Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gen 3: Aphrodite's wedding-Babies 33, 34, and 35

I shifted everything out of my way to grab the lobster to prepare it for dinner. Lobster because Aphrodite was here, sitting at the table with Drema, Destin, and Diamond. Sitting showing them the dress, decorations, the smallest details where laid out on the table with cups of coffee keeping Aphrodite awake and dare I say it, alive.

"So when we finally got to the airport, Riley grabbed her own brothers hand and kissed him in front of everyone! She kissed Arley! Gosh, it was so funny watching him freak out and push her away!"

Aphrodite laughed at her story as I spit up my lobster in hysterical laughter. "See that guys? Aunt Aph can still make your mom laugh! Haha!" I smiled and told the kids to head to bed. They ran up the stairs and Aph held out my dress to me....

"Pink? Why?"

"Because it's my wedding and I want you in pink." She smirked, knowing that I hate the color.

"You picked it because you knew that I hated it!"

"Of course I did! But that's because I love you."

"Yeah yeah yeah...I can deal with this but it's your funeral when my mom sees this."

"Honey, your mom will thank me!"

"Doubt it," I whispered. "You'll kill that woman."

" that I'm back...tell me about what's been happening?"

"Welllll! Arley went to Bridgeport for vacation and brought back some bimbo girl. Riley hates her guts probably more than she hates us! Her name is Janice and she's a complete blonde. He only likes her because she looks a tiny bit like you and it's not even that similar. Your doctor, Spencer, is still here and single but it's creepy as hell because he has a picture of you on his desk in his office. I think he misses your company. All the kids you left behind you should know about because....well, they're your kids. Your parents are expanding this island as much as they can before winter hits us hard. I figure you saw that already."

She gestured, meaning outside of the house. "I don't know about anything else really, I live with Chandler and as soon as we're married, we're gonna kick the dust from this place and maybe be back later...Perhaps have a couple kids."

I laughed. "You? Have kids? I'd think after our childhood, you wouldn't want anything to do with kids?"

"I've seen yours, they're all amazing. I want to be loved by my kids the way you're loved by yours." She smiled and I reached out for a hug but she pushed me away because I was still wearing the dress and she was covered in paint...I tried.

 The next day was a hustle and bustle kind of day. Aph was frustrated already and it was 10 in the morning. Her dress was hanging on my bathroom door...amazing! It was beautiful and covered in glimmering sparkles and lace.

Aph trusted me to do her hair for her big day...I personally, didn't trust myself with it but since she did, I went ahead and gave her blonde highlights which ended up turning blue and then I cut her bangs a little to short for her own comfort. She kept nodding and telling me that I was doing fine. I was a wreck by the time mom took my place behind the mirror.

Mom managed to fix the mess that I made of Aph's hair. Mom used extensions and curled Aph's hair on top of her head, fixing it with a beautiful veil right in the back. I was pushed into the chair next. Turns out I was Aph's only bridesmaid/maid of honor and that's how she likes it. I didn't know who was walking me down the aisle, but I didn't mind as long as he didn't mind taking the arm of a woman who will never end up with anyone.

At this thought, my mom quickly pulled Aph out of the room and it was occupied only by me and two guys. "Hey Spence, what do you think of two guys walking one girl down an aisle?"

"It's new, but what Aph and Eric want." I whipped around and in the doorway, Arley and Spencer stood next to each other in matching suits that looked way too dashing on the both of them.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, fingering my hair with caution.

"Arley and I will be walking you down the aisle," Spencer answered with a wave of his hand. "We're gonna have lots of fun at this thing, no sulking, young lady."
I rolled my eyes, grabbed my things and left the room in a huff.

As we loaded into the long white limo, Aph was fussing over my shoes and how my toes aren't painted. It went kinda like "Ande! We've had a week to prepare for this and you can't even paint those toes? Do you know how important this day is to me?"

I just grumbled and pointed to the pink dress and said "This is enough of a payment to you, Aphrodite."
She huffed and pushed me into the limo.

I heard Arley and Spencer laughing and whispering on the other side of the limo, seems as though these two turned out to be pretty good friends after all. I was slightly scared that the two would hate each others guts because of how different the two are. I tend to be wrong though.

I observed the two, sitting next to each other with Aph across from them. Spencer grabbed her hand and whispered something into her ear. She went red right away and Arley laughed, patting her back. I didn't hear what he said and I'm not sure that I wanted to.

Many people cheered as the limo pulled up to the lot, and as soon as we stepped out, the wedding was started. Arley and Spencer grabbed my arms and we walked down the green grass to where the arch was standing. Each of them had their hand resting on my elbow as we walked. I felt extremely crowded by the two but I was laughing because they were making faces at each other.

