Monday, June 27, 2016

The Next New Adventure

"Come along Hazel." Ande Langley's cool voice echoed throughout the halls of an empty house. "There's no time to goof around, grandma is waiting for us."

The 25 year old Ande toted her young daughter out through the front door before turning the key in the lock, saying goodbye for the last time to the only place that Hazel had ever known. While there is no indication of anyone inside, Ande could feel the life that had been created for the two of them drifting away from her own.

Hazel and Ande made their way to the car where their cat Tiger was already napping in the front seat, among many scattered belongings. Ande's decisions were finally her own. There wasn't a man pushing her out of her home, her mother hadn't poked and prodded to finally get Ande and Hazel away from the loneliness that had consumed the two of them for so long.

Hazel had just turned 4 years old, without a father. The last that Ande had heard from Spencer was months before Hazel had been born. Although with research, Ande never found a trace of the man that she had planned on spending the rest of her life with. His face still flashed back and forth in her memory. She had wished for years that she had at least known that he wasn't dead, however nothing ever came forward.

Ande drove for 6 hours to arrive at her mothers new house on the outside of Sunset Valley. Della and Adam had recently been invited to bring their household back from the middle of nowhere. The town had contacted them to return as means to make amends with one of the biggest family lines to inhabit Sunset Valley.

**Ande's Point of View**
When I knocked on the door to my mom and dads new house nobody answered. I had figured that all of them would be busy with unpacking and exploring their new home. I couldn't see anyone through the glass front door, so I let myself in to the place that I'd be staying for the foreseeable future.

I entered the living room and  heard a faint clicking of heels coming up behind me. When I turned around my mom had her arms out ready for a hug. The last time that I had seen my parents, we had a falling out. I up and moved not to long after to get away from the people that I thought were ruining my life. As it turns out, my parents really were only trying to help me better myself. After being abandoned by Spencer, a lot of my realizations had to do with coming of age and imagining what I would have turned out like if my parents hadn't always been on my ass.

My mom...She has such a strong spirit. She didn't deserve a shitty daughter such as myself. Her age was starting to show. There weren't any strong wrinkles taking over her face, but you could tell that she is well beyond her prime years. Although she looks older, my mother has always been beautiful.

"Ande!" She sounded so excited to see me. I didn't deserve that. "God, how I've missed you..." Her voice trailed off as another picked up from across the hallway.

"Della, the pool is finally warm enough for skinny dipping!"

My dad...Always such a dork. He's had his fair share of aging. Unlike my mother, my father's age lines have really defined his face. It hadn't been more than 5 years and it seemed like it had been a million. Above all else, I had truly missed my father. He was always willing to put himself on the line to bring me out of a bad situation.

I have no idea what life brings us from this point onward. I hope that the years apart will pull my family closer together. I introduced my parents to my daughter and wished for the best for the next new adventure.

Hello all, old and new. I have returned hopefully for longer than the last time. Just a few notes about the meaning of this post...My hopes are that I can continue this blog from this point on in Ande's life. This is going to be a little weird for me, as I haven't wrote or read about my Ande for a little over two years. It's possible that I could miss little details about the life of my own creation, but I'm willing to take that chance.

A few updates on me, I'm still the dorky lady that was once known in the sims community. However I am no longer writing out of necessity but instead I'm writing out of being really super bored. I've been attending college during the fall and spring but the summer months are pretty bleek besides work. I've recently been married, so blogs and stories and stuff can't completely run my life, as I have a family to care for now. I've been working at the Pizza Hut in my town and recently began training as the assistant manager. Besides all that, nothing really has changed. I love Naruto and Markiplier....and the sims. I hope that I can rekindle my love to my story as well and continue as I had never stopped.
-Love always,

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