk later...and the children weren't his. This was an agreement we had decided on. It would be made clear that I had  no clue who the father was and he never met me. The only person who would know about our encounter would be the waitress and she doesn't know either of us.

I spent a rather large amount of time helping  Carl, Callum, Cameron, and Cade learn how to walk and talk. It took an extra 15 minutes each child because I had no one to help me due to all three of my older triplets getting all their stuff packed up and ready to leave after my new babies are born.

One night, I was sitting on the ground next to the couch, all four boys playing with their stuffed animals near my feet, the TV blaring some sort of cooking show. I stared down at the kids and ignored the woman telling me that I had to "Gently whisk the eggs into a froth."

"MOM!!" Bluebird ran into the room with Evil genius hanging on her arm. "Mom. Buttercup keeps trying to take Evil genius. I'M PLAYING WITH HER!"

I watched Buttercup and Bluebird chase each other around the living room with Bristole just watching...eying.

In one motion, I stood up and grabbed the cat from Bluebird and told them both to go play with Bristole and the Costume trunk.

"RAWRRRR! I'M GONNA EAT YOU, YOU PRINCESS!" Bluebird said, yielding a green dino suit and holding out her claws to Buttercup.

"Not if I cast a spell on you first." She pushed the pretend want out and twirled it around while Bluebird pretended like she was being picked up and thrown around.

Bristole enjoyed dressing up as an astronaut  and jumping around the room like there was no gravity.
They spent hours in their room just playing dress up...

Hours passed before I finally got off my butt to go make dinner...though my lack of cooking skills kept me from making anything really very fancy. So mac and cheese it was for all of us.

My baby belly was growing gradually over time and happiness filled the household as we were getting ready for the new additions on their way.

When my mom called later that day to tell me about a sort of party that she was having with some of her old and new friends, I told her that I would but it wasn't going to be exactly fun for me. I wasn't promising that I would get along with her friends or even her. I felt like being grumpy towards everyone....Except my kids.

As birth hour was nearing closer, I approached it boldly. I sat up to the table with Brylin and Braelyn and ate my mac and cheese with a smug smile on my face.

 Standing up is what kicked labor in that night. A few sharp kicks made me groan a little as well as a couple brief screams that followed the contractions. I took it well though...The kids asked if I needed help and when I refused, they all went to bed. I didn't mind though...There is no way they could have helped me, I'm used to going through this alone.

Born into my family that night was 4 children...Two girls, Ce Cee and Canary. And then two boys, Cato, and Condor...
Tomorrow we were going to get these children all aged up <3

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ALSO I would like to thank Anna Sims for letting me use Lucian and some of her story ^_^ She helped me a LOT with this post so...everyone head on over to her blog and take a read ^_^

This little bluebird

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Gen 3: Club night- Babies 14, 15, 16, and 17


I stood in the darkness of the night club, My third drink in my hand and a cigarette in the other. I watched 4 blonde girls act like idiots on the dance floor, they were all laughing and spilling their drinks all over the place.

"What do you suppose, Spence? A bridal party? Seems as though they could be stupid enough to begetting married." The bartender laughed, cleaning the bar with a washcloth.

"It looks like that one could be a bride....Or they could just be out with their friends?"

The bartender let out a slight grumble as one of the drunk girls stumbled over asking for another drink.

"Hey'yah doctor....I think I need a checkup." Another said as she stepped in front of me. I stared at her and she laughed. Her eyes brightening up as she wrapped her arms around my neck and passed out.

"Do you get this all the time, Spencer?"

"Unfortunately. It's not as great as it may seem from your point of view."

"Well, why not? Seems like you got it all, money, a great job, pretty women."

"'s great."

In my mind I was arguing with myself. These girls were not the sort I like. These girls are bimbos with no life ambitions.
I stared at the door, wishing I could find a place to drink without this.

"C'mon Ands! You've never been here before. You don't know if you don't like it."

"I don't like clubs....Don't make me!" I heard them before I saw the girls. I know Aphrodite only from seeing her at Ande's house before all of this started. The bartender saw me whip my head around and so did the blonde girl dancing in front of me.

"You like that girl, Spence?" The bartender asked playfully punching my shoulder and laughing again.