When Aph stepped out of the limo, she shined with happiness. Eric saw her and his face went red as if he was a blushing little boy. She was walking all on her own...I felt like she needed someone to give her away, so instead of just standing there next to Spencer and Arley, I walked back to the middle of the aisle and grabbed her arm.

"Hey, it kinda looked like you needed an arm to walk with."

She just beamed at me majorly and we continued walking. That's when it began snowing, lightly at first, but soon enough, it was coming down in neat stacks. The children laughed and caught it in their hands. Aphrodite just kept smiling and smiling as she grasped hands with Eric.

The ceremony went on as the air got colder and soon, everyone was cheering because Aphrodite and Eric were locked in the kiss that joined them as husband and wife.

 I caught a snowflake in my hand and stared at how beautifully different it was...Kinda like me. It took 8 solid minutes for Aph to break away from her new husband and announce that the reception would be in the back of the church. Everyone flocked around the two as the music started.

They pulled away and the first dance started. Beautiful and slow, as if they were the only two people there. I didn't know what to do with myself afterwards. There was no way I would dance with anyone, it would make me wish that I had what Aph had...and that was a real life. She was so hopelessly happy in Eric's arms and I was so hopelessly miserable wishing that I wasn't here.

Spencer caught me by the arm as I was trying to walk away from the happily-in-love couple but instead he pulled me to the dance floor. "You thought you wouldn't have to dance with anyone, did you?" he laughed.

"I was hoping that you'd have mercy."

"Have I ever even considered mercy for you, darling?"

"I guess not. You could think about it for a few minutes." He dipped me as the song came to it's climax and then shifted back down. "You're wonderful." I mused, being sat back on my feet and returned to the side of the dance floor where I belonged.

"Thanks for the dance, Ande." He winked at me and walked away.

So, being 24 and old enough to do what I wanted...I moved over to the bar.  Mom trained her eyes on me from that moment forward but I didn't care. I immersed myself in the drinks that the bartender offered me.

He was attractive and with every drink, he became more beautiful. Mom and dad were on the dance floor and the bartender went on break and someone else took his place...They let go of each other and walked towards me.

" you know something?" I asked the bartender whose name I found to be Dane, while trying to keep my speech to stay steady and unslurred. "I...I think you are reallly pretty.."

"Me? Pretty? I'm the guy, I'm supposed to say that to you, beautiful."

"Then s-say it. S-stupid."

"You, are very pretty."

"Thanksss, y-you too." Aph laughed loud in the distance but my fuzzy thoughts instead of happiness for her, turned to jealousy.

Before I knew it, my lips were locked with Dane's. I couldn't remember what happened but we had left together and were now in a hotel room. I let him touch me and feel me. Clothes were just a formality and soon even they were on the ground. We held each other close and  he brushed his lips against my neck...and the night went on...and on and on.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Hours later~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"Ande, wake up and put your clothes on." Mom grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the bed. "Your best friends wedding and you can't even make an attempt to be an adult? Sometimes I just wish you would see what you're doing to yourself."

"Sometimes you should just let me life my life."

"AND WATCH YOU END UP KILLED? No!" She was yelling now and it went right to my head. The pain of a sudden headache made me grab my temples and fall to my knees. "Get up. We're getting out of here." She dragged me out of the room and my dad put his arm around my shoulder to steady me on the way to the car.

"You know, Ande, I really don't understand what goes on in your mind sometimes." Dad commented wryly as we sat in the car, headed to my house.

"Neither do I." I managed to stay silent the rest of the trip.

Little did I know, we weren't going right to my house. Mom had an evil plan and dad was a part of it even if he didn't want to be. I sat on moms couch as she threw papers onto my lap for me to sign but I insisted on reading them first.

"AA? Really mom? I never binge drink! I was just having a bit of fun for once in my dull, miserable life! Don't you understand that you can't control my life?!"

Dad grabbed the paper out of my hand and looked me in the eyes. "What were you doing when you were kidnapped in Bridgeport? You were drinking. What about that Lucian fellow? And last night is no exception. We're just trying to keep you safe and sound."

Mom crossed her arms. "Don't baby her Adam. She's a grown woman and can obviously take care of herself but she can't even take care of her own kids."

"You know that I never wanted children. You pushed me into this, you're the one who keeps ruining my life!" I grabbed the papers, stuffed them in my purse and yelled "I'll go to your dumb meetings if that makes you happy. Just leave me alone!

I stormed out and walked to my  apartment in the bitter cold. I found every single one of my children fast asleep in their beds so I took this opportunity to look at this paper. I found that there was a meeting today and...Wait...what? They're expecting me to be there TODAY? Gosh dangit mom. I grabbed my keys and my phone, called Eden and asked her to babysit the kids. She agreed cheerfully and I left as soon as she showed up.