I watched Aphrodite grab Ande's hands and tried to make her dance. The look on her face was unamused and she looked embarrassed, trying to make herself disappear is what it looked like. I pushed the blonde bimbo off of me and walked out towards Ande and Aphrodite.

When Ande saw me she pushed Aphrodite and started whispering to her.
"You bitch! You said that no one I knew would be here."

"Well, how was I supposed to know that you knew the doctor."

"Know him? We're practically siblings."

What? Siblings? Is that how she sees me? Have I already ruined my chances with her by being her doctor? I smacked myself on the forehead but kept walking towards them.

"Hey!" I smiled at Ande but Aphrodite like threw herself in front of her.

"Spencer Angel. Who knew you'd be here! Guess what? Ande likes you. She won't admit it. But she likes you."
Ande's eyes got big and her cheeks turned bright red. Before I knew it, she had turned around and had made a run for the door.

I shrugged past an oblivious Aphrodite. She turned around and realized that Ande had run out and that I was following her and the look on her face turned to horror quickly.

I got to the door right as it closed and Ande was sitting right there at a table in front of the club. Her hands on her chin and her spirits, obviously very down.
"Hey...You okay?"

"Not really...Clubs scare the shit outta me. Bad experiences, I guess."

"Well, I don't really blame you. When shit like that happens, you never really get over it. Trust me, I know."
"Spencer, my mom used to be a really bad drunk. Once she starts, she doesn't really stop drinking. I laugh when I see the funny pictures that she has. I can be as bad as her if you get me started..."

I cut her off, almost immediately "Are you giving hints on how to get in your pants? Because that's not what I'm looking for."

"What are you looking for?" she looked up into my eyes, all seriousness and I could tell she didn't regret the why should I fear the answer so much? I looked straight into those blue eyes and whispered "I'm looking for a way into that stubborn heart of yours."

She gulped and looked away...I said the wrong thing....again.


I sat awkwardly next to Spencer. He wasn't how I thought he was. I stared at my hands and thought about what he said...Why would he want in my heart? My heart was a brick. Cold as ice and hard as stone.

"Do you think I could get pregnant tonight?" I asked him out of nowhere, he seemed shocked but then stood up and helped me out of my chair. Right at that moment, Aphrodite walked out and saw my hand in his. I looked over at her and told her that I'd see her in just a little bit...She had different ideas I guess because she winked at me...or Spencer...or somebody.
I don't know about her these days.

I'm not even going to mention what happened in Spencer's room...It was so awkward having him under the hood after tonight. He told me that he was sorry that he was even there tonight but I know its not his fault at all...I shouldn't have let Aphrodite drag me out of the house the way she did. I should have stayed home with my children who would be missing me badly by now.

As soon as I was pregnant, Spencer hugged me. I hadn't expected it but he just pulled me into a hug and said "I'm sorry I've made things awkward between us. I can forget about it...if you can."

I nodded but added afterwards "Spencer, have you ever had a intimate relationship?" His faced dropped and he let me out of his hug.

"I was married once...It was about 4 years ago. Her name was Mellie...I loved her very much and she loved me too. I thought that we were gonna spend our whole lives together. But, one day...She was driving a little too fast from the hospital. She had just found out that she was pregnant...she was so excited and was on her way to tell me....When she hit a deer. She hurt the car badly but not herself....But when she was getting out to survey the oncoming car hit her. She was killed instantly.."

He sighed...
"There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her and the little baby that would be my future...But I guess it wasn't meant to be. So, after they were gone...I pulled my crap together and decided to become a doctor. People die every day and if I can stop it...then I will. I don't want anyone else to feel the way that I feel."

A tear fell down his cheek and he reached up and wiped it away. I smiled weakly at him and he returned it.

"What was she like?"

"She was actually a lot like you, Ande. She wasn't a stupid bimbo. She had a head on her shoulders and knew what she wanted in her life. I'll never forget the way she looked...the way she smelled...the way she loved."

I hugged him one more time before he ushered me out of the hospital and to my house...My look on him had changed so much just tonight.

I could never even think about dating him now...The image of that story would always make me just want to hug him and just be his friend....Probably about how he thought of me after I got home from Bridgeport.

I didn't sleep very peacefully, dreams became nightmares and I would sit up in bed covered in sweat and tears...Though I never could remember what the nightmare was about.

I finally fell asleep when three little toddlers decided to raid my bed and cuddle up with me. I didn't mind...I didn't get to spend much time with them last night.

The laid all over me and laughed as I tickled them until we all fell asleep...

I was woken up just awhile later by Adonis, Adrail, and Alexander who claimed that Aphrodite was on the phone for me. The boys picked Buttercup, Bluebird, and Bristole off of me and took them downstairs so that I could have a little pease with Aphrodite.


"OH MY GOSH! ANDE! YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED AFTER YOU LEFT....I've met my future husband and he's so into me! I could just die!"

"Wow...what's his name?"

"His name is Channing....he's SO adorable and we exchanged numbers!"

"Glad to hear! Maybe you'"

I clicked the off button on my phone and yelled for all the kids to come spend some time with me in my room. They all  crowded in my room and started up a conversation about

Adonis and I sat the girls down to teach them to talk. I smiled as Bristole said her first word which was..."Momma!" And her next three words that followed "I love you!" I laughed and tickled the little booger until she said "Stop it momma!"

I laid Braelyn down in my bed and got out my book. "When I was younger, my dad used to lay me in his bed and read me a story...I miss that so much...Do you want me to read this to you?" She nodded, slowly drifting off to sleep as I finished up the quick book. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead before picking her up and taking her to her bed.

The next two days went fast...I spent time teaching my babies and spending time with the older kids. We went out to a park and fed deer...

I cared for my new babies until they were all ready to make their appearance...I was in brushing my teeth when a sharp kick hit my abdomen and I went straight into labor. I told myself that I would die if it was triplets again....

So instead it was quadruplets.
These 4 beautiful boys are named Cameron, Callum, Cade, and Carl...

As soon as I had these four down for bed, I helped Adonis, Alexander, and Adrail age up and leave the house with me behind waving....

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Gen 3: Jumper-Babies 11, 12, and 13

"What kind of college do you want to go to?" I asked a fully grown Genesis who sat across from me on an easy chair. Her hair was done up and her clothes said "I'm finally out of high school." Life for her was smooth sailing from this point on.

It didn't take me long to explain why Spencer and I have been disappearing and I've  been coming back pregnant. She was an easy going girl with a shy momma who wasn't into trusting random men to have sex with. So, that's why I can't even think about doing this challenge without Spencer.

The only problem with our lifestyle is the fact that each of these children are growing up without a father. The only real fatherly figure in their lives would be grandpa Adam and he hardly ever sees them with work and everything.

Brayden, Braelyn, and Brylin ran around the house screaming "MOMMY HAS A BOYFRIEND. MOMMY HAS A BOYFRIEND." I laughed and looked up at Genesis "So, college?"

....She just grinned.


"What triggers your time jumps?" Spencer asked as he was finishing up under the hood. He had been curious about whether or not my pregnancies have been triggering the time traveling.

"It could be stress or being overworked....Have you had like...major energy lapses?"

"Um..Not that I know of. I've had energy withdrawals right before I travel...but then I get the energy back the second my feet hit the ground."

"Well, you seem tired. We'll get you in for some testing sometime after this baby is born."

He helped me off of the bed and smiled at me. What his next intent was, I wasn't sure.

As soon as we were done, he helped me up onto my feet and grabbed a bunch of flowers from the shelf. He thrust them towards me and smiled.

"I know, I know. This is unprofessional of me...I'm your doctor but I really like you Ande. I want to get to know you and not what's under your clothes."

He shoved the roses into my hand and brushed back his hair so that I could see his eyes.
"I don't know Spencer..."

"Don't answer yet. Think about it."

I bit my lip, intent to give him a quick answer but instead I felt my energy tapping out, just like it did last time I time traveled. He saw the shocked, tired look on my face and grabbed my arms to keep me from falling. He whispered into my ear faintly

"Ande...Try to stop it. Think about a time you would like to go. It might just listen to you."

I did what he said. I thought about a time way before my own. I thought about women with morals, men who loved them for real. I wanted to see what it was like to be in a world where no one cheated on their spouse or beat them senseless.

But I was far from landing there at all. I found myself on Langly island...either hundreds of years ago or hundreds of years later because it was completely empty.

But once again I was wrong because it wasn't 10 minutes later when a helicopter appeared overhead. It took me over 3 hours to walk around the beach to the area where the heli stopped. And there, stood my mom -full pregnant stomach and all- my dad, and Collette and Asa. Mom looked in pain when I realized that I was witnessing my own birth. It was almost like I was supposed to see this.