"I swear, she's turning into a teenager again or something. She's acting like a child and I really don't understand it." I laid out on the couch, the radio was playing one of Adam's favorite songs.

"I'm pretty sure it was just the hangover causing her to react like that. Don't blame her."

 "Don't you see Adam? We lose her more and more everyday. She's gonna run away from us again if we aren't careful." Adam just sighed and sat on the floor near my head.

"Well then maybe we ought to start treating her like an adult?"

"How can we when she acts like a child?"

"Give the girl time."

Give her time. That's all he could offer me for help? I've given Ande an entire lifetime and she repays me by doing what? Getting drunk and becoming a skank? I won't have it. No matter how much she thinks that she's living in my footsteps, I will never let my daughter become what I was.

"Spencer likes her a lot," I heard Adam say from the kitchen. "It's not like some kind of crush either. He stares at her, watches her every move. Can hardly take his eyes off of her."

Abel looked up from the pie he was making and wondered aloud..."Is Ande coming back for dinner? We could invite Spencer over and see what happens?"

I jumped up and grabbed the phone and text Ande "Come back over for dinner. We'll talk. Love you" 
she never replied but I guessed that she was in her meeting. I then called Spencer and in only a few words, invited the boy to dinner.


My thoughts were clouded by the events of the meeting tonight. I didn't understand why this girl named Valarie was so interested in knowing so much about me and why she reminded me much of myself. I felt like I had met her before but I can't place it. (For more on the two meeting, visit Pretty odd legacy)

I pushed the girl out of my mind and looked down at the text on my screen. Mom wanted me to come back even after I'd thrown a tantrum. I wouldn't be surprised if she had an application in for God.

I replied quickly with a hasty "K" but instead of rushing myself to get ready, I went into the bathroom where I managed to collapse over the toilet and spill the chips that I was snacking on earlier. This could be one of two things...Beginning signs of pregnancy or ending signs of a hangover. I'd be fine with either.

I spent a solid 20 minutes in the bathroom, throwing up before I finally felt I would be fine on my feet without help.

The kids were tough to get over to moms house even with the eldest boys' help. We each took one of the toddlers and Eric and Ellie walked and/or flew all the way to their Grandma's house. We arrived right as my grandma was getting there. She took Stewie so I could help the boys get Peter and Brian into the house without any frostbite on their little toes.

The first thing I heard when I walked in was laughing. Of course my mom had invited EVERYONE over. When she saw me, she gestured for me to walk over to talk to her and whoever it was she was talking to. I was pregnant like I had assumed and it was showing through my shirt so I was entirely surprised to see Spencer standing there like an idiot. But it's okay, I'm all too used to being pregnant in front of him now.

Mom walked away and left us alone so I looked around and whispered in his ear "How much is that woman paying you to be here?" He chuckled and put his hands on my shoulders.

"I actually asked if I could join you guys. It's a little sad being in the office on thanksgiving!"

"I guess so...But if you ask me, my moms thanksgiving is a little...Crowded. I've always hated my moms little gatherings."

"Ande...There's only like 6 people here." His eyebrows knitted and then he smiled.

"That's not what I meant Spencer." I huffed and walked away to sit down near the beautiful turkey that Had to be Abel's work of art.

As we all sat down together, I felt another sudden urge to lose my dinner...So I pushed my chair back and went to the bathroom before I could throw up all over the food.

I managed to get a couple dirty "Sit back down" looks by my mom and dad but they didn't realize how critical it was for me to get out of there. I locked the door behind me and laid my head on the brim of the toilet, feeling completely miserable and all alone.

*Knock knock knock*

The sound forced me to jerk awake. "Who is it?" I called in a drowsy voice that I couldn't pull together.
"Ande, it's me.." Mom's voice sounded outside the door. "It's been hours. Please come out? Are you alright?"

"No, I'm not alright." I stood up and unlocked the door just to pass out in my mothers arms. Dad and Spencer looking around her shoulders.

When I woke up, I was on the couch with a towel on my forehead and a bucket next to me. It was pitch black outside and I could tell right away that it had to be at least 3 in the morning. I sighed and attempted to stand up but the weight was too much. I hadn't realized that It wasn't just 3 in the morning....I had to have been out for at least a day. And now I know why I just woke up water broke.

I tried to escape the house quietly but I managed to wake mom up and instead of the comfy hospital, I got to have my baby in my moms living room. I wasn't complaining too much though because after awhile, dad got bored and turned on the Tv.

Born to me that night was three beautiful baby girls. Laura, Nessie, and Rose. All three were perfectly healthy and spent the night in my arms on my mothers couch.