The look on my dad's face showed concern and it looked as though he was almost disgusted by the thought of having me.

But the look changed when my mom handed him the tiny baby in an orange blanket. His eyes filled with wonder and the words that left his mouth were simple "She looks like me.." I don't think I had ever seen my dad as happy as he was when I was born. I think I know now....what exactly I was sent here for.

I stood on the empty beach of the island that would become that little girls life long home when she was older. I want to warn the little girl in my fathers arms that if she did the things I did then she'd end up scarred and alone. Trusting no one and hoping that one day, someone will come along and sweep her off her feet...One day.

That exasperating feeling came back. My knees were the only place that I could go without feeling like I was going to die. But as I collapsed, I felt a pair of hands lift me up and I was sat on a bed right before I passed out from exhaustion...

I woke up sooner than anyone had seemed to hope. Spencer had called my family to tell them that I'm safe and I had an IV  running to my arm.

"Wh- what happened?"

"You passed out almost the second you got back. I didn't let you hit your head but I wanted to make sure that you're alright. Your vitals were very low when I got you hooked up but they're up now. All I can tell by this whole traveling thing is that, at the moment, it's very bad for your body and we need to start testing as soon as possible."

He looked over my chart again before unhooking me from the machines and IV.

"We won't do anything until you've had a little rest and these babies are born. I hope you can handle that much."

I nodded and took in as much information as I could. My head was still fuzzy and my thoughts jumbled into a whirlwind of activity that one thought didn't make sense when jumbled with another.

The second I got home, I  instantly felt horrible for leaving my children for so long and sitting here didn't help. But I need to roll around my thoughts in my head, trying to make sense.

"Mom?" Genesis asked as she sat next to me on the porch.

"I'm sorry I'm such a bad mom...I don't mean to be. I don't mean to leave you alone so much and I'm so sorry.."

"You aren't a bad mother. You're just a woman who can't control exactly where she goes. We understand...I promise."

"But it isn't right...I swear that I'll try to do better...." She looked at me with a cute little smile and replied...

"I'm ready to leave the nest now... I'm 18 years old and ready to get out on my own..." I returned that smile and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before sending her out on her own. My first born daughter is all grown up...

I didn't cry as she left. I figured that she was old enough to be on her own. Gene is the only person in the whole world besides my dad who has been with me since I got home.
So, instead of moping around, I went inside and spent time with my little ones.

"Hey chick. How is that head of red hair doing?"

"Mam. Where have you been at?"

"Mammy has been busy. Does bebe want to play?" She clapped her hands and I began to tickle the little booger.

I managed to get all 6 of the little kids into bed but Aaleahya, Aaralyn, and Aanjay weren't in their room. So, in my search of the house...I found all three of them in the kitchen. Aaralyn was making waffles for me because she knew I was hungry. Aanjay was washing up dishes and Aaleahya was cleaning off counters.
When I entered the doorway, they all paused what they were doing and pulled me into a giant group hug.

"Mom! Gene says you feel like a bad mom...We just thought we would kinda, ease up the frustration." Aanjay said.

"You aren't!" Aaleahya added with a squeeze.

"You're the best mom in the entire world. Thank you for being so amazing!" All the girls' words cut deep and left marks that I hoped wouldn't go away for a long time...
I let the girls go to bed with a long hug and a very big thank you...They made me feel like I wasn't doing so bad.

By the time I got to my waffles, it was already morning. They were cold but good anyway. I scarfed them down, my hunger overcoming any manners that could have taken over in this particular area.
I had to go fast...I felt like this pregnancy was about at its end.

And I was right. I sat my fork down and suddenly felt contractions hit me. It was very fast and strangely easy for me to stand up and make my way up to my room. Where most of my children were born into a world where they would only ever know their mother.

And finally...Meet Bristole, Buttercup, and Bluebird...

And before I let you go with a simple farewell, I'm having to send 3 more of my babies off into the world all on their own...But Aanjay, Aaleahya and Aaralyn tell me that they're ready. I'm not ready to let them go...but they want to.

So, that same day...I said goodbye to my 3 beautiful daughters...

I'm sorry this post was so sucky and short...But its a post nonetheless. I hope you enjoyed <3